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BMW SERIES 3 E46 E46 Dual Rear Fog Lights Modification Pictures

So it was a little over a year ago that I did the modification to activate both rear fog lamps that are factory pre-configured on all E46 BMW cars from 1998 thru 92001. The DIY cost me literally around 30 (required were bulbs 20 gauge wiring and the euro rear fog LKM) and the work took less than 2 hrs to complete. httpwww.bimmerfest.comforumssho...ightrearfogs A year later and it is one of my favorite

I think its a good idea for BMW to not make this feature standard equip on US BMWs. Way too many folks dont know they have them on even if theres a warning symbol on the dash. Recent audis (although not the current one) and Mercs are the most frequent offenders because of their switch designs. On those vehicles one pulls the knob out 1 click for front foglights 2 clicks for rear foglights. Guess what

AUDI A8 New Owner (newb questions)

Just bought my A8 yesterday for 5300. Smoking deal but has some imperfections. Drivers headlight washer nozzle missing bezel RTVd on. So Im looking for a washer nozzle. On the passenger side it feels a bit loose and as through the washer nozzle also holds the bezel on Passenger headlight has a chip found price of 503 Anything cheaper that isnt crap Ill just fill the chip before I spend 500 (or even

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Info forum update

as most of you know we need to update the info forum. got write ups or good linkspost them up in this thread and i will get it updated. here are my years on here bookmarks enjoy and when ya see a n00bjust give them this link lol big thank you to the people who took the time to make these and if you have a problem with me having it here just let me know. parts links Daniel Stern Lighting Consultancy

SUBARU Rics 08 WRX Build

2008 Subaru WRX PremiumWRB VF-52 Turbo TGV Deletes Walbro 255 Fuel Pump Stage 2 CamTuned AVO TMIC K & N Typhoon Intake Perrin Turbo Inlet 1 Step Colder Plugs Killer B Oil Pickup and Windage TrayAir Pump DeleteIxiz AOSHallman MBC Invidia Catless DownpipePerrin Up PipSPT Cat Back Exhaust K & N Oil Filters Castrol German Motor OilRotella T-6 at 35K Miles 2004 STI Gold Wheels (BBS) Continental DWS 225X45

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 1998-2000 slk 2001-2004 slk differences and facelift-ing guide

Post Edited 021408 THANKS BAZZLE BAZZLE added SLK list of changes list to this post. Guide for doing the facelifting for SLK 1998-2004 to SLK 2001-2004 LIST OF CHANGES FROM AUTOWORLD Among the visual changes on all 2001 SLK models are new front and rear aprons sculpted rocker panels revised headlights turn signal repeaters in side mirrors body-color door handles and two-color taillight glass (redclear).

BMW X3 F25 euro switch

i find it hard to believe that im the first to ask but has anyone been able to locate a euro light switch for an F25 i have a weird obsession with rear fog lights and would really like to be able to activate them.

Quote Originally Posted by mike185 I dont know why BMW does not put the rear fogs on there cars audi puts them on all there cars with the Xenon I had them on my A4 and put them on my 328 xi coupe I just like to have them to use in fog and sometimes with does drivers that just love to ride your bumper I like to drive fast but not with my 4 year old daughter in the car with me so for those kind of


hey guys its been a while since i posted here just wanted to update on what i did about 6 months ago. Well I had Max out all the Power I could have gotten out of my C320 doing everything possible but I didnt use a Kleemann SC which I think is way too expensive.. anyways Yes some of you guys here may think its easier to just Trade and get an AMG but after you put so much work into my car its hard

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Please vist for the most up-to-Date write ups VAG-COM Locators httpwww.frappr.comvagcomlocator Parts Parts Sources -Crew217 Some PR can be interesting.. -Nenad 1.8t ICM Maintenance Idea - AEBs only -jjs1978 FMIC Install - DIY 500 -Rusty DIY write up PCV valves 1.8t - Spirare 2 oil leaks foundfixed cloggedcracked PCV valves (pics)

PCV system replacement (with pics)[url]-ashman78 urlhttpwww.passatworld.comforumsshowthread.phpt167289]V6 Coolant Temperature Sensor replacement writeup[url] -ctobio urlhttpwww.passatworld.comforumsshowthread.phpt143153]V6 coolant sensor replacement with pics[url] -crash893 urlhttpwww.passatworld.comforumsshowthread.phpt150816]Sparkplug change[url]-crash893 pics urlhttpwww.superchargedaudi.comhowtotbwriteup.html]v6

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