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fiat ducato airbag light II
fiat ducato airbag light II

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FIAT DUCATO Fiat ducato x reg 2.8 airbag warning light

Hi The airbag warning light has come on and will not go off I have an X reg fiat ducato The MOT is due soon so need to sort this ASAP Is there a common fault fix for these How do I connect to the code reading system on these older vans Thanks

Hi check previous post - Cheers

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Ducato 2007 Maxi Airbag light on

Hi I took my van in to the fiat dealers to look at a reason why it was going into limp mode now and again randomly. Anyway decided against them doing the work as they were not convincing me they knew what they were talking about. Anyway as I was driving away the airbag light came on so we took it straight back and they gave us a free diagnostic for our troubles. They assured me it was nothing they

It sounds as if they have dislodged a wire somewhere. I would take it to an independant work shop. there are a couple of places I use here but you dont say what area you are in. I would not let the fiat dealers anywhere near my ducato Mike

Originally Posted by bob72 At a bit of a loss and I dont really trust the dealer to find the problem. Whichwhat dealer was it Originally Posted by taffybloke I would take it to an independant work shop. there are a couple of places I use here but you dont say what area you are in. I would not let the fiat dealers anywhere near my ducato Mike Why not I prefer someone with model specific training to someone who has not

Your point about only using the dealer for airbag issues is not bourne out by the OPs issues with his light coming on. The dealer has charged him a lot of money and not fixed the problem. As regards to the recall point I went to the dealer with the typical ducato leaking scuttle problem thinking they would fit the engine cover kit that has been introduced to fix this issue to be told they did not know

FIAT DUCATO fiat Ducati airbag light

7 faults showing and wont clear02 airbag control unit supply voltage1a airbag indicator lampthen 5 other faults all 01 airbag control unitcan anyone help thanks

Originally Posted by 0778dean 7 faults showing and wont clear02 airbag control unit supply voltage1a airbag indicator lampthen 5 other faults all 01 airbag control unitcan anyone help thanks Well the most importan one there is airbag supply voltage if there is no isufficient voltage youll have all sorts of errors check the fuses then check supply wiring.


Hi my camper is a fiat ducato 2.8 JTD 15 LWB 2002-06 model HT02 WYU. The airbag light was on when I bought the vehicle and it has since been converted from 3 front seats to 2 but it only ever had one airbag - for the driver. The existing ECU is showing various faults on the computer readout including that the centre seat tensioner is missing. I now need a replacement airbag ECU that will service the

FIAT DUCATO seat belt and airbag

hi all my airbag and seat belt light is on permantly any ideas on how to get it switched off thanks

Originally Posted by Pedro1970 hi all my airbag and seat belt light is on permantly any ideas on how to get it switched off thanks Check wiring to center seat recoil thats otherwise youll just need to get the codes read.

FIAT DUCATO Seat belt warning light

Hi All I have a 2010 Motorhome built on the X250 2.3 chassis and wondered if someone can confirm whether the seat belt warning light only operates on the drivers seat or should the warning sound if there is a passenger and their belt is undone My warnings operate fine on the drivers but not on the passengers. heres hoping Regards Stewart

Hi Guys This confirms my thoughts that it should work and also my fears that it could be conected to the airbag. Regards Stewart

Just a quick update had the van into the dealers today and they have confirmed that on the ducato the passenger seat is not conected to the warning system. The wiring under the seat is for the airbag system. Regards Stewart

Wiring is for the seatbelt pre-tensioner disconnected fauly wiring or pre-tensioner fired should bring up an airbag warning light not seatbelt light.

I was replying for the benefit of other people that would find the thread seaching for ducato airbag warning etc.

FIAT DUCATO Air bag Warning Light Blues

Its all my own fault-I changed a fuse under the glove box in our 2002 ducato Murvi Motor-Home with the ignition left on and the next thing I noticed was the air bag warning light glowing at me-the first thought I had was that looks expensive After an hours labour and some checks my local fiat garage thought that it could be the Air Bag ECU were but were not 100% sure without some further hours of checking.

Have they scanned it It is possible but rare for an SRS ECU to fail. The most common fault on the early models was high resistance on the LH airbag. Disconnect battery remove glovebox unplug air bag (2 connectors) clean and tighten (wire end) terminals refit test.

Originally Posted by listy100 Thanks for your reply Arkk-Do you mean disconnect the left hand air bag I think our van just has a drivers air bag on the steering wheel. Im not sure if fiat scanned the ECU If you have a double seat in the front the center seatbelt recoil connector is pretty vulnerable. You can put a 2.2 ohm resistor in instead of the recoils and airbag to rule them out. Definitely worth getting a kkl cable and fiatecu scan to check the codes yourself.

It isnt usual to cause a fault simply by changing the fuse key on or off. We often have vehicles in that have had a flat battery the airbag light comes on when trying to start with a flat battery NOT on jump starting. Usually we simply connect scanner delete code and problem solved. Some vehicles you can delete the code by disconnecting the battery for 20 minutes. What fuse were you changing You might

Dont keep swapping ECU s like there cups of tea Its sound advice when we keep saying Get a Cheap KKLvag com cable with adaptor Get a Free Edition of FesMes and Find out what the airbag ECU actually thinks is wrong Could be the beloved low battery it could pick up a dead airbag detonation pack - who knows But fes will tell you Ziggy

FIAT DUCATO Seat Belt Warning Light

Campervan ducato 2.8 JTD owner - I am having a problem with the red seat belt warning light coming on for no reason - it comes on when driving alone and I have my seat belt on - it comes on when driving with a passenger and we both have our seat belts on. The light goes out when the ignition is turned off. There must be seat sensors somewhere - can anyone give me some clues please. Thanks.

Originally Posted by fiatTimberland As this is a motorhome conversion both seat are on a swivel base and I cant see that there are any wires going into the seatbelt stalks - the seats would be unable to swivel properly if there were wires coming from somewhere to go into the stalk. Any other ideas Thanks for your help so far. repaired lots of swivel seats airbagbelt faults. Wiring comes up centredone one yesterday infact.

FIAT DUCATO 2.8jtd headlightindicator stalk problem

Hi We are touring Spain and the motorhome ( ducato 2.8jtd 05 swb ) has developed a problem with headlights. When on dipped headlights indicating left or right switching to main beam or just touching the switch stalk sometimes causes the headlights to go out ( including the dashpod lights ). Wiggling the stalk about causes them to come back on again but I am dreading the switch ( which I assume is the

the electrical connections. 2. Loosen the collar bolt. (underneath) 3. Remove the steering column switch unit. Hi Moodrator Seem to have a problem with the lights not working on my 2003 ducato motorhome and I noticed a little puff of smoke from the top of steering column then no lights recently so assume problem may be wiring loom chafing on steering column. Do you happen to know whether fiat

FIAT DUCATO Ducato air bag ecu

Air Bag light has come on and a diagnostic indicates an intermittent internal fault in the Air Bag ECU . Im told that the unit is a use once item and that it has to be replaced with a new one that then has to be coded to the vehicle. fiat price is not cheap. Anyone any experience of this issue andor an alternative source other than the Main Dealer FD

warning light will stay on if an impact of a certain severity causes the activation of the system. The control unit must be replaced because its memory cannot be deleted The Air Bag warning light is the smart type with a control circuit inside the panel that ensures the warning light is properly connected to the control unit. I was talking to an owner the other day with the same problem & the fiat

Hi did you ever get your airbag light sorted If so what was the problem I have a light on too so am interested. Cheers.

Hi first time to post. Reading previous posts a few people have had the same problem with the air bag warning light that I am having ie. the warning light staying on for no apparent reasonAbout 18 months ago the airbag warning light came on in my motorhome just as the DOE was due. I brought it to the garage and after 2 days they had cleared the light and replaced the contact spiral and charged me an

From what I can gather from your post the airbag light has come on again after nearly a year. You have checked the clockspring (spiral...) and are not taking it back to the garage.......why It obviously seems to be a different fault and without a code reader you stand little chance of finding the fault.

FIAT DUCATO ducato wont start cant find inertia switch

we have a 2011 ducato 120 multijet its had a minor front end shunt (no airbags or seat belt pre tensioners activated) now wont start and you cant turn the hazard warning lights off if we put a 12v feed to the fuel pump it runs fine ... any help appreciated

FIAT DUCATO Ducato seat swap problem

Hi all. I have swapped my double passenger seat for a single in 2008 ducato 35. The airbag light stays on now Any suggestions please

FIAT DUCATO ducato 03 2.8jtd maxi 18

hi Guys I hit a pothole the NS front suspension was damaged and the air bag light comes on the garage fixed the suspension and the damaged wiring loom but after replacing the airbag module the air bag light still comes on its going back in again after 4 visits any ideas it showed a bad earth code. oh and they have seemed to have broken my sat nav but they are looking at that as well.

The air bag circuit is finding a fault and showing you by illuminating the light. You need to access the airbag ecu to find out what the fault is and to clearfix the problem. They are very sensitive to voltageamperage changes so the airbag loom (usually separate) cant be repaired and so should be replaced if damaged. I would recommend the airbag man to look at it. It must of been some pothole

FIAT DUCATO Fiat Ducato Workshop Manual

I have an Elnagh Marlin motorhome on a fiat ducato chassis with a 1.9 turbo diesel. It was first registered in July 2000 and I want to purchase a workshop manual. I tried one of the electronic versions on CDROM but that was a complete waste of time and money. Can anyone please advise where I may purchase a book version and which one is the correct one to buy. Many thanks in anticipation.SPAN

Originally Posted by lightweightmick So you are thinking that the earth return depends on a relay operated by the horn push Theoretically this wouldnt make sense as a horn doesnt take much current. Not really mate if its a steering wheel centre push with airbag then it has a clockspring which couldnt handle the current. ronrumbol thanked for this post

Originally Posted by ronrumbol By the way it doesnt have an airbag. I have at last found the problem. As a last resort I decided to take off the steering wheel to investigate where the wires went to. There are two brass contacts that slide on steering wheel (earth contact) and the other one which makes contact with a brass ring. Neither were making contact which is a mystery. All I can think is that

FIAT DUCATO II diagnostic port. 2001 2.8jtd

Hi Guys does anyone know where the diagnostic port is on the 2.8jtd 2001 Ive looked everywhere and cant identify it thanks. Torq

Originally Posted by T14086 Sorry I didnt realise it was a 2001 model (even though you said ) I apologise. What problem(s) are you getting with the van Not to worry the 2001 is a bit of a crossover model mkII chassis but with mkIII interior. The van just wont start the injection warning light comes on flicks off momentarily after about 7 seconds and then stays on constantly. The tank pump runs for

FIAT DUCATO Another Wiring Question

Renewed my horn as it wasnt working had tested old one first (dud). New one would not work either checked relay OK then put meggar at the two wires at horn both live. So question is can I remove centre cover on steering wheel so I can rewire to horn as it has an air bag on it. Or is there an alternative way (2003 2.8JTD.) Thanks

The basic system is similar to the late vans. Test the horn and relay circuits again only tackle the clockspring wiring as a last resort or if you are already familiar with the systems. If you are not confident removing the airbag squib get some help. There are guidelines for doing this. Disconnect battery removed squib place face up on the floor etc. DO NOT test connections with a test light or voltmeter.

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla diagnostics leads

Ok so can borrow laptop so trying to get the right leads to run the free software to try and get my airbag lights off. Firstly does it actually work ie reading faults and resetting etc inc airbags Are these any good... Says modified & people have told me I would need to modify since I am new to this...are these what I need to get going without having to start modifying stuff

Im pretty sure theres a guy on the yahoo group who sells the modified leads that do airbags and abs for 20 quid incl postage. fiatecuscan can do abs anyway as I used it on a ducato I had fine but maybe multiscan is different. I have an airbag light cos I took out a seat.. I assume it will go away when I plug it back in Marty

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