fiat multipla rear bump stops

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fiat multipla rear bump stops I 186
fiat multipla rear bump stops I 186

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FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla rear suspension bump stops

Anyone know where to get hold of these....our 1999 multipla needs new rear springs and bump stops but cannot find anyone to sell them to me Regards Trev

Cheers for that T

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear suspension - rubber stops holders

Hi - newbie here with a problem over Easter to sort. And plse excuse my inability to name the parts correctly but hopefully youll get what im on about. A Mk2 Mulitpla 54. When up on the ramp for tyres noticed the rear rubber stops (bungs) on both sides had fallen out & were sat in rear springs (at least i discovered the latest rattle). The cups (holders) at the top that hold them up have corroded away.

Heres an excerpt from the MoT testers manual Sec 2.4.a a. Inadequate clearance of the axle or suspension with the bump stop or chassis b. a suspension unit so weak that the body or other part of the vehicle fouls a road wheel or would do so if the vehicle was laden. Note a missing bump stop rubber is not a reason for rejection. It appears that a non-existent bump-stop would be ok - but one rattling

The OS one on my 54 plate Eleganza is completely missing and the whole protruding lump that the bump stop pushes into is corroded and missing all that is left is the bit that the spring sits against plus about 10mm of the metal that starts to rise away from the chassis to where the bumpstop mount would have been. As far as im aware providing the mount for the spring is still sound then its not an MOT failure. Mine was like this on its last MOT in January and it wasnt even an advisory.

Cheers fellas - sounds like no bump stop (taking out the stop from within the spring) is the (cheapest) way to go. Will let you know. If i went the proper route though (new mount for & possibly new bump stops) can anyone actually confirm they sit in are retained by the top cross member itself at each side (big expensive job) or once disassembled do they sit in are retained by ano separate part Cant

take the bump stops out and throw them away my multi has passed its mot for the last 3 years and nothing was ever mentioned.

FIAT MULTIPLA Extended travel stops

The rear bump stops on my Eleganza JTD multipla have dropped out of the housings due to corrosion(45000 miles)I have been told that the rear axle needs to be replaced and that it would be advisable to replace the shock absorbers simultaneously. I have been quoted one thousand pound including Labour charges. Am I being conned

FIAT MULTIPLA multipla bump stop pictures

Hi all new to the site. I am looking for pics of the rear of a multipla petrol year 2000 1.6. Failed the nct or mot on the bump stops. They are damaged. Cant seem to find anything on sites. What do they look like I know their purpose. Was gonna get spring assistors. I would appreciate a picture all the same. thx

FIAT MULTIPLA I 186 Rear subframe (I think) - again

Had a loud thumping sound from offside rear when hitting potholes. Took to Kwikfix for diagnosis to be told Car unusually springy at back It could be shock absorbers It could be rear springs or even wheel bearings (even I knew it couldnt be this). So devised a cunning plan of putting blutack on the bottom bump stops both sides to see if suspension was bottoming out. It wasnt. Reverting to The Forum

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear subframe

Does anyone know what a new rear subframe comes complete with Does it include the swing arms and springs Thanks.

Originally Posted by martyc5674 ...I dont seem to have side to side play when jacked up but the front bush gap seems to open up when i jack it... ...a bit of a squeaky groan coming from the back coming off bumps... Bushes like these will usually fail by shearing where the inner Alloy piece detaches from the rubber. My front ones were in a real state... ...yet there was no side-play at all. Also even

FIAT MULTIPLA Slight groan from rear suspension

rear suspension groans a bit when say coming out off a petrol station onto the road(off a path)...or when a front wheel goes over a ramp. All my rear bushings are like new...its always done this...even before i did subframe rebuild...its a really CROAKY kinda groan Anyone else bothered by this Would love to resolve this as ive a pretty smooth multi otherwise But not sure what it might may even

Was just thinking about when you get the noise. Years ago a friend who had mudflaps on his car was trying to figure of what the intermittent scraping sound was when it was heavily loaded or like in your case going over certain slopesbumps etc. It was just the mudflaps grounding out. Quote Im thinking its rear rear door plastics a little loose Do you mean the Tailgate rubbers the ones the sides bear against when closed Put a little Silcone grease or spray on them see if that stops it.

FIAT MULTIPLA Corroded Rear Subframe

Hello everyone. This is my first time on here and Im no mechanic so please excuse my lack of knowledge. My Y-Reg multipla has just failed its MOT due to a corroded rear subframe. It looks like the bit that holds the bounce rubber () is the offending part... You can see from the photo that the corrosion has left the bounce rubber thingy at a dodgy angle The garage wanted a grand to supply and replace

Id have a better look at the subframe itself is it actually that bad because the bump stop is a replaceable part and to be honest if mine failed on that id simply put a bit of silicone on the top of it and that would be the end of it. I was lucky and bought a complete subframe from ebay with all the bushes fitted but bump stops i cannot see being more than a tenner. If there is no other noticeable

FIAT DOBLO Handling Packs for Doblos

Does anyone know of a handling pack for the Doblo at all I am impressed with the performance of the vehicle in every other area except the handling which would definitely benefit from better anti roll bars. I would even consider a complete suspension kit but I have been unable to find any done by the usual after market manufacturers. It has been suggested that I also change the wheel tyre combo from

The Doblos basic make-upfloor pan is unique as is the multiplas. I think that has been mentioned else where in the forum The rear suspension is a simple beam between the hubs and uses cart springs with rubber bump stops. Its simple and effective especially when heavily laden. If you buy a Doblo I think you may have gone the wrong route for a MAX Power feature spread 0) Remember if it looks like a van - itll probably handle like a van...

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