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fiat brava injector problems 182
fiat brava injector problems 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Amazin link for injector immob problems

hey all. if youre havin problems with your injectior light coming on or your immobiliser actin up check this link out. it explains how to test for injector failure without needing to remove anything. i just tested mine using the multimeter method. i now know that the injector on cylinder 3 is not connected because the resistance was infinite and all

You havent found anything though. The fault still needs investigating a faulty injector would only show a lower resistence if it had an internal short circuit as would a short circuit in the wiring. An open circuit in the wiring will show infinite resistence but so will an injector with an internal open circuit. Scoping the circuit when its in use is much more accurate. If not using the voltage drop

car runs perfect. multimetre costs &1637 set of 4 injectors and fuel rail cost &16320 so my car was fixed for far less than the price of an ocilloscope and ive even got 3 spare injectors. oscilloscopes are better just like a helicopter is better than my bravo but i still get to work on time and dont need a helicopter. cheap and easy is fine if it does the job. much much much better than going to fiat

I would be really grateful if i could get any advice on my fiat brava 1.6 i took it for a diagnostic check and that said injectors 1 and 2 needed replacing they couldent do the work till the following week so took it to another garage who replaced the two injectors but my car is still misfiring and now they say they suspect injector 3 needs replacing. So in that case why dident the diagnostic check

Thanks for your advice will be replacing 3 and 4 soon replaced 1 and 2 with new injectors do you think it will be ok to replace 3 and 4 with second hand ones theres a fiat shop in birmingham that i discoverd on this site that sell all second hand stuff trying to cut costs as iv also had the exhaust done this week middle to the back.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injector light and temp gauge problems...

Hey guys first time poster can I just take time to say Jug been viewing some of your responses impressed ) fantastic forum too.... okies heresd my prob fellas. Aight well whats happened is this.... bought a car from auctions. fiat Bravo TD100 SX T reg (1999 model). injector light stayed on constantly and temp gauge problem is this.... Turn key doesnt matter if u start engine or just keep it turned

the temp gauge problem is very common. theres a guide to fixing it here the injector light should be thought of as the engine management light it indicates a fault but the possibilties are endless. im less familiar with the TD models so its hard to say what it is most likely to be. does the car still drive ok if it seems to run fine it is often a problem

there are two temp sensors on the TD100 in the thermostat housing (on end of engine - remove battery to access). The one with the red connector is for the guage - disconnect this and switch on ignition to check the guage - it should stay at 0 if not there is a wiring or guage fault). The injector light really needs a diagnostic to check fiat or a good independant garage with diagnostic gear should

Hello and welcome to the forum Feel free to let us know the result of the diagnostic just to check the work the garage has planned will be kosher (theres sometimes a cheaper better way of doing it). Did it pass

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injector light TEMP gauge problems... nice quickie here )

httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-brava...-problems.html I posted it in wrong place the question -- please click link to view the question.... Thanks in advance. G

FIAT BRAVA 182 Problems after injector replacement

Hi I replaced all injectors on my -99 Bravo 1.6 yesterday. 2 of them were dead an one was halfdead.. However after fitting the new ones i started up the car and the eninge immediately revs to 4000 - 4500 rpm on idle. Then it keeps reving slowly until I turn the ignition off. I tried to reset the ECU after this but it did no difference I only disconnected the battery for 5 mins maybe it was to short

Could it be something to do with mix and matching injectors Has your injectorengine management light come on

Thanks for your reply I thought it was strange that they had 3 different colors but after reading several threads here it seemed like it wouldnt matter if it had 2 or 4 holes. Is my symptom really likely if the mix of injectors is the cause Before i replaced the injectors the injector light came on. Now Ive only run the engine for approximately 5 - 10 seconds since it just keeps reving. During that time the engine runs really smooth and the injector light does not come on.

This was something I suspected too at first. I removed 2 of them by myself. They were IWP064 and the fuel rail looked exactly like mine. The other 2 came from another car which I didnt remove by myself. I got 4 from that car but 1 of them were defective. The fuel rail from that car looks different it has 2 fuel lines whereas my only has 1. But I still got the defective injector from that car and its

Originally Posted by Aloha But the fact that they had 3 different colors makes me suspicious. The 2 blue ones came from the different fuel rail. Does the 1.8 have blue injectors does seem a bit odd. im afraid i have no idea what colour the 1.8 injectors are. i think it may be best to get a full set of injectors from a 1.6 and go from there could end up chasing your tail and find its actually the ICV is stuck but if the problem wasnt there before we have to assume its the injectors. Ry

FIAT BRAVA 182 injector earthing problems

i have just recently fitted a new engine in my bravo hgt and have done everthing by the book the problem im now getting is that im not getting an earth to the injectors. any one got any ideas please.

Originally Posted by mark clayton i have just recently fitted a new engine in my bravo hgt and have done everthing by the book the problem im now getting is that im not getting an earth to the injectors. any one got any ideas please. you shouldnt be looking for an earth at the injectors the earth is switched by the ECU so you are never going to see it. there should be a constant 12V at the injectors

Originally Posted by mark clayton thank you for your reply. the problem is im not getting any fuel through the injectors i do have a spark and everything else is as it should be. is my problem the ecu its self is the fuel pump priming is the constant 12V at the injectors when the ignition is on if you have a spark it sounds as if you arnt getting fuel through or you have no compression have you checked compression i would very much doubt the ECU is at fault as you have said its sparking. Ry

thank you for the reply again. right here gos im gettin fuel up to the fuel rail so i would asume that the fuel pump is primed as there is pressure in the fuel rail. and i have a constant live feed to the injectors just am not getting any fuel pushed through. being a total novice as have never done this before im not sure about how i would check the compression. your help on this would be a real great help

FIAT BRAVA 182 injector earthing problems

i have just recentley fitted a new engine and have done everything by the book the problem im now getting is that im not gettin an earth to the injectors. anyone got any ideas please.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injector light Read Here

Hi so previously I was having problems and decided to register here for help however due to email trouble i couldnt complete registration. Anyways I now have fixed on my car what seems to be a fault that is plaguing these forums for so many people and I thought I would shed some light on the situation... So I bought this brava 1600 16V Automatic V Registered (992000) and got it cheap on the knowing

FIAT BRAVA 182 Coil Injectors what else

Hi all I bought fiat brava 1.6 16V y.2001 last week and was very happy. Well my happiness lasted three days utill I had a business trip to the nearest city on friday. problems started with erratic engine power. As it was running on gas not petrol I went to a gas station and filled the tank with petrol with intention to try to drive it on petrol but I could not start the engine. After towing car to

used for a long time they failed because you have a 1.6 model and this is a very common fault. I already did and I found out a lot of info but I miss some info about what is expected life of injectors regards timekm is there a solution to postpone failure or something else I can do to make it at least less often. Originally Posted by jug 100euros is very cheap compared to the prices you pay at a fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injector light and earthing problem

HiMy brava had problems with the injector light coming on occassionally(once a month).I used some injector cleaners...but of no temperature guage is is above the cool level on run...but when i go slow it begins to reach half way.....No problems with starting troubles.i think it all started after i broke down on motorway as the injctor fuse was blown off.i

FIAT BRAVA 182 Yet Another 1.6 16v Injector Problem

Hi guys thought Id run this little problem Im having by you as its driving me nuts Ive got a w reg brava 1.6 16v Trofeo with 60k on the clock during xmas I developed a very intermittant misfire and was experiencing the famous injector light issue... Initially it would ru fine on all four cylinders for around 3 days and then on the fourth either from cold or whilst running it would drop to three cylinders

FIAT BRAVA 182 injector warning light

I have a fiat brava 80 sx petrol(2000 plate).i have been reading the related forums and there seems to be some confusion on this red hair dryer like symbol.(depending on year and model).is it an injector warning or an engine management warning light.unfortunately i didnt get the owners handbook when i bought the car.i have tried to look for the other orange square engine management symbol but can not

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fuel injector light HELP

I have just purchased a fiat brava sx 1.2. But so far Ive had nothing but problems After Ive driven approx 15miles the fuel injector light comes on. The car then seems to lose a bit of power. Before the light comes on the car drives very smoothly. The other morning driving home the light came on again followed by the battery light and the oil light and the steering went really heavy. I waited at the

FIAT BRAVA 182 idle problems please help

hi guys. ive had a little problem with my fiat brava 1.6 100 sx auto brava 2000. the other day my wife phoned me saying the car kept cutting out and had to leave it on a car park. when i went to look at it it started fine and run great but as soon as it got warm it wouldnt tick over. revs were so low it just cut out so the next day i tryed again from cold it run ok but as the engine got warm the revs

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Exhaust Flexy and Injector Light

Hello all this is my first post I have a P Reg (96) fiat Bravo 1.6SX 16v. Baught it 2 months ago and have already had the Clutch Slave Cylinder changed.... now my exhaust is getting really loud I thought it was a hole somewhere in the pipe but there isnt. I had a mechanic look at it and hes confident its the Flexy can anyone tell me if this is an easy job to do yourself or how much its going to roughly

Hi Mate Flexy isnt that bit a job if you can get your car on a ramp or something to get room to do it.. As for the injector Light have a look at this post it may give you some ideas httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-brava47990-amazin-link-injector-immob-problems.html

FIAT BRAVA 182 Would love somebody who can solve the problems with my brava

I have two hot issues One problem Ive had it for 4 years now and nobody can solve it for me so I would love your help before I have to buy a new ECU like Ive been advised. Each morning I drive off with my brava with no probs but if I stop and drive off after an hour (and generally this does not happen after 3 hours) the injector lights come on and only 2 injectors work. The injectors are ok and I feel

not sparking are due to coil failure - they generally work in pairs. Dont know about injectors though... About the oil light you say if you brake and stop it comes on - do you mean if you stop and the engine idles then it comes on And if you just rev the engine without driving off does it go out If so then it could be a worn bottom end of the engine or a faulty oil pump. Or the switch. So the brava

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine Revs Itself And Injector Light Is On

Having bought a Bravo 1.4 S with a siezed engine i swapped it over with an engine out of a brava 1.4 SX. Everything has been great apart from two problems. The fuel injector light on the dash board has been permantly on and occasionally when the engine is idling the engine will rev itself. I was wondering if it is a problem with the engine or is it the way i have connected something. Dont really want

FIAT BRAVA 182 Part number - Fuel injector 1.4 12V

Hi would anyone know the part number of the Bosch fuel injector unit for the brava 1.4 12 valve This is just the injector unit not the whole throttle body assembly. Im having big problems trying to find one. I believe the answer to my Not-Starting-When-Hot problems may well be down to the injector. Does anyone know where I might be able to download a parts list

FIAT BRAVA 182 1.4 12v bravo injector light

hi guys....ive had my 99 bravo 1.4 12v for 8months and only recently has it started to give me bother.first the clutch went on it and i had to replace the slave cylinder too.the injector light would always have come on from time to time but now its on alot more...i was waiting at a juntion the other day and the car died and wouldnt start again until i left it for 20mins.the light wouldnt go off either.wen

Not really a common problem. Just sht happens sometimes and an error light appears. In regards to fiat-Bravo still insisting its a injector Light for just the injectors then sorry to say its not. You did read my link. As i stated earlier an engine management light was not introduced till a lot later on the Bravo so why would fiat call it an engine management light in the workshop manual which was publisher

Originally Posted by JoskeJTD Not really a common problem. Just sht happens sometimes and an error light appears. In regards to fiat-Bravo still insisting its a injector Light for just the injectors then sorry to say its not. You did read my link. As i stated earlier an engine management light was not introduced till a lot later on the Bravo so why would fiat call it an engine management light in the

FIAT BRAVA 182 New injectors

Afternoon all I posted a couple of weeks ago (fuel injector - suprise) when I started getting a warning light for the fuel injectors on the dash. Having looked at the solutions that were posted and feeling better about not getting ripped off at the garage I eventually had to take the car in to get the emu read The problem was an error on 2 injector - but the problem went away when the nice man reset

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injector Warning Light Temp Gauge Probs

Hi Everyone Im a newbee. Just joined. Just got this second hand brava 1.4SX last week. Its a nice car and drives fine. However I hit a couple of problems. It might all be my own fault (being a total amateur on cars). Ive read through most of the threads about injector Warning Light and Temp Gauge (on dash) issues but the symptoms are slightly different to mine. 1) injector Warning Lights Coming On

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 1.6 16v Injector probs

Hello all injector probs again (). Have 2000 (W) Bravo 1.6 16v which is causing me problems that are currently doing my head in....... Ive read all previous posts regarding injector probs which have given me some ideas of what might be wrong with my motor but some of the issues with my particular car appear unusual. Im completely thick when it comes to anything technical so am relying on a recommended

FIAT BRAVA 182 injector problem - suprise

Glad to have found you guys just spent three hours reading your boards and feel well in the know however not sure any of the threads have quite given me the answer I am looking for... Am driving 1997 brava 1.6 ELX Wednesday night took the car out and about 12 mile down the road the injector light pops up there is a general lack of power but engine continues to run and when I turn round and get it home

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injectors repaired

Ive solved the problem I mean finally got a hand to some cash went to mechanic and he just cleaned the injectors and now my car drives like crazy Now I know how my brava drives because when I bought it th injectors were broken and now fixed Also changed the fuel filter and now Im on the ninth cloud Just to see in close future what is with my front left wheel and nothing else to fix I think that it

FIAT BRAVA 182 1.6 1999 bravo problems

hi all iv had my bravo for a week now and a few days ago the injector light came on and has stayed on since the car still drives but very poorly its hasd no power and struggles to get up hills even with foot to the floor wen slowing down or when stopped the revs will get very low and sometimes the engine will stop completely i pulled out the spark plug leads and noticed the end one was broken and wen

Originally Posted by juniorford hi iv got a new coil pack which took me from 2 working cylinder to 3 i then change all plugs and swapped to leads which were broken but still number 3 cylinder isnt working im going to get a compression test done on that cylinder 2moro if thats ok then im going to look at then injector jus wanted to know if the brava 1.6 16v injector is the same for the bravo and will

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