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fiat cinquecento water pump 170
fiat cinquecento water pump 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 cinq water pump removal refitting

my water pump is leaking from its bearing. I removed arch liner top cam belt cover released alternator and remove belt removed lower belt pulley followed by lower belt cover replaced pulley and started it up with a full amount of water. In the pic you can see the rusty stain just below the pump pulley. I am currently waiting for FF member Trevor to send me a Porter manual. So in the meantime I need

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 water pump excessive engine heat

ok so maybe the title is a slight exaggeration but my fan is still cutting in a lot at low speeds idling and stop starts in traffic. Rad seems to be fine - couple of bent fins (minor) but no leaks - and no airlocks in the system... ...water pump Are they expensive - big job any opinions Just for reference - car is a 2001 Sei Abarth 28k recent HG and major overhaul. Has been an advisory for the water pump to be checked out.

well you are running out of options i suppose. possibly a faulty temp sensor for the fan was the cooling system flushed httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...ter-pumps.html

Originally Posted by custard well you are running out of options i suppose. possibly a faulty temp sensor for the fan was the cooling system flushed httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...ter-pumps.html Aye.. only thing that wasnt checked out to my knowledge was the pump - but having read a few threads lately (like the one you linked to) about water pump failure it sorta made me think.

Originally Posted by AppleSei Get it changed for peace of mind before another panic thread begins Yeah - has been advised anyways. Just another question while were on the subject Presumably if my waterpump has packed in all together and is not circulating round the system properly at all then the rad will never circulate cooler water. However since heat rises would this mean that stuff like the cabin

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fooked water pump

ive noticed on me cinq that whenn my cinq is at idle traffic after a few seconds the hot air from the heater becomes coldthen if i pick up thr revs to say 1200Rpm or so the air warms up againand upon driving off the air becomes im thinking that the fins on the water pump are corroded and so its not pumping as much water round the system as it should anyone agreedisagree[xx(] The fiat cinquecento Fun While It Runs

yeah think ill wait and replace the water pumpradiater and thermostat in one gowhen i get the cash about xmas 2005 The fiat cinquecento Fun While It Runs

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Coolant Cross Pipe water pump seal

cinquecento Sporting I have a slow leak of coolant from the join between the Pipe and the back of the water pump housing which drips onto the oil filter. I understant there is a seal round the pipe at this joint that can harden. Is this easy to replace Is the pipe really a push fit (it seems very unlikely - how does it resist the pressure) The pipe seems merely to lodge by gravity in a clip bolted

it is just pushed in yes and then secured with the bolt into the block. I have attached some images showing the pipe and the O ring on it. Its a sod to fit and remove with the exhaust in place. When refitting you need to use a drift a wee hammer to tap it home. Prepare to loose skin off your knuckles and Id throw some change in the swear jar before you try and remove it. iirc fiat did uprate the design

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 water pump

can any one please tell me how hard it is and how long it takes to change a water pump on my t reg fiat cinquecento 1.1 thanks

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Water Pump - Do I have to remove the cam belt

Random question.... Is it possible to remove the water pump in my cinq sporting without fully removing the cambelt I just wondered if I loosened the tensioner I might be able to slide it through I only ask cos its a pain to get everything lined up - done it 3 times and Im always worried I get it wrong...havent so far but sods law will apply one day...If I have to remove the belt well ok it has to be

Originally Posted by rallycinq I think that there will be more agro trying to get the pump out without removing the belt as you know its not difficult to do the belt so just take it off. Cheers D I know I know.....I just wanted to test the water before I started again..... The upside of the engine replacement you might have remembered from last year its a peach of an engine. A lot quieter than the

levemir dont be worried about cam belt removal it possibly the easiest car ever to change a cam belt on and as its a non interference engine if you dont get it right it wont ruin your engine take your time use a new belt while you are at it take time to check the timing linesmarks and recheck after a few manual revolutions of the engine you should have it done in a couple of hours. see httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...placement.html

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Parts branding quality timing belts water pumps flow rates

Hi guys looking too replace my timing belt water pump and spark plugs as im getting my head skimmed soon Im running a 1.1 8v 187 variant with 125 teeth on the timing belt Does anyone know if the 125 teeth has the 20 or 24 size water pump. Or if it can vary its a 51 plate This is my first car so im not too clued up on engine variaints between older fiat cars I went to euro car parts with the reg plate

On standard cars there is no oil thermostat. Ive always believed that the pressed steel type water pump impellers dont flow as well as the cast metal (or nylon) ones. But I think that only QH and other far eastern companies use the pressed steel type. You may have a non original engine or a non fiat specialist dealer may have wrong VIN information. water pump teeth will vary according to belt. You

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 water pump

ok did the water pump on me sporting yesterday and took it out for a drive today and found that the water temp isnt getting as hot it did sit at 90 now its barely above 70 is this normal and is it a good thing this is a pic of the new and old and the new one has more blades does this just mean its pumping the water around fast and cooling it better Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Water pump cambelt change

Right - o Been on the phone to my mate tonight and his daughter has a cinq the water pump appears to have gone as its pissing water out of it. Ive had a search of the forums but having trawled through 20 pages of hits for sei water pump and not finding what im after i thought id post. My question is - how difficult is it to change the water pump & cambelt (this is the same as timing belt yes excuse

its not the little rubber O ring on the metal pipe at the front of the engine block thats not gone as I have replaced in the past a perfectly usable water pump only to find that it still leaked from this pipe the water runs down on the pump and gives the impression that its at fault. If you are certain that it is the water pump i would still say replace this O ring as its less than a pound from fiat

thanks for the replies guys J333 your post on that little o-ring thing was one post that i managed to find in the search lol. Thanks for the heads up again though Deffo the water pump the cambelt had been changed and tightened too much which caused the tension to wreck the pump bearing and seal and the cam belt to run out and fray. One trip to a local motorfactors a new belt and waterpump later all is fine again. Thanks again guys Dale

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 To Gasket or Not to Gasket - Water Pump

Hey all and Merry Christmas. Well after numerous problems with my ickle cinquecento Sporting another problem has occured. First Clutch Cable then Clutch itself Then Exhaust and now water pump and all in 11 months since owning it. Not too much of a problem obtaining a water pump but it hasnt come with a gasket. In the Haynes it says use a Sealant and in the Porters Manual it says use another gasket As I havent taken it off yet what is correct Gasket or Sealant Thanks all.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento water pump advice needed please

Hi everyone New to the forum found it by chance when searching for some info with regards to water pump sealant When I got the pump for my 2001 1.1 sporting from fiat they gave a black silicon sealant to use for the gasket the problem that I have is the mechanic did the pump & cambelt kit for me but the pump started leaking the very next day. He has agreed to do it again My question is why has it

Thanks for the advise The problem I have its a guy who works at a garage and he did it has a private job afters hours Im finding it hard to nail him down with a time two do it again so if it happened a second time Im not sure how that would play out . The sealant is the genuine stuff fiat supplied me they said its all they use for sumps water pumps .I did watch him do it and he only cleaned the engine side so just wondering should he have give the new pump a clean as well .

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Water Pumps think these are compatible

I had a new water pump arrive today and it looks significatnly different to the old one. Its just the impeller part is a lot smaller. What does everyone think I dont think it will be ok personally but maybe somebody knows more than I do Cheers Kristian Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Punto mk2 Sporting for sale httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...product30120   Quote   06-06-2008

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 water pump

Hi Maybe somebody could help me My daughter has a black 03 plate seicento sporting. As it went in for an MOT the car overheated and the mechanic couldnt continue with the test. It popped loads of boiling water out of the coolant bottle. I went to the local motor factors and bought a new thermostat and a new rad fan switch (which doesnt fit) I know that a head gasket failure is due to a cause of something.

both coolant bleed points when you refilled it If you connect 12v to the fan 12v connector (not the earth) does the fan run When you run the engine does the heater hose warm up quickly and then the top hose to radiator warm up Dont run the engine until after you test the fan runs only run the engine with the heater set to on and the heater blower at max boost. Did you get the fan switch from a fiat

Was the car ok in traffic jams before the MoT that is does the car frequently get stuck in traffic jams Did you bleed the coolant through both bleed points until you got water If the fan did not run before the car boiled the second time and you bleed it properly then the fuse for the fan and the earth connection for the fan are then next suspect items - that you can check easily. Did you quote the

ok cool is this the right method for me then Drain water out again completely Connect all hoses etc Remove bleed screws completely fill water bottle wait for water to pull come out of bleed points refit bleed screws. Is there anything i need to do to pump the water through the system like pinch the hoses or do i just leave it and wait Is there any more bleed screws I have found 2 one of which on the bulkhead and the other next to the headlight drivers side cheers matt

Originally Posted by punto_power99 Ok cool I take it then when the water comes out then thats it is there a risk of air getting back into the system if I screw the bleed screws back in whilst water is runnin If you have water in the header tank and it is flowing out of the bleeds then only a little air will get back into the top of bleed loops - If you are clumsy Id not worry Originally Posted by punto_power99

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Changed water pump belt now running 20degs hotter

Hi all Just had my pump and belt changed as the pump was leaking badly. Before the car had just had a new thermostat and ran at 80 pretty much all the time. Especially when I do 70 on motorway. Ive just done the first motorway journey since fitting and I had to put the blower and heater on full and drive at 60 and the temp was hitting 100 I think the belt is also a little too tight as I can hear it

agreed over tensioned belt. Sounds like it has possibly killed the water pump already if its making nasty noises - i would replace it again to be safe. Possibly also a dodgy thermostat seems to be so many bad ones floating about these days - be wary of unbranded white boxed thermostats buy genuine one from fiat is safest bet.

Noted the car was one owner and serviced every 3000miles at fiats . With luck my pumps leaking and the head can stay where it is. Its running perfect save using water... Wish me luck.

Right waterpump was ok but I changed it while I was there. obv done cambelt and tensioner. on the drive to my dads to do the job i saw steam coming out exhaust so knew it was HG. Pulled head and there was a tiny blow tween a water way and number 1 pot. Head had a v minor track (but not all the way to water way) where blow was. Couldve used a skim but it had to go back together today. period. So jobs

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Chinq Radiator & Water Pump Needed

Hi Guys Can anyone recommend a place to buy a water pump and radiator for my 1995 N reg fiat Chinq Basic Model NOT SPORTING its the cheapest poss one with No Elec Windows No Central Locking Its a 895CC or something silly but looking to get parts asap I am based in Maidstone Kent..

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Water Pump and Manual for 2001 Seicento

My 2001 Seicento overheated and after a few months of screeching noise I want to change the water pump to see if that was the cause. Two questions 1. Can anyone tell me why I cannot find a Haynes manual for this vehicle The only book version is for a Cinquicento up to 1998 and teh only online version I can find is for a Punto Does a manual exist 2. Are there two types of water pump for a Seicento I

Ah. Its a very late 899. The water pump is an easier fit on those. The manual is here in 3 parts as Seicento Technical Manual. Its difficult to navigate (because its so big and unsearchable) but very good. For everyday use the Cinq Haynes may be easier. Try turning the alternator and water pump by hand while the belt is off. Any roughness The alternator should turn very easily while there should be some resistance from the water pump (caused by the seal).

Following from my initial messages (screeching noise from alternator belt area in colddamp weather for a few months then cooling warning light on car overheating and breakdown - with no water in cooling system) I have started to see if I can fix it. I was planning to testreplace the water pump and alternator but before I did I filled up the coolant and fully charged the battery to see if I could get

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 water pump renewal

right then time for a new water pump me thinks the cento uses water slowly but surely and there is a strange whistle whine coming from the alternator water pump area and as the water pump is cheaper i am going to change that first so people who have already done this anything i need to look out for and is there a gasket that i will need as well and im guessing its easier to drain the coolant before attempting this cheers mase

Originally Posted by 99sei cant answer any of your questions but a photo diary would be nice day 1 Monday 25th sept 2006 raining outside woke up to sound of rain against window decided i couldnt be assed to get out of bed so didnt water pump can wait. that sort of thing few other random questions as i cant be assed to find the haynes manual. 1. do i need to take alternator out to get to water pump

Just set the timing up before removing belt its not difficult line the mark on cam pulley with mark on head and the crank pulley with mark on block if you have a Haynes manual it shows you how to do this I wouldt just slip belt off anywhere and hope you get it back on correct place again to easy to get it one notch out. And are you sure the pump is on its way out the noise you here isnt just the alternator

im not sure at all TBH.... its very strange it does make a slightly weird noise which varies in volume i think ive narrowed it down the to alternator or water pump. well at least thats the area its coming from the alternator belt doesnt seem loose and im not gettin any power loss when its under load though the belt does squeel occasionally after heavy rain. but coolant is being used up somewhere its

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Sei loosing coolant - water pump

Hi my gfs sei sporting has had a coolant leak for a little while. It looses quite a lot quite quickly leaving a patch under the car overnight. I got under there and took off the splash guards etc to see where the leak was coming from. Not much with engine off but when engine is running there is a constant drip from above the oil filter. I know the water pump is above this but is there anything else

OK cheers looked to be a constant drip from the water pump area and slight drip with engine not running. I think Ill buy a pump and belt and change them but is there anything else in that area that it could be like a core plug Has been stalling after starting sometimes so if the water is dripping on crank position sensor that could be the reason.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 water pump

hello everyone i am rebuilding a punto 75 1242 engine and want to replace the waterpump. the water pump in the 1242 is the one with the metal inners with 6 fins. i do have a spare water pump but it the one with plastic fins i think this is from a seicento can i use this water pump thanks mustard

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 How To Fit A Water Pump

How easy is it to fit a new water pump to a 1108 Im just making enquires as i seem to be using more water than normal. No wet patches on floor. Coolent cap fits well and i get a hiss when it is undone. No mayo in oil cap. coolant still smells sweet. Doesnt overheat (runs at 70 on mway 80ish in the town fan on at 90). Oil on dipstick still clean. Heater still warm (not as warm as my 899 though) Ticks

If the water is coming from the water pump you will be able to see it but probably only after the engine is well up to temperature. Get an axle stand and remove drivers side front wheel. Run the engine. You will see a trickle of water at the base of the cam coverwater pump. Pointless replacing it if there is no leak -- it can only leak out not in.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Water Pump-ish Leak

Okay so my Cinq (SX 97) is literally gushing water out of the bottom whenever the engine is turned on Ive been told by a family friend that its coming directly from the water pump. Ive uploaded some pictures to give an indictation as to whereabouts the leak is coming from as right now its raining and I dont really wanna get soaked for the sake of a photograph P If what I think is the water pump actually


Ive had my Cinq about 3 months now and its been running well have noticed it needs a small amount of water every now and then but no sign of water in the oil or vice-versa and no overheating the fan kicks in in warmer weather around 100. Although I have never checked the antifreeze level properly it tasted nice and sweet so I had not been concerned about freezing. It rarely heats up to above 60-70

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Water Pump major leak

Hey again guys yet another problem theres is huge water leakage from my water pump do you think i will need a new pump or just replace a seal or even just re silicone it also how hard will replacing the pump be thanks again

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Water pumps

Rite guys just got my car back from the garage after having the head gasket done which has stopped the engine overheating. But i have got another problem it is still losing water i have checked all the hoses no cracks but we spotted the water pump is wet under neath and so is the radiator bracket by it. So i think it is the water pump if it is how easy are these to fit and how do u fit them Thanx Spudgun

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Re Cinquecento Sporting Water Pump Replacement

help what have i done wrong...after replacing the water pump and setting the timing i then put on the alternator belt and pulley nipped it up reconnected the battery and my cheeky chento wont start...Is there some kind of timing mark on the alternator pulley i have to line up too...It was dark when i got finished so i i may have put it on wrong....Any help would be most appreciated thanks

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 is water pump working

I have had a problem with seicento cutting outlosss of power after about 20 mins or so when it is hotand ok again when it is cooled the pipe going into the top of the expansion tank is hot and so is the one that comes out the bottom water is circulating there.... the large pipe to the right of the engine is hot but the pipe going into the right hand side of the rad is cold and so is the rad engine

Originally Posted by ezepc I have had a problem with seicento cutting outlosss of power after about 20 mins or so when it is hotand ok again when it is cooled the pipe going into the top of the expansion tank is hot and so is the one that comes out the bottom water is circulating there.... the large pipe to the right of the engine is hot but the pipe going into the right hand side of the rad is cold


Hi all Have an issue i need some help with. Story is I bought my wife a cinq for her birthday last feb but i knew it needed work. The water pump was shot and while driving it home the clutch went. Changed the clutch with the help of my brother and dad (both mechanics Im not). Next job is the water pump. I know the belt that drives it also drives the alt but it also looks like it drives the cam shaft

Originally Posted by rallycinq If on the other hand its OHV then the alternator belt drives the water pump. There is no cam belt its a chain. Cheers SPD Granted the same belt drives the alt and water pump but it also drives another wheel which i dont know what it does Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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