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fiat cinquecento timing gear cover 170
fiat cinquecento timing gear cover 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 gap between slam panel and cam cover (cinq)

howdy. can some people do me a favour and measure from the cam cover to the slam panel and report the gap stating which engine you have in there. if you measure it from the timing oil cap end to the nearest point on the slam panel near the drivers side headlight. cheers

Ive not got any measurements but this is how my 1.2 16v sits in the engine bay To my estimation it sits about 10 to 15mm further forward on the timing belt side than the gearbox side. __________________   Quote   03-03-2008   5 arc this is where i stand Join Date Oct 2003 Location Sheffield Posts 13537 Thanks 287 Trader Rating 0   Re gap between slam panel and cam cover (cinq) okie cheers guys. seems its not any more wonky than it should be.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Common CinqSei faults

Hey peeps Am sure the regular FF - Cinqsei section are definitely starting to see a common pattern with faults that comes with our beloved little cars. I guess Ill make this thread and name several faults and feel free to add in any I miss. Handbrakes - Symptoms Hand brake not holding the car &8211 Solutions Usually requires a overhaul of the system including Cable shoe elbow or actuator and drums.

View Timing gear cover for FIAT CINQUECENTO

Reference R2000117 Manufacturer Ref 4089 Make fiat Model Seicento Launch Date 07122000 Numbers Involved 1084 Build Start Date 01011998 Build End Date 31121999 Concern POSSIBLE CHAFING OF BRAKE PIPES. Description Possible chafing of front rigid brake pipes at near side front against the plastic wheel arch liner or against the gearbox mounting. Also at the off side front against the engine timing

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Hp to reach Punto 60 Mods

Hey Guys Im wondering how much hp i could expect from these mods I dont expect too much im thinking about 80 hp how about you (Engine swap in a cinquecento sporting) Overhauled Punto 60 engine with new gaskets and seals. New Waterpump Cambelt. Punto 75 4-2-1 exhaust Manifold . 2 inch exhaust system no cat and performance muffler supersprint. Port & Polished Head. Punto 75 cam . 40 mm TB . Cold Air

and across the water pump making it look like that nothing a bit of silicone sealer didnt fix Ash Cant really see it that well think cleaning up the engine would make it easier for me to see found out yesterday that one of the fuel lines cracked a bit and leaks so need to fix that fix before i become a suicide bomber . I saw a few punto 60 engines spi on our local vending site and there is a fiat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fuel pump relay

Hi all does anyone know where I can get a mk1 punto 16v fuel pump relay from As this may be the problem As Ive now done head gasket skim re & seat valves as still sputtersmis fires

no two problems with the aromatic hydrocarbons they will fire up by Deisel and over pressure the head gasket if you are unlucky. you only have to do it once too often cause they will Deisel you are only confirming that your valve timing is ok and your head gasket has not yet blown if you want to confirm spark remove number 1 plug lead attach it to a spare plug and lay the plug on cam cover flat there

Reference R2000117 Manufacturer Ref 4089 Make fiat Model Seicento Launch Date 07122000 Numbers Involved 1084 Build Start Date 01011998 Build End Date 31121999 Concern POSSIBLE CHAFING OF BRAKE PIPES. Description Possible chafing of front rigid brake pipes at near side front against the plastic wheel arch liner or against the gearbox mounting. Also at the off side front against the engine timing

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fiat Seicento Cambelt Inspection

Hi Im new to the forum. I have a 2002 51 Seciento SX 1108. When I bought the car in March I was on the other side of the country so my dad bought it for me. He test drove it around some private land and told me it felt a lot faster than the cinquecento that I also have. He insisted that the cambelt needed doing as he always does when he buys secondhand cars to be on the safe side. (We didnt know it

If yours is the same as mine it should still have marks on the flywheel for TDC . If you take out the rubber plug in the gearbox bellhousing just below the thermostat you can see a graduated toothed plate. Put the car in 5h gear with the engine off and gently roll the car to move the flywheel round. Line the notch in the flywheel up with the big tooth on the plate. The camshaft pulley marker should

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 New Sei owner poor running after belt change

Afternoon. A few months back I was given a Seicento Sporting for free. Its a 99 black with Abarth wheels skirts badges & seats with 80k. Generally tidy just unwashed for a while Its been fine until last week it just cut out pulling off a roundabout. Turned over but would not fire. It was always a bit clattery like bottom end noise but drove fine. Long and short of it was the timing somehow managed

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinquecento 899cc head gasget replacement

hello i need help.... my cinq started to missfire 2 days ago and today when i went to start it it made a noise like it was jamed now the car will not fire up at all ive had a look under the cam cover and its all milky and my water has all gonei kno ill have to replace the head gasget but im thinking of getting a head from the scrapyard and a new gasget or there is a product out now called steel seal....

The 899 is very simple no timing to worry about. So Remove Bob and air cleaner pipes. Undo TB and put to one side no need to disconnect fuel lines. Remove rocker cover. Remove rocker gear. Get piece of cardboard and poke each pushrod through in turn (so that you can put each pushrod back in the same place you took it from) Undo the exhaust from the manifold . (its easier than trying to get the manifold

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 strange noise

Hey guys Recently purchased a Seicento Sporting abarth in Grey I have had it a week or so and its started to make a weird noise it sounds like a childs electric car and there is a screech now and then is this a belt going if so what one mnay thanks for your help

does the noise go with the engine revvs or with the speed of the car. drive down the road(quiet empty safe one) then listen whilst coasting out of gear. if your brave turn the engine off. BUT NOT TURN TOO FAR TO ENGAGE STEERING LOCK. this will tell you whether its engine or drive train. could be a siezing pulley on the timing belt or alternator. or simply a rubbing cover. worst gearbox or oil pump blocked nearly always a simple easy fix lestadagger thanked for this post

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 CinqSei Sporting Engine Differences

Hi I dont know how but between my eldest son and my wife theyve managed to blowup her Cinq Sporting engine. Headgasket warped head boiled over big style....In a nut shell......well and truely goosed Anyway Ive managed to find a low mileage Sei Sporting engine and wondered if it fits straight in or is there anything I need to change to get it to fit. As a precaution Im planning to do the cam belt tensioner

As usual nothing goes as expected Been out of the country meant the cinq engine didnt get done to plan....fortunately the wife has a MX5 for summer use and the son has a motorbike so transport hasnt been a problem for them....but Managed to get everything out dropped the engine gearbox complete with drive shafts and brakes. Bl00dy clips everywhere ....real sod to get out I can say . Lowered out on


hey all im currently having some timing issues. how do i go about finding the TDC of the crank and TDC of the cam the car is currently in pieces and need to get it sorted as soon as

easier to find TDC by removing the cover in the gearbox housing. On the flywheel is a mark that lines up with the timing marks in there. Also means you dont need to remove the alternator belt and pulley

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Failing to start after Head gasket change.

Hi FolksI recently bought a 96 cinquecento Sporting that I knew to be a non runner(head gasket).The car had been sitting unused since 2003 everything looked solid and reasonably serviceable so I decided to do it up for the Girlfriend to drive. Prior to stripping the head I had the car runningit had to be towed to get it going.At the time it wouldnt run below 2000 revs but everything appeared to be

Thanks for the quick replies. Just to clear up it isnt the crank sensor pick up wheel.It is definitely on its pin. Hi Fingers99When I first heard and seen the pops through the TB I automatically assumed the timing was out.I tried a tooth each way with no result then two each way with no success. I had a quick look over the valve gear and it all seemed fine.In hindsight i maybe should have whipped

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Full service

Ok Charlies going on his holidays next week.....well hes going to stop at bfs house so he can give him a full service as hes sounding a bit like a diesel at the mo As well as oil oil filter air filter what else should be done Hes going to have a go at flushing the rad too.

its a 95 cinq so im guessing its done more than 70k. might be an idea to change the gearbox oil. new brake fluid is always good. check the timing belt check the alternator belt. dont worry about small leaks from the cam cover they all seem to leak a lil there. Unbolt and smear some instant gasket round it and itll be reet

teaser of the article but if you want some more info read after the pics. Some interesting figures came from the day which was done at Rockingham with proper timing gear which you may be able to see in the pic but I extracted this for you. The cars Suzuki Ignis Sport 1490cc 16V VVT induction kit cat back exhaust ChippedUK remap 130.9bhp6450rpm 113.8lb ft5825rpm 945kgs 17 rims standard are 15 fiat

FIAT DOBLO I 119 223 Tapping noise 1.9D DOBLO I fixed it

Hi my fiat Doblo 1.9D on a 51 plate as started to make a tapping noise from the engine its done 78000 miles with no problems the noise is there all the time at any revs and stays the same hot or cold any ideas would be most helpful I have removed the cam cover and checked the spray bar seems to be getting oil up to cam and valve gear the van has had an easy life with regular oil changes. I have not

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