fault code p1615

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fault code p1615 MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 638/2
fault code p1615 MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 638/2

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito 108cdi and im about ready for the petrol and a match

hi everyone i am hoping someone out there can help i have in my workshop a 2000 model vito 108cdi. It came to me with injector number 2 and 3 blown almost clear of their cylinders. firstly i demounted the engine and the head at which point we decided to get a second hand head off the internet (big mistake) it came and i fitted only to discover as i was putting the engine back in the van that it was


Hi Guys I have seen a lot of people trying to find out what a particular DTC is on their cars. Meaning they got one from a VAG tool or AutoZone etc. but dont rightly know what it means. I am adding this table for people to look at to get an idea. I have tried to check this as well as I can against several sources and I believe it is correct. If there is a mistake please let me know (and how you discovered

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Can some1 give me the abc on these DTCs plz

Hiya can some1 tell what these mean plz Car is runnin rich causin hesitation on acceleration ive replaced the cat converter an rest of exhaust system which has improved it slightly but its still not gud engine is the 1.6i ahl 4 faults Found 01087 - Basic Setting Not Performed 27-00 - Implausible Signal 00520 - Air Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)(G19) 31-10 - Open or Short to Ground - Intermittent 00523

too Rich 16557 P0173 Fuel TrimBank2 Malfunction 16558 P0174 Fuel TrimBank2 System too Lean 16559 P0175 Fuel TrimBank2 System too Rich 16566 P0182 Fuel temperature sender-G81 Short to ground 16567 P0183 Fuel temperature sender-G81 InterruptionShort to B 16581 P0197 Engine Oil Temperature Circuit Low Input 16582 P0198 Engine Oil Temperature Circuit High Input 16585 P0201 Cyl.1 Injector Circuit fault

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 V Class 220cdi 99

Thanks to smifster punjabi and adamuk for the information you provided just to give you update went to marshall motors yesterday in battersea whom specialize in mercedes whom said with error codes given p0105 p1481 p1615 p1470 relates to a drum inside the gear box which has snapped hence the lost of pressure and kindly quoted me 1500.00 as the whole gear box has to come out i quickly ran and never

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 v220 cdi mpv

auto transmission warning light coming on jerks badly when changing gears (auto) then stuck in gear parked up overnight perfect following day faced these problems. Managed to get fault codes p1481 p failure p1615 contrl module supply voltage p1470 charge sensor control p0105 pressure sensor b47 been to several garages no one interested even dealership mercedes in croydon i was told by tina technicians


fault codes p1481 p failure p1615 control module supply voltage p1470 charge sensor control p0105 pressure sensor b47 auto transmission light on jerks when changing gear sometimes stuck in gear any help would be appreciated v class v220 cdi 1999

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