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BMW SERIES 3 E46 error code p1622

hi can any one help me with error code bmw123 or generic p1622 this keeps on comining up i found the thermostat houising wires all coroded out and plug us have replaced thermostat housing thermostat wires and plug fault still coming up the fault code book is telling me a faulty relay is there one for this curcuit as far as iam aware not. it is 320ci m54 2.5l motor any help much apreciated..........

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Error code P1622

I received the error code p1622 (99 328i) from the diagnostic tool that Advance Auto Parts let me use. The printout states Manufacturer Contrl. Auxiliary Inputs Auxiliary Outputs I found a website that defines DTC codes and it states p1622 is MAP Cooling Control Circuit Electrical. Does anyone know what this refers to (BTW I did a search for this topic and found that the same question was posed back

That MAP cooling fault code would be caused by a faulty thermostat. You will need to replace the thermostat. Andy

BMW SERIES 5 E39 code p1622 what is this code

my car is over beat and now there is a transmission warning light on and is in safe mode. can it b the thermostat

Quote Originally Posted by mobinsocal my car is over beat and now there is a transmission warning light on and is in safe mode. can it b the thermostat Like someone else said in your other threads you really have to work on coherency if you start asking for help here. For the Pcode in the title see this thread - How to identify all BMW computer-specific OBDII DTC diagnostic fault codes ( 1 ) For the

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Help with Fault code

Hi I Have a 1999 e39 saloon and have just bought a scanner as the engine managment light came on and having tested i get the code on DME of ( 123 007B 11371. ) Can anybody shead any light on this code as i cannot find it on my TIS disc. Thanks

Here are the translations MS42 BMW FC 123 p1622 Map Cooling Thermostat Control Circuit Electrical MS42 BMW FC 113 P0120 ThrottlePedal Position SensorSwitch A Circuit Hope that helps. Regards DanT

BMW SERIES 3 E46 p0304 code help please....

So I need a quick assurance I am on the right path. Have a 2.5 motor that had p1250 0304 0301 0306 and 1423 codes. Found hole in intake elbow and replaced spark plugs cleaned MAF and ICV codes cleared without me doing anything other than starting it up. Then two days later BAM check engine light again. But it comes and goes...Only code this time is 0304. I noticed that the 4 cylinder has a different

smolck you seem to know these code backward and forward now. I figure I throw a quick question your way. I got a CEL that comes on and off depending on the days and weather. When raining hard the car actually stalls unless extra gas is given. I been given these information. BMW code123 p-code p1622 --------------------------------- fault type Electric thermostat control final stage ---------------------------------

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Complete BMW OBD II codes

I guess my first attempt didnt work due to the length of the post. So I will cut it in a few posts. This is an extensive list with all the OBD II codes not just generic. Found it on the internet. Might be a good idea to sticky this so anyone can access it for reference. DTC Database (OBD-II Trouble codes) Definitions for BMW diagnostic trouble codes. BMW Trouble codes P1083 Fuel Control Mixture Lean

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 Reproduceable Check Engine Soon fault

I have a problem Id like to find a few answers to before the dealer makes a second attempt at fixing my car. OK heres what happened. Check engine light came on. Took her in at 730 on Friday morning. Tech called around 130 said the code was map coolant or something to that effect. He had to come get me at almost6 pm (shuttle driver had already gone for the day) so we talked about it. He said the thermostats

Id buy a code reader. Someone her should know if the Peake tool will work on your car. Without knowing the codes everything is a wild guess. But the electronically controlled thermostats on many BMWs (not sure about the Z4) have been known to fail. OBD-II code p1622 MAP Cooling Control Circuit Electrical. Usually means the control circuit has become an open circuit and hence the thermostat housing needs replacement. Did the dealer already replace it Worth repeating... without codes whats causing CEL is anyones guess. Given your current symptoms you could have a vacuum leak a faulty MAP sensor or something else causing the CEL to light. It might not be the thermostat.

When I was getting that code p1622 MAP Cooling Control Circuit Electrical it ended up being the thermostat assembly. I had a slight coolant leak where the electrical connector hooked up to the thermostat so it was almost a dead giveaway that the thermostat wasnt doing what it was supposed to do. Replaced that and the code went away...

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Why this code P1397 Exhaust cam position sensor. But sensor is OK.

I keep getting these three codes on my 1999 328i. P1397 Exhaust Cam position sensor P1529 Exhaust VANOS Solenoid Electrical fault p1622Electric Thermostat Control Final Stage I started by replacing the Cam position sensor. ALL THREE codes came back immediatly. Is there something else that could cause this combination of codes Can I test the input and output voltages to the cam position sensor Would


Hi Guys I have seen a lot of people trying to find out what a particular DTC is on their cars. Meaning they got one from a VAG tool or AutoZone etc. but dont rightly know what it means. I am adding this table for people to look at to get an idea. I have tried to check this as well as I can against several sources and I believe it is correct. If there is a mistake please let me know (and how you discovered

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Can some1 give me the abc on these DTCs plz

Hiya can some1 tell what these mean plz Car is runnin rich causin hesitation on acceleration ive replaced the cat converter an rest of exhaust system which has improved it slightly but its still not gud engine is the 1.6i ahl 4 faults Found 01087 - Basic Setting Not Performed 27-00 - Implausible Signal 00520 - Air Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)(G19) 31-10 - Open or Short to Ground - Intermittent 00523

too Rich 16557 P0173 Fuel TrimBank2 Malfunction 16558 P0174 Fuel TrimBank2 System too Lean 16559 P0175 Fuel TrimBank2 System too Rich 16566 P0182 Fuel temperature sender-G81 Short to ground 16567 P0183 Fuel temperature sender-G81 InterruptionShort to B 16581 P0197 Engine Oil Temperature Circuit Low Input 16582 P0198 Engine Oil Temperature Circuit High Input 16585 P0201 Cyl.1 Injector Circuit fault

BMW SERIES 5 E39 99 528i overheating not passing emissions

OK guys first off I have read this forum and it is beyond useful. With that said I hope I can get some great help with some issues I am having. 1) Check engine light is on first it was due to running extremely low on gas then it would turn off but now it wont 2) biggest mistake I mad was making my own oil change apparently I didnt put the O-ring on properly on the oil filter. so after noticing massive

emissions said compresive component -ready engine misfire-ready catalytic converter EFF-ready evaporative control system-ready heated oxygen sensor-ready secondary air system-ready fullsystem performance-ready AC refrigerant-not supported egr flow-not supported heated catalyst -not supported oxygen sensor-ready OBD malfuction light status -ON trouble codes P0441 P1188 P1189 P1250 p1622 P0441 is fault

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 96 E300d P0200 problem

I just fixed my leakey Injection pumps delivery valves and after putting things back together started the car. I now get a P0200 error code which is a open injector circuit problem. The car runs ok (and leaks are gone) but I dont have a clue as to where to start looking for the problem. Has anyone had the same problem And if so what is the cure. THANKS in advance.

Has anyone had the same problem And if so what is the cure. THANKS in advance. The P0200 OBD code are cross referenced by the following MB codes P1220 IFI Fuel quantity Actuator P1223 Fuel Rack Sensor P1611 Internal reference voltage P1613 IFI Control Module microcontrollerquantity calculation P1617 IFI Control Module EEPROM or defective coding p1622 Shutoff valve You will notice that all the faults

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Coolant light & EPC on dash

Hi I started my ML270 and the coolant level light came on along with the EPC light. I stoped and turned the engine off then restarted with the same two lights on. I now have a loss of power with it now in limp mode. I contacted a Merc dealer who put it on the computer it came up with 6 fault codes P1636 p1622 P0100 P1403 P1470 P1187. These codes refer to Electric switchower valve open circuit

Quote Originally Posted by duncalron Hi I started my ML270 and the coolant level light came on along with the EPC light. I stoped and turned the engine off then restarted with the same two lights on. I now have a loss of power with it now in limp mode. I contacted a Merc dealer who put it on the computer it came up with 6 fault codes P1636 p1622 P0100 P1403 P1470 P1187. These codes refer to Electric

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Shutoff Valve problems on my E300

I replaced the Shutoff valve (SOV) on my car in january because it would delay shutdown and trip the P0215 code (SOV malfunction). I now have the same problem again but a new SOV didnt change anything this time. Still slow shutdown with slight rev and it trips the code even after I erase it. Advice from another forum was to replace the K40 relay as it controls the SOV. I did so to no avail. What else

Had the same problem last month on a 1996 E300D 606.912 engine 220k mi. My initial symptom was low power then failed to start alltogether with lots of air in fuel lines. All diesels W210 and others 96-99 will have this solenoid. My fault code was p1622 inline fuel injection deposit restrictant elecrtohydraulic shutoff actuator I ordered a new actuator (130). While waiting for actuator checked for power

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 1996 E 300 Diesel doesnt start

my car started in the morning without problem after warm up and driving a block it dies down it started again and accelerated fine when stopped as soon as I put Drive it die down again now it doesnt start at all I replaced the fuel filter (filled up all the way before installing it) and still doesnt start at all. could anyone help me to figure out what to start checking. Thanks Also my car never turns

mymini1 your particular model with the 606 in-line six has a tendency to chaff some wiring as it ages. Mine developed this problem at 16 years old and about 210000 miles. I have seen numerous wires go bare in mine. The big problem I indicated two posts above was the wiring to the SOV. The fault code will be p1622 and they might call it the inline electro-hydraulic resistance shut-off valve Whatever

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 E300 D 1996 electrical problem

Lately when I start the car the SRS light dos not come on and upon starting the following devices are not working radio cigarette lighterwiper and water splash. after few minutes of normal idling the SRS come on stays on for 3-4 second than all comes back to normal. This problem was very sporadic maybe once a week than once a day than 4 out of five starts. Sometimes I have to restart the car to get the wiper going. Please give me the idea where to start.

fan motor was also intermittent. Would not work in auto or manual went over a bump and it would start. Took it out to have a look and noticed that the groundnegative clip to the motor itself was almost falling off. I just re-crimped the female clip and it has been good since. Also had a complete shorting of the harness to the diesel electro-hydraulic shut-off valve on the injector. (came up as fault

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 problem with codiren vito cdi 2000

hello engine rpm limit at 3000rpmi have two faultsp1622-y75(fuel shut off solenoid)and p1189-y83(egr troter valve)problem is that the engine dont have this y83 and y75ecu is A 000 153 05 79and I think somebody change engine and i must recode ecu....so ecu is codiren with number 178007012(car have klimaautomatic transmisiomntempomat) is anbodi now what code use sorry for bad english best regards

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