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FIAT PUNTO B1006 Fault Code

Hi all I have the following problem on a Punto Sporting 2002 model with automatic transmission. Here it goes While driving in D the indication on the screen between the dials changes in R and the parking assist turns on making this annoying sound. I had the car checked and the fault code that appeared was b1006. Any ideas what this code means I have seen on previous post that this code is fog lights relay but could it be it.. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

You may have a problem with the battery get that checked. Check earths as well could be a bad earth connection causing high voltage.

bad earth on rear lights clean cluster conections

Ok thank you. I will do so... fingers crossed

Let us know how it works out mate.


Right driving back from work tonight everything was going fine and dandy going along at a nice steady pace then up pops the dash telling me Powered steering failed goes all heavy so i think balls ok i will still drive home. Minute later speedo stops working then traction control then ABS then hill holder then the battery light starts flashing and the computer is repeatedly telling me all the stuff

Right went to fiat and got the codes read today 1) Delphi Body computer 2) Bosch Motronic injection 3)Marrelli Clusters 4)Convergence Mode 1) b1006 - Foglights relay U1733 - Convergence Telematic Node l1 & L2 U1705 - Receiver Radio B1009 - Battery voltage 2) P0621 - Alternator D signal P0580 - Battery Voltage P0500 - Vehicle Speed Signal (CAN) 3) U1705 - Radio Receiver U1733 - Convergence Node 4) Unable to access. These mean anything to anyone lol


Hi All I need to find my WSP box I have the dreaded Start error show up occasionally and have now decided to send off the ecu and wsp box to have the immobiliser removed or deleted. First of all where is the WSP box I pulled out the instrument cluster thinking it would be behind there but no luck Also I took out the ecu and its a Cr3 type and not the cr1 or 2. How much should i pay to have the start

Hi Mark and thanks for reply I was told because my ECU is the CR3 type the immobilizer cannot be deleted or reprogrammed My local garage found and cleared following fault codes B1022 fault in communication with control unit A1(Instrument cluster(K1)) b1006 Open circuit B1009 Short ground on left side door window switch B101A Overvoltage B1020 fault in Can communication with (N73) control unit Electronic

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