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FIAT DUCATO Ducato 3 ltr air filter

Hi I am trying to change the air filter in my 3 ltr ducato.I presume you undo the 4 screws at the top of the filter to remove the top end. These screws are very rusty and mangled and will not undo. Is there another way of removing the filter before I try to drill out these screws.

Just taken a look at the diagram its the same housing as my multijet 100 sorry to say that there is no other way to remove the air filter. If you can get a hack saw blade to the screw heads you could cut the head and use a normal screwdriver to remove the screw.

Remove the filter housing complete. Undo top retain bolt and the bracket underneath holding it on. Remove the inlet and outlet hose connections and lift away.

Thanks people I had to drill out the screws but job now done.

FIAT DUCATO I 290 1991 petrol air filter

I am trying to locate an original air filter and casing for my 2litre petrol ducato 1.3T (motorhome) Does anyone know where i can get one

You could try ebay express breaking turns up a few on the talbot badged version.

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FIAT DUCATO III 250 2007 Ducato Fuel Filter

Hi Does anyone know if there is a special tool required to change the fuel filter element on a 2007 2.3 jtd ducato i thought it was just a matter of unscrewing the top & replacing the element but the top refuses to budge on both ducatos

Originally Posted by Stusledge Hi Does anyone know if there is a special tool required to change the fuel filter element on a 2007 2.3 jtd ducato i thought it was just a matter of unscrewing the top & replacing the element but the top refuses to budge on both ducatos See previous post - quote - Hi I think the procedure would be the same for the 3.0 but

I undid mine in the vice too. Put the lid in the vice becvause its stronger than the body then get hold of the body wearing those grippy rubbery gloves to unscrew it. No bleeding necesary as the electric pump in the fuel tank filled it up again as soon as I had refited it and turned the ignition on. The rapid connectors are just like a garage air line where you pull the collar back to release them. There is a special tool but I managed to do it without.

FIAT DUCATO Pollen Filter

Can anyone tell me the location of the pollen filter in a ducato 2.8JTD year03

Sorry for delay in replying. The Pollen filter is located in the engine compartment just under the windscreen on the passenger side. The trim under the windscreen on the outside of the vehicle is divided into two pieces. Remove the half at passenger side it is secured with philips screws in mine. The pollen filter is located under this trim which covers the air inlet for cabin air. The replacement filter can be bought at any motor factors. Hope this helps.

My 2006 2.8JTD has a pollencabin air filter installed. In fact I changed the filter element last month having bought one from for AUD55.58 delivered SKU FA22300 Product Title FA22300 air filter FA-22300 A-22300 WCA8071 8071 AF25296 C17278 GENUINE SAKURA filterS BUY ON-LINE BRETTS ALL filterS 244 2.3L JTD 2002-ON fiat ducato ducato 244 2.8L JTD 2002-ON PEUGEOT BOXER I - 1994-2002 1.9TD

Originally Posted by PeterM Mine is a LARGE cylindrical filter that sits in a can in the engine bay on the passenger side. Those flat filters are for some other arrangement and are indeed much cheaper. My van has one of these as well as I suspect all similar models do. However its function is not to prevent pollen reaching the inhabitants of the van but to stop ambient bits in the intake air getting

Originally Posted by PeterM Trouble is your cheap filter is the wrong one for my vehicle. Mine is a LARGE cylindrical filter that sits in a can in the engine bay on the passenger side. Those flat filters are for some other arrangement and are indeed much cheaper. Try pricing the one I used The air filter is about the same price there are two different heights of cylinder you need to measure

FIAT DUCATO Ducato Oil Filter Major Loss of Oil Problem

My ducato suffered hydro lock after getting stuck in floods I managed to remove plugs and blow the water out then did an oil change and engine flush and then fitted new oil and fiat filter all seemed fine then after two weeks and half a mile after starting up the red eng management light came on and then oil started blowing (gushing) from under the engine got towed to the garge where they found the

FIAT DUCATO Filter cross reference

Does anyone have a liting of non factory filters fuel air and oil for a fiat ducato 2.8 jtd . Im using FRAM PH4847A oil filters but cannot find any air filters and the RYCO fuel filter recommended by REPCO (Z533) fits but doesnt have the correct size drain hole to suit the water trap indicator as it has a 8x1.25mm thread not the 12x1.5 required. I have looked at Iveco but still cannot find anything in N.Z.

Try these. Fuel filterWK 8546 Oil filterOC 248 air filterLX 611

FIAT DUCATO Ducato 1.9jtd fuel filter help

Hi All Hope you can advise me I have a ducato 1.9 Diesel engine motorhome (Carioca 656) the fuel fitler behind the air filter looks like a canister type with an orange gismo on the bottom with wires coming off it. Is it feasable to disconnect the gismo wires and use a strap type wrench in place to unscrew this can and change it (I presume the gismo also unscrews so it can be used on the new filter) Am I close Part number would be great if I am. Cheers Ian

FIAT DUCATO II Ducato 20045 Pollen Filter

Hi Do any of you know if a 2.8JTD ducato 20045 without air Con has a pollen filter fitted and if it has how do you access it. Thanks Bri

FIAT DUCATO X250 100 multijet Pollen Filter

Can anyone please tell me if the ducato X250 2.2l 100 Multijet has a pollen filter and if so where it is located TIA

It is behind the central glove box. See attached file for Pollen filter Replacement Attached Files X250_pollen.doc (130.5 KB 357 views) __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   28-04-2011   4 burs615 Get Your Own Title Join Date Oct 2008 Location

FIAT DUCATO Fuel Filter replacement 244 - 2.3JTD

Hi people I have give my ducato to FAIT to do the 60.000Km maintenance servicing. But He didnt replace my Diesel filter So did someone have a diagram to see where is it located (or a picture ) hard to change -- by the way He did not replace either the air filter I guess the filter is inside this case (blue) Thanks people.

Yes the air filter element is in the blue container. The fuel filter is behind the air filter housing.

The fuel filter is behind the air filter box (blue on your diagram) . Large metal canister. Remove electrical connector from the base unclip the fuel lines slacken off the retaining clamp and reverse the procedure for the new filter. Be warned there is about 12 litre of fuel in the filter so be careful where you spill it.

FIAT DUCATO Air in fuel

Hi I have a 1994 fiat ducato 1.9td with a strange problem it wont maintain fuel pressure. I am using a hand primer because I cannot find any sign of a primer on the lift pump or the filter housing. When I do get the bleed hole full with the hand primer the system loses pressure over a few hours. Have checked for leaks using the propane and carb cleaner method and found nothing. Could it be a lift

FIAT DUCATO Air suspension problem

Hi all...i have tried searching though the forum for a couple of days before posting but i cannot find any threads to help me. i have even tried dloading the manual for mine from this site and burnt it to disc using power iso even that wont work for me..(pulling my hair out now) ok i picked up my 97 ducato ex council with a wheel chair ramp fitted on saturday. at first the compressors would only run

FIAT DUCATO How To Change A Fuel Filter On A 2.8jtd

Hi Just found this site. My motorhome based on a 2004 2.8jtd has now done 16000 miles and i want to change the fuel filter. In the old days of changing a filter on a BMC engine the fuel system had to be bled which could be a pig. Could someone please tell me in simple stages how this is done. Any help would be appreciated. Steve & ann. --------- teensvan.

First make sure the ignition is turned off Remove the air filter housing top. Remove the air filter element itself from the housing - this can be a tight squeeze. Remove the 3 retaining nuts at the bottom of the housing & the 2 x worm clamps from the housing to the snorkel & the engine breather & remove the air filter housing from the engine bay to allow access to the fuel filter. Loosen the 2 bolts

Hi I think the procedure would be the same for the 3.0 but the difference is the 3.0 fuel filter is a cartridge type rather than the spin-on type used in the 2.8 model. So the complete assembly supposedly has to be removed so that the top of the assembly can be unscrewed to enable the element to be removed. But they also say the same for the 2.8 but it can be done as stated without removing the complete

FIAT DUCATO pollen filter

can anyone tell me where the cabinpollen filter is on my 2004 ducato 2.8jtd with cab aircon. thanks billy

Originally Posted by billy burstner can anyone tell me where the cabinpollen filter is on my 2004 ducato 2.8jtd with cab aircon. thanks billy It is located underbehind the black plastic moulding at the base of the windscreen ( on the outside where the wipers are ) which has to be removed to get access on which ever the passenger side is - RH LH drive etc

FIAT DUCATO Intermittent air vent problem

Okay can anyone work this one out The air vents on my ducato go from allowing a strong stream of air with the fan blowing to nothing at all in what appears to be a random problem. No difference whatever fan setting I use (fan runs perfectly) or what output vent I select (feet windscreen etc) Its NOT the pollen filter. Thanks in advance


Hi Newbie here Looking to do a service on my 2.8 JTD Camper. When changing the fuel filter is there a sequence to bleed it Also is it just a case of removing the oil filter draining the oil (when warm) & putting the new filter on Any special tools needed to undo the sump plug Thanks

Originally Posted by Riviera181 Hi Newbie here Looking to do a service on my 2.8 JTD Camper. When changing the fuel filter is there a sequence to bleed it Also is it just a case of removing the oil filter draining the oil (when warm) & putting the new filter on Any special tools needed to undo the sump plug Thanks After youve changed it you turn the key to the first position which starts the lift pump

Hi Thanks for the helpful info re bleeding the air out worked a treat Mine is fitted with the screw ondisposable canister. The only thing I did notice was that the Unipart filter that I removed was slightly shorter than the Fram filter I installed. As a result the water trap sensor wire on the Fram filter was a bit too short to reach the plug in the loom. As a temporary fix I unclipped the loom from the body giving it a bit more slack. In the future I shall replace it with a Unipart filter or genuine fiat one if its not gold plated priced

FIAT DUCATO Fuel Filter change schedule

Hi All Can anyone tell me how often (milestime) a fuel filter should be changed on the 2.0JTD 2003 ducato. I have the Peugeot version but its the same engine mine even has the ducato tags on it. Regards Stewart

Hi Thanks for the info Peugeot simply say its either a A B or C service and that the happen every 2 years on a rotational basis. Its a camper and has only doen 14000 but even so I always change oil and filter once a year. So this year it will be air and fuel. Can anyone confirm whether its essential to actually remove the full unit from the van or simply unscrew the filter from the head unit. Thanks Stewart

MY fiat handbook [ in french ] says oil filteroil fuel filter every 20K Km air filter every 40K I am aware that the fully synthetic oil is fine at this as it lasts longer but I prefer an annual oil change [ 10K for me ] so the semi synthetic [ also approved by fiat for the kilometrage ] is more than adequate [ and less expensive] for the job dellwood33 thanked for this post

Hi I think changing it once a year regardless of the mileage done would be a good idea for reasons already stated previously by the other posters. Thats the schedule I use for both changing the oil itself & the oil & fuel filters as the amount of mileage done per year isnt enough following fiats schedules. I go on the appearance for the air cleaner. Dont forget about the coolant & also changing the


How to remove air filter box on my ducato 2.0jtd 2004

There are vibration mounts bolted through the bottom remove the screws remove lid remove air filter youll see the nuts to remove in the bottom. You need to catch the hexagonal part of the top of the mount underneath with a spanner to prevent twisting the mounts in two. Coppaslip when refitting will make it easier next time round.

FIAT DUCATO How To Change A Fuel Filter On A 1.9d

HOW DO YOU CHANGE A FUEL filter ON A 1.9 DIESEL 2000 fiat ducato VAN I there a how too anywhere thanks

Originally Posted by Pirateweb Im no expert but I would say the problem is not with your fuel filter. Having said that for the cost of a replacement (less than 20 quid) and a 5 minute job its worth doing anyway. I dont know this particular engine but its probably more likely that the injection pump needs setting up as many have a max speed adjustment on them as well as idle adjustments etc. Its really

FIAT DUCATO air flow sensor

I own a 2012 3 ltr ducato which is displaying an air flow sensor alarm and on occasions causes i have power problem going up hill. I have taken it to a fiat Dealer on no less than 4 occasions on the final visit they changed the air flow sensor within 5 kilometres of leaving the dealership the alarm had returned. has any one got any ideas

Check the air filter.

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2007 ducato air con

Hi when i have the air con re-charged it last about 3 days and then stops no leak can be detected on the 3 rd day when you switch it on and off you hear a hissing sound like gas draining down by the end of the day it is no longer cold. The only thing that has not been checked is the evaporator behind the dash how easy is this to get to does the middle of the dash come apart(clip board down to radio)

what are the pressure readings while the system is running when you vacuumed it down did it hold vacuum with the pump switched off does the compressor switch on does the system have too much gas in it is the pollen filter blocked remember the gauges never lie no such thing as a dumb question im interested in what you find cheers Adam

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2007 Ducato 2.3 Servicing Kit

Hi All. I was wondering if anyone has purchased aftermarket items like fuel filter oil filter pollen filters etc for 2.3 ducatos Looking at some products they claim they are compatible but they all have different dimensions - inner outer height etc. I was thinking of buying a FRAM service kit from ebay which seems to have all the items i need other than oil. Any opinions I havent checked with the dealer to see what the prices are for genuine items so there may not be a saving.

Hi dfr For our 2.8 JTD which we brought new the only filters etc you could get in OZ at the time were genuine fiat ones & were pretty expensive at the time. As the vehicle was under the 3 year 180000k warranty & I did all the servicing myself I didnt have much choice other than the genuine fiat stuff. Back then I think from memory the oil filter was 32 but was an Iveco one from the local Iveco dealer

FIAT DUCATO Australian Fiat Ducato water ingress unsealed engine and rust

Re Australian fiat ducato water ingress unsealed engine and rust Hi to all the fiat ducato owners across the world . It feels strange yet empowering to be able to communicate from here to so many so far away all at once . As you will have gathered I live in the best country in the world Australia especially if you love the Motor Home experience. Which I do. There is an endless supply of larrikin characters

FIAT DUCATO 2.8JTD Ducato motorhome engine hesitancy

Hello all. I have recently bought a well maintained ducato Maxi based motorhome which has done 35000 well maintained miles. The vehicle is a 2001 registered 2.8 JTD (M13 spec i.e. no EGR valve) 232 version which is a pre-facelift model. I have an issue which refuses to be found and I am not sure if it is a fault or a trait with these vehicles. I have nothing to compare my wagon with. To describe the

surging that a passenger has readily noticed. It is not specific to gear or engine speed but one can usually induce it in 4th gear easily between 40 - 50 mph. One can also either open throttle further or release it slightly and the problem goes away. When cold the engine can seem a bit jumpy. Under the warranty that came included with the purchase the wagon has spent a good amount of time with a fiat

FIAT DUCATO 2.8 manual fuel system bleeding how

The fiat forum bus is broke it had water in fuel filter light on but still ran i drained it out but then it wouldnt start think air got in an self bleeding system isnt working. the wires on the bottom of the drain plug have snapped off but i am told this wont stop it starting how do i bleed from injector pipes. tried loosing them one at a time turn over no bubbles just fuel do back up then same for

Attached is a diagram from the iveco manual for bleeding the fuel system on the 2.8 non CDR engines with explanation included but the location of some of the components would be different on the fiat . I would remove the fuel filter again & fill it nearly to the top as practical without spillage on reinstallation with clean diesel then reinstall it. Then follow the steps as per the attached diagram

FIAT DUCATO I 280 Help.. new to diesel 89 2.5TD Fiat Duc Motorhome oil leak and other Qs..

Hi all I have just joined today I am new to owning a Diesel so bear with me right I have a 1989 fiat ducato 2.5 TD Hymer Motorhome. it has done 57000 ive not had it long originally German so it is LHD. I have the Russek manual which i dont find very useful ubnlike the Haynes ones but hey. I changed the air filter and oil filter and put new oil in ( didnt flush it out though) I noticed before there

FIAT DUCATO I 290 1991 ducato 2.5 TD ( warning light )

Hello - wonder if any of you guys can help me with a problem i have on my recently purchased 1991 fiat ducato 2.5 Turbo Diesel campervan. Whats happening is a warning light on the instrument panel is flickering on and off as im driving along - it looks like this.... Theres no loss in power and the engine runs fine - the vehicle is a german import and the instructions are in german so im currently unable

FIAT DUCATO II 2001 Ducato 2.8 JTD.......ECU or not

Hi guys - This may be an idiot question but we live here in Spain and weve just bought a 2001 ducato 2.8 JTD based LHD motorhome. Its apparently the pre-facelift ducato model. Black bumper no CAT. Its got a noticeable flat spot in the power at about 2500 rpm. Im wondering does it have an ECU and is it thus possible to get it chipped for smoother power curvea bit more oooomph Has anyone chipped a similar yearmodel of ducato All comments appreciated.......thanks Bruce.

Originally Posted by andreascy25 Hi Bruce I was wondering if you found a way to connect your ducato 2001 with a diagnostic. I have the 2001 2.8D but I couldnt spot the ECU -OBD plug (I dont know even if there is one) This is how you do it............. Connecting fiat ducato 2.8 JTD 2001 to Diagnostic machine. Most garages need to use an adaptor lead to get your ducato diagnostic plug fitted to their

FIAT DUCATO Ducato Motorhome cutting out

I have seen similar posts but have yet to see a definitive answer so I thought I would start from scratch to see if anyone can help. I have a Hymer motorhome based on a 2002 fiat ducato 2.0 JTD . For a while now it has been cutting out when under strain (climbing hills or overtaking). It only does it when fully up to temperature and only in warm weather. It will cut out with no warning lights just

FIAT DUCATO 2004 (53) Ducato 11 2.0JTD Fuel Pump Problems

Hi guys......newbie needs some fiat guidance if I can please. My fiat ducato started running on after killing the ignition a few days ago and today will not start thinking that the problem was linked I started digging I found out that fuel pump or fuel pump relay problems are common on the ducato - I took the air filter pipe off and sprayed ez start straight into the inlet - she started to turn over

FIAT DUCATO II 1997 2.5 TDi Ducato (8140.47R) ECU diagnostic port EGR

The title alone would have caused some people here to look twice as Ive read that at least one of you thinks that 1997 2.5 TDis dont have an ECU . Mine has. Ive seen it and it appears to be causing problems. Intermittent power loss or stuttering is perhaps the best way to describe it a problem not unknown in the wacky world of ECU s. The problem comes and goes and appears to be caused or worsened by

FIAT DUCATO Fiat ducato spare wheel

Hi there I need to find the size of the spare wheel thats fits into a fiat ducato 1990 2.5 diesel auto sleeper (fits on top of engine) but when i bought the van it has wider wheels on & spare is to wide to fit into the wheel compartment So any help would be much app & also if anyone has that wheel i would be interested in it. Cheers mhanger33

Hi Yes here they are -- kev __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   04-10-2011   9 Crossingkeeper Get Your Own Title Join Date Jun 2007 Location Norfolk Posts 197 Thanks 15 Trader Rating 0   Re fiat ducato spare wheel Does the metal bar have

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