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fault code 1702 MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220
fault code 1702 MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220

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VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Check Engine Light (Fault Codes)

I just bought this 2006 VW Passat 2.0T about a week ago and today the check engine light came on. Is there any way for me to find a fault code to maybe find out why I had filled up with regular grade fuel (however I now completely filled the tank with 93 octane). I also checked the fuel cap but it doesnt seem to click when I turn it to the right. Just trying to see if I can find anything out before having to schedule an appointment at the dealer.

(Switch Ignition OFF between Output Test and Basic Setting) Special Notes When found in Engine 2.0l TFSI Perform Basic Setting. Check TPL 2016420 (RoW) Check Engine Control Module Software Version if necessary perform Update. Replace Intake Manifold Runner (V157) with updated part. 17026P0642001602 - Sensor Reference Voltage A Circuit Low Possible Causes Control Module andor Sensor Power Supply faulty


Hi I have a 2002 CLK500 which has been a great car for the last 3 years. I have 3 problems at present and i would like some answers. The Air con has been making a clicking sound for some time and the fix is easy-just add money. The speedo needle has decided to work sometimes and as the digital speedo is OK i can live with that. Again easy solution - just add money. The third problem i cannot live with

Those codes are indicative of a problem with the MAF sensor. First check the wiring to make sure its not unplugged or broken. If thats good then Id try cleaning it. If that doesnt fix it then replace the MAF sensor (and use an OEM MBZ or Bosch - not cheap Chinese junk).

Thanks rodney


Hi errbody. I have a 01 jetta 2.0 gas. The EPC light and check engine light are on.. I recently put on a mew MAF and new o2 sensor. But I still receive engine codes when I plug in a computer.. They are as follows.... P0121( it comes on twice) P0638 P0211 WHAT SHOULD I DO Its pretttttty annoying when ya gotta rely on other people for drives. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on Volkswagen Forum

Welcome to the forum. Those arent engine codes they are EOBD codes Ive changed the title. This is an horrible forum for pasting codes in but here goes. VAG Error code 16505 EOBD II Error code P0121 fault Location Throttle Position (TP) Sensor (G69)Switch AAccelerator Pedal Position (APP) SensorSwitch (G69) A - RangePerformance Problem Possible Cause Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)(K83) Triggered on

FIAT STILO Stilo 1.6 Dynamic Engine faultloose connection

Hi before I go into things I would like to say that I came across the forum looking for answers and have read people with similar issues but have not found an workable solution. The tale begins One day I go to start my newly purchased second hand Stilo and I get a message display on screen Security warning loose connection and this gives a knockingticking sound from the fuse box area and the engine


Hi All. I changed an ABS sensor two weeks ago and still have and ABS light on that I cant turn off. Stays on after I try to clear faults. I also have a P0620 code that I read with the key on off method. Has anyone come across an issue that would link these two problems Oh and its an 04 overland 2.7 diesel.

Thanks for the replies. Since the sensor was changed I am getting a speed reading back from the wheel. Is it safe to assume its not an issue with the hardness Would a faulty HCU also cause the P0620 code

Quote Originally Posted by IrishWJ Thanks for the replies. Since the sensor was changed I am getting a speed reading back from the wheel. Is it safe to assume its not an issue with the hardness Would a faulty HCU also cause the P0620 code Probably not ..... As to the 0620 code I found this online Generic OBD Error code Details for P0620 Generator Control Circuit What does this mean OBD code P0620refers


Hi My 2002 112 2.2CDI keeps going into limp mode. My mate cleared all the codes for me using his snap on solus machine. I ran it again and twice it went into limp mode. We plugged it in again and it came up with P1403 EGR as an error code. Is this a likely cause for the limp mode as the code indicates or just an expensive coincidence Also are the EGRs serviceable in anyway or are they a replacement job and it has been mentioned about blanking them off has anyone done this Many thanks Matt


Hi Guys I have seen a lot of people trying to find out what a particular DTC is on their cars. Meaning they got one from a VAG tool or AutoZone etc. but dont rightly know what it means. I am adding this table for people to look at to get an idea. I have tried to check this as well as I can against several sources and I believe it is correct. If there is a mistake please let me know (and how you discovered

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Can some1 give me the abc on these DTCs plz

Hiya can some1 tell what these mean plz Car is runnin rich causin hesitation on acceleration ive replaced the cat converter an rest of exhaust system which has improved it slightly but its still not gud engine is the 1.6i ahl 4 faults Found 01087 - Basic Setting Not Performed 27-00 - Implausible Signal 00520 - Air Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)(G19) 31-10 - Open or Short to Ground - Intermittent 00523

too Rich 16557 P0173 Fuel TrimBank2 Malfunction 16558 P0174 Fuel TrimBank2 System too Lean 16559 P0175 Fuel TrimBank2 System too Rich 16566 P0182 Fuel temperature sender-G81 Short to ground 16567 P0183 Fuel temperature sender-G81 InterruptionShort to B 16581 P0197 Engine Oil Temperature Circuit Low Input 16582 P0198 Engine Oil Temperature Circuit High Input 16585 P0201 Cyl.1 Injector Circuit fault

FIAT MAREA 185 Help with marea 2.4 td

Hello I am new here I also have problem with 2.4 td 1997. there is no boost and it is the same when MAF is disconected only diffrence is that there is a lot of black smoke from exhaust. I also can not hear no sound from turbo . I try to disconnect turbo pipe on the top that go to inlet and start the car. Reving in neutral and there is air blowing from turbo house on the top of the engine so I think

Today I talk with mechanic and he sad that there was code for fault of valve that control of EGR end ECU fault code. He deleted fault cods and check valve and now valve that control EGR is working and there is no fault code for it. But there is now code for ECU fault that can not be deleted and it looks like ECU is dead. But I read some posts here about same problem and ECU was not fault in the end.

what is the ECU fault code description exactly . Was he able to actuate the EGR valve from the diagnostics to check its operation .

I dont now fault codes but he told me he chek EGR and valve that control EGR and now they work. He deleted error codes and go for ride but there is some ECU fault code that he can not delet. He describe it like short circuit somewhere that give ECU fault code. I would ask him what error code he read from diagnostics so I can write here.

I talk to mechanic and there is no fault code there is just short circuit that seams it is in ECU . That is what can be seen on diagnostics. That error can not be deleted or do anything whit it. Is it posible that when valve that control EGR is new everythig would be normal I read some posts on forum about same error and they also think that ECU is dead. ThanksDarko

AUDI A4 B5 1996 AC charging

after weeks I confirmed that the car came with the wrong climate control module. I plugged the right one in today and the compressor clutch is engaging. Good so far. But no cold air. Had the car at a repair shop but they could not service the AC a) compressor not kicking in back then (wrong module see above) b) not the usual smallbig lowhigh connectors on the 1996 A4. Is there a way for DIY charging

How did you fix the codes replace the controller or reset them with VAG-COM My sons car is having similar issues the major code is the High pressure switch being openshort to ground. His car is a 296 built A4 Quattro. I know there is freon in the car just dont know how much (although Im not getting the low pressure fault only the high pressure one) Ive replaced the high pressure switch once and still

for illumination on the circuit board itself). Quote Originally Posted by Mark C How did you fix the codes replace the controller or reset them with VAG-COM My sons car is having similar issues the major code is the High pressure switch being openshort to ground. His car is a 296 built A4 Quattro. I know there is freon in the car just dont know how much (although Im not getting the low pressure fault

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 1995 W124 Cabriolet soft top

Just bought the car really nice 95 Arctic White E320 Cab. The cars softop worked just fine when I bought it a couple weeks ago went up and down. I did notice the interior headliner a little saggy and when the top would go down the material would bunch up where the deck lid would close shut and lock into place. The last time I put the top down I noticed the deck lid did not lock down all the way and

For the soft top to operate the switch needs to be illuminated. If it is and you pull it to lower the top and it starts blinking you have a code that is causing the top to fault. The thread in the DIY has lots of good info.

Does anyone know how to reset the top Someone I was talking to mentioned that if it is throwing a code sometimes it could be a faulty code and as easy as resetting the top

Quote Originally Posted by EspritS1 Does anyone know how to reset the top Someone I was talking to mentioned that if it is throwing a code sometimes it could be a faulty code and as easy as resetting the top It depends on what is causing the code. You might be able to clear it by disconnecting the battery for a while make sure you have your radio code before you do that. Quote Originally Posted by

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W164 Glowplug warning light comes back on

Lately after I start my M320CDI the glow plug light comes back on for about 15-20 seconds before going out again. And yes I do start the proper way waiting for the glow plug light to go out before starting. This happens AFTER the light goes out after the motor has started. It just pops back on for a short time while the motor is running.

what would be the best reasonably priced OBD2 connector to read the fault codes regarding glow plugs

Quote Originally Posted by ml320cdi- what would be the best reasonably priced OBD2 connector to read the fault codes regarding glow plugs ELM327 30 Torque APP for Android 5 ..the best of the best ... It is working on my both cars (Volvo & MB)... Also you can buy original STAR diagnostic but with above setup you are going analyze the most problems. As for glow plug problem - I assume it is your

AUDI A6 C5 2000 A6 4.2 Misfire P0308 C5

Greetings I was driving home in my 2000 A6 4.2 up a steep hill when as the vehicle attempted to downshift when under load the flashing CEL misfire engine light started to blink and then stayed lit. The car shuddered and shook at the same moment and felt almost like a loose wheel. As soon as I took my foot off the accelerator the shaking stopped. I got home and used my ODBII scanner which reflected

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 HELP - 722.6 Still with problem after the change of sensor plate

Hi. Im having big issues with my 2001 W203 C270cdi gearbox. Situation Few months ago it starts to go to limb mode and slip gear when it was hot. After look in the forum and around the internet and having the scanner showed errors 014 110 (RPM Comparison N2 to N3 Implausible) 146 Inadmissible Transmission Ratio and 147 (Gear Implausible or Transmission Slipping) I decided to have the Sensor plate connector

Hi. Yes I did. Ive access to a true one in the garage. It has cleaned the codes (otherwise the hard limp mode wouldnt have cleaned and after clean the read showed no faults). The TCU (TCM) is clean no signal of oil at all. Thank you for the advice if you have any other idea it is welcome. Cheers Quote Originally Posted by Check codes How did you reset the codes Normal OBD-II scanners wont do that you


Hi Guys My AC Suddenly started blowing hot air from all sides I dont know whats the problem took it to my Andy - he couldnt identify whats the problem he just told me that there is no current reaching the AC compressor and the Fan - and he also told me that he tried accessing the fault codes through his device not Star he gets all codes but not ac codes he cant access them then I tried to read the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 Transmission Problems

Hello All Im new to this and Im hoping to get some help with my 2000 S500. I had this car for 13 years 140k with nothing but great luck no major problems what so ever I serviced it by the book and it worked as it should all these years till now. Im having a problem with my transmission not shifting properly (it kicks really hard on the down shift and gets stuck till 4 thousand rpms before it releases

miles Have you yet changed the nefarious pilot bushingadapterspacerconnector on the transmission It can leak and send fluid to the TCM where it shorts it and stores all kinds of troublesome codes. The early 722.6xx transmissions also are a bit more prone to conductor plate failure. This is where those sensors reside and typically when you get a sensor code its actually the conductor plate at fault.

Thanks for the advise. When I had the codes pop up last week I replaced the conductor plate along with the filter and fluid. It shifted very smooth for 2 days then the same problem came back with the same code (Temp sensor is faulty). Pilot plug have been replaced no leaks TCM is bone dry. Im not sure what to check next. Thank you in advance for your help.

FIAT STILO Instruments dropping out relay clicking CAN errors

This isnt my Stilo - if mine behaved like this it would be disowned This Stilo belongs to a friend. First I replaced the clutch then out of nowhere the engine started burning lots of oil. Thinner oil seems to have fixed that still a cloud of smoke when starting though. After connecting the diagnostic cable there has been an ASR ESP error - can be triggered by pushing on the (insecure missing the top

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Yellow engine light on OBD P0106 and P0221 warning MAP & Throttle...

Hi New to this forum. Got a E240 04 plate. Recently changed water pump might be a coincidence but now the engine yellow light is ON. OBD reports 1) P0106 Manifold Absolute PressureBarometric Pressure Circuit fault 2) P0221 ThrottlePedal Position SensorSwitch B circuit range Pending fault Where is the MAP sensor located Where is the throttle position sensor located What could cause the above OBD code.

Just found the MAP sensor vacum pipe was off re-fitted but yellow light still ON. Do I need to get the fault code reset to get rid off the yellow light.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 AirMatic Relay not energizing

AIRMATIC Relay not energizing Replaced Relay with new Hella Relay Dashboard displays AIRMATIC VISIT WORKSHOP The problem is well known and addressed numerous times in this forums The AIRMATIC Compressor unit (identified as A91 m1 in the attached Wiring diagram) is not working due to no 12V supplied to the compressor Here is what I have checked with Raise button Pressed 1)Compressor is working if I

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 112cdi low power

Im new to this forum & new to MBs but just thought Id throw this past you & see if anyone has any ideas. Just bought 51 plate Vito(only one I could find that wasnt too far gone rust wise). 81k on the clock(prob city miles) when cold its definitely lacking power & really doesnt want to rev at all after five mins idling or a couple of minutes driving its much better & pretty useable but still feel its


Read a few threads on this looking to get some other input. The only powertrain code the car has been throwing is P0171 lean on bank one. Most threads seems to indicate this is a faulty MAF. Most of those also have a P0174 as well though (lean on bank 2). It seems like a problem with the MAF would cause both banks to be lean not just one Also the MAF seemed to be putting out consistent readings on


Hi everyone I am new to this forum and am thankful for all your help. I have a 2000 MB E320 Wagon. VIN WDBJH65J1YB060742. I live in Northern California. I got the listed warning lights (BAS ESP ABS) while driving on a twisty mountain road. This is not a good thing and will definitely shake your confidence. I had the codes read out by my friendly and expensive MB dealer. They say I have a faulty Yaw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Intermittent Radiator Fan Problem

I have a 2003 325i wagon with 47k on it. For the past 4k miles the fan behind the front bumer grill that you can see has been coming on and spinning at the highest speed setting at the oddest times intermittently. 1. Sometimes the fan will stay on after I turn the car off. The first time this happened it was 70 degrees outside Id driven 1.5 miles and the engine wasnt even up to operating temp yet.


Hey all I purchased a 2004 Liberty Sport 4x4 3.7L this past August. Always wanted one and it will come in handy seeing as I moved to Connecticut back in May. The dealership was one of the worst Ive ever dealt with but Im the type of person to fix my own problems instead of paying others. The check engine light came back on a week after I bought it and Ive been diagnosing that every since. Had to replace

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 few problems on my S500 UK

Hi i have W220 S500 2000 LWB UK version got few problems with my merc 1 ABS start working too early. push brake just a bit and hear that ABS start working. friend told me that ABS sensor is dirty where is shis sensor (its start after i hanged brake pads) 2 ABS EBD BAS warning message sometimes is on in cold weather how to fix it 3 distronic problem. months ago first time i try to use it it works fine.

ABS and Distronic problem You need to hookup to STARDAS to read the fault codes. It could be just a sensor dirty loose or inop but DAS can give you a better idea... noise from water pomp or somewhere near Most likely the bearing is going bad on the Tensioner.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 Tire pressure monitor failed

Ive searched and looked at the information in the self help section above and I cant get my tire pressures to display. What happened I got a nail in a right rear tire. One day I started it up and the red tire warning came on. I needed to drive my wife to work so I filled up this tire. It was down to maybe 15 pounds at that moment. The leak was not terribly fast. A few days later I took the tire off

Quote Originally Posted by Mera I replaced 2 wheel sensors about a year ago and all worked fine. It was after the leaking tire I had this problem. Rodney The simple answer is to have the fault codes read out and it does not need a dealer to do this. Small price to pay for peace of mind.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S V 221 Airbag Malfunction

My driver side airbag is showing a malfunction sign along with visit the workshop. Is this an expensive venture

If found to be fault codes 9200 andor 9210 (resistance value) reference DTB P-B-91.60108b and request goodwill repair. Have service manager contact MB rep covering dealership for approval if need be. One can argue DTB documents known problem corrected with repair harness.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS B I 245 Power Steering problems

Well it had to happen another problem in a long list of them. Having the highest milage most likely (230k) I seem to develop a lot of problems first. A few days ago the wheels wouldnt return as easily as they should have when making a turn. Now Ive lost all power assist except sor at certain locations it will activate for a bit. Interestingly no warnings on the instrument panel nor any noises. ......

first Im going to wait till it warms up a bit more.... and see if there is a difference then because things always get better if its not so gd cold. Meanwhile Ill go see the dealer if the check engine light is a steering related fault code. If the B250 as well as the CLA use run-flat tires with no spares etc.... count me out permanently for anything MB related. I guess they just want to sell to those

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Tune-Up Checklist (P0306 Misfire)

Trying to revive the 97 E320... Local shop estimated 1500-2000 for repairs on Cylinder 6 Misfire (P0306). Ouch Due to this car is now on non-OP and is sitting in the garage for a couple of months. Been back and forth on just selling it as it is and get whatever we can out of it. But the wife loves the car and would like to see it running again. So Google brought me here thank God We got her 4 years

yes that is the right connector. you need 3 of them they go under each coil. use some dielectric grease in the connector ends. do just the plugs and connectors for now if error code comes back than you might have to switch around the coils to see which one is faulty but i bet all you need is fresh plugs and connectors since you are way overdue. a misfire (which you have) could cause the bad smell but

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 C36 AMG engine idle speed over 1100 rpm M104

Hi Everybody. My C36 AMG - 1996 - US-SPECS...and it starts running badly this morning... When you step on the gas pedal it just coudnt get more than 1.500rpm...exactly the same as on this youtube video that I found today... C36 AMG engine idle speed over 1100 rpm M104 HELP - YouTube Im from Rio de Janeiro - BRAZIL...and really dont have any idea of what could possibly happened... If anyone knows or

Allrighty feller I am no expert and if it were my C36 then I would call around a mobile car diagnostic expert with a star OBD reader to read the fault codes. This might not be a option for you so my bet would be the as follows Cam position sensor (Front right hand side of engine) Crank sensor (deep down right hand bulkhead side of engine near oil filter) Cant rule out air mass sensor (but when mine

MERCEDES BENZ CLK II 209 2006 CLK350 Windshield Wipers

Hi- New to the forums but i plan on being very active as i want to learn more about my car and be able to properly take care of it. I have an 06 CLK350 which i have had for about 3 years. Recently the windshield wipers will not work when i turn the controls for it. It only works when i push in the control for the windshield cleaning. I think it may be an electrical issue. I asked MB to diagnose and

advised to get at this switch the steering wheel has to come off together with airbags and some other stuff. That would be labour intensive hence the estimated high cost. Have you checked the cost from an Inde It is interesting to read that ALL the wiper switch modes have failed together. This infers that it is not the switch itself but associated wiring. I am not sure that if that would throw a fault

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