fiat ducato 2007 fuel filter

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fiat ducato 2007 fuel filter III 250
fiat ducato 2007 fuel filter III 250

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FIAT DUCATO III 250 2007 Ducato Fuel Filter

Hi Does anyone know if there is a special tool required to change the fuel filter element on a 2007 2.3 jtd ducato i thought it was just a matter of unscrewing the top & replacing the element but the top refuses to budge on both ducatos

Originally Posted by Stusledge Hi Does anyone know if there is a special tool required to change the fuel filter element on a 2007 2.3 jtd ducato i thought it was just a matter of unscrewing the top & replacing the element but the top refuses to budge on both ducatos See previous post - quote - Hi I think the procedure would be the same for the 3.0 but

Originally Posted by sumpplug Hi all i have just renewed fuel filter on my 2007 2.3 ducato I first removed two fuel pipes inlet & outlet removed two bolts from bulkhead disconnected electric plugs from top & bottom of filter housing this left me with filter full of diesel which i emptied out into waste container then lying filter housing on its side placed top black ring in vice and unscrewed filter

I undid mine in the vice too. Put the lid in the vice becvause its stronger than the body then get hold of the body wearing those grippy rubbery gloves to unscrew it. No bleeding necesary as the electric pump in the fuel tank filled it up again as soon as I had refited it and turned the ignition on. The rapid connectors are just like a garage air line where you pull the collar back to release them. There is a special tool but I managed to do it without.

I was having difficulty in disconnecting the fuel line connectors so Peter has clarified it for me. He said You need to push the metal collar back towards the filter body as this releases the plastic elbow so you can pull it out. Pushing the plastic elbow towards the filter body may make it easier to push the metal collar towards the filter body so you can then pull the plastic elbow out. There is

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2007 Ducato 2.3 Fuel line to fuel filter connectors

Hi re 2007 ducato 2.3JTD Does anyone know where I can purchase fuel line Rapid connectors separately These are fitted between the fuel line and the fuel filter housing I dropped the filter and managed to break one of the connectors Bought a 2nd hand fuel filter housing but would like to have a complete fuel filter housing to make life easier at the next service Regards Marano

FIAT DUCATO III 250 how to replace the fuel filter element on a 2007 ducato 2.2

Hi My first post on this site for a while. Just wondering if anyone can give a simple procedure for changing the fuel filter element on my 2007 ducato 100 2.2 litre van. Have the spare filter but uncertain about how the housing comes apart as it is unlike other fuel filters I have changed. Thanks

Hi There is a previous post that I think would cover this procedure as I would think the 2.3 & 3.0 would not be any different to your 2.2 - httpwww.fiatforum.comducato2335...el-filter.html

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2007 Ducato 160 (3.00) - Fuel Filter

Hi all Can anybody point me in the right direction on how to change the fuel filter on a 2007 ducato 160 (3.0) also if there any special tools required. Thanks and a happy new year to you all.

Use these two previous posts for info The 2.8JTD uses a spin-on type filter whereas the X250 models (& late 244 models) went to a cartridge type this thread gives the basics of the procedure for the 2.8 JTD The link below concerns your version with the cartridge type httpwww.fiatforum.comducato2335...el-filter.html The bleeding procedure is the same

FIAT DUCATO III 250 oil and filter change fiat ducato 100 multijet 2007

hi need help to change oil and filter on my 2007 fiat ducato 2.200 cc 100 multijet swb van . need to locate oil filter plus sump drain plug location. also order fuel filter need location and instruction on how to replace many thanks paul

hi paul if yours is the 2.2 engine known as puma (basicaly ford transit 2.2 tdci) the filter is encapulated in a black cup at front lower part of engine from underneath with i think 30mm nut which needs to be unscrewed to remove the cartridge and fit a new sealoil i think is 530 fully synthetic do not use cheap oil you will regret it and fuel filter is undr bonnet inside a black with some times green

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2006 2.8jtd fuel filter cartridge threads

Hi My 2006 2.8 jtd has a newer style disposable cartridge-type fuel filter. Can anyone confirm that the top cap is threaded with normal right hand threads and not vice-versa The cap has arrows maybe indicating left-handed threads.

There is a previous post regarding the 2007 ducato fitted with the same type of fuel filter & its removal etc. None of the replies mention anything about LH thread so one would assume it is RH. see previous post - httpwww.fiatforum.comducato2335...el-filter.html Cheers

FIAT DUCATO Fuel pressure before filter

Does anyone know what the pressure of the diesel before it reaches the filter on a 2007 2.3 130 X250 I have changed the filter and replaced everything and I am getting fuel leaking from the top of the filter housing. A friend has said to check the pressure before it goes into the filter and that is reading 7bar. Is this too high or is it within spec. thanks in advance.

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2007 Ducato 2.3 Servicing Kit

Hi All. I was wondering if anyone has purchased aftermarket items like fuel filter oil filter pollen filters etc for 2.3 ducatos Looking at some products they claim they are compatible but they all have different dimensions - inner outer height etc. I was thinking of buying a FRAM service kit from ebay which seems to have all the items i need other than oil. Any opinions I havent checked with the dealer to see what the prices are for genuine items so there may not be a saving.

Hi dfr For our 2.8 JTD which we brought new the only filters etc you could get in OZ at the time were genuine fiat ones & were pretty expensive at the time. As the vehicle was under the 3 year 180000k warranty & I did all the servicing myself I didnt have much choice other than the genuine fiat stuff. Back then I think from memory the oil filter was 32 but was an Iveco one from the local Iveco dealer

FIAT DUCATO water in fuel warning

hi my 2007 ducato 2.3 amber warning light for oisture in fuel light came on intermittently but has now stayed iv bled the filter and also replaced the filter could it be the sensor can i change this can i check it how much is one cheers

FIAT DUCATO releasing rapid fuel pipe connectors

could someone please explain how I release the rapid connectors on the fuel pipes on a 2007 ducato filter housing (not-so-rapid connectors in my case) Ta Paul

Originally Posted by Tribute_650 could someone please explain how I release the rapid connectors on the fuel pipes on a 2007 ducato filter housing (not-so-rapid connectors in my case) Ta Paul Squeeze the tabs on the side and pull or get the pliers Peter James Tribute_650 thanked for this post

FIAT DUCATO III 250 X250 3litre 2007 Engine power loss

Hi My 2007 3 litre van keeps popping up an engine light the garage read the codes and it was the throttle control body. This has been replaced. Now I have a new problem. Occasionally the van has no power engine is still running and continues to drive but put your foot down and it very slowly accelerates. Take the van out of gear rev the engine no problem at all quick response to the pedal. Then after

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2007 Ducato 160 soot deposits

Hi all. I was recently driving the van and suddenly there was a strange noise coming from the engine. When you start to drive off you can hear the turbo whistling away as soon as you change into 2nd gear and put your foot down the engine sort of growls. There has been no lack of power. I thought that it could be something wrong with the exhaust so called into ATS and they put it on the ramp. They noticed

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2007 Ducato 2.3 Engine Warning Light

hi Guys weird one this my ducato 120bhp 2.3 mjet xlwb Van 3 nights on the trot last week i had the same issue occur at the same place i had just loaded my van and went to set off (the engine had been idling about 5 mins) as i set off the engine stalls i restart and the engine managementFI light comes on and stays on all night i cover approx 130 miles before switching off unloading then 5 mins later

Have you changed your fuel filter as must super markets us bio fuel mix this could be the cause as the temps are droping causing it to thicken.

FIAT DUCATO Ducato or Not Ducato - that is the question

HI - HELP - desperately need some advice please. We need to purchase a new vehicle for our business and are unsure as to what to ducato or Ford Transit. Having been a Transit owner for the last 12 years out of pure necessity for the size and affordability of price we are now twice bitten three times shy and very reluctant to buy a Transit again - however we can get good service and warranty

sure that these are sold in Australia I have yet to see any of these models on the road. But the basic engines with some mods are shared with the Iveco Daily which is sold out here. As Peter has said the Parts are expensive out here but consumables filters etc are available aftermarket & even with the exorbitant postage from the UK it is still cheaper to buy from over there. Brought some genuine fiat

FIAT DUCATO Yellow engine light on fault code p0016

Hi all i have a 2007 ducato 2.3 diesel and up until this Monday never had a problem .(bar the noisy reverse) Went to start van after winter break and after it had started yellow engine light on and a reduced power output . Had a diagnostic done and it came up with the code P0016 Timing RPM Synchronisation . The van continued to run for a day on reduced power (had a job to do) then would not start at

FIAT DUCATO What your mpg

Hello there just wandering what mpg you peeps get from your ducatos 07 100 bhp onwards

2007 120 relay. Allways 50% loaded (Weight) and town driving. Usually 35.8 mpg . Today this dropped to 30 mpg and was bogging down at low revs. Stalled a couple of times . This afternoon I couldnt pull away from a round about. Screwdriver in hand I let the water out of the fuel filter and was back to 35.8 mpg and full power within 15mins. Couldnt tell you what that is in eurotalk.

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