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fiat brava park light 182
fiat brava park light 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 parking lights

my parking lights used to work but now when I try and put them on the key wont turn enough in the ignition to switch them on. I tried a bit of force but it wont budge..dont want to use to much force..dont want to break anything. Anyone any suggests to what it might be. The key works fine

You pressing the button in


Sounds like the buttons broken or the mechanisms broken. Guess you could replace it with a scrap one.

Ive never tried it with turning the lights on but more from a position of turning the headlamps off have you tried doing it in this direction

FIAT BRAVA 182 parking lights

Hi All if you tern on the parking lightsone or two sides tern on

Yes if you tUrn the parking lights on both sides come on.

plus the dash lights come on too.

Although on more modern fiats if you have indicator stalk either to left or right at the same time only the side to which the stalks possition corrisponds to lights up

thank you all for your answers

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava - Tubeless Tyres master keys and rear light issue question

HI there still happy with my brava i have to say but i still have more questions for u guys P 1. Rearlight issue today (driving on lunchbreak) i started a getting a yellow light coming on when pressing brakes with STOP written on it. After consulting manual i saw that this meant one of the stop light bulbs failed to work when pressing pedal. Driving back home in evening this light wasnt coming on anymore

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine Management Light - Can anyone Help

Hi Everyone This is my first post on this site which I thankfully found on a search engine Today is definately not my day. After spending the afternoon at my local hospital and being diagnosed with a serious infection I proceeded to get into my fiat brava 2001 1.2 engine to drive home via the chemists. I drove about 2 miles to the late chemist and all was well. I stopped got my prescription and set

FIAT BRAVA 182 My Brava main lights stay on

Hello guys Nice to see that this forum still works and brings solutions to everyone My problem Ive changed my engine it was 1.6 16v 90 HP and now it is 1.6 16v 105 HP an it is from a Bravo a think 1998 year. But after transplatation i have a problem that when i turn my ignition key to turn off the car the lights stay on. Ive tried to turn the key more downwards but no luck. Tried resetting the CPU

they the side lights i had a prob like this on an old 98 1.4 brava turned out it was the ignition barrel something to do with turning the key a way that keeps the lights on for when your parked on a dark road. i was told to just shake the key when ignition is off and it should release the bit.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Reversing lights on constantly

The reversing lights on my brava 1.2 16V have taken to staying on after Ive used reverse gear. Very annoying - people keep flashing and honking at me. Doesnt happen every time but its quite frequent. Sometimes if I reverse into a parking space the reversing lights will come on the next day when I start the car. My first thought was the switch on the gearbox but I took it out and tested it with a multimeter

FIAT BRAVA 182 Broken Spark Plug Cable EOBD Light On

Hi I was driving my brava 1.2 80SX a few days ago when it started to misfire badly and the EODB light came on intermittently. I found somewhere safe to park and called the RAC. The RAC guy checked each of the spark plugs and leads plugged his laptop into the car and Cylinder 1 was misfiring. He recommended that I replaced the spark plug and take it from there. He also said it was safe for me to drive

FIAT BRAVA 182 problems with warning lights

Im equiped with 2xairbag ABS etc. on my brava 1.4 12V but when I turn the key only I can see that lit are lights for battery oil parking brake (if its on) but there are no checking kights for ABS and for Airbag. Ive checked fuses under drivers left position and small fuse box under hood (right side bellow battery) and Ive checked lamps. Does any one have any suggestion

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo engine management light loss ofpower and shuddering

Hi im new here i bought a 51 plate bravo 1.6 16v sx 2 months ago. Yesterday i triedto overtake at about 40 mph in 4th the car started to drop speed so i dropped to third and put the foot down. Engine management light came on orange and started to flash i slowed down qnd came to a roundabout and car shuddered heavily and stalled i managed to start it again but every time i slow down it does the same.

if i was you chap check all around the gearbox and make sure there is no big lumps of ally missing and there may be a strong smell of gearbox oil i drove my girlfriends 1.2 brava to work 20 miles ish fine parked up then dinner time jumped in it pulled away 500 yards or so later shuddering and engine man light cam on had to drive it back to work and heard a loud bang and the smell of gearbox oil when

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injection light 1.6 16v

Hia... can anyone directed me to the problem I have a Multipla with the same 1.6 16v engine as used in the Bravobrava.... It seems to be running on 3 cylinders and there is a small red management light on the dash. Ive had a look and cleaned the plugs and coil park... but no improvement. Again disconnected and cleaned the connections on an sensors I can see.... Any clues

FIAT BRAVA 182 Burned rear light

Hi model is fiat Bravo 1.9 JTD 2000. Few nights ago my car was parked near garbage containers and some drunk ...idiots set it on fire (containers). Heat from the fire melted small part of the plastic on rear driver light (actually plastic still holds but its kind a blur). Should i buy hole rear light and how much does it cost Can I change just plastic cover is it replaceable thanks regards

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help Injector warning lights

HI all i have just bought a fiat Bravo nothing special 96 N reg 1.4 sxi 50000 miles metallic green. Few minor scratches and a couple of little dents but only 2600 might have had a respray at some point but it all looks very good so who ever did it put a lot of time into it. Anyway I have had it for just over two weeks and 600 miles (very pleased with it reasonably pokey for a 1.4) however the injector

Hi NeCo If you want have water jets and moving wipers simultaneously press the right lever toward you for water jet and at the same time toward up for fast moving wipers... What are side lights in English... Maybe park lights... There is a little button near the ignition lock for activate them you must turn the key towards you (anticlockwise) and at the same time pushing the button... be careful if you get the wrong direction turn you will activate the self-destruction system and will have only 10 seconds to put you in safe D... I never had any problems [8D]... Ciao ) Roby ps I dont know other cars systems my grandfather my father and me had only fiat )...

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fog lights not stopping

Hello I have removed the center dash part from the car in order to replace some light bulbs. When i put everything back together the front fog lights wil not go off when pressing the button. I did some modifications to the wiring With center dash part out i saw that there was no current to the light bulbs. so i took the () from the radio ( the that comes on with the lights) Might that modification

Update Checked the wiring i did its ok. Found one relay under the glove box it clicked when pressing the fog lights button a small black maybe 20 amp relay. The relay is working took it out and used a multimeter to measure the slots that the relay pins go in. The lights are still on event with the relay out. There are 4 pins 2 smaller with smaller wire one has 12v when the parking lights are on the

FIAT BRAVA 182 Light alignment

I have just sucessfully fitted both my polys also got the motors fitted proper thanks to the guide on fiatboo does anyone know how to align the beams though and if its easy or not would rather do it myself than pay a garage to do it every little counts

i told you yesterday get a screwdriver on the plastic alignment screws. it takes 5 mins. i suggest you park approx 12feet away from a flat wall and make sure you park as perpendicular to the wall as possible. if you cant adjust the lights enough then loosen the mounting bolts off and then move the light then tighten the bolts again. i adjusted my lights first to get the gap under them even then i adjusted the beams.

FIAT BRAVA 182 flaming glow plug warning light

This is really doing my head in. I bought my R-reg brava 1.9td in Feb 2006 and a couple of months later had to get the glow plugs replaced. Everything was fine until Septemeber when the glow plug warning light starting flashing again and over the coming months the first cold start of the day got increasingly more sluggish. I took the car to my local garage 2 weeks ago whove been mending my cars for

Originally Posted by JoskeJTD That little light doesnt mean Glow Plugs are faulty necessarily. The glow plugs are only to start the car and they are never used again. Yeah - Ive been told that by someone but apart from the glow plugs isnt there only the timing box () left that could be faulty But the garage checked that and said it was OK. Weve had really cold mornings and my car is parked in shadow

Hi Owen - thanks for the reply. Ive got the ELX 100TD and I think the garage put in NKG() plugs. The first cold start of the day takes significantly longer than when the engines warmed up - even with the new plugs. The warning light actually stopped coming on yesterday but now its back. I dont know if this is of any help but after the new plugs were fitted I noticed this strange regular tapping noise

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brake Warning light

Firstly Im guessing thats what the warning light that came up on the dash was. It was the same as the hand break light without the in the middle. Was driving for the best part of 2 hours solid yesterday which was quite hot anyway. only rest my car had was for 5 mins when i picked my mate up. I took a wrong turning & ended up at a housing estate with an unsued car park. Turned the car around and ran

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo - Engine Management Light

Hi all. Just found this forum while looking for some help and everyone seems nice and friendly so thought i would join.. Basically iv got a Y reg. 1.2 Bravo which has got an lpg conversion. to set the scene i think my exhaust ( well i know it ) is on the way out iv used some of that exhaust putty stuff temp cured it for a few days now its noisy again.. once or twice b4 i mended the exhaust i heard

ive given the rear lights some eyeliner i sprayed black around the outside of the lights. you can tell in the first pic but from a more rear angle you cant even see it (altho you can see the shadow). it makes the lights a bit different and im pleased how it worked out. also thought id post a better rear pic that isnt blurry. all clean simple and symmetrical now and a pic from dalton park today coz

FIAT BRAVA 182 Tail Lights

I was wondering if anyone can help me with this issue first off I checkd all fuses and nothing is wrong with my fuses in car however my headlights when switch is on for lights work just fine but the tail lights dont work. Funny thing is the bulbs all look fine and the turn signals work and break lights work as well the only thing that dont work is tail lights. If anyone can give me advice on that it would be great. Thanks.

Tail lights and sideparking lights are normally on the same fuse as are the interior night lights like behind the dash etc. If fuse it ok is power getting to it or leaving the fuse box Jon.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Front light adjustments

hi peoples Just wondering if theres any easy way of adjusting my front headlights as they seemed to be fairly low even though ive adjusted them (inside the car).. I checked my haynes manual and it reccomends taking it to a dealer for this.. thats no good i wanna do it myself as budget is low at the monent. many thanks chris

park perpendicular to a wall. put in-car headlight adjustment to lowest setting open bonnet. use a philips screwdriver to turn the white plastic height adjustment screw one on each light make sure both headlight beams are roughly level with the headlight glass and each other use a philips screwdriver to turn the white plastic angle adjustment screw one on each light make sure both headlights point

FIAT BRAVA 182 speedo.problemside lights...

I have a bravo TD 100 99... i have noticed at times the speedo doesnt works mostly... the rev counter moves erattically when the speedo plays up also and the mileage doesnt clock up...only happens every so this a common problemelectrical... also i have noticed that the side lights do not work if left on AFTER the key is taken out of the ignition... all of the cars i have driven

Hello and welcome Before getting into the dial unit or sensors you could check the connectors on the back of the unit to make sure they are snug and clean. As to the sidelights thing I think its handy as it makes it harder to leave them on and flatten the battery From another thread though Originally Posted by mountainmachine Reverse Ignition Switch and depress wee barrel button to switch on parking lights.

the instrument panel problem is common. as Helz says the first thing to do is check that both the wiring connectors on the back are secure. next time it happens bang your fist on the dash above the speedo. that usually fixes it. the problem is usually a dry joint or short on the PCB since your revs go mental when speedo dies it suggests an internal short circuit to me. the sidelights switching off

Originally Posted by Helz Hello and welcome Before getting into the dial unit or sensors you could check the connectors on the back of the unit to make sure they are snug and clean. As to the sidelights thing I think its handy as it makes it harder to leave them on and flatten the battery From another thread though you guys seem to know your stuff.....please forgive me for silly regards

FIAT BRAVA 182 LIght Steering

My 1.2 SX Bravo [1999] has very light steering I drove on Hols a punto if you put it into City mode it behaves a bit like my Bravo steering wise if any one has driven a new Clio with electric steering you know what I mean. It is so light and twitchy just wondered if this is normal. thanx

tyre pressure would also have an effect too high and it will get light and twitchy. I upped mine to 34 PSI when I went on a weekend away with 3 mates and loads of kit (beer) and forgot to reduce it after parking was easy but it didnt feel as happy in corners as usual.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Very light Bravo steering

Hi Im not sure if anyone else has experienced this in Bravos or fiat cars in general but the steering on my 1998 R reg Bravo 1.4 is very light - it could probably be steered without having to grasp the wheel. I was told that some fiat s have a city mode my car doesnt appear to have this functionality. Does anyone know how to turn down the power steering or at least make it less light Thanks

i agree the steering is far too light on the lower spec models its designed for girls when parking. you need to get a power steering pump from a 1.8 or 2.0 model they have less assistance and feel much much better. alternatively you can try my own approach to adjusting the assistance. the level of assistance is controlled by a valve called a relief valve. this valve ensures a constant amount of pressure

FIAT BRAVA 182 dipped beam lights not working

hi just sign up and need help also all my other lights are working ok side lights are ok dipped main lights dont work (both) full beam work ok... check fuses ok check bulbs ok any ideas....

had the same problem with my bravo 1.6 sx and had to replace the stalks for a quick fix i had to bridge the drivers side parking light live to the drivers side dipped beam live untill i could get a replacement stalk

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Parking lights

Wifes just acquired a 96 Cinqy S in near mint condition very cheap from friend going abroad. Never thought much about fiats before but this is great for nipping around in. Seems in good order apart from brakes needed seeing to. We didnt get a handbook with the car so heres my first ever question Can the sidelights normally be left on for parking at night without having the key left in the ignition We cant on this one

isnt that just in german cars that one comes on Met Cognac 99 brava 100 HSX what do you want cupholders open door warning light grow up

FIAT BRAVA 182 Interior lights dont come on with doors

Any Ideas on this one since I have owned my Bravo the interior lights have never switched on when the doors open. some quite info Yes they work when I switch them on. Yes I have tried every setting No it doesnt work on either door No the little buttons in the door sil arent broken or stuck pushed in Anybody Thanks in advance.

i would say its very rare to happen on both sides but you tend to find that it happens more on cars that are parked outside all year round especialy cars that face down a slope. the water can get down to the switch easily that way. cars that are garaged rarely suffer from it.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Led side lights


FIAT BRAVA 182 1998 1.4 wont start injector light stays on.

Hi Everyone My 98 1.4 will not start. When I put in the key all the warning lights behave as normal except the injector light which does not shut off. Trying to start does not work. The motor just turns over. The first time I tried (after waiting for the light to shut off which it never did) the motor spluttered for a few seconds before it died. Like it was using whatever fuel was already in the intake.

Excellent. I just went out and had a look. There are 3 connectors. One for the single injector one for the choke gizmo and one I guess for the airflow meter. I unplugged and checked all the connectors for corrosion. All seemed well. Still same problem. I then tried with the airflow connector disconnected as you suggested and I got a back-fire and a splutter. So I reconnected the airflow and tried again.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Battery Warning Light

Noticed earlier on today on turning the HGT off at the works car park the battery symbol appeared on the dash - normally this wouldnt spook me out but it was after killing all power from the car (and removing the keys from the ignition) Not sure if this was just a blip or possibly a sign the alternator or battery are on their way out Also is alternator replacement another engine off the mounts job Or can it be done in situ with relevant access to the engine Thanks for any help Martyn

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.6 ELX

Bought this 2001 fiat 1.6 HLX- 44k at Christmas 2006-got it fully serviced etc by a well known mechanic as the fiat garage here have little clue- Major damage after new Cam belt broke all fixed with fiat parts- Car has not that much power unless really revved- Erratic tick over all the time and after 50 miles- the engine Yellow management warning light comes on. No difference in performance-fuel etc.light

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava 1.6l Auto 1999 First Car

Hi to any one that reads this and thanks in advance to anyone that supplies me with help or any links that will help me do what i want to do First of all i own a fiat brava 1.6L 100 sx AUTO 1999 [FIRST CAR] THINGS I WANT TO DO AIR FILTER do i need to buy the same one that just slips in or is this merely an option as i have sen two other air filters more like what i presumed all filters to be like NEW

FIAT BRAVA 182 Hidden Bravao Marea Toys and Hidden Features

Ok so have seen in other threads even old users are still finding hidden features about there cars and thought id see if there were any i didnt know about and share the ones i do. Heated Seats centre console underside of front seats (if you have them). Heated Seat Button has space for a light behind the switch so it lights up. But you have the led at side of the seat to tell you when heated seat is

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravaos taking over the world

Since i got my brava about 4 months ago i started reallising that they are everywhere. i know thats normal and you get this subcontiouse connection. But in the last 2 weeks or so i have notice that they really are everywhere in this town. I was parked in college the other day and i looked down to the car park on my break and i realised there was at least 8 bravaos in the car park not including mine.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Been Got At

Hi I have a brava 1.9 TD100 ELX engine 182A7.000 equipped with Lucas injection tackle. (sorry I cant read whats on the pump plate) It has come up for its 72000 mile service and in addition the alternator has died - Ive got a new replacement along with a replacement new battery from my ECP factor. Ive also got a new alternator belt timing-belt timing belt tensioner and water pump ready and some Ribe

FIAT BRAVA 182 Broken backlight

Two months ago my fiat brava 1.6 2001 has been hit from behind while being on a parking lot. At first moment I didnt even see it. Later that day I found out there is a hole in the left backlight 2x2 cm approx. Carefully inspecting I found lines of scratch on the car body but the only real damage is on the back light. I suppose I can drive with that crack but it looks bad its dangerouse cause someone

FIAT BRAVA 182 Problem with dipped beam

Hi All I have a 1999 fiat brava 1.8 ELX. Recently the headlight dipped beam lights stopped working - both sides. Full beam works indicators work parking lights work. I went to Halfords ( auto shop ) to get new bulbs - and when the guy fit them they still didnt work. He checked the fuses ( to the right of the steering wheel ) and said they were fine. He suggested the only other thing that may be broken

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