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fiat ducato 2011 III 250
fiat ducato 2011 III 250

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FIAT DUCATO III 250 wheels for fiat ducato 2.3 120 multijet year 2011

Which alloy wheels in 15 inches are suitable for fiat ducato 2.3120multijetyear 2011 Are there any specific producerwhich is PCD ET I have tyres 2157015 Thanks in advance Shomikus

I got some from these guys very good service. httpwww.rimstyle.comalloywheels..._model_id3290 From memory if you have 15 wheels they will be 118 PCD. Its the maxi 16 that are 130 PCD Stu

I found ALESSIO TOP 6.5X15 5X118 et 50 is this ET suitable for ducato or i need to find with bigger ET like 55 or 60

FIAT DUCATO Driver and co-driver floormat for DUCATO20112.3

Hi has some one knows what is fiat part number for driver and co-drive rubber floormatI have fiat ducato FURGON 2.3 Year 2011. Thanks in advance Shomikus

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Parking sensors for ducato year 2011

Has someone had expirience with instaling parking sensors for fiat ducato year 2011 I want to install parking sensors but i dont know which are the best for this type of van Thanks in advance Shomikus

I have one of these which works OK although none are 100% reliable and are not a substitute for looking where you are going. b8b440 There are lots of other suppliers on ebay selling the same thing so shop around. When you take the rear bumper off you will see there are already

Thanks Peter I saw on the inner side of the bumper 4 markings where the holes need to be drilled. Finnaly i bought 4 sensors with beeper (no display just beeper) I hope i will have no problems mounting them to the van Shomikus

I fitted a set of 4 to my 57 plateabout 3 weeks ago. Bought from ebay and fitted in about an hour. Never fitted them before. As said 4 holes in the bumper. Splice into the reverse light cable and stick the sounder in back. Cable was to short to reach the front but its load enough. A little tip. Angle the sensors up a little. Mine picks up the curb or driveways .

I mounted today 4 sensors and tested it I drill exactly where is marked and put all 4 sensors and everything is working.

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Ducato Maxi 2011 Motorhome - EOBD Socket Location

Hi I recently purchased a 2011 fiat ducato Maxi Motorhome (Swift Sundance 630L) and id like to now where the EOBD socket is located. Much Appreciated Geoff Archer

Geoff. I have a 2007 X250 right hand drive. and the socket is in the right hand fuse cubbyhole just below the fuses (look near your right knee as you sit in the drivers seat. undo the 2 screws for access) Hope this helps Mike geoffswansea liked this post

Thank you Mike i found the EOBD Socket hiding behind a red wire. Geoff.

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2011 160 Multi Jet - Engine Coughing

excuse the description but that best describes it.... New 2011 Motorhome on the fiat ducato Chassis 160 Multi-jet Power. From day one at 2000-2500rpm in 4th 5th 6th gears theres an obvious cough from the engine. From my limited (very) technical knowledge this sounds like a fuelling issue. Vehicle has now been driven around 500 miles and re-fueled. There appears to be no loss of power and the issue

Hi Stuart My personal opinion is that having spent all your hard earnt cash on a wonderful brand new motorhome if youre not happy then take it straight back to the company you purchased it from and tell them so. Its not really your problem its theirs

is that having spent all your hard earnt cash on a wonderful brand new motorhome if youre not happy then take it straight back to the company you purchased it from and tell them so. Its not really your problem its theirs Yes like its been back twice now so lets not go there As many motorhome owners will confirm few dealers have the facility for engine and mechanical issues referring instead to fiat

has the engine light ever been on or have you had the error codes read

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2011 160 maxi xlwb

Hello I have a fiat ducato 2011 35 maxi 160 XLWB.motorhome with 16 team dynamics rimfire hdx5 alloys do you know where I can get locking bolts for these wheels I keep getting sent the wrong sizes My bolt sizes are length overall 54 mm thread lenght 35mm16mm thread19mm hexagonOUTER TAPER RIM 22mm(the ones I get sent are 36mm )The hole in wheel is approx.30mm. rieaa

Hi I have a 2014 180 maxi xlwb with the same wheels. When I purchased the wheels new was informed that locking wheel nuts for the maxi were not available so I had to use the black nut covers. As all new ducatos now come with a spare wheel I have kept back a set of the old nuts in case I get a puncture. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Should i buy a 2010-2011 Ducato LWB or another make

I am looking at buying a LWB van are fiat ducato vans any good what are the biggest problems Please help me decided fiat ducato Ford Transit Merc Sprinter or VW Crafter

Im delighted with mine. (Citroen Relay same as ducato H2 L4) The wide body and low floor makes it great for a camper van. Low floor and ground clearance not so good for a builder though if you are going off road.

Thanks no off road work Wouldnt mind converting to a camper though When I buy it I will put roof air and awning straight onto it

I am a bit worried about gear box rear shudder and the bad service from the Australian importer

No idea about Australian importer sorry. Mine was manufactured in May 2008. Reverse gear is a little higher than would be ideal but I doubt if I would have even noticed that if I hadnt read about it on the web. I have spoken to about 20 X250 (ducatoBoxerRelay)commercial van drivers not one had even heard of the judder and every one was happy with their van. It seems to affect motorhome drivers more

FIAT DUCATO III 250 fiat ducato35 120 2.3 multi jet 2011

hi folks new here just bought a new ducato and im looking to get it speed resrticted. fiat dealer it was bought from says they cant do it. all other fone calls to iveco ect dont want to know any help would be gratefully recieved.

Why not fit a cruise control These do a restrictor I have never used them so check before using. Mike

Anyone with ecusafe and SL1 module should be able to this as far as I know the 2011 still has bosch edc16 ecu .

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Ducato 2011 wing mirror replacement indicator

I have purchaced a new repeater indicator for my 2011 ducato Motohome due to an argument with a passing tree and now wonder how to fit it I understand that I need to remove the large actual mirror to reveal 2 screws holding the indicator light in position. Please can someone tell me how to do this without breaking the mirror

You dont need to remove the glass just push it in on the side near the indicator.You will see the screws holding on the indicator then.

Thank you for your help. It all worked exactly as you said and now all is restored to normal

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2011 160 multijet can cruise be fitted afterwards

Hi All I have just bought a new 2011 xlwb ducato 160bhp van can i have cruise control fitted as an extra now the vehicle has left the factory cheers LB

I fitted cruise on mine from Conrad Anderson.Google them for price etc.

FIAT DUCATO Spare wheel & spare wheel carrier for 2011 Ducato 15

I have just got a shiny new Autotrail Excel with only a tube of Goo for spare wheel There is bags of space under the garage at the back but no facilities for a spare wheel to be hung off the chassis. What I want is an underslung spare weel carrier and a spare wheel. Surely not an insourmountable problem I have already got a good tyre (21570R15C) and now need a wheel. I have just found out that there

have you fully loaded your new toy and taken it to the weighbridge to check the total and axle weights you may get a nasty shock and discover that the extra weight of a spare wheel and carrier is just too much because of the number of overloaded motorhomes the authorities are getting tough all across europe in any case would you really want to be changing a wheel at the side of the road ...having

some times the hole is just too big for goo

The tyre sounds like a very good idea but it would still be nice to hang it under the floor rather than fill up a fairly small garage with it My thinking is that a new tyre supplied by a foreign breakdown service would probably cost an arm and a leg. Only problem with that is how to fix it

if you have to source a tyre overseas you will probably find it just as cheap as in the uk but the problem is that you will have to pay whatever the breakdown service asks and just like in the uk you will get ripped off ...IF they have one in stock of course I am looking at the worst case scenario ie your tyre is not repairable in view of the much lower weight of a bare tyre very easy to get

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2011 Multijet 130 Computer

2011 built 130 multijet with cruise control motorhome 9500miles. After standing for a few weeks over winter when started engine fuel light warning stayed on. Driving off didnt have power cc didnt work. Then within 2 mls cc came back and engine had normal power. But warning light stayed on. Then did trip of 370 mls. Soon after booked appointment for check had to drive 60 mls. Then just before arriving

see if you can get your own code reader and see what the codes are clear them yourself and see if you can duplicate them i got a launch reader for less than aus200 and its proved invaluable

Try giving it a good thrash Sit in 5th with revs high for 30 miles without stopping. I heard they regenerate themselves by cutting out the egr system at high revs thus generating high heat in the DPF which burns out the built up crud if they are driven at low revs on long runs always the regen never happens thus leading to faulty DPF filters Worth a try

FIAT DUCATO III 250 rear foglights 2011 160 XLB

Hello Can anybody tell me why on the XLB fiat dont use the cluster foglights & put 2 extra ones in the bumper where they can get smashed Could it be on the heavier van they have to be a certain height The other daft thing is like most tightwads only the OS one works handy in Europe.Anyway Im going to convert to the upper ones eventualy RIEAA

For some inexplicable reason the French manufacturers of my motorhome do a similar thing. They remove the bulbs from each side of their bespoke rear lights and fit a single fog lamp in the rear skirt. They only do it on their heavy 4250kg chassis and the 3500kg chassis remains as original. It appears to be done in accordance with a French requirements for HGV lighting.

FIAT DUCATO Indicators relay location.2011 2.2 swift mh

Hi to all this is my first post so here goes. Im trying to fit an internal buzzer to the indicator relay in the above vehicle which I have only owned for a few weeks so its all still new to me. I have removed the fuse access panel on the right hand side of the dash and it seem that the ticking sound is coming from where a red multipin plug. I have tried disconnect ing this and the ticking speeds up.

FIAT DUCATO Speedo Cable - Ducato 10 TD SWB 2001

Help Please... I need a replacement (mechanical) speedo cable for my Motorhome based on a 2001 (first reg 24-05-2001) ducato 10 1905 cc TD SWB I am stuck as the replacement cable supplied by fiat thats the one and only one we have listed does not fit I have supplied them with the VinChassisFrame no The speedo end (as opposed to the gearbox end) does not fit my speedo (it is the original speedo) Attached

FIAT DUCATO Rear view camera fiat ducato van

Has someone installed rear view camera on fiat ducato Van 250 What is the best solution and place for rear view camera Original camera price without display costs 1.100 eur

cable to the monitor. We use 2 cameras on large mobile cranes one to the rear the other on the right front facing slightly rearward as these are left hand drive cranes and the operators rely on the camera view to pull out into traffic when turning left. Avoid wireless cameras I have yet to find one that works well in an automotive situation. Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat

systems but 90% are made in china. This PIONEER AVH-3300BT is produced by pioneermy good frend is seeling this stuff and he told me that this device is reading all discs and the best thing is that this device has BlueTooth by PARROT installed in it. It has DVD FM MP3 USB IN Ipod and also video in for rear view camera. Also i get adapter for 2DIN device plastic mask originaly for fiat

FIAT DUCATO II 05 ducato 2.8 Swift kon-tiki audio help

Hi folks... Bit of a newbie so be gentle.... First off Ive had a good look around the search area and Ive tried to download the manual.... (it looks as though its been removed).... No joy so now Im going to call on someones good nature.... Recently bought an 05 swift kontiki.... With only 10k on the clock.. She runs as sweet as a nut and Im over the moon with it.... But one thing has been bugging me

This is the standard diagram. You should be able to work the colours out the pin terminals are listed on the diagram (A7 A4 etc). The original fiat plug fitted VDOPhillips Blaupunkt etc. Attached Files ducato AUDIO.pdf (209.5 KB 69 views) __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides   

FIAT DUCATO Ducato 2.8jtd. Reverse light switch

Please can someone put me out of my misery. I cannot find the reverse light switch on this gearbox. Any guidance would be greatly received. fiat ducato 2.8 JTD 2006 Thanks.

visible with the air cleaner assembly removed & it is under the large air cleaner tube to the turbo if you move it (the Tube) out of the way slightly. I will attach the reverse switch pics from Garys web. Next time I have the Air Cleaner assembly off I will take pics of mine & show the location of both the Reverse switch & breather. Cheers Attached Thumbnails       __________________ fiat

FIAT DUCATO II workshop manual fiat ducato 2.8 idTD 1999

Hallo All I am new at this forum but I would like to ask if someone can help me with a copy of a Workshop manual of a fiat ducato 2.8.idTD 1999 or any web address or link where I can find this thank you all very much in advance. Axel

Hi. Welcome to the FF. Both dashboard and heating system are in the manual. Click on the Procedures tab at the top of the page then select the category you want to see. . Attached Thumbnails     __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) Croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514   Quote  

FIAT DUCATO Complete Fiat Parts Catalogue

Hi All Whilst searching everywhere online for a copy of the x250 workshop manual I came across what seems to be the parts catalogue for the fiat group (fiat Lancia Alfa Romeo Abarth and fiat Professional). It weighs in at about 6.5GB and has been sitting on couple of newgroups for 266 days. Im not going to try to explain all about Usenet Newsgroups news readers and NZB files here but if you know what

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