fiat brava lambda probe exhaust sensor

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fiat brava lambda probe exhaust sensor 182
fiat brava lambda probe exhaust sensor 182

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it was just switching the lambda probe. I think it should switch around 1-2 times a second if the ECU is doing its thing to keep the catalyst functioning correctly . Not that I could verify this as I did not have a good signal reference. On my car I had already had 2 catalysts the cam timing checked new lambda probe new down tube recon injectors injector cleaner a tank full of Optimax plus the fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Just thought Id let you know........

I was driving back from Wembley to Bracknell the other day wife and nipper with me when the exhaust started making a racket. Sounded like I had a V8 with a big bore exhaust I thought the worst so limped home with the intention of paying big bucks to the guys at Kwik-Fit the next day. I called into Kwik-Fit who put the car on the ramp and saw that a blanking plate just in front of the catalytic convertor

Panic not lots of cars have a separate threaded hole in the exhaust before the cat so fiat could bung a probe in for diagnostics. Chances are the lambda sensor is still plugged in and working especially if the cars running ok and getting sensible mpg.

Well fiat at Slough put the car on the ramp this morning and Im glad to say that the lambda sensor is fitted and working well. The lambda probe exhaust entry point is WELL up the down pipe right next to the block.The miscreant hole in question WAS indeed the inspectionprobe hole 3 inches in fron tof the catalytic convertor and they tell me there is no need to de-weld the hole. If it holds all will be well. Really pleased as wasnt looking forward to costly repairs

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FIAT BRAVA 182 New owner

Hi been browsing these forums for a while now for information and feel like a bit of a stalker so I thought Id register and post Ive got a Bravo 1.2 16V on a 51 plate with 63K on it Issues were Horn didnt work Needed 2 new tyres Rear side light was out exhaust was snapped clean in half from the front pipe Worn wishbones Lots of scratches and scrapes inside is ok needs a good clean and a bit of TLC

Originally Posted by Bravo80SX It could be the sensor in the MOT the result was something like 1.001 and the max for the test was 1.030 whereas with the other emissions test the results were no where near the maximum When I first saw the car with the exhaust snapped the light was on all the time once it was welded the light went off and now that its blowing like mad its come back on so yeah weird stuff.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Emissions problem.

Hi everyone fiat Bravo 1.6SX 16v (S reg) Just an update on my problem I posted earlier this month. The car is still overfulling on tick over. Failed its MOT again on emissions. Fast idle good and passed at 0.23% Natural Idle CO failed at 10%. What have I done so far. 1) New coolant temp sensor. 2) New lambda probe. 3) another throttle body. 4) another air sensor in manifold . 5) New spark plugs No

FIAT BRAVA 182 1997 1.6 auto brava help

hi i need help asap i just got a 1997 1.6 sx auto brava once i got it home around 17 miles when i went back out for a drive i found a warning light i cant remeber if it was all ready on or not when i 1st saw the car but once i paid for the car im left with nealy no cash from the reading iv done its a injection system malfunction light iv done some more reading and been told i can reset the

Did he try another lead in this coil in other words say it is No1 not working did he take off No2 lead plug No 2 lead into No1 coil plug and try for a spark to make sure it was not just No1 lead having a break in it I think someone else said the same thing on this thread it is not very often these coils lose one cylinder they seem to lose 2 i.e 1 and 3 or 2 and 4 I think that is how the bank works

FIAT BRAVA 182 Still low Oil pressure after engine renewal

Hi All I have a 99 1.6 fiat brava with 170k Kms. The problems started after I bought the car and did an oil change. After cruisin in the city the oil pressure light starting to flicker on idle. The following things was replaced - oil pressure switch nothing changed - oil pump (the old one was worned) nothing changed - checked the main bearings it has signs of wear and scratches so renewed the crankshaft(step

The timing belt is new and the tensioner too(i bought a cambelt kit). I checked the new belt and its the same size as the old one(size and number of teeth are same).Tried to fit back the old belt just for checking and the result was the same S My friend will bring a dial gauge at the end of the week to make sure about TDC so will see. When the oil light flickers the idle is about 800-850 so i rule

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