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fiat brava muffler 182
fiat brava muffler 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Muffler

I have sport exhaust Remus on bravo hgt and i want to cut the muffler but what will be the effect without muffler. The car will go faster or what

removing the muffler will have no real effect on performance it is only there to control noise the engines back pressure is dictated by the manifold front pipe and cat. lowering back pressure on a naturally aspirated engine is often bad for performance but a sports cat could be worth trying.

Originally Posted by no name I have sport exhaust Remus on bravo hgt and i want to cut the muffler but what will be the effect without muffler. The car will go faster or what You will be pulled more by the police and your neighbours will start letting their dogs onto your lawn to releive themselves. Its just going to be noisier.

My car make too much noise anyway i dont have a cat. I have a muffler and sport exhaust. I cut the catalysator i now the car is faster than before.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Exhaust Queries 1.8 16v

Does anyone know what the extra box in the middle of the exhaust system is for on the 1.8 18v engines My Marea has 8 reciepts for new exhausts systems 5 of those are because of damage to the middle box again this middle box has a great big hole and would tink would be better to remove this box thoughts thanks cfreitas

I dont know why there is a middle box on some fiats . Our Barchetta had one which was removed when we had a stainless steel exhaust fitted. If you look underneath most later fiats (2010 onwards and certainly 201112 models) you will find most have no middle box. Just a close coupled CAT and a long straight tube to the main rear box. I suspect that muffler design has improved over the years and due to

Update Removed the middle box which is a muffler somehow its quieter on cruise and Barks when you boot it

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Back pressure

Hi i have bravo 1.6 96 (still) my car has only back box with NO CAT no mid. that isnt running as nice as it could as i have noticed that having wrong size pipe running out might ruin the performance it has small past lambda leaks... nothing big.... would fitting correct pipe would help or shuld i place catmid box for it... i like sound of it.. leaking isnt as nice but cant hear so bad...

I see no-one understands the principle of back pressure. I can explain it simply as a high NEGATIVE pressure on the back of the exhaust valves. What this does is create a suction effect so that as the exhaust valve is opened air is drawn through from the higher pressure cylinder to the lower pressure exhaust. The key to achieving this is to increase exhaust velocity. On a naturally aspirated engine

FIAT BRAVA 182 Cam belt

Hey can anyone tell me easy way to check if my cars cambelt is correctly it annoys me not to know ofc i shuld change it but since its so cheap car and it has kinda alot of annoying things (probably tnx to previous owner) i would not buy anything on it . Step by Step instruktions with pictures would really be nice . worried coz dont know why but it really dont go as it shuldcould. Barely could pull

lol your spot on with that one jug I think it may be an induction muffler. As mine is on the bottom in a similar place to where the 1.2s filler cap is and as mine doesnt have a recess for a filler cap theyve put it on the bottom. And span it to the back of the 1.2s becasue the filler cap is in the way

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo water disappearing

hi i have a bravo 1999 1.2 80 and i have a leak somewhere that i cant find ive had a mechanic look round it he says the head gasket is fine the water pump is fine and all the pipes and heater matrix is fine is there anywhere else to check it goes from max to min in about a week. it never overheats the fan kicks in fine and the heater works fine im baffled. any ideas would be appreciated thanks

u could look oil... if u see anything off with that... u can make sure its hc... theres alot of threads about the signs well basically theres 2 ways for water to dissapear 1 internally - it gets to burning chamber and goes out from muffler 2 external - leaks out somewhere (for some time it could leak to some other place but not forever)

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo exhaust

Hi i am new to the site im after a performance exhaust for my fiat brava 9798 but cant seem to be able to find one anywhere any ideas anyone Sam

build your own exaust may i suggest a random tech high flow cat and a flowmaster 40 series muffler. and bout 2 to maybe 2 12 SS pipeing.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Twin exhaust

Does any1 have something like this fella How would you do it - split before or behind the last muffler Or... fake it Like a guy I know on his Laguna.

FIAT BRAVA 182 cat back systems....

well.. to start of i have a 1.6 sx (p plate) and would like to add a system to it.. i have been browsing the various systems available and am wondering what peoples favorites are. and what they thought of them so if you have a cat back system backbox i would loke to hear where you got it and what you think about it so i dont go and buy a crap one. thankyou. Joe. (ps if anyone has one in the shed i may be interested in buying it )

on most cars a cat back system usually cant affect performance at all however the bravoa range seem to get some of the exhaust back pressure post cat (from the cat back part of exhaust). this means you can both increase and decrease the overall back pressure to a certain extent by fitting different cat back systems. adjusting the overall back pressure can have an effect on performance. how does back

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