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FIAT 500 II New 500L driven. httpwww.whatcar.comcar-news2013...-review263388 Doubtless there will be more news very soon... RobinPJ thanked for this post Super Uwe liked this post

Originally Posted by RobinPJ The big difference between the MINI Countryman and the 500 500l situation is that MINI is a cool brand whereas fiat is not. The 500 is a cool model largely baecause of its looks. The coolness of the MINI brand meant that the Countryman could succeed despite having being mercilessly beaten with the ugly stick. For the 500l I very much doubt the same will apply. Unless

Originally Posted by loveshandbags Before the Countryman we had the Clubman which really was a Traveller and had a rear door that opened on the wrong side for RHD countries. That didnt take off but it opened doors for the Countryman. Time wil tell what the 500l will evolve into. The name fiat and 500 conjure up different images. My dad didnt like the idea that I bought a fiat because of his memories

Im sorry but I think fiat did better with the 2000-era Multipla than they have with this 500l. The Multipla was ageless and functional ugly (if you like) with a purpose and well-engineered. This 500l might be a good car (though its sounding like an underpowered slug) but why call it a 500... As the others said its to try and build on an image yet this doesnt look like a 500 and I think is bloody ugly

FIAT 500 II Is it just me...

...or do others find the steering wheel too far away and the pedals too close on the 500 I am 6 tall my wife is 56 and we both have a problem with it although in all fairness its her car and she loves it so much shes prepared to ignore the fact. Seems like fiats still build cars for people with long arms and short legs BK

Originally Posted by alexGS I dont think its just you I also find my 500 a bit odd especially when I get into my Spider or my 166 after a while and everything falls nicely to hand (and foot). I think in fiats defence I should point out that safety dictates positioning of the occupants and steering wheel. I expect more thought goes into getting the right angles for the airbag deployment (even the positioning

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fiat say they can get 135 bhp from the Twinair easily. But of course there are many internal differences. The Ford engine has three cylinders and seems to offer power plus economy possibly more than the Twinair but Id like to know the real figures. Id like a comparison with something like the new 500l Twinair 105 and the Ford B Max Ecoboost. And of course fiat has improved Twinairs in the pipeline

FIAT 500 II Something Ive noticed about the 500 Lardy

None of them seem to be driven by young families Seems to be a car that appeals to the older sort of people whose hips benefit from a higher seating position snigger Grey haired gent in his 60s was driving this one I saw today

Ive seen a fair few in Norwich and a couple driven by young families too. Single people particularly women like the 500 because it is fashionable small easy to drive economical and relatively cheap. Two colleagues have them in fact for just these reasons - and they have been reliable too. The 500l certainly appeals to a broader spectrum of people particularly as it is wholly practical in so many ways

Originally Posted by Ulpian There you go then. Totally made up but backed by a strong rumour including what seem to be some hard facts about revised dimensions and modern connectivity. More at Geneva I expect. Whoa whoa whoa lets take a step back here. All I said is that I heard something interesting What is interesting is that we may be working with fiat in the future. Whether thats fiat as a group

FIAT 500 II New 500X I had no idea But there is no way the Panda wheelbase is long enough to sit four with such a low roof. This must be a lengthened chassis. Looks good though.

Originally Posted by Ulpian I had no idea But there is no way the Panda wheelbase is long enough to sit four with such a low roof. This must be a lengthened chassis. Looks good though. Like Rob says its AE fantasy. The rear door is a frigging joke. Nice to see its got decent brakes though front brakes from the Grande Punto Abarth (and the wheels) front and rear. Because Im feeling especially lazy today heres my stock standard anti-Auto Express rant httpwww.fiatforum.com500203479-...mlpost2180212 Yeah and the 500l looks just like this

FIAT BRAVO What is the interscope sound system

Hello again Does anyone have info on the interscope sound system that is available as an option in the new Bravo Any specs available Does this interscope have to do with the 8 speakers and how they are aligned or does it refer to the whole brand of the soundsystem Thanks again

Originally Posted by bluebravo Depending what country in the UK it isnt available yet as far as i know. Here is a small bit of info i found on the system An interesting Hi-Fi system known as the interscope sound System It comprises 8 speakers(2 tweeters and 2 woofers in the front and rear door panels a 100W subwoofer and a 30W amplifier) It employs a particularly sophisticated technique to process the sound developed with SRS Labs. What makes the sound experience on board the car really unique is the fact that the new system uses SRS 3D Focus and TruBass effects simultaneously. The first method (3D) spartially equalises stereo reproduction exploiting the position of the speakers and improving the spartial perception. The second method (Focus) raises the sensation of listening to top speakers positioned higher than they actually are and improves acoustic efficiency by adjusting the frequencies perceived by the human ear. And finally the third method (TruBass) extends the perceived frequency field towards the Bass enhancing the effect of the subwoofer so that the listener feels he is listening to a system that produces extended very deep basses. The result is a more enveloping sound which recreates a correct stereophonic effect even for listeners who are positioned some away from the symmetrical axis of the speakers (as in the case of the car). Thank you Blue Bravo this was very informative. As far as sound technology I am way off line. I live in Australia and it is an option for the 500l. I will and I will add it to my order. Cheers Rod Bennett

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