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fiat ducato 2013 III 250

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FIAT DUCATO III 250 2013 Ducato 180 headlight wiring

Hi all can anybody tell me the colour of the headlight wire as I need to tap into it so that the day running lights will dim when headlights are switched on. Thanks in anticipation.

Hi mate any luck on this I got the kit at home ready for when I get the van back to fit didnt I see it say what wire to use or are the wires different on the 2012 vans Any other issues in fitting

No still waiting on parts Hopefully tomorrow I had the feeling that there may be wholesale differences in the wiring etc will make sense when Im knee deep in fiat wiring looms trying to fit mine lol cheers

I dont know how the display told me that DRLs fitted. When you wire up and turn on your ignition look at the display it will only tell you the once. The wire going to your main headlight (Green with black stripe) is definately the signal wire. I rang ledcom and he explained all about it. If you go to fiat main webite where you can build the van to your own spec you can now get DRLs fitted at extra cost so it must be programmed into the ECU etc.

I have a 2013 ducato 150 (motorhome) and it has daylight running lights on it as standard. Just to be clear my ducato version has the multi function display. I realise that there may be different specs so perhaps not all will have them. I only found them when I was going through the menu one day to see what was what. There didnt seem to be any mention of this in the Handbook. It also has auto close

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2013 Ducato based Campervan

I am trying to fit a rear view camera to enable me to keep an eye on motorcycle trailer when towing. I want the camera and monitor to be on only when ignition is on. I am old enough to remember before computer and canbus etc so basically do not understand it. My idea is to take power supply from rear of cigarette lighter or auxiliary power socket on dashboard. I have gained access to rear of cigarette

Hi again well I threw caution to the wind and mage a guess. Three wires going into Cigarette lighter socket Black one I figured was earth middle one power to cigarette lighter outer one power to illuminate cigarette lighter when vehicle lights on. I have connected my monitor (live) to middle wire (earth) to black wire (on cigarette lighter) it all works (so far). If that helps anyone else great. I

if you have ducato of 2013 years moreover no matter you have a full harness options you only need to add equipment and relays I had the cigarette lighter socket in the rear now I have just had to connect the relay so before you do anything to pull see if it has the third brake light terminals for connecting the camera in the cab at the top the headliner

FIAT DUCATO Ducato 2013 2.3 Cable path

Hi I am trying to fit rear view camera to above. Does anyone know if there is an existing entry point to allow me to pass video cable through cabengine bulkhead so I can lead it under van to camera location Thanks in advance.

Hi When fitting the camera to our 244 model I fitted it to the original base of the interior mirror as the mirror itself was useless. I came up from under the vehicle from the rear up the firewall on the drivers side (RHD) through an unused grommet in the firewall behind the battery then up the inside of the door pillar & across under the headlining to the Screen. No doubt the X250 is different to

I was looking for a grommet in the firewall myself for after market fog lamps and was told to reduce noise in the cabin there are no holes except for one.It can be found behind the driverside headlamp(lamp must come out).I was told I could squeeze another cable thru here but when I checked it was pretty packed.2 fog lamps for sale. I ran my camera cable inside under the roof.

Thanks for the input FreeSpirit and dfk. Like you dfk I cannot find any route through the firewall except by drilling. So I am thinking laterally. Have removed the trim in the Drivers entry step. The good news is there is a hole at the rear of the step which appears it may go outside under the van have not found the exit point yet. If I do I will post back.

I have ducato of 2012 before you disassemble wait for something to drill proof as I have at home. from what I know is in the wiring harness h all the same I already installed a socket on the back of the car to 12V I had to mount the relay and now mounted cruise control I do not know if you want Assembling orginal webcam or replacement the beam is origi that goes upside car with side doors goes down

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Ducato launched at 2013 Chicago Auto Show as Ram Promaster

Notwithstanding the fact that its new name sounds like a sex toy Chrysler Group LLCs commercial subsidiary Ram Trucks has pulled the cover off the Ram Promaster in Chicago. And yes its a ducato but with some differences. The design is largely unchanged however. Autoblog and have coverage of the launch here and here but perhaps most revealing are the comments from readers below the

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Does a 2013 Ducato require Beam Benders across the channel

We have a new Hobby motorhome based on a 3500kg ducato chassis can anyone please tell me if it requires beam benders (eurolights) across the Channel

Hi. If your Hlights dip to the left it will be illegal in Europe they dip to the centre over there. I believe some of the later models had an adjuster for Europe on the back of the light cluster have a look in the handbook or ask at fiat .

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Ducatto 2013 central pillar fuse box

Hi as a new member this is my first post i have a new van which I am converting to a motorhome. The problem I have is I need to connect to the ignition system and as the central pillar fuse box is for motorhome conversion there must be a connection point for the ignition wire but as they do not seem to supply a wiring diagram for this I am stuck. can anyone help. thanks Clive

I have a 2012 campervan and it does not have this fuse box you speak of . I picked up power from the dash fuse box by using some add a fuse connectors

The central pillar fuse box is an option specified at time of order but not specifically for motorhome use. The handbook I downloaded from the forum has fuses for such things as heated seats rear current outlet for minibus passenger heating control for minibus self leveling suspension.

Thanks for your replies spent time with my electrical meter ignition on and off and at last have found connections I needed. At last I have a three way fridge and electric step that works as they should. I find it strange that fiat are happy to supply new vans with all the extras to make a good van conversion and then will not supply information unless you pay 60 euros for the privilege. Now I can carry on with the rest of the conversion if I have any more problems I WILL BE BACK

FIAT DUCATO II Gear Box Problems Fiat Ducato Motohome 04 1st and 2nd gear

I am having a problem selecting 1st and 2nd gear in my fiat ducato Motorhome 2.8jtd 2004 when changing down I am struggling to get into 2nd and is always going into 4th when setting off I am struggling to get into 1st. Also the gear stick is stiff from left to right this has only happened in the last 6 months. The motorhome has done 30000 miles. I have had this to a mechanic who spray the linkages but this has had no affect. I would appreciate any help or advice. Wayne

Originally Posted by WayneFletcher I am having a problem selecting 1st and 2nd gear in my fiat ducato Motorhome 2.8jtd 2004 when changing down I am struggling to get into 2nd and is always going into 4th when setting off I am struggling to get into 1st. Also the gear stick is stiff from left to right this has only happened in the last 6 months. The motorhome has done 30000 miles. I have had this to

FIAT DUCATO complain

To Mediterranean Car Agency Ltd Tuesday August 20 2013 Re Vehicle Order No.1034057-1 Request by fax 03-5655626 To Whom It May Concern Factual Background 1. On12112012 I purchased a car from fiat fiat ducato 4.0 Manual year ofproduction in 2012 (the vehicle). 2. Iargue that on the day I got the car the main fault occurred then rode back manytimes - the warning light was on stability control during

FIAT DUCATO Help with Fiat Ducato 2.3 not starting

Hi all Can anyone help me out with this please I have a Hymer fiat ducato 2.3 55 plate and has been perfect for 4 years . Then I had a flat battery and the garage tried to jump start it with no avail So I fitted a brand new battery . Now it just turns over And the immobiliser key code is not lighting up at all .. Can anyone help please.. Thanks paul..

the fuel pump. As a test before resetting normally you should be able to hear the pump working in the fuel tank under the vehicle on just turning the ignition on dont try to start -pump stops after 10-15 seconds when pressure builds up if no pump operating noise is heard try - Simply press the switch until it clicks home to restore the auxiliary pump earth connection see previous post -

FIAT DUCATO II Ducato 2.8JTD 2005 Gearbox Oil Breather

Whilst carrying out the annual MOT the garage mechanic pointed out oil on the outside of the gearbox casing an said in passing that it would probably be the gearbox oil breather pipe blocked forcing gearbox oil around the oil seals to relieve the pressure. Is this likely with ducatos I though I would look at it myself but where is the breather and how on earth can it become blocked Does anyone have a diagram please

brands noticed that Carlube 75W80 has the specification API GL4GL5 so bought this I have attached a picture of the breather through which I topped up (the black casting is the gearbox mounting bracket so will aid location) however the airfilter housing needs to be removed first. PS My van is a 2006 2.8JTD so picture will apply to this model only. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat

FIAT DUCATO II Ducato 03 oil level sensor .

hi all Im looking for a new second hand oil level sensor for my 2.0 jtd o3 fiat want stupid money wonder if this the same sensor for any other fiats thanks Gary __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   17-06-2013   2 ducatoMiltonKeynes Get Your

FIAT 500 II FIAT Ducato Vans for the USA

fiats ducato vans will be sold in the USA Have a look here... Wikipedia (Links) Wikipedia (Links) Wikipedia (Links) And here... httpwww.allpar.comnewsindex.php...coming-in-2013 Unlike the Ford Econoline and the Chevy Express the fiat ducato is a front wheel drive van. That gives a lower floor for easier loading and full upright standing room in the taller versions. The rear doors can also pivot up

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2007 Ducato door open light

Hi my 2007 ducato Van has the red door open light on the dash sometimes when it does the central locking wont lock. I am pretty sure its the rear doors but were is the plunge switch or sensor for the rear doors

Not sure if this will be of any help. Attached Files fiat ducato X250 Central Locking.pdf (402.0 KB 112 views) __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   18-02-2013   3 rolopolo Get Your Own Title   Join Date Jan 2012 Posts 100 Thanks 8 Trader

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Ducato 2.3 jtd 2007 code help

I have a 2007 ducato lwb 2.3 jtd it developed a fault in January 2011 and Im still trying to sort it The orange engine light came on but the van drove ok but I had booked it in for diagnostics. 2 days later it stopped and would not start again. I had a look at the ecu as there was no cover over the plug wires and the position that it is parked water flows over the ecu when it rains. After taking the

FIAT DUCATO Gearboxdriveshaft oil seal housing

Hi all. Does anyone know were I can source oil seal housing for my 1993 ducato gearbox It is from a 2.5 TD model I damaged it trying to replace the old drive shaft which was stuck. It bolts onto the left hand side of the gearbox (sitting in vehicle) were the drive shaft attaches. The attached image shows the one from the right hand side in including part but held together they look the same. Tried

FIAT DUCATO Ducato flywheel torque settings

Hi everyone Im struggling to find flywheel to engine torque settings for my 2.0 jtd are the bolts reusable Thanks Gary

Just checked it in the ducato eLEARN manual seems it is 4.8daNm (48Nm). About a third the torque of a car wheel nut. Still doesnt right to me though. . Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) Croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514   Quote   26-05-2013   6 garyo

FIAT DUCATO Does anyone recognize these Help

Hi there I have a 1998 fiat ducato Euramobil Sport 2.8TID Motorhome and I have a few problems with the electrics mainly the fridge doesnt work on 12v neither is the leisure battery charging from the Alternator. I have been on various motorhome forums and somebody mentioned it could just be a fuse or a relay. I have the starter battery out for better inspection and found a black box under the window

FIAT DUCATO Question on Ducato and gravel capabilities

Good day. I am new to the forum - and very interested in getting a new ducato 2.3 Maxi built as a motorhome in South Africa. It is called the Vista 3 from Vista mortorhomes. I really would like to hear forum members your opinion on the general reliability of the ducato as well as its gravel capabilities. We have a lot of gravel to travel in South Africa. I would thus like to have assurances about this

OK let us leave the gravel capabilities question - I think Ive got an idea. But people will help me as a prospective buyer a lot if I can have some feedback on the general reliability of the fiat ducato as a base vehicle. People with experience on the newer models (2011- 2013) would help a lot please

FIAT DUCATO III 250 wire between battery terminals Ducato 08

Hi not very mechanically minded so please excuse. There is a wire which runs between positive and negative terminals at battery which has burned out. Anyone know what this is

The wire was hanging loose from the positive terminal so I removed it. It was connected to the relay at the negative pole. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   23-11-2013   10 dave Get Your Own Title   Join Date

FIAT DUCATO Immobiliser problem on Ducato motorhome

Hi I have a 1999 Hymer motorhome based on the 2.8 TD fiat ducato. The immobiliser has decided not to recognise the ignition key and at the moment its stuck on my driveway.Ive tried the both the slave and master keys and the engine cranks but wont fire and the CODE warning light on the dashboard stays on. Ive had a word with my mechanic and hes asked if anyone knows if theres a diagnostic socket on

difference to changing the battery I may have done something else Im not aware of a sequence of all those things that has buggered it up but it seems a bit crazy to me. I put a pic of the ID plate up dont know if thats the chassis number though.. Really appreciate your help so far I hope I can return the favour sometime. Dan Attached Thumbnails           __________________ fiat

FIAT DUCATO ducato gearbox compatibilty

hi folks a question for the technically minded would a gearbox from a 2.0 jtd or 2.5 jtd work on a 2.8jtd if they physically fitted would the be a big difference in gearing also does anyone know if there would be a difference in say a 2.0 petrol gearbox and a 2.0 diesel gearbox - any input is welcomed. regards.

Thanks for your replies I have a 2.8 jtd and 3rd gear has gone - Im not sure if its a push or pull though It looks the same type as this one (picture attached) Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   30-08-2013   5 moodrater

FIAT DUCATO Front mud guard flairs Ducato

Hi everyone I have a fiat ducato 2013 model motorhome in Australia and I am wondering if anywhere outside of Australia someone makes moulded front fender (mud guard) flairs to protect the side of the unit from getting sprayed with rubbish from the road especially when it is wet or from rocks and dirt from our country roads. There is nothing available here in Australia except rubber mount that looks cheap and nasty. Regards Al Kelly.

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Ducato 2007 fuel gauge

I lost my keys for my ducato 100 multijet (ford engine) and was quoted to death to have locks changedre-coded ecu .(as keys were lost near home). So I went for the option of replacing with used parts from a van breaker. I had to replace ignitionecufusebox all works fine now plip opening starts etc but the fuel gauge does not work and the warning lamp flashs constantly any ideas chaps does it need a

Ive found a wiring diagram which shows the system I hope its of help. Couldnt find a key but I figure that its something like this. CAOO - Ignition B511 - ECU 1211 - Tank sender unit and pump assembly 0004 - Dash gauges Fuel gauge Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance   

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