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fiat brava oil cooler 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo td 75 s oil cooler

Hi all My Dads 1998 Bravo td75s has a damaged pipe leading to the oil cooler. He has been advised that this means replacing the oil cooler too as removing the pipe damages it. Is this the case or is there some other way to do this It has also been suggested there is a way to bypass the oil cooler altogether... has anyone done this and how (what part is needed to do this) Thanks in advance for your help...

which is damaged the pipe between the engine and the cooler or the pipe from the cooler the pipes are removable just undo the small allen bolt at the flanges and pull the pipe away from the flange. replace the o rings if they get damaged while removing.

Turns out the oil cooler itself is also rusted which is why removing the pipe will damage it. Does anyone know what part is needed to completely remove the oil cooler

There is a bracket type thing behind where the oil filter goes remobe the oil filter and the remove the square box brackt thing and just replace the oil filter again minus the oil cooler.

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo oil cooler

need some serious help. thought my problem of lump oily water in the header tank was down to the head gasket but have had a surggetion of the oil cooler as the car is running fine and i have done around 800 miles since first noticed the problem i not sure it is the head sio this is where i need the help so any advice please send it my way iAIN

If you have oil in the coolant then yes its probably a head gasket issue. The oil cooler is just infront of the front right wheel and tends to just lose oil if it does defective. Well not lost just spread all over the right hand wheel.

Most likely the head gasket. I had the same problem with my rover 200. Other signs to watch out for are mayo under the oil filler cap and white smoke from the exhaust where water is combusted with the fuel. You may also notice a loss in oil pressure. Best to get it checked out and fixed before it does actually go. I got around 4000 miles out of my rover before it actually died. But it tends to happen

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FIAT BRAVA 182 oil pressure gauge adapter

hi i have a fiat bravo 1.2 16v and where the oil filter is there is two hex blots where a oil cooler can be fitted what therd size do i need to fit a oil pressure gauge to that what adapter size is it cheers kev

FIAT MAREA 185 Marea Diesel Oil Cooler Pipes

I Have For Sale A Pair Of Marea Bravo brava Td100 Brand New oil cooler Pipes Fraction Of The Million Pounds The Dealer Charged Me . Let Me Know If Any Interest .

Originally Posted by FORZA2000 I Have For Sale A Pair Of Marea Bravo brava Td100 Brand New oil cooler Pipes Fraction Of The Million Pounds The Dealer Charged Me . Let Me Know If Any Interest . Are these the same as the ones fitted to the 125td Marea

FIAT BRAVA 182 Still low Oil pressure after engine renewal

Hi All I have a 99 1.6 fiat brava with 170k Kms. The problems started after I bought the car and did an oil change. After cruisin in the city the oil pressure light starting to flicker on idle. The following things was replaced - oil pressure switch nothing changed - oil pump (the old one was worned) nothing changed - checked the main bearings it has signs of wear and scratches so renewed the crankshaft(step

oil pump is ok and there is oil pressure.(I already started to think about thicker oil too ) For me it looks like the engine is warmer than it should be because usually there wasnt so hot under the bonnet than now. I cant even touch the plastic top of the engine. Today had a new problem. I said earlier that the water is warming quickly (from cold start it takes maximum 1-2km or 6-8min) to the normal

FIAT BRAVA 182 Oil Pressure

Hi just got a 2001 1.6HLX Bravo I have noticed that the oil light comes on when the car idles when it has warmed up. The car has not really been used much in the last 6 months and has only done 45k. Do you think it just needs a good flush and oil change with some descent oil. When the car keeps moving and I presume cooler the problem does not occur. eg it happened when driving to work yesterday during rush hour but not in the afternoon when the traffic was a lot lighter. Thanks

FIAT BRAVA 182 Newbie HGT brava help

morning all i have just brought a new daily driver whist the toy goes in for more work . but............. it seems i have a issue lol. car i have brought is a fiat bravo 1.4 i think with a 2.0 20v conversion dont tell no one ... but it has a syncro crunch on the way to 3rd every time you try and engage it it crunches but goes in freely. syncro in g.b most certain. im wondering the cheepest option to

Originally Posted by skipp123 lol ing exhaust fell off today on my drive quick fit rekon it will need a new full exhaust as it leaks at every joint can some one tell me weather a fiat bravo hgt full exhaust will fit my brava 5 door if not where can i get one from or how can i adapt it If you have a 20v engine then surely part of your exhaust will already be 20v the only difference between Bravo-brava

FIAT BRAVA 182 1996 Fiat Bravo 1.8 HLX - Ink Black

Thought I should finally post a few pictures of my new car. My goal is to keep it very tidy and well maintained. Keep the looks standard while improving the small details. And uprate m echanical parts as I go. Specification -1.8 16v 113BHP Mk1 -Metalic Ink Black 820 -HLX. Fog Lights Heated Seats Heated Mirrors Electric Sunroof Electric Windows Electric Mirrors Remote Central Locking Alloy Wheels Immobiliser

FIAT BRAVA 182 My bessie the brava

Hi people this is my current fiat my brava 105 JTD 1999 Vplate 81.000 miles I have had her since January Just had belt&tensiner done couple of hundred miles ago oil change and filter&brake fluid changed Full MOMO leather New drilled&grooved disks Mintex extreme pads New Back drums and shoesdrums clear poly resin treated Ram air enclosed IDNK with new Bosch AFM Gas KYB shockers all roundEibach 30mm

FIAT BRAVA 182 Supercharged Brava project

OK for those who dont know I have bought some of the parts from Dave the Trikes supercharger kit that he had running on his 1.2 16v Punto. I have read his threads and will be pinching some of his ideas (eternal thanks to Dave he put blood sweat and tears into that thing so I totally appreciate how easy I have it to be able to follow on from his work ) to get this up and running on my brava which has

ECU - I am really interested in tinkering with this myself and have done a lot of reading about it. I cant afford and would be bored with the expensive ready-set-up route so am considering Megasquirt (harder longer more interesting) or Greddy piggyback (still self-tune but less wiring-up required less probability of making a mess but is it less flexible). Im a massive MS convert now I built my own

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava plans

Im going to change the usual things marea centre console door handles headlights. Was wondering if the Elliptical lights are in all models or just the top spec ones Are there any other bits worth looking for while Im trawling the breakers Do any of the higher spec or other models have thicker anti roll bars that are swappable What about brakes any models I should look for to get bigger brakes from

If you get bored of it send it my way The engine in TD tipo is still fine. Sounds like a tractor but is getting better all the time. For some reason diesels get better with age. Not sure if this is the same for JTD s. Shame the car is falling apart slowly around the engine. Need to cure its oil cooler leak before taking it back to Mr Clutch and telling them its not leaving until its gear change is smooth BTW.. could you have a look at your TD and tell me if it has a oil cooler If it does then I might be able to get one from a scrap yard instead of the 170 quid job from fiat .

Yes it does have a oil cooler I was having a look under it yesterday seeing whats what like you do. Its on the drivers side next to the rad the mirror image of the intercooler on the other side.

hell cat you wont need an oil cooler you have an oil to water heat exhanger. td100 does have an ecu but you are right the mechanical pump is the main control of the fuel the ecu I believe is only there to make my life misserable with code and injector errors its no common rail thats for sure. All I know is theat it had to be reprogrammed as it would run fine for miles and it did on the new engine all

They should swap they are larger and clearance between your wheels and discs should be checked - side clearance obviously since you have 17 wheels I think you only need the calipers pads discs and caliper holder - if that doesnt line up with the holes then you will also need the hub carrier and heat shield. Im guessing you are breaking the Marea HLX Not swapping parts between Yeah 7 months.. Never did steal your oil cooler

FIAT BRAVA 182 turbo kit for fiat bravo HGT

Hey people im trying to find a turbo conversion or a turbo kit for my fiat bravo HGT but had no luck. any ideas where i can get this done. Also would the fiat coupe 20v turbo engine fit in my bravo. you responses would be a blessing. thanks. Please get back as i wont to get this done ASAP

Thanks for the quick response the only thing that worries me is that the oil cooler may not fit and also will the gearbox. Will this fit in properly

dont know but i wouldnt think the gearbox etc would be a great problem. more than likely has the samesimilar mountings. as for the oil cooler not fittingif thats the case its no big problem to jig a different mount or a new oil cooler perhaps smaller or longer depending on the space you have

coupe running fits directly onto the bravothe enginegearboxsubframebrakeshubssuspensionste ering rackoil all fits.the holes are there for mounting of oil coolerjust use original coupe bracketbest bet is buy a side or rear write off coupe.and take the entire running geardashclocks and loom. ive done it to my bravabut had to make my own wiring loomclock loom and dashboardgive me a shout if u need a hand

FIAT DUCATO Oil in the old coolant

I bought a 97 Ducato 14 a few weeks ago and it is leaking allot of coolant which is dripping from the body below the RHS of the radiator and a little above the oil filter. There is also a load of oil in the coolant reservoir the oil cap and dipstick dont show any signs of coolant. Been asking around and keep hearing head gasket followed by some scary quotes of up to 7oo quid shudders but thought it best to ask here. Could it be something else causing the problem Thanks Balaram

Thanks for the info... will check out the alpha forum- what does JDT stand for then I talked to a big fiat dealer in Edinburgh and they also said that head gaskets rarely go on Ducatos but still they thought that it probably would be the head gasket which is a bit ironic I thought. bravaRulez is it common to leave loads of coolant lying on the deck when the gasget goes My van never overheated to my

FIAT BRAVA 182 20vt in A bravo hgt

Bought a smaahed coupe wanna put the turbo lump in ma bravo. any one done it got a complete coupe. so all the bits any pics or tip would be appreciated

Before you put the engine in put a new cambelt tensioner and camshaft variator on it as if you had to change these in the future its a engine out job to do- officially anyway. See if you can get the coupe brakes on the bravo as well- 155bhp to 220 bhp youll need more stopping power. Main problems i imagine would be placingpositioning the turbo hoses and intercooler oil cooler in the bravo Engine ecu

Yeah got the complete car all it needs is an oil cooler for the engine to run the car was a stolen recovered and needs a light unit bonnet and wing to make it good. I am planning on taking the engine box shafts hubs and brakes and any other ancilleries i require. the ECU s are controled bythe immobiliser ECU which is a different unit. Thanks for the info Chris

If you need an oil cooler I should have one available soon. Full working order. H

My next door neighbour might be having a go at it tomorrow. On the coop the oil cooler pipes are steel (hence they rust) and the cooler is aluminium. They corrode together and are very difficult to separate. Separation involves lots of heat and large blowtorches Generally either it works or you melt the aluminium oil cooler. Id imagine it could be interesting as theres residual oil in the cooler too.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava running problem

Hi everyone could anybody help solve the problem with my girlfriends brava Its a 2001 1.2 80 Sx with the 188A5.000 engine. When driving along then braking as the revs drop the engine cuts out the engine management light comes on. It stays on after re-starting but goes off sometimes then it all starts again. I did notice that the amber fuel light came on when it cut although the sender is still showing

FIAT BRAVA 182 Problem with engine coolant What is paraflu Please help

Hi earlier on today i noticed that my engine was running a little too hot so i re-filled the engine coolant with de-ionised water. When i was driving i noticed that my exhaust was ratling when i accelerated and changing into 2nd gear was also a bit rattly and problematic. I managed to make it home with the car and i noticed that there was a trail of water (i think 90% sure) running behind the car.

was happening with mine. I filled it up and pinched the pipes that the water flows through to remove air and suck in water from the resevoir this seems to have fixed the problem and the engine is running cooler than ever and fine. seems like it was just an air-lock Many thanks DONT BE TOO HASTY HERE MATEY Ive just gone through exactly the same thing with my X plate bravo 1.6 sx. 11 months after fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Coupe turbo engine in Bravo

Just read on either ebay or autotrader of a bravo with a 220hp turbo coupe motor in it. is that a bolt in job or a cut and weld the chassis job is there any other larger motors within easy reach of the Bravo Did fiat give the Bravo Leather seats Many thanks - John

let me help you out the coupe bravo brava 155 tempra 145 146 delta hpe are all based on the same car the tipo. The engine bays are all the same size a 1.4 bravo had the same amount of space in it as a 20vt coupe. the wish bones are not all the same length but the the subframes are. You can fit any engine from any other tipo based car into any other one ideally you need a whole donor car. Some things

FIAT BRAVA 182 1.8 hlx tuning - no noob

Hi everyone. after being in a non-fault bump in my modified seicento ive bought a 1.8 hlx mk1 bravo... im still into tuning cars and i know everyone is going to shout go get a hgt. well simple thing is i dont want one lol the 5 pot is a amazing sounding engine but pain to service and work on imo.. although ive been proven wrong before. is there much i can do. alot seems to be pointing to no but ive been told that before also. any help apreciated

Personally I dont want to do any engine modifications. You can fit Brembo four pot callipers from the coupe search the section for info. Have a look at the BHP figures for the Coupe Punto HGT and Brachetta 1.8s Its the same engine with minor changes their BHP figures are a little higher. You could fit one of those engines. __________________ Parts Wanted. I will consider any new original fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 engine transplant

hi all i want to put a coupe 2.0 20v turbo engine in my 1997 bravo hgt 155 but id like to hear some advise on what i can do to make my life tht bit easier. any info welcome plz holla back coz im ready to buy the engine any week now and i dont kno what to do .... when my transplant is done il be going to santa pod to see what i can beat in a race .

Originally Posted by johnnieHGT hi all i want to put a coupe 2.0 20v turbo engine in my 1997 bravo hgt 155 but id like to hear some advise on what i can do to make my life tht bit easier. any info welcome plz holla back coz im ready to buy the engine any week now and i dont kno what to do .... when my transplant is done il be going to santa pod to see what i can beat in a race . The coupe and bravo are the same car underneath so expect very similar quarter mile times to a coupe 20VT. You are going to need a lot more than just an engine as gearbox driveshafts roll bars suspension hubs breaks exhausts fuel pump ecu oil cooler intercooler etc. Are all different uprated. Best bet is to buy a running coupe and strip it this way you can compression test engine etc and check for turbo wear. plus get all the required parts. (bulldog) might be the be the best person to speak to as he has done the conversion on a marea which is the same as the Bravocoupe here is the thread detailing all the work. httpwww.fiatforum.commarea15374...ld-thread.html hope this helps

FIAT BRAVA 182 Turbo pipe sucking flat - Lots of noise - No power

Hi all Yesterday the power on my Bravo 100 TD SX dropped dramatically and the engine makes a really deep noise where the whistle of the turbo once used to kick in. Ive just had a look at lunch and the thick rubber pipe (excuse my total lack of technical knowledge) coming from the turbo to the engine is sucking flat above 1800 rpm. This corresponds to the loud noise (Im assuming the engine is suffocating).

think you may have also had a post on the bravo guide but anyway.. that part you are referring to is the wastegate actuator and is fed by a small pipe from the compressor side of the turbo which opens the wastegate when the boost pressure gets near 1 bar. so if this is not opening youll have too much boost but not a lack of power. On the other hand if its stuck open the wastegate will constantly be

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Hgt

Hi... I am new here. I buy Bravo HGT before 2 days so i need some advice about running this car. Is this good engine The car have 153 000km. Is that too much for this engine What oil is good for this engine Cheers

only use 15w50 if you live in a very hot country by very hot i mean desert regions. it is thicker than the recommended oil so using it in cooler countries will put extra strain on the oil pump and it will take longer to get oil flowing round the head on a cold start the recommeneded grade of oil is recommended for several reasons.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Knock Sensor

Hi. May sound a silly question but Im looking into fitting a 16v head on the Cinq (1242). Eventual plans involve turbocharging with an element of boost control. This boost control will need a knock sensor so to simplify my choices of head does anyone know if any of the MPi 1242cc 16v Bravoas had knock sensors on the Engine Management side of things Cheers

Originally Posted by paw just over ride the sensor and u will have no problems cause u dont need it do.. theyre helpful when trying to get the boost right - and avoid pinking Originally Posted by paw just stick a push button or a flick switch on ur dash to operate the turbo eh Originally Posted by dave i was told my punto had a knock sensor It does on the back of the block i think Jug.. youre

FIAT BRAVA 182 HELP Bravo steering problem

Hello everyone. This morning I started my bravo to go to work (standard 01 1.6 model with 146k km) but I heard a terrible loud sound ONLY when I turn the wheel. It seems that when the steering wheel is turning the pump controlling the wheels is having a really hard time. The wheels turn normally despite the loud sound (meaning that the streering wheel didnt get heavier or anything). What do you people

Originally Posted by blashyrkh Ok it seems that I found the problem. The pipe in front of the radiator which I though was for cooling the transmition fluid has a small hole on it leaking a purple-ish oil. The small container with the hydraulic oil for the strearing wheel is completely dry so I guess that pipe was for cooling the steering wheel oil. Ill take it to the shop for a quick fix. (it seems

FIAT BRAVA 182 Dastek Info

right ive jussy pasted this from boo cos i cant be bothered to list it again so any help is appriciated right got the deposit back from the ecu company and wanted to know how mappable if at all a DASTEK would be on my hgt 147cant really say what the spec is at the minute but defonately need to know weather fueling ignition and air can be conteroled aswell as rev limimter set in each gear at max power

Are you talking Unichip I think you will be asking too much of it its not that advanced. Whats a CRY02 sounds like a device for turbo cars. Why do want a lower thermostat temo I assume this is not a race car Leave the oil pump as it is yes wou could run an oil cooler with it. Do actually know what you want to do with the car an aim Do you have a budget Rich

Originally Posted by sediciRich Are you talking Unichip I think you will be asking too much of it its not that advanced. Whats a CRY02 sounds like a device for turbo cars. Why do want a lower thermostat temo I assume this is not a race car Leave the oil pump as it is yes wou could run an oil cooler with it. Do actually know what you want to do with the car an aim Do you have a budget Rich CRy02 is

FIAT BRAVA 182 replacing wingmirror and turbo question

1) need to replace the passenger winmirror on my 2.0 20v hgt that is electric. only need the outside plastic bit as bits are snapped off of mine. can i get one off a manual wingmirror are they the same and just swap them over and where can you unplug the heatedelectic adjustment wires that go into the mirror are there plugs somewhere you can undo or have i gota cut the wires then re-wire. 2) on a completely

Hi To convert to a Turbo engine. The coupe 20VTurbo engine uses the same engine block as the normal 20v. The difference between the two is the internals pistons crank etc. This means that the engine mounting points are the same. Although I think the Turbo has uprated engine mounts. The 20v turbo exhaust bolts straight onto the turbo and the turbo is bolted to the manifold . So No the exhaust wont fit.

FIAT BRAVA 182 can i fit a turbo to my fiat bravo hgt

hi can anyone help me i have a fiat bravo hgt and want to fit a turbo to it can i use my own engine and fit a turbo out of a fiat coupe or would i have to change the whole engine my car is a p reg one your help would be helpful steve

As said the engines internally are different. In short. The 20v turbo has uprated pistons to create lower compression a stronger crank shaft different cams bigger injectors different ECU different exhaust manifold different induction manifold bigger throttle body and has stronger valves too. The turbo runs boost pressure at 1 bar. the turbo also has a Turbo an oil cooler an intercooler pipes.

FIAT BRAVA 182 JTD Power steering leak

My sons Bravo JTD loses power steering fluid but there is no apparent leak at the pump rack or reservoir. I can find neat fluid along a metal pipe underneath the battery tray which is covered with a braided protection. Because of the braid I cant find the exact leak yet. This pipe seems to be connected to a U bend of metal pipe that runs in front of the rad. I cant find any reference to this in my

FIAT BRAVA 182 Whats next

Ive seen on this forum many different problems that occur with bravos and it seems to me there is a bit of order to them. Basically i know the build quality aint great but i do like the drive so i just want a list of what i can expect to go wrong next. So far in this order since buying the car in less than 12 months ive had Head gasket Throttle position sensor Leaking roof Has anyone else had them in this order if so what went wrong next.

I wouldnt have said that any of these were linked Head gasket Throttle position sensor Leaking roof If youd had say Fan failure Water Pump Failure oild cooler failure Head gasket Warpped head Then those would follow if you know what i mean i fixed a 80sx head gasket and is right as rain now although currently off the rd. Just make sure you fix the problem that caused the overheating as often its not just the head gasket but a faulty fan relay thermistor etc too.

FIAT BRAVA 182 My track Bravo

Hi guys thought Id share a few pics and the story behind my Bravo track bitch. I bought it off a mate as a boggo HGT last year as a runabout and was going to keep it standard but I warmed to it and it ended up with a few mods. 500 notes later and i picked this up taxed and full MOT Drove it round for a good few miles like it was dead happy. Bit thirsty for a daily driver but I didnt really care Then

Quick update car is prepped and ready for paint Has a crank sensor failure now which prevented it from making santa pod but it will be back stronger than ever Also specced up my new engine which will be built and fitted after the suspension has been finalised and im happy with it. (probably next year now) Also working on some other little bits and bobs ally PAS tank ally brake fluid reservior (with


Hiya Found this on Ebay what do you think. I managed to have my barchetta remapped by reddot and gained 21bhp but have done lots of other mods too. This plug in type says it will give 14bhp for the barchetta and there feedback is good for other vehicles..

Mods to date. which help with BHP GAINS 1. Full SUPER SPRINT system Stainless steel Manifold De-Cat and Back box. 6. GSR Full Induction Kit 11. Gear oil changed to Redline MTL 70. 14. Naxos front lip spoiler. (Aids with cool air to filter) 18. Samco silicone hoses. 19. Dual radiator fans. 19a.10 Row oil cooler. 26. Walboro uprated racing high flow fuel pump. 27. Fuel Pressure Regulater. upto here was Remaped to 153bhp. I now have 29. Black Diamond Performance Clutch Kit 30. 4kg Lightened and balanced Flywheel. WISH LIST 1. Full Ride & Height Adjustable Suspension 2. Fast Road Camshafts. 3. fiat Tempra brava Bigger Rear Caliper and Pad Setup.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Engine swap 16v question

So the FAQ says that a 16v conversion might be a good idea and suggests an engine from a punto sporting 1.2 16v that produces 85hp if im not mistaken. Since that car would be a rarity in Serbia i was wondering if that engine was packed in some other cars I think that fiat bravo has a 1.2 engine but not sure if its 16v. I understood that the 1.2 16v block has the same mount points as the seis stock

Of course the plan from 3 months ago (heh exactly 3 months ago) has failed but luckily im back in action So just an update... Think ive done most of the research needed and im after the 1.2 16v engine from one of the following cars - Punto sporting (97) - Bravo - brava - Lancia Y The one scrappy that has the engine has a very bad attitude so im not doing any business with them. Luckily now that exams

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