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FIAT DOBLO DobloPanorama rear bump stops

Good day Im looking to replace my rear bump stopsspring assistors for my 08 fiat dobloPanorama turkey version. Will be doing a road trip from Singapore to Phuket Thailand for the next 2 weeks. Hope to replace the units when I get back. Also my rear is squelling like a pig any tech ideas will be appreciated. Thanks and wishing you guys well from the bad snowstorm wreaking across Europe.

Good day from another 08 1.4 petrol doblo owner who by chance has done the same trip in the opposite direction - from Phuket to Singapore. It didnt take nearly as long as 2 weeks though. But 2 weeks might be realistic if the rear is squealing like a pig before you even set off With regards to bump stops - a garage in rural Scotland replaced them on one of my doblos for hardly any money. The part was

You can get supplies from Tanly Motors for your spring assistors and change the rubber bushes on the leaf springs. Happy trip.

i fitted greyston spring assisters and left the bump stops worn is they dont get hit anymore.

FIAT DOBLO Doblo rear bump stops

Hello all Im new to the forum and also to fiat ownership. I have just purchased an 04 doblo JTD MPV and I have noticed that the rear bump stops are very worn. Are these cheapeasy to replace

Dont know but both mine have perished to nothing too. Any ideas people

theres been a thread about this before rear suspension theyre not actually bump stops but spring assistance

Thanks for the link. I cant be bothered to go through it again though since I believe these things should be durable. I will ask for a contribution from fiat of course and when I dont get it Ill inform them that my next car will have a seven year warranty.

Thanks for the link to the previous thread but it doesnt answer my questions. Are these spring assistors cheapeasy to replace

FIAT DOBLO Bump stops on rear touching - MOT tester concerned

Hi All I hope there is an expert out there who can help shed some light on an issue with our 2007 doblo Cargo. Just been for first MOT test. The van is equipped with a fridge and oven in each half of the rear section and mid section is a fridge compartment. The equipment is not particularly heavy. MOT tester says the rear bump stops are almost touching rear single leaf spring and therefore its overweight.

Hi. My doblo does seem low at the back possibly lower than the local taxis but It just passed its MOT two weeks ago with no advisories. Once upon a time you could buy spring assisters for leaf springs McKinney comes to mind and no doubt much cheaper than fitting a new spring from fiat

We hade 3 doblos all ride on the spring assistors Not bump stops. Tried helper springs have them on floor as I speak removed when we sold the oldest one real harsh ride poor ride quality for modern light van. Free to anyone who wants to arrange shipping

Having my doblo since 2004 and since then Ive changed 4 sets of bump stops. From all the comments here I gather the design is such it has to be replaced once in awhile. Anyway I noticed mine is just less than 1cm clearance from the spring hence the damage.

Originally Posted by petelang MOT tester says the rear bump stops are almost touching rear single leaf spring and therefore its overweight. I question the MOT testers ability. How can he say a vehicle is overweight without actually weighing it Unless its obviously on its knees hes talking out of his rear end. In your situation Id spend a few quid having the doblo weighed at your local weighbridge (total and axle) and go back with the evidence.

FIAT DOBLO Doblo rear bumo stops

Hi just replaced the rear bump stops on my doblo Cargo. Talk about an easy job didnt even have to jack the car up so the rear wheels were off of the floor. Quick tap with a hammer & big flat blade screw driver to release them then unscrew then just screw the new ones in The old bump stops were really perished. Easily a good inch shorter than the new parts Craig TD5 thanked for this post

FIAT DOBLO Doblo rear bump stop

I recently took my 54 doblo for its 20k service and the rear bump missing On asking they said they dont replace them was this because it had just gone into the dealer warranty How important is this bump stop

Hello there and firstly welcome to the forum The bump stops are important as when you are carrying a load and the suspension flexes they stop the suspension flexing too much. Its rare that the suspension will hit the bump stop unless you carry a very heavy load and go over a speed bump too fast for example but damage to the leaf spring can occur if the bump stop isnt there to stop it so Im lead to beleive. After all they arent there to look pretty are they as for 3rd year warranty then not a lot is replaced or repaired under warranty. However if it was there before the doblo went in then you could complain to fiat that its now mysteriously gone

FIAT DOBLO bump stops

hi can anyone tell me how to replace bump stops on 1.3 family doblo diesel do they screw on or are they held on with nut at top thanks

Im sure theyre the same as on the 1.9. If so they screw off. Theyll be pretty tight. I used a hammer and an old screwdriver. I put the screwdriver in one of the little notches at hit it a few times to loosen it. Pretty easy job if you raise the rear of the car using a proper jack. (causing the wheel to move down in relation to the body of the car)

FIAT DOBLO Doblo Rear End Knocking

Hey guys hope evryone is well Recently been noticing a knocking noise coming from the rear end of the car. iv had a quick look and cant see anything obvious has anyone else experienced this issue i would really appreciate hearing from you guys thanks alot

my first guess would be the bump stops on the rear suspension. They are like a yellow cylindrical part

Originally Posted by Chrissouls my first guess would be the bump stops on the rear suspension. They are like a yellow cylindrical part This has come before in the forum and it turned out to be the suspension bushes. edit no Im wrong as usual it was the bump stop sorry but there have been issues with the rear bushes... httpwww.fiatforum.comdoblo74905...-warranty.html httpwww.fiatforum.comdoblo11651...n-problem.html

I am going to replace the rear bump stops on my Dobbie. As the rear height is very low would changing spring assistors at the same time be a good idea Any help would be appreciated

I may have misinterpreted your post. There are two different types of spring assister grayston spring assisters.pdf The attached files above show two different items that are both called spring assisters rather confusingly The rubber cone is what fiat call a spring assister or wick (depending on the technician you are speaking with). The rest of us call it a bump stop. The pdf file shows a grayston

FIAT DOBLO Doblo 1.9d rear suspension height

Ive just joined so hi to all I have just replaced the rear bearing hubs on my much loved 2001 doblo 1.9d JLX whilst doing so I noticed that the suspension end-stop buffers were rotted with the last inch or so completely gone so I replaced with new ones. On driving all seemed fine maybe a bit firmer ride wise. I checked and noticed that the new buffers are now just touching the leaf springs would anyone

I was just looking for the same information. New shocks fitted new bump stops almost touching the axle plate. Shocks look as if they are not far off fully compressed. Thinking I might know the answer

FIAT DOBLO Bizzare Clutch

Hello all newbie here so be gentle I have a 2004 (04) doblo Van 1.9 JTD and the clutch is acting strangely when the pedal is fully depressed i can engage any gear without issue when i let the clutch up to engage drive all is fine for a few yards and then i get no drive whatsoever if i depress the clutch pedal half way i can then get drive albeit with a slight judder any ideas folks many thanks in adavnce.

Originally Posted by MorrisMick Hi I am also new to this Forum malarky stuff. I have a Bizzare Car . I think its haunted. I have a fiat doblo JTD year 2005 and it has done 30000 (7k sinced I owned it.)(owned since May 2008 from the fiat Dealership) Clutch slip in 4th and 5th gear but only does it on odd occasions. rear Wiper works when it feels like it. Headlights go out completely when switching from

FIAT DOBLO Look Fiat DOBLO on 16s Yes it can be done

For anyone who might be intrested . I have managed to fit Stilo 16 with 205s on my doblo 1.9d. BABE MAGNET What do you think I have installed 15mm Wheel Spacers to make them fit but you could get away with 10mm Spacers if you would like. Tinted rear windows not all finished as yet but hoping to drop the doby by 1.5 oh and need new bump stops if anyone can help. Also have fitted 2 Recliner Race seats

but the bump stops are there to stop the suspension bottoming out they dont actually touch the rear leaf springs so your problem is elsewhere. Someone else had a similar issue to yours recently have you done a search

Hello. Right I have every thing loaded that I would normally and it is not sitting on the rear springs there is about an inch gap. So they are bump stops. just very big ones. It was something I read elsewhere and the size of them made me think that they were often sat upon. Cheers for the link for the spring assisters I discovered them earlier and I am pondering getting a set to help with the weight

Wheaty by spring assistors I guess you mean those big cone-shaped yellowy rubber things that look a bit like sex-aids My fiat garage showed me those on their computer and referred to them as wicks. They cost me about 34 quid if I remember rightly.. cant remember if that was for one or a pair though sorry. Are they just bump-stops Im sure my doblo handled better and felt firmer at the rear after new ones were fitted

FIAT DOBLO Considering buying a Doblo

Greetings dobloids I have joined the forum because my wife and I are seriously consideringa doblo as a replacement for our 2001 Renault Kangoo 4x4. The 1.4 petrol is our likely choice until such time as carmanufacturers sort out the DPF issue. Maybe 30K miles on an 07 plate orthereabouts. I am aware of the problems with the wiper boss the rear doorcatch and the rear suspension bumpstops. Are there

go and buy one - you wont regret it. The engine is softly tuned in its standard state hence it can comfortably cover huge mileages or as stated respond well to tuning just dont forget timing belt and water pump every 5 years. Originally Posted by Brummy Exile Any advice gratefully accepted. Ive owned easily 25 cars and the doblo IMO is the best....but then again I have a bit of experience with fiats

FIAT DOBLO suspension problem

hi all... iam new to this so please bear with me . i have a 2003 doblo on a 53 plate and iam having problems with my rear suspension it only has about an 1 of travel between the rear leaf spring and the rubber cone ( helper ). ive got a years warranty from dec 06 so i have taken it in and the are saying that its not covered is this rite also i have a nocking sound on my steering rack. can any 1 help thanx big bird

Originally Posted by sludgeguts As the dobbin is van derived shouldnt it be capable of carrying as much as the van - Id imagine thatd be around a ton in which case why do we need to uprate springs coils or whatever My doblo was originally used by Cornwall NHS Trust (according to insurance docs left in car) and my mechanic suspects that it was fitted with a wheelchair lift capable of lifting at least

Sorry guys but what you are calling a bump stop is not actually a bump stop. It is a spring assister. bump stops are designed to provide a short flexible limiter to the end of the travel of the suspension. The doblos spring assisters are designed to work with the suspension spring the main part of the springing is done by the spring itself but when loaded or on rough roads where the suspension is going

FIAT DOBLO Doblo problems and hints on repair

Im new to the forum so I though you might like my hints of the doblo. I have owned mine for the last two years clocking up 92000 miles hard motoring. Of coarse I have had some faults and here they are. 1. Engine overheated without warning resulting in new engine fitted at 21000 miles. Damaged head apparently. 2. Central locking system would not unlock rear doors. Luckily I was able to open them from

FIAT DOBLO Time for a new tyre thread

Ive searched the forum but any posts re. new tyres all seem to be pretty old I have my doblo booked-in for a few jobs on Tuesday ( new cambelt aux belt tensioner water pump and wicks - rear suspension bump stops). If I have enough cash left I want to replace all four tyres so I want to know which are recommended ta. Im not a high-mileage driver so longevity is not much of an issue. Im a fairly hard

to try get a bit better mpg by slowing down a bit on the mway. So for the last couple of weeks ive tried to stick to 60-65mph on mways. Average mpg according to the computer was increased to 55mpg within 1 week. Its now dropped down to 52mpg as i got sick of doing 65 all the time & have done more short journeys for work this last week or so Anyways all in all im really pleased with how the doblo

FIAT DOBLO Handling Packs for Doblos

Does anyone know of a handling pack for the doblo at all I am impressed with the performance of the vehicle in every other area except the handling which would definitely benefit from better anti roll bars. I would even consider a complete suspension kit but I have been unable to find any done by the usual after market manufacturers. It has been suggested that I also change the wheel tyre combo from

The doblos basic make-upfloor pan is unique as is the Multiplas. I think that has been mentioned else where in the forum The rear suspension is a simple beam between the hubs and uses cart springs with rubber bump stops. Its simple and effective especially when heavily laden. If you buy a doblo I think you may have gone the wrong route for a MAX Power feature spread 0) Remember if it looks like a van - itll probably handle like a van...

FIAT DOBLO hello from glasgow

thought i would say hello to the board members got a wee Y plate doblo panel van for work purposes into my vans in a big way usualy found in a transit or a VW but now the doblo is my weapon of choice. cheers jim.

Originally Posted by bigmastiff thought i would say hello to the board members got a wee Y plate doblo panel van for work purposes into my vans in a big way usualy found in a transit or a VW but now the doblo is my weapon of choice. cheers jim. I use mine for work duty as well but there are a couple of problems to be aware of carrying a bit of weight. The rear suspension need upgraded. I got a greyston

FIAT DOBLO new tyres

Have a 2007 1.3 multijet and just wondering about new tyres.Have Bridgestone Duravis on at the moment and they look fine thread wise until you check the inner wall and there terriblesplits everywhere.Would rather go for something differnt.They are 1658515 92t.Living in Ireland so anyone purchase tyres on the islandThanks.

Just past test after failing a few items including a faulty shock so replaced bothput on new bump stops while i was at it and had to adjust the load valve on rear.Went with semperit comfort life tyres in the end.Skint as a result but at least its good for another year.

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