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FIAT MULTIPLA Rear passenger door outside trim

Hi Guys A bit of damage done to my rear passenger side door strip. I want to order up a new one. Got a quote off my local fiat dealer which was high. I want to order up a new one and spray and fit myself. I am having trouble sourcing one as I have no part number. Anyone any idea of part number or were on the net I could source. Thanks Tony.

Get your VIN number then click on the EPER button at the top of the page. If your car was built after 2005 that version of EPER may not fully cover you but I doubt something like a door trim will have changed much 2005-2010. Might also be worth a quick look on ebay. New bits like that do come up from time to time. Tony1 thanked for this post

Lads Thanks for the help. I have rang around local breaker yards I will have to buy a whole door just for the trim. Might give the online scrap dealers a go might get some joy there. Ill let you know how I get on... All the best Tony.

Hi Marty I am from Dublin. Looking for a strip for an 07 reg. To be honest its been damaged a while I was going to get a new car but have decided to run the multipla into the ground. Apart from a problem with the head gasket last year it has been fine. Whats the name of that scrapyard Ill give them a buzz would be a bit of a spin though... Thanks Tony.

Is this one any good Theres also a brand new one ....but its for the wrong side Aaargh

FIAT MULTIPLA I 186 How to remove rearfront door panels JTD 2001 Model

The car had been stood for a couple of years and the exterior door handles will not go back down when opened unless you push them down I need to lubricate them from the inside but dont know how to remove the door panels without maybe damaging them Can anyone please help Cheers.

Okay pop off the speaker grill (carefully fiat plastic trim is fragile Seems to be a little bit more brittle than other makes). Undo the retaining screws remove the speaker and unclip the connector. Undo the bolts holding the door handle plastic module and remove the handle from the wire locking rod. disconnect the electric window switch and this should separate from the panel. Get a very thin screwdriver

Just finished removing the passenger door fitting went well got a bit stumped trying to remove the handle itself from the rod I got it off eventually and assume the clip you mention is the 90 degree plastic clip at the end of the rod If not then it wasnt on. Anyway all cleaned up and replaced and working like a treat As I was on dinner duties tonight I shall complete the other three tomorrow Again many thanks

on I obviously cant see what Im doing as I have to put my arm in. I sort of had it once but when I closed the door it opened slightly and then wouldnt open again. I have to get in through the passenger door now but that too has gone on me but rather than the arm coming out with the handle I am unable to connect the handle correctly to the arm which is in place......Should I just take it to a fiat

It gone from bad to worse..I have managed to snap the passenger front door exterior handle trying to attach it to the actuator arm......down tools time.......

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FIAT MULTIPLA Stone chips on bottom corner of rear doors

I have a 2003 JTD and I have noticed recently that the bottom corner of both rear doors are quite badly chipped and one side started to rust due to small stones being thrown up by the tyres. I know this because when I open the doors the small stones are trapped and fall out when the doors are opened. Has anyone else experienced this Have I got some sort of protection shield missing from mine Can something be purchased or even rear mud flaps might help. Any thoughts anybody Thanks.

FIAT MULTIPLA rear passenger door electric windows

hi i have a 2002 1.9 jtd i have replaced the window switches which were broken when i bought it but both widows still not working and the fuse is ok . any ideas

Not unknown for the fuse holder to be faulty check I havent got a manual to hand but check if anything else is on this fuse and its getting power. Do you have an open door dash light for the rear doors and does it work also do you have central locking and does it work as it should

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear door lock

is there anyway to repair the rear door lock. i was told it contain a switch that trigger alarm the cabin light. i got problem now as if the door not properly close the dashboard display wont detect cabin light will not turn on. i was told to relpace it as there si now way to repair it.

FIAT MULTIPLA Where are the courtesy light door switches

Hello. Just convinced my wife a multipla was the way forward and got one 2 weeks ago. Id been after one for a while but she needed convincing due to the individual styling. But shes chuffed to bits with it and so am I. Its a well looked after FFSH 1 owner low mileage car and after giving it a good service of all the basics Im in the process of starting to fix a couple of niggling bitty faults. I fixed

fix a couple of niggling bitty faults. I fixed the front interior light pod last weekend (usual sticking of switches dodgy connections etc) but I still cant get the interior lights to switch on when I open the nearside rear door. It also doesnt indicate on the dash as a door open so I presume the door switch isnt working. Problem is I cant see an obvious switch in the door post etc as on older fiats

hi i got problem with my rear door courtesy light door switches as i squirt some grease on it. now ij just stuck and wont tell me whether the door close or open. do you manage to fixed it (apart from buying new one). is it simple how to take it out and repair it

FIAT MULTIPLA Interior rear lights to turn em on

Cant figure out if its possible to turn these on whilst driving. They come on fine when you lock up open doors but I cant figure out how to just turn em on and leave them on. Whilst we were driving this eve my partner was fiddling with the switch and she managed ti get one to stay on but when we turned it off it wouldnt come back on... Is there ahidden switch that we accidentally found Cheers Marty.

This is how they are supposed to work. If yours dont it would suggest a switch or wiring fault. multipla handbook is available from the forum downloads secion here httpwww.fiatforum.comdownloads.phpdocat&id17 . Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) Croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

Hello Mine were in a similar way I found it to be the switch within the light assembly that was at fault. The switching action had failed in both which is surprising as I doubt they could have been used significantly. I tried to dismantle the switch but it is too small and delicate to fix. I instead used a single wire from one rear light and connected it to the front light assy instead. This allows

FIAT MULTIPLA II Door sealsrubbers coming off my 2007 Multipla

Ive got an 07 year multipla now in its 3rd year of warranty and the door seals have started coming off the doors The drivers one is well on its way off and when I checked the others at least 2 more are unstuck in places. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know if the 3rd year warranty will cover me to get this repaired What a strange way of fitting door seals...they appear to have been glued on Thanks all

I have a 2001 multipla and live in Portugal. My door rubbers are just starting to come off in fact the drivers door one has totally split now but as my car is 11 years old I would like to replace them does anyone know where I can buy new ones. I need both front door rubbers rear doors are fine.

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla with extra set of back doors.

Hi I see pics on the other multipla forum of multiplas with another set of back doors...hinges to the rear. Were many of these brought out and are they z longer wheelbase or are the does just for access to the era row if seats. I love my multipla but if I could get a bigger one... Then who not Marty.

FIAT MULTIPLA Stuck door handle Here is the DIY

This is for the rear door handle Not all can be fixed if corrosion is too much I found it hard to get them to work again. But its worth the try. I would estimate 1-2 hours for this job. Fig 1 Removing the red unlocked cover This is quite tedious a very small Phillips screwdriver is useful. Then I used a little bigger Phillips to get the whole cover off. Fig 2 Remove both bolts to release the handle

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla rear sub frame mot failure need replacement

Hi GuysGals Garage has just informed me that the rear subframe has failed the mot. Bit suprised as it has less than 80000 on the clock Been told that it will need replacing yet to get a cost. Any ideas on cost of replacement avaliability etc 2nd hand components would be a great help. Sorry ment to say its a 53 plate1.6.

Your brake hoses will break ... Have a new set ready 46 cm long pipes male fittings either end. The abs sensors wont budge either... Trace cables back under the rear doors and disconnect there instead. Marty.

There is no Haynes manual for the multipla best you can do is get a workshop CD off Evilbay. This shows how its connected although you have to work out in which order to do stuff yourself. Brake pipes will break but theyre cheap enough to replace ABS sensors can disconnected at connectors inside the car (I think theyre under the trim panels on the floor by the rear doors). Dont try to remove them from

FIAT MULTIPLA Help needed Door trim Clips

Hi Hope someone can help I have W reg multipla and have a problem with the rear passenger side door trim. The trim has come off and the orange clips that attach it are broken. Where can I get replacements and how do I order them Thanks in advance

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla doors- are they all the same

Hi all Do faceliftnosejob Multi doors fit early ones I have a roundnose early Multi which needs a new rear passenger side door and someone is breaking an early facelift version nearby on EBay Was it just the front they changed or the sides too Thanks

FIAT MULTIPLA Alarm door sensor

hi i am having problem with my lhs rear alarm door sensor. where is it located. intially after closing the LHS rear door the door open light ocassionally blink ( when driving). when parking it will trigger the alarm and the led indicator shows the lhs rear door was open. now i can open the LHS rear door without triggering the alarm ( alarm activated). and the cabin light did not turn on as well. where is it so it can be replaced

If I hadnt been there and done it Id agree with you. I was lucky - the swing arm bolts came out easily on both sides - but after the fact I could see that if they had been stuck it would be miles easier to get at them with the subframe off. As it happens I didnt strip out the swing arms until Id removed the subframe. Equally things would have been very different if I had the luxury of a ramp to improve

FIAT MULTIPLA Bit random audio interference when using rear wiper

So this is probably not the most important issue in the world or possible even with my Multi but it happened for the first time today. Whenever I switch the rear wiper off the music (or radio) stops with a click like static noise and then comes back again a couple of seconds later. I replaced the aerial mast and cable a few months ago but it has rained since and this is the first time this has happened. Ideas

My guess is that you have a poor earth connection somewhere. Start by checking the aeiral again as this was last disturbed. Make sure the mounting at the roof is earthed well. The outer cable of the aerial co-ax is supposed to be an interference shield but needs to be earthed at both ends. So also check the radio earth connection. Next check the earth connection from the rear wiper motor. Where the

FIAT MULTIPLA help Tim. how to get at the switch on the door

I cant open the rear door without using the button by the handbrake. Any ideas how to remove the rubber covering to get at the switch on the door

when you say rear door do you mean boot or passenger door

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