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FIAT BRAVO Resetting the Service computer

Is there any way of resetting the service computer other then taking it to the dealership as in with my own OBD plug is there software available for it its mainly for the DPF counter which i dont know if it exists or not ever seen anything come up for it. If i leave the spanner to go off on its own should i expect a light come on for the DPF saying the oil has degraded

the book says the oil will need to be changed at least every 2 years OR when the light on the dash comes on (the little red dripping oil can which means either low oil or oil exhausted ) Hope this helps J

its not been serviced yet its for when i do service it.. iv never had that oil light come on to tell me the oils dedrigated dont believe it works lol...The oil thats in at the moment looks terrible looks really thin and i cant even tell where its even up to on the dip stick its rubbish for telling. Think its well over the Max point that fiatECUScan looks really good cheers Gordanovich. i do plan on

FIAT BRAVO service light

how do you knock the service light off my 08 plat bravo coolio

im a technician my self and ive serviced it last week so just need to knockreset the service ligh off till nxt service cheers

Originally Posted by PI7NO im a technician my self and ive serviced it last week so just need to knockreset the service ligh off till nxt service cheers as hellcat says it needs to be done by the Examiner (flash fiat computer) its the same with the Grande Punto (trying to stop you DIYing as you cant turn off the light...... however someone on the GP section said theres went off after about a month (the car probably realised it wasnt going to get the trip to fiat it demanded)

IM just back from a special trip at my own time and expense to get that friggin thing came onservice changed to service coupon expired i then got it serviced at the Arnold Clark dealer where i bought it it came back not reset..i complained they were phoning me back with arrangments to take it to another Arnold Clark dealer who could reset itthey didnti went on holidaycame backit had gone

Originally Posted by Dbravo IM just back from a special trip at my own time and expense to get that friggin thing came onservice changed to service coupon expired i then got it serviced at the Arnold Clark dealer where i bought it it came back not reset..i complained they were phoning me back with arrangments to take it to another Arnold Clark dealer who could reset itthey didnti went on

FIAT BRAVO Service spanner disappeared and Trip B reset

About 1k miles ago when I turned off the ignition I had a warning saying service Coupon expired and after that a spanner symbol next to the mileometer. This really doesnt bother me as I service the car myself and im not gonna pay to get the light reset. The other day whilst I was driving home I noticed that the spanner had disappeared and also trip B had reset itself which is annoying as I was using

this just reminded me i havent seena service light this year just checked the date and mileage and its not come on and its overdue.. wtf

Originally Posted by Big Black Stilo this just reminded me i havent seena service light this year just checked the date and mileage and its not come on and its overdue.. wtf Doesnt the service light come up every 18k

Originally Posted by rubadub80 Doesnt the service light come up every 18k Only if reset when it last illuminated.

FIAT 500 II Flashing Oil light - how to reset

Ive just had an oil change but the oil light on the instrument panel is still flashing. I have heard that fiat dealers charge a lot of money to reset it. Can it be done without the electronic equipment A forum in USA suggests turning engine on to 1st position and pumping the gas pedal 5 - 7 times. Ive done this but it didnt work. Any suggestions

clarify With a 1.3 mj diesel I think I will eventually get a service interval warning. But a diesel also has the oil degradation warning which isnt necessarily linked to the service warning light. I think ..... Could any one give me the lowdown on the above - single syllable words in capitals have been rumoured to penetrate my brain. On a good day..... My understanding assuming its similar to my bravo

FIAT BRAVO Service Interval

Hi all Im looking at buying a bravo Sport 1.9 MultiJet diesel. The cars a 2008 57 plate and drives very well. The car has only come into the showroom today and as a result the papers arent available. What the dealer does know is that its done 41k miles and has only one stamp in the book hence probably only one service. This may have been at 18k miles and the second one was never done at 36k as the

guarantee using the menu to check the service interval because it might be already at zero so youd be none of the wiser because after a few hundred miles the service light goes out. Also if like mine bought second hand with two years free servicing sounds great but they havent got the software to reset the service light so I have to go by the mileage. Apparently (dont know true or not ) only fiat

FIAT BRAVO Service time

I have a 58 plate 1.6 eco diesel which is due in for its first service has anyone heard of it being fitted with a special DPS oil filter which can only be changed once the service light comes on and fiat have to reset the computer for you. I was told this my brother who works in the trade. I was going to have my service done by his garage for 60 quid as a favour but now dont want to have to pay more

FIAT BRAVO Engine management light - EGR Related..

Hi I had my engine light intermittently coming on during the last service they mentioned it and it was an intermittent fault with the EGR valve. As we do with these things if its not broken dont fix it. So i left it until now the engine light is constantly on. As the dealer suggested the EGR valve i used the site guides to remove and clean the valve. It was black inside when i took it off. I cleaned

FIAT BRAVO Engine Light on

I was driving home this evening when about 3 minutes into the journey the engine light came on and screen read check engine. The car drove perfectly fine and got home (25 miles mainly on dual carriageway and motorway) without a problem however I noticed that the fan was on what sounded like full power when I stopped to make a drop off half way. I notice this every now and then when I come off the motorway

Originally Posted by udtrev You need to get someone to read the error codes. I seem to remember that the diesel bravos can flag up an error if the oil has deteriorated too far it could be that (fingers crossed as its a relatively cheap fix) Good luck Trev Thanks it had a service and oil change only 5 months 7000 miles ago. Would it deteriorate that quickly I checked to make sure the garage reset the degregation reading they showed me when it was plugged in.

FIAT BRAVO Bravo 2.0 Multijet change oil warning

Hi all I was driving my 2009 bravo yesterday and the little red oil light started flashing saying change oil but I had the oil changed in May when I bought it. Ive only done 6500 miles since then. Is this normal Should the light be flashing so soon I have a 200 mile trip this weekend is it safe to drive it The garage dont have time to sort it out today. Ive dipped it and theres plenty of oil in there- topped it up to be safe too though... What do you all think Thanks

near the 18K. There is no mileage for oil change IIRC its 2 years or when th car tells you too which ever is sooner. Originally Posted by bravosl165 So take it you can change the oil inbetween services as long as you remember to rest the counter at say next full service. Only askin as car was serviced in Febuary planning on changing oil this week as i have a wee leak and will be getting a full fiat

FIAT BRAVO My new Bravo 1.9 multijet

Hi guys Picked up my bravo 1.9 Dynamic (120) multijet last week from the fiat dealer. When I collected the car they hadnt serviced it so I arranged for it to be serviced the week after (this week). Now to my issue... with the car collected I set off home and got on the motorway - I turned on the cruise control then after about 5 minutes the car lurched for a split second and then that moment in every

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Bravo 1.4 Airbag Problem

I have a problem with my airbag The red light (for airbag) doesnt want to turn off after i turn the car on. I went to a fiat car service and they said that the main plate for airbag is dead...I am not so sure it can be only the problem with some bad connection at connectors (like in Renault clios case where the connectors are under the seat). Namely my light has started to lit after i have washed and

Here you go. There are 25 or so pages on the airbag in the service manual. __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   28-07-2006   6 da_risk Get Your Own Title   Join Date Jul 2006 Posts 13 Thanks 0 Trader Rating 0   Re fiat bravo 1.4 Airbag

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo eobd problem

hi plz can anyone help I have a y reg(2001)fiat bravo 1.6 hlxlove the carjust got it back off my ex after 2 that time it stood for a while and was never i immediately did a oil and filter changeas it was well over due.and put some stp petrol treatment in the fuel tank to clean things upjetsd etccar running brilliantly never betterhowever only problem is a few days ago the eobd

FIAT BRAVO OBDII connector - 150 Diesel

Anyone know the location of the OBD connector on the 150 Diesel It ought to be in reach of the drivers seat but I cant see anywhere obvious. I need to reset the service counter after a recent service... Neil

Hi the are some 1.9 jtd 150s with dpf. There is also a service indicator on all fiats (petrol and diesel) which is reset via the instrument panel which also requires a diagnostic machine. On vehicles with dpf there is a secondary service indicator to be reset If the oil light flashes on start up then the vehicle has dpf the oil needs changed. This is the same on all diesel fiats. Onced serviced at

Right... so how do I find out which have and havent I need to investigate the service light reset anyway though its not on at present.

FIAT BRAVO Rear door and other things

Sorry another thread another problem with the bravo Anyway This time the rear passenger door will not open from the inside. I know what you are thinking and it isnt the child lock . Apparantly this is a rather common issue with the Grande Punto so I thought that you might want the heads up as it has appeared on my bravo. Its going in on Tuesday for this the Pureguard that I paid for but didnt get the

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Remote-Central locking not working

Hello everyone. I recently bought a 2000 X reg Broom yellow bravo HGT and am extremely pleased with it. In terrific condition fantastic performance and everything works Or should I say NEARLY everything works. When I collected the car the remote-central lockng worked. The next day it didnt. I have two blue remote key fobs and I have changed the batteries. The led lights flicker on but the lockng does

FIAT BRAVO I I dont think the garage used the correct oil in my 165

My car was in for its first service and I have my suspicions they never used fully synth oil firstly they invoiced me for semi synth then back tracked and said it was a mistake then after nipping round the back of the fiat dealer and talking to the garage they immediatey said it was semi-synth then back tracked when I queried that. fiat are not interested as far as they are concerned they are happy

the fiat service sheets that i have seen all say 18k. the car decided when the oil is to be changed but if its changed as part of the annual service make sure they have reset youre DPF oil change light ( the oil pressure light flashes).

FIAT BRAVA 182 Resetting The Timing

Having replaced the head gasket in my 1.4 bravo last weekend and then suffered through key problems before starting it there is yet more problems. The engine starts and runs but makes the a really loud rattling noise from under the rocker cover. Got a mechanic to look at it and he says the timing is a tooth out where i have put it back despite it all lining back up when i putit back. Decided tp get

please can someone help me i brought a fiat bravo 1.8 16v started it up on the button and drove it home what i didnt know was that it had a small hole in the rad which in turn cooked the head( hot) so the head came off and skimmed replaced with a headset along with a water pump thomostate timing belt kit and alt belt put it back together with the cam locking tool and it took ages to start so i changed

FIAT BRAVO Xenon Headlamp Adjustment

Hi I have just bought an 08 bravo with Xenon headlamps. They are meant to be self adjusting but when on dip they only light up about 20m of road in front of you and there is no bleed of the light. On full beam the lights are amazing but on dip its almost dangerous driving especially out of town and in country roads where there are no street lights. Does anyone else have this problem or any solutions Thanks.

Below is a quote from the Stilo eLEARN but I suspect its a similar system for the bravo. It only applies to vehicles fitted with original gas discharge headlamps. This may explain why you have poor or low aimed light patterns. Dave. Valid for versions withXenon Gas headlamps The self-test management logic also has the recovery function if errors are detected the system no longer works correctly and

FIAT BRAVO Running in mJET

What precautions need to be taken when running in a mJET Also is it worth performing an oil and filter change earlier than the prescribed mileage not for fuel or carbon ingress which Im lead to believe is very low but for particle contamination from the running in process

Originally Posted by T14086 You only pay for oil change not to reset ECU what happens when they get to an age where few people go to dealer for service. will DIYers need to go to the dealer after they do a filter change are there any other similar issues that require examiner i assume if you dont tell ecu the only problem will be the service light coming on if thats the case it will be cheaper to live with the service light and only get it reset once before selling.

FIAT BRAVA 182 1998 fiat brava engine management light

Right where to start I have done a service new plugsair filter oil filter and oil. Been having problems with the engine management light coming on. Figured it may have been because the exhaust was blowing around by the lambda . Have had the exhaust fixed still doing it. Replaced lambda this morning still doing it. Disconnected battery for a couple of hours to reset ecu (hopefully) Just took it for

FIAT BRAVO NON fiat servicing

Is it true that a NON fiat dealer can service my car and it will still have its warrenty providing the mechanic uses proper fiat parts and does the full procedure. I have come across somwhere the bravo service manual that tells you what is changed and what is checked the 18000 mile service reason I am asking over here in NI they are asking 150 notes to do the first service which I feel is a bit high

Originally Posted by T14086 must be VAT reg garage & use original equipment. you must understand that only fiat can carry out any Technical updates or recalls outstanding on your vehicle. Also an independant may not be able to turn offreset the service light

Originally Posted by Chrissouls you must understand that only fiat can carry out any Technical updates or recalls outstanding on your vehicle. Also an independant may not be able to turn offreset the service light Of course ( goodwill) but people dont think in the long term but only saving few quid short term

FIAT BRAVO has my exhaust gone on my 1.4 bravo

Hi guys just about to take my car into fiat its just past its 2nd service and been told everything was fine on my car and my exhaust has sounded like this for the past year but i have been told by a friend that my exhaust seems like it has gone. so i have uploaded the noise onto the net to see if you can help me and to see if he is correct. it can be heard on the following link httpwww.supload.comlistens3jZGul

LMFAO well looked under the car. found a nice hole with soot god knows how kwick fit or my dealer did not find it looks like my local dealer and kwickfit are just total brds and dont have a clue. the flex joint looks fine infact still looks new. Believe it or not its my middle silencer thats gone. started car up revved put my hand on the hole and hey presto air coming through the silencer now taking

FIAT BRAVA 182 engine management light popped up

Just got back to the house and the engine management light popped on turned off and powered the car back up and it was still there. This is staying on permenently (it never flashed once when driving) I had noticed a slighty jumpy idle on the car and maybe a slight bit of twitchyness (throttle wise) while driving home this evening which ill guess caused the light to appear. Since I know what the engine

secondary sensor fitted but within 10 mins the car was back to running rich again and the injector light is not clearing this time (it came back yesterday) having issues trying to obtain the main sensor and maybe forced to have to get one from arnold clark I did have one odd conversation with someone at a bosch service garage saying that the car needs to go to fiat to clear the issue as it needs its emission settings reset. Thats the first of me hearing something like that

FIAT BRAVO new member bravo 165

Hi just joined today after hunting for information in changing oil and filter in my new bravo 165. After some trial and error I found removing the under tray plus the small panel beside the drivers side wheel allowed me easy access to the sump plug and inconveniently positioned filter. The sump plug nut is a 13mm which in my opinion is far to small since the thread is around 16 or 17 mm. Felt as if

Hi again I did oil and filter as dealer hadnt reset the service light when serviced at 32000 miles so now they correspond. I wonder how they changed oil as small access panel hadnt been off I wont be waiting until service warnings come on any way I always change my cars oil at around 6 thousand miles. Never hhad engine trouble with any previous car doing it this way. Cheers guys

FIAT BRAVO is it true if

if you dont tell the car that its had a service the DPF will keep regenerating all the time since it will think the oil is old i herd this from another fiat garage when i tried to get some information. He said that if they aint told the computer that its had a service the DPF will be regernating all the time due to it thinkin the oil is old.. he also seemed very shocked that it had only had one oil

Originally Posted by Omad Morning Well thats poppy-cock what actually happens is..... if the oil degredation counter is not reset then the DPF system will fail to function on the count that it thinks the oil has been degraded to much and to save the engine from damage it then sends error messages to the instruments aswell as putting the DPF light on or oil can flashes and finally the vehicle goes into

HHmmmm very strange Have you never had a red flashing oil can light up your display or the message saying oil change Has it never been dealer serviced I have a friend that works for delphi and i know that they are in re-develpoment of the software to incorporate the oil deg reset so maybe the places you get your oil changes done have such software... just a thought. Maybe a dealer should take a look at the parameters of your engine

FIAT BRAVO bravo 20 mj sport

Hi does anyone know how to reset the oil service light

FIAT BRAVO 1.9 150 MJ Sport - Early CambeltWater Pump Change

Hello Folks Ill keep it short - Im at 64k miles 4k miles away from my major service and Im getting slightly itchy feet about the prospect of cambeltwater pump failure. The fiat Extended Premier Warranty that I have supposedly covers this (but I havent got full T&Cs) however Im not likely to keep the car up till the next 18000 mile service interval so essentially wont lose out financially by having

consider getting quotes from alfa independents in your area as well as the 1.9 150 is pretty much the same as in the 147 156 GT and 159. They should be able to reset the service light as well


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FIAT BRAVA 182 Stickies

It has been commented on a few times that we have no useful stickies in the bravoa section. Now with most of us being loyal BOO members who use that website and how-tos for such things you might think we dont need any. But a few FAQs here might be useful. So are there any useful threads that you think should be made sticky or a new thread started oon a particular topic I would be interested to see

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava running problem advice needed please.

Hi i have a Rreg brava 1400 The car is running realy sluggish especially on higher revs. When i start the car from cold i have to get it to start first turn otherwise it takes a while to actually start then when im out in it and up to about 4 to 5 thou revs onwards it just seems as though it holding backhesitating. and occasionally stalls. Any ideas anyone please

Hi Danni06 May be you will be able to pick a few ideas from this response. I recently purchased a 2001 1.2 fiat bravo SX which had a few of the issues you have mentioned. The very odd no start but would on the second attempt. Holding back and hesitating coupled with no warning lights. I managed to cure these with the following afternoons work Cleaning the TDC Crankshaft position sensor and its connection

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 80 16v engine behaviour

Few months ago i bought 80 16v Brava (1999). Im curious about something with this 1.2 engine. It never stalls consumption is excellent it holds idle perfectly... But.... - it has some vibrations when idle followed by puffing sound from exhaust (as i said it never stalls but keeps doing this) - when i accelerate until i reach 2.500 rpm it accelerates unevenly after that its ok (maybe this is just because

Hi Cosmo May be you will be able to pick a few ideas from this response. I purchased a 2001 1.2 fiat bravo SX last year which had a few of the issues you have mentioned. Holding back hesitating below 2500rpm coupled with no warning lights. Slight vibrationshake through the steering wheel when idling - still on going seems to disappear as you increase the revs by a small amount. I managed to cure most

FIAT BRAVA 182 thats it...i give up

fiat bravo 1.6 16v 2000 runs fine when cold tickover drops to normal when warmed up when i press the accelerator there is a flat spot then it revs ok however the revs still fluctuate between 1200 and 800 and engine dies at junctions so far i have changed.....throttle body (mk2 with the sensors built in) inlet sensor crank sensor and lamda sensor ive reset the ecu there are NO warning lights ive run

FIAT BRAVA 182 Shabash Now with added OOOMPH

Not been on in a while so I thought Id pop in and update you on Shabashs latest tweek. While at MITCar the other week Uncle Nige was in attendance from Angel Tuning and so we had the remap done. Ive no rolling road figures but these are my observations from the last couple of weeks (copied from BOO) - 130808 I have indeed had Shabash fettled with by our infamous Chairman and on first impressions its

FIAT BRAVA 182 1997 fiat Brava 1.4 12v wont start Help

Hi all hope someone can point me in the right direction. My Girlfriend has a Brava 1.4 12v which wont start the starter motor turns and thats as close as it gets. Battery is good and ive replaced all the spark plugs. I suspect the petrol is not getting to the engine but not certain about that. The following warning light has been coming on intermitently for quite some time now but she didnt notice

hey its a bit of a thing on the 1.4s the injector light is also the engine management light and as i understand it the injector is pretty indestuctable my kept coming on for ages until i found the cause after trying loads lol first of all has it been serviced lately i would start with cleaning the throttle body and check the connectors on it as one of mine had some oil in it and kept causing the light to come on you could also try reseting the e.c.u by disconecting the battery for half hour either that or youll need a fiat garage with specialist diagnostics good luck anyway

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brave VibrationCutting out problem

Hi all I have been having a problem for some time with vibration in the car. Once Im driving for more than a few minutes there is what i can only describe as a vibration in the car. Coming up to lights when Im slowing down it vibrates the rev counter goes up and down and it cuts out after a minute (happened going round a corner when I took my foot off the accelator) I took it for a service spark plugs

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help - Brava misfire judder

My Wifes car is a 2001 Brava 1.2 80SX. Its covered 42000 miles from new of which 13998 were on it at 10 months old when we bought it. Just recently its developed a bit of a judder or hesitancy when accelerating. When your accelerating in it the revs acceleration seem to disappear for a split second then re-appear (comprehendable). This morning at 0730 shes gone out to it and it would not start. I went

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