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fiat ducato 2013 motorhome III 250
fiat ducato 2013 motorhome III 250

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FIAT DUCATO Immobiliser problem on Ducato motorhome

Hi I have a 1999 Hymer motorhome based on the 2.8 TD fiat ducato. The immobiliser has decided not to recognise the ignition key and at the moment its stuck on my driveway.Ive tried the both the slave and master keys and the engine cranks but wont fire and the CODE warning light on the dashboard stays on. Ive had a word with my mechanic and hes asked if anyone knows if theres a diagnostic socket on

difference to changing the battery I may have done something else Im not aware of a sequence of all those things that has buggered it up but it seems a bit crazy to me. I put a pic of the ID plate up dont know if thats the chassis number though.. Really appreciate your help so far I hope I can return the favour sometime. Dan Attached Thumbnails           __________________ fiat

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2013 Ducato 180 headlight wiring

Hi all can anybody tell me the colour of the headlight wire as I need to tap into it so that the day running lights will dim when headlights are switched on. Thanks in anticipation.

I have a 2013 ducato 150 (motorhome) and it has daylight running lights on it as standard. Just to be clear my ducato version has the multi function display. I realise that there may be different specs so perhaps not all will have them. I only found them when I was going through the menu one day to see what was what. There didnt seem to be any mention of this in the Handbook. It also has auto close

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Does a 2013 Ducato require Beam Benders across the channel

We have a new Hobby motorhome based on a 3500kg ducato chassis can anyone please tell me if it requires beam benders (eurolights) across the Channel

FIAT DUCATO New Ducato Motorhome fitting spare wheel

Hi There just ordered a new fiat based motorhome built on the Camper low profile chassis. I intend fitting a spare wheel from my existing van to the new one and want to fit it underneath where it should go. I know the location is clear of extra conversion bits unlike my present one. I assume there are threaded holes in the cross-member to take the fixing bolts. Has anyone done this and have any tips or had problems. Many thanks John

We have a 2013 Bessacarr E584 and the spare wheel is mounted under the back.

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Ducatto 2013 central pillar fuse box

Hi as a new member this is my first post i have a new van which I am converting to a motorhome. The problem I have is I need to connect to the ignition system and as the central pillar fuse box is for motorhome conversion there must be a connection point for the ignition wire but as they do not seem to supply a wiring diagram for this I am stuck. can anyone help. thanks Clive

The central pillar fuse box is an option specified at time of order but not specifically for motorhome use. The handbook I downloaded from the forum has fuses for such things as heated seats rear current outlet for minibus passenger heating control for minibus self leveling suspension.

FIAT DUCATO II Gear Box Problems Fiat Ducato Motohome 04 1st and 2nd gear

I am having a problem selecting 1st and 2nd gear in my fiat ducato motorhome 2.8jtd 2004 when changing down I am struggling to get into 2nd and is always going into 4th when setting off I am struggling to get into 1st. Also the gear stick is stiff from left to right this has only happened in the last 6 months. The motorhome has done 30000 miles. I have had this to a mechanic who spray the linkages but this has had no affect. I would appreciate any help or advice. Wayne

Originally Posted by WayneFletcher I am having a problem selecting 1st and 2nd gear in my fiat ducato motorhome 2.8jtd 2004 when changing down I am struggling to get into 2nd and is always going into 4th when setting off I am struggling to get into 1st. Also the gear stick is stiff from left to right this has only happened in the last 6 months. The motorhome has done 30000 miles. I have had this to

FIAT DUCATO Does anyone recognize these Help

Hi there I have a 1998 fiat ducato Euramobil Sport 2.8TID motorhome and I have a few problems with the electrics mainly the fridge doesnt work on 12v neither is the leisure battery charging from the Alternator. I have been on various motorhome forums and somebody mentioned it could just be a fuse or a relay. I have the starter battery out for better inspection and found a black box under the window

FIAT DUCATO Dangerous Cruse Control

I have a very dangerous situation with my 2013 ducato cruse control. It operates perfectly under light situations but put a bit of load on it i.e. a long or steep hill and it will randomly cut out when you least expect it. It has now don it at least a dozen times and the last was so dangerous that I refuse to use it anymore. I was travelling in very busy peak hour traffic on a long hill at 100 klm

FIAT DUCATO Front mud guard flairs Ducato

Hi everyone I have a fiat ducato 2013 model motorhome in Australia and I am wondering if anywhere outside of Australia someone makes moulded front fender (mud guard) flairs to protect the side of the unit from getting sprayed with rubbish from the road especially when it is wet or from rocks and dirt from our country roads. There is nothing available here in Australia except rubber mount that looks cheap and nasty. Regards Al Kelly.

FIAT DUCATO Gearbox oil

I own a 1996 fiat ducato motorhome. I just want to clear the path ahead before I start as I have heard conflicting reports. I have attached a picture of my gearbox and take it that the top plug (circled) is the filler and the bottom plug (circled) is the drainer. Thanking you in anticipation. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise

FIAT DUCATO Dashboard rattle - passenger airbag related

Hi all Anyone experiencing an annoying rattle from the passenger airbag area of the dashboard Only started about a month ago (11 months from new) Not engine speed related not the fan not radio connectorswiring related all reachable plastic panels touched whilst drivingrattling but cant stop it - have even removed top and bottom passenger glove boxes and still rattles Sounds like something tapping against

FIAT DUCATO Instrument Panel Lights

Does anyone know if you can have the Instrument Panel Lights on without the external lights being on I have a ducato based motorhome with an overhead cab which even on bright sunny days the instruments are not easy to see largely due to the overhead cab creating shadow. My 2013 ducato does not have side lights as such it has daylights or dipped headlights so driving on dipped headlights all the time

FIAT DUCATO Tyre pressures

Hi. I checked the tyre pressures on my ducato motorhome today. The plate on the body says they should be 79.5psi all round. The front 2 were 75psi. The back 4 on tag axle were around 55psi. I have inflated to 79psi. Is this correct or is there some reason the garage previous owner had them at this pressure.

Originally Posted by boringfrog The plate on the body will be for a standard van not a motorhome. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   06-10-2013   6 bigbag Get Your Own Title Join Date Jun 2013 Posts 13 Thanks 0 Trader

FIAT DUCATO need circuit diagram for electric door mirror

We have a Geist Spirit 2005 motorhome Based on a fiat 2.8 JTD cab. The drivers door long arm electric mirror has never worked I have recently repaired the motors but have now found there is no power to the motors. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the joy stick motor controller

Originally Posted by roncorb ... fiat 2.8 JTD cab ... a wiring diagram for the joy stick motor controller Here you go. Should be fairly easy to follow. And the all-important colour-codes for the wires are also attached (I wish I had that a few years ago ). Attached Thumbnails   Attached Files Mirrors.pdf (28.5 KB 103 views) __________________ Peter June 2006 2.8JTD Maxi carrying an Avan Applause

FIAT UNO II Need help fixing problems please

Hi Im new here I joined because this forum helped me a lot so far great forum Anyway I recently bought a mk2 uno 1.4 as my first car I knew it had a few problems when I bought it (it was meant to improve my mechanical skill something I could learn on and fix and upgrade MYSELF.). As soon as I fixed the problems I knew about a few others just showed up too... The biggest problem right now is insane

Originally Posted by billthedrill Hi I am a newbie I have a problem with my motorhome it is a 1990 fiat 2.8 diesel I can&8217t find where the crank case breather goes back in any help thanks Hi I see youve mad 2 posts now so MAY have the answer the folks in the ducato section BOTTOM of homepage are helpful knowledgeable Im not aware the 2.8 s went back as far as 1990 as my 1990 is a 2.5 atmo or is it not in a ducato.. Charlie - Oxford

FIAT DUCATO ducato 03 2.8jtd maxi 18

hi Guys I hit a pothole the NS front suspension was damaged and the air bag light comes on the garage fixed the suspension and the damaged wiring loom but after replacing the airbag module the air bag light still comes on its going back in again after 4 visits any ideas it showed a bad earth code. oh and they have seemed to have broken my sat nav but they are looking at that as well.

hi guys Well it worked before they did the wiring and they took it out to fix the wiring so I can blame them they have fitted a new airbag module at a cost to the insurance company which did not solve the problem and after all they are supposed to be the experts and have had it back four times if they had replaced the wiring loom in stead of trying to repair it to cut cost may be this would not be

FIAT DUCATO Unusual warning light problem

We have a 2013 Bessacarr 584 motorhome based on a Ducacto 150 Multijet. When we put the cruise control on the ABS & Water in Fuel lights come on very dim regardless of if the vehicle is moving or stationary. Can anyone please assist

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