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fiat brava indicator 182
fiat brava indicator 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava indicator problems

Hi New to this site Have fiat brava w reg 1.8litre ELX On a very wet journy my indicators (all 4) decided to come on and stay on. Temporary solution was to take out the hazard fuse which turned lights off. When indicating (with fuse out) hazards come on. Ive replaced the indicator hazard relay under the steering column today... no change... Has anyone got any good ideas Cant help but think this was

When i say indicators stay on I mean on continuously and not flashing... but hazards will flash... Its driving me bonkers

thanks for that turned out to be a short on the front fog lamps. tracked it down by replacing hazard fuse and then sequentially removing other fuses until indicators turned off (from all four continuously lit) it was one of the services fuse thats for the internal lights and fog lamps...

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Bravo Indicator Stalks.

Hi guys. I have just bought a t reg (1998) fiat Bravo and the indicators are very intermitent. Some days they are perfect some they are weak or flash out of pattern and some they dont work at all. I have been told it might be the stalks and so will try to change them. I am having trouble finding fiat bravo stalks on ebay but there are plenty of other fiat stalks. Is there any difference between some of them I.e could I buy a bravapuntostilo stalk and use it instead Thanks.

Originally Posted by thealien Hi guys. I have just bought a t reg (1998) fiat Bravo and the indicators are very intermitent. Some days they are perfect some they are weak or flash out of pattern and some they dont work at all. I have been told it might be the stalks and so will try to change them. I am having trouble finding fiat bravo stalks on ebay but there are plenty of other fiat stalks. Is there

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Strange indicator light problem happened today

Hi all Strange thing happened to me indicators were working fine then suddenly whenever I put my left or right indicator onthey would stop working only when I pressed the brake The stop warning light would flash on too intermittantly when braking. Seems strangeI took the bulbs out cleaned them and replaced.That seems to have worked but any ideas on why this would happen in the first pleace.. Cheers Peter fiat brava owner-no mods...yet

Will try that many thanks (as usual)custardBoy regards Peter fiat brava owner-no mods...yet

And now................................theve stopped working altogether tried the fuse..its ok..not sure about fiddling about in the dash though Cheers Peter. fiat brava owner-no mods...yet

FIAT BRAVA 182 Indicator switch on steering column...

I have just purchased an indicator switch ont he steering column. Not before I attempt to fit this will removing the steering column and then putting the new switch in require the column to be readjusted professionally. I also read somewhere about the ECU needing to be re-calibrated on the Punto not sure if its the same for the brava. Any help would be good as I dont want to let my wife drive the kids

FIAT BRAVA 182 Indicator relay (Blue Block)

I have a fiat brava 98. Please can anyone tell me where the indicator Relay (Blue Block) is Thanks Julie.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava Left indicator slow

The car is going in for its MOT on monday and the left indicator is playing up when I brake when the indicator is on it goes from normal speed to really slowto a near stop and speeds up to normal again once the brake is off. I dont know a great deal about the inside of my brava I do have a haynes manual and the brava owners book that came with the car but there is nothing in there about anything going

FIAT BRAVA 182 warning indicator lights

Does anyone know where I can find images of fault indicators on a fiat brava 1.4S dash. I didnt get an owner guide with it. its a 1997 R Reg. Car is very jumpy and I have to go down to 1st gear to go round a corner otherwise it kangaroo jumps.... a light appeared on dash looking like a fuel hose. any idea Thanks

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 105 JTD - indicators speed up when braking..

Evening all. My brava - when Im indicating to turn right it flashes at normal speed. If I brake the indicator speeds up. Left indicators unaffected but Im puzzled. Steering wheel mounted switches could be it.. Or mebbe earth connection.. Any thoughts would be welcome. cheers mick

Sounds like an earth short somewhere. Have someone check if one of the brake lights flashes with the indicator when you step on the brake. The problem is usually in corroded contacts on the connector to the rear light cluster.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Electrics - indicators and dashboard knackered

The brava has been relegated to spare car status and spent the winter parked up waiting for the missus to pass her test. Had to get the alternator reconditioned but everything else seemed to be ok till this morning when the dashboard lights and indicators went at the same time. now no indicators no lights on the dash apart from the handbrake light (good to see that sodding airbag light go though).

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava side indicators

Im thinking of changing the yellow side indicators on my brava for some white opaque or clear ones. Have tried to take off the yellow ones they do budge a little bit by seem reluctant to come completely off. Is there a best leading edge to remove these (top bottom forward rear) dont want to break anything Thanks

Is it a HGT your brava

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava - wing indicator lens

Hi there The passenger side indicator lens is coming off my R reg 1.4 SX brava - can anyone sell me a replacement Cheers B

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava Dash Lights Indicator Fuse Blowing

Thanks in advance for any help. I have a fiat brava 1.9 TD and the 20Amp fuse for the inicators and dash lights blows I bridged it momentarily so as to smoke the fault out (tee hee) and the big 40A fuse under the bonnet blew does anyone know of this fault Is it a common thing before I start tracing all the wiring back Many thanks coolkelure

FIAT BRAVA 182 indicators a bit funny

yet another annoying prob with the brava today indicators stopped working for a while this morning but are fine now. any ideas Met Cognac 99 brava 100 HSX wish itd clean itself

FIAT BRAVA 182 After Oil Change Oil Indicator comes on

Can anyone help I have brava sx100 1.6 auto I had oil and filter change done at kwik fit. Few weeks later everytime I start the car the oil indicator stays on for about 20 to 30 seconds then goes off. I noticed this only happened when I start the car after not using it for a while. But now it getting worse. The indicator goes off then comes back on and off when Im driving around. Any ideas where the problem is thank you

FIAT BRAVA 182 light and indicator fault

Hi i have a problem wiv my fiat bravo hgt without the lights switched on my indicators work fine but when i switch my lights on and use the indicators the rear brake lights flash instead of the indicator can anyone help

Hi I had a weird indicatorrear wiper problem on my brava last week though I do not know if it is also caused by water. I am not sure if my problem is still there now as I havent been driving it for the past week. I noticed the problem when I was driving. Occasionally when I indicated right the fog light indication on the dash would flash in sync with it. I never got to see if it actually flashed the

Originally Posted by shadymcrazy Hi i have a problem wiv my fiat bravo hgt without the lights switched on my indicators work fine but when i switch my lights on and use the indicators the rear brake lights flash instead of the indicator can anyone help sounds like you have a poor earth and the lights are now earthing through a shared earth to run a new earth to chassis connection on the rear light wiring to see if that solves it.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Indicator relay

Could someone tell me where the indicator relay is located on a 2001 brava. I have a feeling its behind the dash but would like some clarification before I start ripping that out. Thanks

FIAT BRAVA 182 Solid Indicator Lights on Bravo 1.6 HLX

Hi all. Hoping you can help me out here. Ive got a T reg fiat Bravo HLX100. On the weekend the alternator packed up on me. While driving on the motorway i might add to my complete frustration. Anyway this has now been replaced however im having problems with the indicator lights. Since the fault with the alternator the left and right indicator lights come on however they are lit solid and do not flash on and off as normal Can anyone shed some light on this Thanks in advance ... Londo

FIAT BRAVA 182 Battery indicator shows red whilst steering wheel needs hulk to turn

Yo peoples This is my very 1st posting on this website however im really in utter I was leaving the office when all the sudden i realised that the battery indicator was not going to disappear even after the engine was left idle for 2 minutes. So thinking RTFM (Read the F Manual) came into light. It says that probably the battery aint recharging i said it to da nearest mechanic

FIAT BRAVA 182 Blinking indicators

Hi How do I make my indicators flash when locking or unlocking my brava via the remote key Is it an easy job Thanks Rik

Jug likes to be the first to help but sometimes is too fast for his own good. Firstly tell us what car you got i.e 1999 fiat Bravo 1.2 SX and also let us know how your central locking works do you have an additional fob or is it built into the blue key etc. Detail Detail please. If its the fiat addon RCL it wont blink the indicators if its on the blue key then its a fault but then again it should also work the alarm if its on the key.

Ok I have a brava 1.6 100HSX16v which was only made for about 12months it is a 99 T plate. It does not have an alarm but it has the fiat transponder immobiliser the remote locking is on the blue key. Hope this helps

Firstly have you any idea how hard on the eyes large blue writing is Anyway my old brava HSX was the same. The button for the RCL was on the blue key and it didnt have an alarm. The lights didnt flash nor did it make any sound when locking or unlocking. I inquired about making the lights flash at my local dealer and they told me they could set it them to flash by connecting it to the computer at the

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava indicators

hi i have a 1999 vreg brava.the problem is when i put my indicaters on they are sometimes slow and just go off with the lights on and sometimes they do the same without the lights on its realy anoying me sorry if its hard to understand im not the cleverest person at writing things

sounds like a short in the indicator circuit since the headlights switch the indicators off it suggests the problem is possibly with the stalk switch. try disconnecting the rear lights to see if that stops the problem (indicating a short in a rear light) then do the same for the fronts just to rule out a short in one of the lights.

I am thinking it may be a bad earth connection somewheretry getting out of the car with the indicators on and see if the parking lights go on and off with the indicatorsif they do its possibly a bad earth on the indicators.Try the same with the headlights onI am fairly sure that each light cluster has its own earth which could be said that the problem should only be with one indicator but I have seen

Hmm that sounds to me like I should know what a 12V thingy is Im very new to this...Its from an R Reg brava and mins an R so assumed it wud be the same

Originally Posted by Bradley1984 Hmm that sounds to me like I should know what a 12V thingy is Im very new to this...Its from an R Reg brava and mins an R so assumed it wud be the same OK. All electrical equipment in a car runs off the battery that provides 13.5v DC via electrical connections and wires through a fuse-box and on to the switchgear. Each piece of electrical equipment has to have a -ve

Originally Posted by Bradley1984 There was space for 2 fuses but only 1 yellow one in there. Not sure if that is important. Its probably not important there are lots of empty spaces for optional extras and different engines. If your new indicator relay fixes that problem id look at the wipers. I think your wipers may just need re-adjusting. If you take them both off. Then push the wiper stalk up as

FIAT BRAVA 182 Intermittent beepwhine when indicator on

Hi all Whilst this isnt a real problem it is slightly annoying. Every now and then when I indicate (left or right it doesnt matter) I can hear a little high-pitching whine cum beep coming from the console. It is intermittent sometimes Ill hear it once even though the indicator might flash a few times and sometimes itll whinebeep a few times. Anyone know what this is

Relay if you can find it httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-techn...htbravarelay

Originally Posted by T14086 Relay if you can find it httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-techn...htbravarelay Ooops wrong thread Please ignore

FIAT BRAVA 182 my Indicators lights dont work when it is very cold

Hi I have a fiat Btava at winter when it is cold the indicators dont work until i have been driven for at least 1520 minutes. I have checked the Fuse Box shaking it a bit to see if that sorted the problem - but it didnt. Any idea Thanks Regards

FIAT BRAVA 182 Indicator dont work when braking

When using the indicator to the right if have my foot on the brakes its not working. If I lift the brake pedal its working but slowly. To the left its working ok. Strange. The foglight switch on the dashboard goes onoff and stereo lights are going onoff whenever they like and same when I turn the alarm on the dashboard switch lights are flashing... Im not an expert so please help where to look for

thats probably one for the brava guys as i dont know your motor but you can usually find them on the bodywork behind the dash etc and you want to make sure they have a good clean connection The fiat Cinquecento Fun While It Runs

FIAT BRAVA 182 Indicator Problems...

Hey guys I was out driving today when I noticed that my dash indicator arrow was flashing at around twice the rate it should usually I then went to inspect what the indcator was actually doing when applied and it seems my rear light and brake light are taking over the indicators job and doing an alternating sequence between them ie brake flash rear light flash etc.. The indicator does not go on at

FIAT BRAVA 182 Strange indicators

Hi folks I just bought another bravo after having my last one written off by someone a month since. Unfortunately the indicators only work some of the time. Ive ruled out it being a fuse cos its intermittent. When its on the blink (no pun intended) the hazards dont work either. Funny thing is though that if you get out and alarm the car the indicators still flash. I presume that this means the earth

FIAT BRAVA 182 Indicator problem

Im having a problem with my indicators in my Bravo 1.4 SX (96) ... whenever I flick the left indicator on it irregularly ticks and the whole rear cluster flashes alternatley. And whenever I press the brake it stops ticking and the side repeater and front indicator stop completely and the rear indicator will stay on but not flash. Any ideas Its a bit worrying because people wont know when Im indicating. Thanks

FIAT BRAVA 182 urgent help indicator problems

help wanted asap please i have just realised that my indicator has stopped working the unit clicks when i indicate but does not tick repeatedly and the indicators dont work also the hazard lights dont work when i press the hazard button. i have replaced the stalk but still no joy so was wondering whether it could be a problem with the unit that the stalk is attached to or maybe a loose wire behind

FIAT BRAVA 182 indicator relay

so i take out my centre console and instrument panel as its going to the bodyshop to get sprayed then i realise my indicators arent working is the relay for the indicators on the hazard switch as that is also at the body shopand what will happen if i get pulled over by the police for not having any indicators that work

disconnecting the hazard switch does disable the indicators it isnt the main indicator relay (thats on the underside of the steering column) but disconnecting the hazard switch breaks the circuit. you can insert some wire into the connector to get your indicators working but its importnant that you inset the wires in the correct slits on the connector and unfortunately i dont have my wiring diagrams (or even adobe reader) today so i cant tell you which wire colours to connect.

FIAT BRAVA 182 RCL Indicator Wires

Hi all I know theres been a few posts like this before but it just happens that the 99 bravos have got some different wire colours to the rest which is great Ive just wired up a RCL kit and it all works fine but i just need the indicators to work. Iv attatched a picture below can any of you wise people tell me which cable to splice. Youll notice the tape is where ive tested before lol. Thanks Andy

If you look towards the right side of your image. See the 2 small grey electrical conectos hanging. look up slightly you will see the screw hole. next to that is a red oblong plug the cable is quite well insulated Unwrap the insulation you will see in this loom amongst all the other cables 1 light blue cable and one light blueblack cable indicators. double check with circuit tester with a bulb you

Originally Posted by daztap is the indicator problem a big thing or is it sumthing that can be fixed easily what do you mean by Bravo-isim that they are renown for doing it thanks for your help The fuel needles have never been accurate. I can do 400 miles on the first half a tank in my JTD - then about 100 on the last half As for the indicators. If it is the relay then its a simple change of the relay

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