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FIAT BRAVO ECU Scan Problems Errors

Hi there I have a fiat bravo 1.9 150 Multijet the warning light came on yesterday while I was driving on the motorway. I was doing 100mph and then decided to see how quick i could get to 120mph ( motorway was empty night time). Anyway when i put my foot down the warning light came on and the engine went into limp mode lost power and wouldnt go above 70mph. Stopped at the next petrol station and turned

FIAT BRAVO Glow plugs with oil (with pics.)

Hi Guys just want a bit of input my glow plug warning light was flushing for couple weeks now and I finally have time to replace them today pull the first one out (right hand side UK driver side) and it covered by oil then I pull the rest out and they were all dry see attached pic. and they are in position of how they sit in the car. is it normal or something very bad about to happen I decided to put

FIAT BRAVO Few Problems take a look

Hey guys ok so I just had my car serviced... the major cambelt service. Now before it was serviced it started doing something odd which was revving really quickly but the car wasnt actually pulling it would go straight to 5000rpm and then the car would pull to say 5000 and then climb 51005200 etc... Anyone had this problem before just wondering because Im going to take it in and thought maybe some

First off thanks for the input Its the 150 tjet 2008 model with just over 120000km on the clock so as mentioned it just had its full service and they did adjust the clutch so your suggestions are making sense since after the service is when it started happening. My other friend said it may be the clutch as well. Oddly enough after about 3000rpm it goes away... which sort of kicks out that its a valve

FIAT BRAVO Engine problem

Hi all I have a bravo Dynamic 150 Multijet and have done just over 10000 miles. I noticed today on a longish run on the A52 between Nottingham and Derby that twice in the journey the engine seemed to suffer from hesitation and a vibration as though youre running over a rough jiggly road. All of this at 70mph I put my foot down a bit and it seemed to clear a bit along with some smoke out the back. It

Hi all Thanks for the input. Ive looked in the handbook and if you have a DPF the warning light will glow for a few seconds on start up. I can just see the logo for it in the rev counter but it has never glowed on ignition so I can only assume my car does not have it. Ill mention it to the dealer before the service in late August. As its only happened a couple of times lately and never before in the

FIAT STILO Stilo heater fan

Hi all I have the dual zone climate control with AC. The temperature is fine. The fan output is crap. The fan turns on and off. It come on when you turn it on then maybe one level more as you increase the level and it stays at that level all the way up through the display. I took it to a non-main dealer fiat garage who are good they plugged the diagnostic kit in and it threw up a few fault codes B1922

for it to be zero I do have 12V showing at the connector end of the loom that feeds the CB. To check pin 1 and 2 do I connect () end of a multimeter to each of them and the (-) on pin 3 I had a closer look at the CB when I cleaned it up a bit and without a magnifying glass I could only see what Ive circled that looks suspect. Thanks again Attached Thumbnails       __________________ fiat


I have deactivated my ABS as proved too expensive to repair. I replaced my rear bearings on my schumacher with standard ones (it was them failing the MOT that started all this) unplugged and removed the sensors taken out the power from the ABS and blacked out the ABS light. Only thing I havent done for complete removal is change the master cylinder. I wondered if anyone else has done this and got an

on. Then looks for lamps out at engine start up. Simples. Go to another MOT station and say nothing about what has been done. My examiner did not Know I had removed the ABS untill I told him. He said You never told me that wink wink. Even though I could argue that the car is piped up the same as a non ABS version and as long as it passed the roller test is fit for the road. I have a 16v bravo

FIAT BRAVA 182 Whats wrong with my Brava

Hi Im sure many people have asked the same question but here goes. My injector warning light sometimes makes an appearance in the dashboard on my 1996 1.4 12v Brava. I know it could mean any number of things but to save me taking the whole thing apart would anyone know what might be the problem It has no problem starting will generally idle smoothly but then that light will come on and the engine will

FIAT BRAVA 182 Very Very poor engine performance

Hope you guys can help 2001 (4200m) 1.6 Marea suddenly developed poor engine performance Well maintained new cambelt a couple of months ago Seems normal when cold for first few miles Then severe lack of power (virtually undriveable) usually develops. Can sometimes performs normally although now rarely. Initially no warning light to indicate any problem Local garage has carried out diagnosis testing

Thanks for you input I cut the heater wires to the lamda and reconnected as I had read that the lambda heater circuit could cause poor running by interfering with the lambda signal. Anyway it runs the same as with lambda disconneted assuming that I have cut the correct wires (both white wires) I now have a warning light continually lit (engine control system failure) this illuminated before I disconnected

FIAT BRAVA 182 injection problems

with a new house and job on the way the last thing i needed was the car to play up any advice gratefully received - a few days ago the fuel injection warning light lit up on the motorway and revs dropped severely. pulled off at the next junction and mr green flag came to inspect. he reckoned it was the plugs and leads which i have now changed with no result. funny thing is sometimes the car is fine

Doh Its a brava 1.6 100sx w reg 2000. Coil failure Wouldnt that have been spotted by the mechanic And would that allow it to run normally for 90% of the time Its odd that it only loses powerhas warning light randomly for about 20 minutes and can then be running fine Thanks for your input... Jimmer

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