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search for kwp81 - uses kkl interface

yes as said above you need a kkl-interface ... most on ebay are vag-com interfaces but they should do the trick nicely. I got one for 10 euros that was shipped from hong kong works like a charm.

would any VAG interface work For example httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotorswseB...K%3AMEWAX%3AIT Ive tried looking on Ebay for KWP81 but got zero returns

Originally Posted by g50245 would any VAG interface work For example httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotorswseBayISAPI.dllViewItem&item170439451295&viewitem &sspagenameSTRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT Ive tried looking on Ebay for KWP81 but got zero returns Yes that interface should be fine. Do you often do a search for information on ebay google

FIAT STILO Fiat stilo 1.6 2002 diagnosis code

I got my car diagnosis codes u1700 u1702 u1601 u1706 anyone know what thoses codes stand for

not directly but a general can bus communication failure might also trigger this fault code.

JEEP CHEROKEE 99 Cherokee problem

This just started today. I have owned this Jeep for about 6 months. Went to start it earlier and it would start as normal and die a few seconds after idle. It done that 3 times before it started back up and ran fine all the way home(6miles or so). Stopped at the gas station to get gas and shut it off and it started fine when i was leaving the gas station. Everything seems normal now other than the

You probably have a Sentry Key (SKIM) security system fault. It may cause the Jeep to not start and require a tow. Download the Check Engine Light codes write them down and post them here. For diagnosis or initialization of the SKIM and the PCM a DRB-III Scan Tool and the proper Diagnostic Procedures Manual are required. The SKIM cannot be repaired and if faulty or damaged the unit must be removed

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Passenger air bag light stays on even if there is a passenger in the seat

I have a 2007 bmw 328i. I understand that the light for the passenger side airbag will come on while no one is sitting in the seat but mine stays on (indicating airbag is off on the passenger side) It happens about 50% of the time. Anyone else have this problem I am scared that when I take it in it wont duplicate the problem. As I had it checked after I took ED delivery and they didnt find any problem

I havent experienced the problem but there are several TSBs on the problem (I quote the 2 recent ones below) SIB 72 10 06 Airbag warning Lamp Illuminates (no fault codes) November 06 SIB 72 01 07 Airbag Warning Lamp Illuminated FC 93C193C3 January 07 This is a safety issue. Take it in and tell them about the problem. They should scan the codes in which case they dont need to replicate the problem.

TOYOTA TACOMA Brake light and check engine light on

I just bought my 98 Tacoma about a month ago and after I took it for smog test (which it failed ) my check engine light came on and my emergency brake light came on. I have no emergency brake so idk why that light is on and they said the check engine light was on when it came in and that the emergency brake light would turn off after a few miles and it hasnt. Should I just take it a Toyota dealership and have them check it out or what

They said there were two fault codes and when I bought the truck the guy I bought from said the e brake was disconnected. If theres anyone in the SoCal area that know about this kind of stuff who doesnt mind looking at it for me thatd be awesome

That actually might be it then that sounds right looking at the fault codes it seems like it has to do with the gas flow. How do I go about fixing that

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