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AUDI A3 Mk 1 A3 Tailgate compatibility

Hi Can anyone tell me whether there is in any difference between the tailgate on a pre-facelift and post-facelidt audi A3 Mk1

AUDI A3 tailgate rattle

hey ppl i posted a threat regarding rattling in the rear and i found the source. So i went to pick my girlfriend up at the airport and she filled the trunk with luggage. It was full and i had to slightly force the tailgate down to close it. The car basically drove rattle free for the whole trip until i emptied the trunk out again. So i guess its the tailgate that is bouncing slightly up and down over

sounds like the latch on the trunk is loose and need setting

Usually its the luggage cover that rattles - theres about 12 of vertical play at the back of it where it meets the tailgate. Put a stick on shim of some kind here and it will cure the problem.

Heres a method with velcro instead of a shim httpoooo-a3.blogspot.com200603...noise-fix.html Mine (no velcro or shim) only makes noise over speeds bumps so I havent bothered to fix it(yet).

Wow I dont even have that problem. Im thinking I really lucked out. I barely use oil never have the funky sounds that alot do and trust me I go and listen for them.

View Tailgate actuator, tailgate cable, tailgate hinge for AUDI A3

AUDI A3 A3 Sportback Tailgate Rattle

Hi My A3 Sportback 2005 has a rattle in the tailgate as if something has come loose. I want to remove the internal trim and can see some screws but am i likely to run into problems removing this Is it just a case of removing the mounting screws. Any help advise would be very much appreciated.

Your noise may be coming from the cargo cover. Heres an excellent DIY on that httpoooo-a3.blogspot.com200603...noise-fix.html

Thanks for that tip. However there is something loose inside. You can here it when it is opened. Is the trim difficult to remove

Quote Originally Posted by AndyParky Thanks for that tip. However there is something loose inside. You can here it when it is opened. Is the trim difficult to remove I have the same problem as you (or at least I think). Whenever I open and close the hatch I can hear something like a loose screw or nut rolling around inside. I just got my 2006 audi A3 a few weeks ago and havent secured a Haynes Manual

AUDI A3 adjusting tailgate

hello all is there a way of adjusting the tailgate mine is slightly crooked and it seems to sit higher than the other a3s where the bottom gap is alot smaller. THANKS

Take it to your dealer and point it out. Best suggestion is to park next to another one so they can see the difference. sounds like one of your hinges is bent.

AUDI A3 II 8P audi a3 2004 alarm problem

Hello there i am wondering if anyone can help me with my audi a3 20041 night last week i locked the car up at night and the alarm kept going off through the night. The first time it went off i unlocked the car and made sure that all the windows and doors were shut properly then locked the car up like normal then about 15 mins later it went back off again so then i unlocked it and locked it back up

hello there i have manged to sort out the alarm problem on my a3 it was the gasket in the rear wiper motor was leaking so when i used then rear washer the screen wash was going into the rear tailgate lock electrical plug on lock which caused corrosion made the alarm go off because it fault the boot was open so i went to audi and brought a new wiper motor and lock fitted it and seems to be ok apparently its a common fault thanks ryan

AUDI A3 Wanted A3 Part

Wanted not sure of part no. but it is a sort of spring loaded dust cover of the internal tailgate catch on 2004 A3 2.0 tdi sports 2 door. Anyone help

AUDI A3 Torn...please help.

I am having a very difficult time deciding between an A3 3.2 Quattro or a Lexus IS250 AWD. Driving performance is in audis favor but luxuryfit and finish as well as reliabilityis definitely in Lexus favor. Can anyone here attest to the reliability of the A3. I had an 05.5 A4 2.0T which had numerous factory defects and issues such as the right back door lock would not work correctly yes the poblems

Hi Cshecks Ive noticed that youve been trying to make up your mind on an A3 fora while. It seems that you keep comparing it to other cars and trying to decide. Well good for you. I researched the A3 for months before picking it over BMW Lexus and many others. The IS250 is nice and all but I was not able to find a manual tranny on one which right there was one of the strikes against it. No I do not

AUDI Q5 8R Q5 Rear tailgate window blind

Hi downside of re directing a dealer optioned Q5 to ourselves and not into the demo fleet was that the darkened B pillar back windows were not available. While we investigate after market tinting does anyone have knowledge on suppliers of sun screens that would fit into the tailgate window and keep the sun off our black labrador when we are driving. I have noticed audi sells some for A6 (not sure if

AUDI A3 2 interior trim part numbers

Hi everyone Ive looked through the diagrams at and still cant figure out what these two part numbers are for my 06 A3 2.0T Sport (Manual). Can anyone help First is the little nub in the tailgate that the trunk cover support loops over. I loaned my car to a friends fiance and it came back without this. Grrrr... Right side (missing) httpdb.ttPnMWKSBt Left side (installed) httpdb.ttGABrnLN1

AUDI A3 rear bench sear removal

Hey guys Im an avid road cyclist in addition to an A3 owner. I want to be able to load my race bike in the back (removing only the front wheel and the seatseatpost) and have it stand upright in the back to leave room for other gear I need with me at races. I have a 2x4 with a fork clamp that I secure the bike fork to in order to keep it from tipping over. This has worked very well for me with the SUVs

I agree with you atatx that would be the easier way to do it provided it fits. It isnt as easy to load as some of the subaru wagons or midlarge SUVs my teammates have but its A LOT BETTER than what I used to have to do. Take both wheels and seatpost off lay down in trunk wrapped in blankets carefully load other gear around it hoping nothing shifts during the drive and falls on it... Plus the A3

AUDI Q5 8R Electric Tailgate

Just a quick thought does the tailgate stop opening if it meets resistance - i.e. person garage door etc. I just had visions of my wife pressing the boot release whilst the car is backed up close to the garage&33 Anyone tried to hold back the electric tailgate Many thanks Hoggy 2 Months 29 days 5 hours 32 minutes until I pick up the new Q5 not that I&39m counting

An old post I know but thought I would resurrect rather than starting a new one I was wondering if you pressed either the button on the tailgate or the remote whilst the tailgate was opening would it either stop or reverse its action I dont like the sound of holding the tailgate back if its going to make a noise which cant be good for it. Currently my A3 tailgate opens fine in the garage with about

Chopper on 24 January 2013 - 1111 AM said What problems Light & artificial steering & emission light problems. I am finding it difficult to work out which are MY13 cars but Im sure both these problems are MY13. Understandably after 6 total fault free motoring from my A3 I am a little concerned but trying not to let it get to me too much. I know people usually only post when they have problems so I hope I will be ok but Im spending my hard earned cash and I dont want that kind of hassle.

AUDI A3 A3 Versus Volvo C30 No.

I just test drove a C30 with package 1 (in C30 parlance that means the less sporty suspension wheels and tires). Oh my god if youre not suicidal now just drive the C30. You will be. It seems like the C30 was intensionally put together to cause sensory death. Everything about it (except the exterior rear end) moans of depression. Throttle response is soft. Exhaust note sounds like a dying dog. Chassis

C30 backend reminds me of those pickup trucks with the door that goes down into the tailgate. Hideous in my opinion. Plus Volvo has always seemed more like a womans car to me but that could just be cause my mom and gf were always saying they wanted one.

AUDI A3 Open Sky Trim warping in heat

Has anyone else run into this problem I did not see a post when I searched. The drivers side roof trim on my open sky roof system is warping. It has been replaced but needs to be replaced again after one week. When I park in the sun it expands hits the tailgate spoiler and the windshield trim until it pops up out of the track and bends. The thing is plastic and is only held in place by four clips and

AUDI A3 bike rack

so i dont have the oem rails which i wanted but they are just to i was wondering what is the best option for me.. ive got a mountain bike and would not like to do any thing that will make the car look ugly or drill holes in the roof. any input would be great thanks

hey joelsindc Im glad the pics were helpful. Sorry I dont have one of the piece that was cut out. But youre right - the fact you cant see it is a good indication that it is not a big deal Take a look at the installation instructions on hitch-webs site. The hitch is mounted on the frame rails directly behind the bumper. The part that drops straight down to the receiver ends up where the edge of the

AUDI A3 Chip On My Windshield

So Im driving on the highway this morning and I hear a smack and see a small 1 millimeter chip on my windshield. It sorta looks like a small crater and I need to get it fixed. Has anyone used the DIY kits that they sell at the auto parts shops Or is it just better to take it to a professional and spend the 50. Thanks

the closer you tailgate a 18 wheeler the better gas milage you get

AUDI A3 Speedometer error

Hi All Today I passed an unmanned radar site. It was the type with a digital readout about 2 X 3 on a little trailer. Anyway when I went by it said 35 mph my speedometer said 40. I went back again and it read the same. Has anyone else ever had an occasion to have their speed clocked officially or otherwise Either my speedometer or that radar unit was off by quite a bit. I would not want to mention

that would be the I-270 raceway. Lol Im not wreckless nor do i tailgate others or annoyingly flash my lights i just patiently wait my turn until Mr and Mrs considerate feel like getting out of the hov lane (after hours) and i test my car Tysons corner traffic really gets on my nerves commuting to and fro GMU

AUDI Q5 8R Advice on model and spec

Hi I am looking for advice on the Q5 and from reading the posts on this forum it seems that this is the best place to find out. I am currently driving an 08 audi a4 and quite like it but I need more space so It seems that the Q5 seems to be the best solution. I have scoured the net for a used model but to be honest the prices are exceeding what I&39ve been quoted for a new one [ 28300 plus 600 dealer

I love black cars and I&39m also a bit of an amateur detailer well I like to try and keep my cars as clean as possible but wish I had more skill patience and time. I&39ve owned a Phantom Black A3 for the last 3.5 years and when clean it looks great but bugger me it&39s a pain to keep it that way. Black really does highlight any dirtdust and not to mention the dreaded swirls and I think the Brilliant

AUDI Q5 8R Hi there New boy here few questions&33

Hi there I&39m Dave i have been lurking about for a couple of days now i have just registered. I have a 2.0 TT S line MY10 at the moment that I love. Im thinking about loosing the TT and gaining a Q5 Im thinking of S line special edition Ibis White with the black pack My question is what should i spec inout what do you boys and girls lovehate about the Q5 and your general thoughts and comments. Cheers Dave.

300 to retrofit iirc. Folding mirrors are pricey but I love the theatre. Interior light pack is I feel worth it. The reversible load mat isn&39t what I&39d hoped for so would probably skip that it just doesn&39t seem very practical. From the various pics I&39ve seen the panoramic roof looks great but was too pricey for me. I think one of the tech-packs for MMI is a must too. Having moved from an A3

AUDI Q5 8R Boot Tie Down D Rings

I have ordered my Q5 without the boot luggage option (not sure of the exact option but entails some sliding bars in the back of the car). Could any owner tell me - Does the standard car have the floor mounted D rings (4 off) to allow contents to be tied down as I have in my current A3 Never thoought to check when I ordered but I need them to attach the dog to to stop him bolting out once the tailgate is opened


I have had a search through previous posts but I cannot find any that seem exactly the same as the problem I discovered in my GPS today. I have the same problem with water from the boot when opened water on the parcel shelf etc. In addition to these common faults I have today found water underneath the rear seat when I lifted it up to put the rear backrest down. The metal underneath was wet on the

Originally Posted by Kezza Had my GPS in for its first service yesterday. Whilst it was there i asked them to look at my boot door (once again) since rain water still runs out of it. Previoulsy Ive had the rear wiper re-sealed twice and the brake light unit re-sealed. Now I have to take it back again next week to have the rear window re-sealed. No doubt the problem will still remain. Do any of you actually ever get rid of this common problem or are you all just putting up with it Its really starting to frustrate me now. Both my GPs did it. However they are not the only cars to exhibit water pouring out of the tailgate when it is lifted. My partners audi A3 does the same thing.

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