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FIAT BRAVA 182 1998 fiat brava 1.4ltr ignition system dismantling

Hi Im in the process of changing the ecu of my car and found a second hand system complete with ignition and keys. Problem is that the ecu is dismantled but I need to dismantled the ignition system myself and have no idea from where to start. Can someone help me urgently and provide a diagram or some instructions Help

FIAT BRAVA 182 ignition system troubles

Ive just bought a 2001 fiat bravo 1.2L and it ran well for about 20 miles. I then got a engine system failure warning light and the car became very juddery and eventually wouldnt start without stalling. A recovery man was sure it just needed a new coil pack. So i replaced that....which didnt make any difference. I then replaced the spark plugs which seemed to sort the problem. However the warning light

If the plug change has sorted it there will still be unburnt fuel in the O2 sensors in the exhaust. This should burn off but if not most autosparks have examiner clones so will be able to check. Cheers SPD

Thanks Unfortunately the spark plugs seemed to sort it for a while but after driving for 5 minutes the warning light came back on and the car became almost undriveable after being towed home again the bloke reckons now its the head gasket gone. I dont see how this would cause the ignition system warning light to come on tho

Originally Posted by danwingy Thanks Unfortunately the spark plugs seemed to sort it for a while but after driving for 5 minutes the warning light came back on and the car became almost undriveable after being towed home again the bloke reckons now its the head gasket gone. I dont see how this would cause the ignition system warning light to come on tho Is it the ignition warning light or injection management light thats on Cheers SPD

I think in the handbook it calls it something like engine control system failure. But on the diagnostic machine it was showing faults P0300 P0302 and 303.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help with brava 99 1.6sx 16v Fuel system

Hi Guys Please bear with me have a long story to tell. Had some trouble with my 99 plate 1.6sx 16v brava. It started with the dreaded injector light coming on and staying on at low revs. I looked through this forum and found it was a comon fault normally being an injector failure. Sure enough I had two open circuit dead injectors. Replaced both dead injectors with some 2nd hand ones from the breakers

do you have the results for HC and O2 was the lambda in range when you suffer injector failure you can damage the plug & lead on any cylinders that had a faulty injector. that is why i have always recommended these parts are replaced when you do an injector. the first time i replaced an injector i did not do this and i suspect the weak ignition on one cylinder allowed fuel to enter the cat causing

My new set of ht cables arrived this morning from parts 4 u. Fitted them and a complete set of new spark plugs. Also disconected the battery yesturday and reconected it again this morning.Performed an ecu reset by turning on ignition for 30sec but not starting the car turned off the ignition then started the car without touching the accelartor pedel and let the car idle for 15mins untill full tempeture

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravoa 1.2 16v 80sx IgnitionLambda SensorFuel Pump

Hi guys a few months ago I posted some news about my breakdown in Aberdeen. Today I am going to tell you the result of a major repair I carried out on the two relays and fuses in the black boxsplash guard that is bolted to the rear bulkhead of the engine bay. After my break last year I did a fairly temporary repair on the two relays by stripping the wires back to reasonably copper coloured wire and

Originally Posted by skaramazoo A really helpful post this I am currently trying to fit one of those magnets - Turbomag to be precise - to my brava SX in an effort to reduce fuel consumption and burn cleaner. Any thoughts on that If you want to save fuel use a HHO boost system This is worth a read in response to magnets httphubpages.comhubDo-Fuel-Savers-Work

Thanks for the tips and links regarding magnets guys. Have now fitted a set of those magnets on a Punto 8v 1.2 and will see how it goes. This httphubpages.comhubDo-Fuel-Savers-Work page is particularly informative and the HHO system looks promising.

Originally Posted by m20b25 If you want to save fuel use a HHO boost system This is worth a read in response to magnets httphubpages.comhubDo-Fuel-Savers-Work Did you use the HHO system have you had any mpg improvement ive watched a few videos regarding the HHO system amd i belive mpg increase is because of the lambda sensor that reads a richer mixture and leans the mixture. it reads a rich mixture

today i tried a rudimentary HHO system using a glass jar and 2 kitchen forks i am glad to say it does burn.. in fact it explodes... I am going to try to build a whole system

FIAT BRAVA 182 cat back systems....

well.. to start of i have a 1.6 sx (p plate) and would like to add a system to it.. i have been browsing the various systems available and am wondering what peoples favorites are. and what they thought of them so if you have a cat back system backbox i would loke to hear where you got it and what you think about it so i dont go and buy a crap one. thankyou. Joe. (ps if anyone has one in the shed i may be interested in buying it )

on most cars a cat back system usually cant affect performance at all however the bravoa range seem to get some of the exhaust back pressure post cat (from the cat back part of exhaust). this means you can both increase and decrease the overall back pressure to a certain extent by fitting different cat back systems. adjusting the overall back pressure can have an effect on performance. how does back

FIAT BRAVA 182 sound system interferance

hey folks. got a new sound system in ma bravo. 2 6x9s 2 component speakers and 2 12 subs. but there is an interferance from somewhere and i really dont know what it is or what i can do to fix it when i accelarate theres a high pitched noise coming through the speakers any help would be great Jamie

Its better to have seperate power cables and sound cables to prevent having problems like this. Try to put to your radio at 12V (permanent hot wire) not from the ignition but the other hot wire i think is the yellow a parasite filter. Its cheap and you can find it to shops that sells electronic components or car sound systems.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injection System Malfunction

Hello All I have an S plate 1.4 Bravo. Recently I have been having the odd problem starting and with the Injection system warning light. When I turn the ignition key the engine doesnt fire up. Instead it get this low buzzing sound though the rev counter needle moves when I press the accelarator. The engine will start on the 3rd or 4th attempt however when this happens the warning light stays on. At

FIAT BRAVA 182 Understanding the Bravo 1.6 fan system

Ok So some of you might know that ive got a problem with the bravo that the radiator fan doesnt turn on when it gets hot. Now I have taken the rad fan and assembly out completly for a better look and to understand exactly how it works. First of all ou have the and - to the fan motor itself. this is split to work via a relay and what I can only assume is the speed controller. Its a bigish round resistory

your not saying what year your car is ok top right hand side of the fan housing (looking toward the windscreen) you will see a connector joint un plug this and bridge across turn ignition on fan should run when key is turned to ignition fan will stop when key is in off position. the fan switch is located bottom left of fan housing. (try followning the cables from connector block) the temp sensor is

FIAT BRAVA 182 Sound System Fault

Hello I recently posted a thread concerning my sound system in my brava. The stereo would turn itself on and off whilst the car was no in use therefore draining the battery. The main suggestion was to replace the head unit with a new stereo as this seems to have cured most peoples problems. I have gone for weeks without central locking as Ive been saving my hard earned pennies for a new stereo surround

there were a few cases lately where the standard stereos were remaining on even when the ignition was switched off and owners were unable to switch them off. if you replaced your stereo with a different one and that one is not staying on then the stereo isnt the problem. get the battery checked and check for drain with ignition off. the central locking is probably not related although a short to earth

FIAT BRAVA 182 Disarming security systemimmobilser

Hi everyone. The batteries for my immobiliser key have been dead for a while now. da ova day i randomly tried it and it lockd my car arming it with the security system. wen i tried again it wouldnt disarm. i bought new batteries but still it hasnt disarmed. from the manual it says u can disarm using the pin code provided but this has not worked (maybe perhaps bcoz the previous owner changed it) im

1. the immob and alarm are completely seperate. the immob only uses a chip in the key it is nothing at all to do with the remote. 2. there is nothing wrong with your immob it will disarm if you use the key in the ignition switch. your only problem is the alarm. 3. the code is only used to disarm the immob so it wont help you. check you fitted 2 batteries that both say CR2016 & check they are fitted

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava keys

hi i was wondering if someone could help me my girlfriend swapped her car for a fiat brava only for 1week later it to break down. we have since found out that the ignition box was completly broke inside in 3 diff places and superglued back together we have since been a bought a new steering column and had this fixed but when bought column from scrap yard only had one blue key this does not deactivate

oh dear another unsuspecting buyer stung with the fiat key game. youve got a bit of a problem there. the easiest (and cheapest) long term solution is to get the ignition lock reset so it will accept the old red key. any lock can be reconfigured to accept any key. you want the ignition to match the door so this is a good thing to do anyway. with the ignition working on the old red key you than have

warnings and is amber when lit. no not only only diesles all models. 100% definately on my 1.6 and 1.8 there was no engine management light at all not even the symbol on the cluster. same for my 156. the only bravo or brava models i have seen with an engine management light did not have an injector light at all. it changed to the engine symbol to follow other manufacturers but before that every fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava 1.6 Hesitating

hello everybody. in advance sorry for bad english (not my main language) i have a fiat brava 1.6 1996 manual trans. iv got it almost 1.5 years now and since i got it i had a little hesitation problem that i couldnt solve in anyway. (leads coil pack plugs everything is new and been working fine) a few days ago i got the injectors out took a carb cleaner made a 3v connector and took a syringe housing

I.A.W.-1AF.13 is in mk1 bravabravomarea also cant say about swapping them over as I have no idea what kind of antitheft tipo had. My guess is just compression ratiogeometry so the tipo ECU should learn the engine. brava should have fiat CODE system. If you swap another bravXmarea ECU into it you will need the ECU the fiat Code box with the reader and the master key for reprogramming your blue keys

FIAT BRAVA 182 Red key but no blue keys.

Hey all im looking at getting a diesel bravo but the car has only the red keys but no blue keys if i get to random keys from any other bravos and just get blanks cut could i programme any other codes to the ecu

there should only be 1 red key. check that it is an original fiat key. to check that the red key is really the red key and not a clone of a blue key you should switch the ignition on and check that the key code light goes out then switch ignition off and back on within 5 secs. the key code light should now remain illuminated if it does not then you havent used the red key. assuming it is the red key

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava not starting (reply quick pls or the fiat jumps off a cliff)

Hi guys neeed heeeelp or ill push my fiat over a cliff. fiat brava 1.6 16V 1996. Ok here goes I went to work today had to do some trips with the car ran fine. Then i let the car on the side of the road. Bought a lambda probe today and went to change it here comes the problem Started the car and it was very hesitating meaning the revs got up to 1500 but started droping to about 1000 in about 15 secand

also i have tryied to remove the hose coming from the pump (the one on the left intake body mounting) and it has pressure. __________________ The universe and stupidity are infinite. And for the universe im not sure .   Quote   19-12-2010   14 skaramazoo Get Your Own Title   Join Date Apr 2008 Posts 173 Thanks 2 Trader Rating 0   Re brava bot starting (reply quick pls or the fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Inconsistent Starting - 1.6 Brava Auto

Hey all I have seen many posts relating to problems starting but nothing that resembles my problem therefore I have started a new thread in the hope that you can help as I have a Major problem with my car starting not starting..... Right problem is that sometimes it doesnt start but I cant pin it down to anything as its so inconsistent. For instance it will start fine in the morning I will drive it

just the loop aerial around it. any scrapyard bravobravamarea can provide the part it will only cost a couple of pound. dont change it unless you have the key code light remaining illuminated and you have checked the power supply circuit for the immob. it is more common to find a fault in the circuit such as a loose or corroded connector in situations like this. it may be useful to download the fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 my brava wont accept my key

hi..i need help pleasei bought fiat brava 1.4 sx few weeks ago..everythings run well until yesterday...i try to switch on my car but the car seems didnt recognise my key..the key icon on my dashboard was off i try several times still not changes.. whts wrong with the never happened before.. i need help please..

probably dont have a fuel injection system problem at least not one bad enough to prevent starting. with a sparkplug removed try starting the car while watching for sparks. if you get spark then that isnt your problem either. if you get sparks and fuel you can also be sure that the key isnt the problem as the immobiliser would prevent either sparks or fuel (depending on immob im not sure how the fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava miss fire.

Hi all I have a 2001 1.2 brava 80sx. Its been a good little runner up until recently. The car started to miss fire under load about a month ago ( engine management light flashing then staying on ) so I did some research and replaced the coil ht leads and plugs and it ran spot on until now. Its started misfiring again So I replaced the air filter hoping this was the problem but hasnt cured it. I had

Heres an update. I removed the TB and cleaned it out ( it was filthy ) and the car idles fine now. Driving the car is now miss firing again ( especially after over run ) and is using a LOT more fuel than it did. It also kicked a load of this out of the exhaust ( see picture ) Thank you for all your inputs and advice. __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava 1.2 16v not firing

Ok here goes...... My wifes fiat still wont start. Turn on the car it turns over but nothing. The red fuel injector light is also staying on. Here is what I have done so far...... 1. Checked power to ignition coil OK 2. Changed ignition Coil 3. Changed HT leads 4. Changed Crank Sensor 5. Changed MAP sensor All it will do is turn over. I have removed one of the plugs after turning it over and the plug

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help I have no Red Key for my Fiat bravo 1.4 98

Good afternoon all I have a massive problem.............I bought a fiat bravo 1.4 and was given just 2 blue keys. It started well and i drove it home fine. As i went to start it up the next morning a yellow light showed up on the dash with a key and writing on it saying code. I have since found out that i need a red key to get it up and running again but i dont have one.............. Ive got a friend

mistakenly believe that the immob has a fault. if it still happens with the battery fully charged the problem is probably with the immob for example -faulty aerial on ignition switch -faulty code box -faulty ecu -wiring fault depending on what the fault is you may be in trouble. the red key is the only key that you can use to teach the code box blue key codes. the red key can not be replaced. a fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine Over Cooling

I have a fiat brava 1.4 sx s reg 1999 (i think). for last week or so when car i at idle the tamp is normal...about half way. The minute i start to drive i get around2 - 3 miles if im lucky and the temp drops to cold. Once it does this is starts running slightly erratic as if missing but not. Them fuel ignition system light comes on. If i stop car and restart light goes out and temp climbs only to do

FIAT BRAVA 182 rpm

hiya Does anybody know how to fit a rpm gauge ina fiat brava 1.4s as i am having trouble tryin to find a place to pick up my voltage pulse does anybody have any ideas

Originally Posted by Tomo 20 hiya Does anybody know how to fit a rpm gauge ina fiat brava 1.4s as i am having trouble tryin to find a place to pick up my voltage pulse does anybody have any ideas Dont think you can. Its not like the old mechanical ignition systems. The coil would be where I was looking though if I wanted to

FIAT BRAVA 182 help with antifreeze guys cheers

alright guys firstly thanks for all ur help with my threads of recent cars almost runnin like new just one more thing i was wondering...with winter on its way i wana sort out my coolantantifreeze...its gettin abit murky and iv had a radiator leak recently cured so was toppin up with water regularly so i think my cars in need of some coolant. i need to know how to remove all the old watercoolant from

Originally Posted by Peter Pick-Up Its best to use distilled water no tap water. And according to fiat its ok to use the orangered long life coolant (after a good flush) even if the engine was cooled with the greenblue stuff before. I strongly suggest you dont the rust inhibators etc in redorange coolant can cause serious damage to pipes water pumps etc. Stay with the recommended. As for distilled

FIAT BRAVA 182 Unusual CODE Problem - Bravo HGT

Originally Posted by Me via email Hi mate having a bit of a problem at the mo my Bravo HGT X Reg has been off the road for a few months while waiting on getting some stuff done. It had been started etc most weeks. However went to start it last week and the key code light remained on bugger i though went home looked for the red key (which i have somewhere) but cant find it Tried the other blue key today


Hi I wonder if you can help or give me some advice. Ive got a T reg fiat Bravo it has a fiat fitted alarm system that has gone into some sort of silent mode. Is it possible to get it working again and program it to my blue keys Another problem is I wasnt given the 4 digit alarm code cardsticker when I bought the car from fiat (and fiat ridiculously dont keep a record of the alarm codes). I just got

FIAT BRAVA 182 New door lock... I think.

Apologies for my French but some ct tried breaking in to my 99Bravo last night looks like he didnt know what hethey were doing all they have done is stuck a screw driver in the lock and never got inside but they have made a complete mess of it I can stick the key in but cant turn it. Spoke to an auto lock repair place they said its likely a dealer jobby phoned fiat themselves gave them the ZFA number.

Originally Posted by TommoW Apologies for my French but some ct tried breaking in to my 99Bravo last night looks like he didnt know what hethey were doing all they have done is stuck a screw driver in the lock and never got inside but they have made a complete mess of it I can stick the key in but cant turn it. Spoke to an auto lock repair place they said its likely a dealer jobby phoned fiat themselves

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava 1.8 wirng diagram

hi i wounder if any one ther has a copy of a brava 1.8 wiring diagram for the ignition injection it has the hitachi system on it my hains manual does not cover the 1.8 hitachi system. thanks alan

FIAT BRAVA 182 Need help with Aux Heater JTD

Hello how could I check whether any one out of three glow plugs in auxiliary heater works properly wo removing it What I did so far is removing feeding cable check for 12 - affirmative. Check conection to earth - affirmative. Plug resistance - checked - 11 Ohms with a cheap chinese multimeter. Shouldnt it be no more than 700 miliohms The plug is rated 200 watts according to fiat Bravoa Service Manual.

than ignition Glow plugs. It heats up engine coolant but not the combustion chamber until antifreeze reaches up to 70 degrees thus helping engine to reach higher temps quicker. And when this system works fine engine reaches 70 degrees much more faster than if AUX HEATER does not work less than 10 minutes for sure. This is approximately three times faster . More information is available at fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Key Button Alarm Problem.

My car battery was totally dead and it effected me getting into the car using the button. I didnt know it was the battery till I got the RAC out. Anyway the battery is replaced however the button on the key doesnt set the alarm nor does it do the remote central locking. Someone said that it need to be in Sync Any advise on how i can get to use the button again to lock & unlock and set the alarm Cheers

that is only the UNLOCKED procedure. it cant work on a locked system and all uk cars have a locked system. that is why the codes are such a problem you must have at least 1 working code. it is a long procude that is already in many previousthreads as are all these other issues so stop guessing and do some reading. i havent heard that before on any remote system. did you make it up no i have the fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.2 16v ht lead sequence

can anyone tell me what sequence the ht leads go for a 1.2 16v brava and before anyonesays anything yes i did mark where they went but my nob head brothering-law who thinks hes a mechanic rubbed the marks of as they were only tipex

actually i began to doubt myself there so i checked the manual. i was right but heres the pic now that ive got it handy. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ 2.0 twinspark veloce   Quote   24-10-2008   6 arc this is where i stand Join Date Oct 2003 Location Sheffield Posts 13537 Thanks 287 Trader Rating 0   Re brava 1.2 16v ht lead sequence they are labelled on the coil pack

Originally Posted by Davren Just uploaded the ignition section of the bravao manual if you want it httprapidshare.comfiles15708104...ion_system.pdf Let me know if you want any more sections. Dave. for the last few years we have made people download the full manuals from here httpwww.babarmalik.comledmods.htm it takes so long to download a full manual that i have always posted the relevant page from

I have changed the location of the bravao ignition manual in post 7 above. It is now at httprapidshare.comfiles15967553...ion_system.pdf Dave

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava 1.6 Preg

Hi folks Im a newbie and i have found your wibesite full of usefull information so was wondering if any one can help me. My brava runs ok but the exhaust emissions tell another story.they are pretty high in all departments. I have changed the lamda sensor and cat but no better i had a diagnostic ran at local garage and two codes were found 1. Injector No 4 2. Lamda sensor This code read was done before

if the fuel injection system fault light is not illuminayed and the car runs fine i would rule out injector problems. also if all 4 sparkplugs are fouling it confirms that all 4 injectors are working. it sounds like the injection is overfueling however this could also be due to an ignition problem (sparkplugs not sparking correctly so fuel not burnt) i assume youve tried fitting new sparkplugs and

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava running problem advice needed please.

Hi i have a Rreg brava 1400 The car is running realy sluggish especially on higher revs. When i start the car from cold i have to get it to start first turn otherwise it takes a while to actually start then when im out in it and up to about 4 to 5 thou revs onwards it just seems as though it holding backhesitating. and occasionally stalls. Any ideas anyone please

Hi Danni06 May be you will be able to pick a few ideas from this response. I recently purchased a 2001 1.2 fiat Bravo SX which had a few of the issues you have mentioned. The very odd no start but would on the second attempt. Holding back and hesitating coupled with no warning lights. I managed to cure these with the following afternoons work Cleaning the TDC Crankshaft position sensor and its connection

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fuel InjectionBrava cutting out

Hi all. As title suggests. The car has been cuting out ocassionaly (every 10 or so miles) and takes a good 2-5 minutes to get restarted ie. before I get the injection light on the dash when I turn ignition key. Now Ive noticed that when Im driving at speed on accassion the fi light comes on and I lose power but after a second or two it picks up again. Its only when Im coming to a stop and this power

FIAT BRAVA 182 my brothers brava has died

Hi all my brother has a 1997 brava td 100 elx with 98000 miles.About a week ago he was driving it and it stalled and would not start.The code light the glow plug light and the injector light did not come on. I checked it over and found the main fuse for the ignition (i think it was 40 amp) had blown.Also the injector fuse held behind the glove box had blew also.After replacing these the code light

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 80 16v engine behaviour

Few months ago i bought 80 16v brava (1999). Im curious about something with this 1.2 engine. It never stalls consumption is excellent it holds idle perfectly... But.... - it has some vibrations when idle followed by puffing sound from exhaust (as i said it never stalls but keeps doing this) - when i accelerate until i reach 2.500 rpm it accelerates unevenly after that its ok (maybe this is just because

Hi Cosmo May be you will be able to pick a few ideas from this response. I purchased a 2001 1.2 fiat Bravo SX last year which had a few of the issues you have mentioned. Holding back hesitating below 2500rpm coupled with no warning lights. Slight vibrationshake through the steering wheel when idling - still on going seems to disappear as you increase the revs by a small amount. I managed to cure most

FIAT BRAVA 182 problems with my 1.2

Only had the car for 2 days now and I am still testing it and discovering some problems. The Car is behaving strange yesterday while driving it started shaking heavily as if it was misfiring the last time I experienced something like that was when I had a VW golf with a failed Coil ignition lead. Also when I switch the ignition on the injector light sometimes flashes once and remains on until I start

The fiat owner handbook says when the ignition key is turned to the MAR position the light comes on but should go out after a few seconds if the light stays on or comes on while the vehicle is moving this means that the injection system is not functioning perfectly so I assume there could be an injection system problem. i heard people using additives into the fuel is that a good action to take or is it a case of curing a symptom rather than the problem

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