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fiat brava interior lighting 182
fiat brava interior lighting 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 speedo and interior lighting

after trying to fit a new bulb for my interior light the speedo fuel gauge and mileometer are not working please can somebody help me fix this

Checked the fuses Cheers SPD

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava Interior Dome Light Bulbs

Thinking about getting some blue LED bulbs for the dome light just wondering does anyone know the size 39mm or 41-44mm Thanks 1996 fiat brava 1.4 SX De-badged Go faster stripes Churchill Nodding Dog.... Oh Yesss

Try I got my interior and indicator LEDs from there good quality too. I got 2x 39mm Bright Blue Dome Light (9 Leds) Superior Version. Little long for the connections but mine are lodged in so they work. If your wanting certain LEDs such like the dome lighting then I suggest the 31-36 mm LEDs but to be sure Id measure them first before you pay 1996 fiat brava 1.4 SX Debadged Evo Spoiler

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Interior respray

hello im a new here. My name is chris 19 and have a bravo 100 Sx. im planning on re-spraying all the plastic parts in the bravo a nice gloss black inc centre console plastic bit surround the speedometer door handles and the electric window button surround. is there any paint to recommend as i dont want to get any cheap spray paint. cheers chris.

Originally Posted by Bravo16VSpoonz no its more of a purple shade. i dont see many bravos with that colour around more of the lighter blue. in fact ill upload a picture. looks like sassy grey(823) but not sure because of the lighting

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava loom problem

Hello I have a brava 1998 1.4 and I thought the alternator had gone but a friend looked at it and says there is a problem with the loom and it is draining the battery also possibly connectedis that the fuse which works the heater and lighter keeps blowing. Can any one help and can I do this job myself Thank you in advance

the drain is from a short on the heaterlighter circuit. i believe the stereo is also on that circuit and the interior lighting. disconnect each thing in that circuit one at a time then refit the fuse. the thing you have disconnected when the fuse doesnt blow is the faulty part you need to replace. if disocnnecting everything in the circuit still makes the fuse blow then you have a wiring short on the

FIAT BRAVA 182 1997 Bravo Turbo Disel Head Gasket

Hello everyone might be getting a hold of 1997 Bravo Diesel however this car may need head gasket. Now I have replaced them before but not on a Euro car spec Im from states and drive american cars however anything in particluar that I can trouble shoot before determining its head gasket Now I also dont know if that is the problem actually looking at car later today I think so I can put more info up

Also was thinking where I could get custom seats maybe and or lighting supplies like new taillights perhaps You know your basic interior and exterior dress up do you know of a air breather as well maybe or all this still come from junk yards and dealer

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