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fiat cinquecento washer nozzle 170
fiat cinquecento washer nozzle 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Rear washer nozzle

Does anyone know the best way of removing the rear washer spray nozzle Mines broke and I cant get the sod off

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 windscreen washer does not work

both the front and back washers dont work on my cinquecento the rear washer makes a wirring sound when i press the button but no spray. the front makes no noise and no spray please help mot due soon kimbo

For the back one there is an exposed tube running from the car to the tail gate(there is about 2 inches of tube approx 5mm thick exposed IIRC) in the top left hand corner. If you disconnect that tube then press the switch you can check if the motor is working at the back (washer fluid will come out). On mine water comes out of that tube but not out of the nozzle Im guessing that the nozzle has clogged

Yea cheers Pep0 will try the pin idea. but the blank grommet is way too small and too far away from jet same on the cinq thats why I cant get the nozzle off could probably force it off but I doubt it would go back on.

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 how to remove washer noozzle

Yep I did it weeks ago but in a truly screwed up way. I ended up denting the boot with a screwdriver deforming the metal around the nozzle as well and now i have a rattly piece of plastic stuck in the bodywork lol I didnt want to ask as i know it would be simple and wind me up but curiosity has got the better of me. how do you remove the rear window washer nozzle Kristian

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Rear Washer Squits through Passenger Wing

Further to my previous post ive found that when i use the rear washer water erupts out of the rear nearside wing at the bottom. Im assuming that there must be a split in the pipe but can anyone tell me where the pipe runs and how to get to it etc. Many thanks....

As instructed i took off the interior and found that the pipe had become disconnected. Reconnected this but still nothing coming out of the squirter. Tried the pin - still no luck Have checked all the hoses and they are perfect so all i can think now is that the nozzle through which the water emerges is blocked. How do i remove this There is a rubber bung on the inside of the tailgate which ive remoived

If you disconnect at the tail gate union and water comes out there when you operate the control... Try a very fine dress pin in the nozzle... If that does not work... Undo the union again and close the tailgate. Then you need a garden style hose without an end device hold the hose end over the nozzle assemble tight against the paint work and get some one else to tun on the facut. Run the water for

Unfortunately ive removed the pipe that goes into the nozzle to check it s condition. I now need to remove the nozzle itself. Can i do this by just pulling it out or is it secured from the inside of the tailgate meaning i cant get it out

Well on very early cinqs it was held in place like a grommet i.e. pull carefully. Id try to get washing up liquid between the paint and the nozzle then try and rotate the nozzle to get the washing up liquid to penetrate to avoid damage to tail gate or the nozzle. wrap soft cloth around and hold with pliers. It wont be easy to re-thread cable you need to think about coat hanger wire tool across the top of the tail gate dont let go the wire ---- I think sorry... Noel

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Rear Washer Jet Not Working

My rear washer jet isnt working Any ideas on how i fix this Cheers mark

First take a pin to the nozzle. If that doesnt work both washer motors on the Cinq are under the driver side front wheelarch liner. One by one pull off the connectors clean them up smear with vaseline try again. If that doesnt do it swap the connectors over to the other motor and vice versa. If the rear wash now works and the front doesnt (itll be front for rear remember) then you need to pop along

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Front Washer Jet Relocation

hey guys im getting my bonnet bootlid smoothed at somepoint but was just wondering... where can i relocate the washer jet on the front i dont want it on top of the bonnet where it usually is wanted to tidy it up a little

My Alfa 155 has 2 twin nozzle jets on the scuttle panel (hidden by the bonnet). Should be easy to source and fit.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 washer fluid pump

Filled the tank up and clean the nozzles however Im still not getting anything coming out. I can hear the whine from the motor but could that mean its still caput It worked a month ago.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Leak when i use the rear washer

Hi there when i try to use my rear washer i have a leak coming from under the car near the front right wheel. Was wondering what this could be and if its an easy fix eg a hose I dont know if it happens when i use the front washer but water comes out the front washer and not the rear one. Many thanks

Originally Posted by sammy657 Is this an motnct failiure as i have an nct due next week and want it to pass as i just had the car fully serviced if you cant get it fixed in time then yes it will fail as its fitted but dont work if you cant get it fitted in time just pull the nozzle off put a screw in the hose and tape the hole over then get it fixed after the mot i had to do this on the rear wiper

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Leaky washer bootle.

While under the car the other day i realised why i use sooo much screen wash.. Theres a slight leak from the washer bottle. Are they one piece units or can they be serviced Edit bottle & bootle. I can spell just thinking of that wonderful place . . .

If I may add a bit to this water bottle saga thread I tried fixing it on the orginal bottle by spraying on waxyol. That didnt seem to last for very long so I today swapped the bottle out for a new secondhand one. Now the water is getting pumped so far but not all the way to the spray nozzles on the bonnet. On the drivers side (this is a Cinq btw) under the bonnet is the water tube and towards the bulkhead

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX 04 punto windscreen spray nozzles

Hi Can anybody help me with this None of my spray nozzles are working when I use them I can here the motorpump but nothing comes out. I have tried a needle in each nozzle to no effect. It seems a bit of a coincidence for them all to go at the same time. Does anybody have any ideas Oh by the way yes the bottle is full and I cannot detect any leak.

as it says in your 1st post remove one of the pipes from a washer nozzle and see if water comes out when you use the washers. if it does the nozzles may need removed and soakedblown through httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...-properly.html

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Few Probs any ideas

Basically the mrs car is a nightmare. Firstly exhaust and clutch start playing up had both clutch changed and new middle and end exhaust put on now when she reverses or take foot off accelerator when driving we get a loud banging noise which sounds like its coming from underneath the car around the passenger seat area. Secondly had the rear brakes changes (shoesdrums and cyclinders) and now when she

Originally Posted by fingers99 The banging might be a badly fitted exhaust (tug on it and see if you can reproduce the sound see if its banging on the ARB (if fitted). Or it could be a worn out engine or gearbox mount. Sorry not sure what ARB is banging only started after new exhaust was fitted so im going back to kwik fit tomoz and getting them to check it etc. Not sure about the scraping noise. Unlikely

Originally Posted by fingers99 ARB Anti Roll Bar. runs across the car at the front (fitted only to Cinq Sporting and all 1100 Seis never to 899) If not fitted correctly the exhaust will bang against it. In fairness this might be the gearbox mount (rear engine mount). This is a a hefty metalnylonrubber number which fits to a bracket between the gearbox and the passenger footwell. I will get kwik fit

Originally Posted by fingers99 Its not normal for them to block that often. Ergo there must be something in the water which is blocking them. Solve that and youve done it. If you replace the jets (fiat dealer not Halfords) chances are theyll just block up again. Well the water works fine on the rear washer jet which is smaller pipe so i was thinking maybe blockage in jetnozzle which is just being moved


Hey guys quick question. I seem to have lost my screenwash grr is it ok to put just normal water in Also the screenwash when you top it up its not connected to the coolant by any chance is it Im assuming not as you use screenwash for the screen and coolant to cool the car down and they have 2 different expansion tanks. Many thanks

The thing NOT to use is washing up liquid as it contains salts... but having said that the amount of salt on the roads makes Fairy Liquid look like pure spring water Antifreeze should not be used as windscreen washer fluid as Ethylene Glycol does attack paint.. but pukka windscreen washer fluid contains Propanol (kind of like Meths) and should be okay on most paint.. However if you run VERY concentrated

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fiat Black Paint too dull

Hi guys I recently meshed my front bumper and bought some fiat Black spray paint from Halfrauds and it seems to be a matt paint with no shine to it even after laquer. Can anyone tell me what paint to get that will match the rest of the car Cheers Shakey

Heres a couple of pics I took of the bumper after its been meshed filled smoothed and sprayed. Ive also sprayed my washer nozzle door handles interior handles & door pockets. This is a pic of my 2 cold air feed pipes one is some ali ducting from B&Q and the other is the original K&N pipe

my water for the rear washer jet ended up coming outta the rear c pillar when i tried to turn the nozzle to the side[)] my battery doesnt seem to want to stay charged either but the fact that my amp is wired str8 to my battery it likes 2 drain power.(

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 rust repair

just taken off my rear door cards things and found some lovely rust. No holes but it is flaking a little on one side. the other seems so be just surface rust but extensive. Its at the bottom of the wheel arch. Had a good scan of the sill and outside of the wheel arch and all seems fine took of the little plastic sill protector and its ok underneath that. I want to treat it and sort the problem now i intend to keep the cinq for as long as i can possibly afford to so let the advice flow

when youve treated it because you get such good assess to the inner sills give it a good coating with something to prevent rust. heh i know its naughty of me but i did an oil change on the engine and half of it went into the sills. i fed some old stiff fish tank air pipe up to the front of the sills (under the door) used a old window washer motor and forced the oil into the sills with that. i made

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