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fault code p2006 MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203
fault code p2006 MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 List of Fault Codes....(DTC)

This might come in handy for some people Mercedes fault codes fault codefault DescriptionArea B1000HRA Headlamp range adjustment Supply voltage of the control unit is too low (undervoltage)Body B1004LCP Lower Control Panel Control unit does not match vehicle typeBody B1056Automatic Air Conditioning Problem in CAN communication withc ontrol unit DCM-RLBody B1128Heater core temperature (B101)Body B1201Electric

disconnected with engine running p2006002 B178 Charge air temperature sensor short circuit to positive or open P2013 cause 4715573718893 Charcol canister shut-off valve leaking P2016 Self adaptation of mixture formation from bank12 of cylinder is at P2085 maxmin limit at part throttle P2017 Self adaptation of mixture formation from bank12 of cylinder is at P2086 maxmin limit at idle speed P2025 fault

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Fault Code 2036

Hi there i have got a 2001 E Kompressor estate and i had problems with it for the last 6 month. The engine managment light keeps coming on and i have loss of power before that. The code that comes up are 2006 2004 and 2036. The garage have changed the secondary air valve and also a in and ou take valve. Sorry for bad explanation i am a girl and dont know anything about it. They also cleaned the pipe

You do need to tell us the model and where you are for more help - I dont know your model with the turbo (kompressor) but they are not SAI faults P2004 Mercedes-Benz Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Open Bank 1 p2006 Mercedes-Benz Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Closed Bank 1 P2036 Mercedes-Benz Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit High Bank 2 Sensor 2 looks like you have a problem with

HI Hanni I dont know your particular model as we dont have it here in the states but the mercedes codes for those faults are the ones I posted up above. Do you know where whoever wrote the codes down got them can you ask them what sort of code reader they used. I did a double check for 2001 e class codes and the ones I posted came up as the only ones. if the ones I have are right them you probably

FORD F150 Please help P2106 and P2006 codes

Hello my name is Jake i am new to the site and hoping for some help. For starters i have a 2004 Fx4 with the 5.4. Under load i am getting what seems to be a misfire. When i pull the codes i get P2106 and p2006. It seems like it is going into limp home mode. Under my ABS codes its showing that none of my speed sensors are comunicating and my ABS module is faulty. What ive done so far- New throttle body

Actually no i havent. I cant imagine every speed sensor would go bad and it would throw a ABS module fault code.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 07 C230 code P2006 (intake manifold tumble flaps)

Gentlemen I routinely check the car with the OBDII to make sure everything is in working order. Yesterday I pulled code p2006 (Diagnosis of tumble flap Intake manifold Open circuit of sensor lines Tumble flap shafts stick in the nonactuated position.). The car is running great. The check engine light is NOT on but my 6th sense is telling me it will be soon. If I understand the tumble flap system

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 Poor engine Performance Multiple fault codes Present

Over the last few months my cars Engine performance has alternated between being very good to going into Limp mode intermittently (mostly when the engine gets hot). Also the engine does not start very well like before. it might start and stall or act as if it is going to stall then pick up. also if you depress the accelerator the needle stalls at around 4000revsmin (previously it goes all the way to

(previously it goes all the way to 6000revsmin and then the electronic limiter or whatever limits it.) The vacuum lines appear intact and so suspicion fell on the MAF sensor. however when i attempted to change it (with a new bosch maf) the performance actually worsened. so i replaced the old maf and now it doesnt go into limp mode but does not have maximum power. I used carsoft to erase all faults

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 E200K Low Air Fault code

This car (w210 2001 95k kilometers) has been in garage on at least 10 occasions due to engine light coming on. Car is driving poorly lacking power in low gears engine tends to stall when you go to accelerate and then surges forward. Over the past few months it has had a Hella MAF fitted new throttle pedal unit- the one the accelerator cable activates small valve at back of engine and new O2 sensor.

Just to update you car was back in garage today (Merc main dealer) and they read the codes - P2036 again and p2006 stored. They now say that they have to replace the secondary air flap to see if that is the problem. The valve at the back of the head has also been replaced but no difference. Mechanic was aware of the dry solder problem that they suffer with but said mine was OK. Anyone know what this

MERCEDES BENZ CLK I 208 We Need A Permanent Sticky for Error Codes

Be a big help to those who are in trouble and need a trustable answer quickly. Error codes alone could be a separate Sticky. Marcus greg This up your alley. This could be used by lots of other forums as well.

transmission limp home due to under voltage P1634 transmission limp home due to under voltage P1636 transmission limp home due to under voltage P1747 Electronic Gear Selector Module Defective Interaction of CAN with control unit A1 (instrument cluster) P1750 Electronic Gear Selector Module Very low control unit supply voltage P1831 Transfer case Position motor position sensor power supply is faulty

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Got Codes Check this list

Hey folks. Why this has never been posted here Im not sure (probably that lazy former mod) but heres a series of posts (to get around forum limits) of Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Trouble codes for MY 1996. Ive also attached a pdf of the full list to this first post. So get your HF code reader and get to work Take care and enjoy the ride Greg Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Trouble codes (DTC) for 1996 models

maxmin limit at part throttle P2017 Self adaptation of mixture formation from bank12 of cylinder is at P2086 maxmin limit at idle speed P2031 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 2) P2032 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Low (Bank 1 Sensor 2) P2033 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit High (Bank 1 Sensor 2) P2039 Oil level sensor If all three set in M112M113 cablewiring fault

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 Multiple Check Engine Codes - Should I Drive

I have a 2006 C230 Sport edition and the check engine light came on also it idles rough when Im in Drive but when Im in park its not so bad. Its ok when Im driving but there is a lack of response. So my friend lend me a cheap scanner and these codes came up P0300 RandomMultiple Cylinder Misfire Detected P0303 Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected P0306 Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected P0352 Ignition Coil B PrimarySecondary

p2006 is an intake air temperature sensor failure. You do need to get this fixed. On trick to test the coils packs is to swap them with one that isnt throwing a code to see if the fault stays with the cylinder or the coil.

FORD F150 Confussed and NOT happy with 5.4L

So I recently bought a 2004 Crew Cab FX4. I thought I was getting a really good deal on this truck but it turns out its a not so good deal. This truck has a new crate motor installed just before i bought it. The new motor has 1300 miles and is sluggish and boggs down badly not to mention it seems grossly under powered. The intake control actuator() has also been replaced. I took the truck to a shop

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 c230 - the biggest lemon i can imagine

Just bought this car 1 month ago. Already so much has gone wrong the costs for repairs exceed the sales price of the car. The actuator for a flap in the intake is made of shitty plastic and broke. new intake manifold 2000. The camshaft adjusters are not working properly and the balance shaft has failed 6500. Oh wait im not done the speed sensor in the transmission has failed. Hmm seems like i can just

Quote Originally Posted by 300DFan I saw your post with the VIN and trouble codes at the other site and I have to question the diagnosis of a balance shaft failure. First your engine serial number is not in the range where that type of failure would be expected nor are the codes what are normally seen. Id strongly suggest you get a second opinion on that. You are correct 300DFan. I usually dont often follow the MBWorld W203 forum but after you posted this I checked and I see that Evans car is beyond the range for balance shaft problems. Evan Unless you are getting DTCs 1200 andor 1208 (i.e. P0017P0016) you DO NOT have balance shaft problems. P0025 is DTC 0064 which is a cam sensor magnet problem. This is an easy DIY (or less than two hours of labor) and about 120 in parts for all four. Do this and you are good to go. p2006 is a tumble flap problem but like I said these can sometimes be repaired without replacing the manifold. If not a new manifold can be had for around 800 (see parts.com). And the job is just a few hours (or DIY of you are so inclinedcapable). The P0717 error is just an indication of a transmission fault. Youll need to get the TCU codes pulled with SDS to know the actual problem.


So I always had a CEL for EGR so I decided to check and make sure nothing else was on there car has been running fine so I was not worried. This is what I found.... P2251 P0401 P0126 p2006 P0131 P2251 P0030

Quote Originally Posted by RayDog26 P2251 P0401 P0126 p2006 P0131 P2251 P0030 Clear DTCs run and rescan. My biggest concern would be the coolant temptstat code and Intake runner. Once those are addressed id chase the O2 sensor codes(Those could all be cause by the faulty IMR). I see your listed mods No tune

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Recall 04807H and 04907H

Ok Well is time to pay for registration to the DMV and I need to get the two recalls listed on the tittle. I&39m currently running a ETS TMIC and a diff. recirc. valve (1G DSM). So here are my questions. 1. What are these recalls 2. Currently running at 33K on the odo I have Ext. Warranty. Should I go back to stock for the dealer (I most likely never go back) on a recall or is this only necessary for

The 4807H is for the p2006 code and faulty swirl valve... httpwww.o-m-g-w-t-f.comstuffMazdaspeed64807h.pdf The 4907H one is a EmissionsOBDII compliance recall... httpwww.o-m-g-w-t-f.comstuffMazdaspeed64907h.pdf As far as going back to stock...it really depends on the dealer. The first recall requires the replacement of a valve which would take them under the hood but the second is just a flash. I doubt

cats and don&39t have to have your car possibly castrated . I say possibly cause I&39ve heard that the loss is not noticeable but we will see. I wish I had a DH to log the change from getting this done. I think I&39ll be taking some mods off this weekend and making an appointment for the recall funny thing is that DMV is only requiring me to do the 4807H (The 4807H is for the p2006 code and faulty

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito CDI 110 2000 Engine Fan and does not rev

Have 2000 Vito cdi 110 638.094. Stuck in limp mode. Have fault codes P1482 (glow) p2006 (mainifold air control) P1470 Boost Pressure P1188 ( Piston cutoff solenoid) and P1192 Oil sensor but the last 2 only show up if I plug in Fuse 23. (ecu feed ) Engine fan then comes on an van will rev irratic to 1500rpm up and down like a misfire. Without fuse 23 it runs ok but in limp mode. No turbo and 3000rpm limit.

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