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fiat multipla rear hub bearing I 186
fiat multipla rear hub bearing I 186

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FIAT MULTIPLA Rear hub bearings confusion

Hi everyone and sorry if this has been answered a million times before but my multi has started a rear bearing grumble noise. So I need to buy a new set of hubs with the bearings inbuilt. But mine has abs and I dont seem to be able to get them from anywhere. There are some on eBay but they state no abs. So can I use the no abs ones on my multi Cheers guys

There are ABS ones on ebay. fiat part number for the ABS hub with bearing is 46519901. For the hub with non-ABS bearing its 51754192. Try a search for this number with the include description box ticked. Try this one Ive not bought one from them so cant comment on the quality. Some of the ebay listings get the part numbers for the bearing kit (i.e. without

Oh dear sorry to hear that mate. My hubs arrived today and they are madeby comline. They look really good but Ill see how it goes when they are fitted. Ill let you know how they are when fitted

One thing I forgot to ask. Are the threads on the hub nuts left hand thread Cheers

Ok quick update. I was going to do the bearings a few weeks ago but didnt get the time. So I took a day off today to do it. getting the brake drum was the hardest part of it. The bearing come out in two halves. And it seems the oil seal on the bearing itself was the problem. But I have to say the part I bought was a comline hub and its very very good. Its built better than the original fiat part. So

FIAT MULTIPLA rear wheel bearinghub

hello guys went to the scrappy today for a rear wheel bearing. everything looked fine bearing was free plenty o grease etc no grinding or anything. anyway on the way home my son was holding the hub and the part that would face outwards there is what looks like a large washer well that and the section inside came out exposing the ball bearings what i wanna know is how do u put this back together as ive tried for about an hour with no luck please help cheers

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FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla Rear toothed hub ABS

Hi Can anybody point me in the direction of a supplier (apart from fiat ) for a rear drivers side toothed ABS hub. When hubbie had a look at it it came apart in two pieces - is that normal Local motorfactors only have 2 magnetic type listed with and without ABS. Thanks to all for all the help with my previous problems. Had both CAM and Crank sensor replaced at local garage so hopefully my starting problem will disappear now.

Is my car wierd fiat can only supply 2 types of bearing for my car both without a toothed ring. Dont know what to do now. Does anybody out there have a car with a toothed rear bearinghub The type where the sensor reads the castle type ridges for the ABS to work HELP HELP HELP111

Did some multiplas came without ABS Agree with the exciton above. There isnt any toothed ring. Picture 1 rear wheel bearing for all models of the multipla from

Originally Posted by joipalli Did some multiplas came without ABS Agree with the exciton above. There isnt any toothed ring. Picture 1 rear wheel bearing for all models of the multipla from I have a brand new castellated ABS hub in my shed (bought in error. See classified ads.) that disputes your above statement Peat

Hi Mark I have to thank you for your dumb question and confess that my cheeks are burning with embarrassment Having actually got the old hub off (had to resort to angle grinder to get the final inner bearing race off as it was seized onto the stub) and wiped it properly clean of all the black much I realised it is actually smooth as you suggested I could have sworn it was toothed Anyway I feel a fool

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear Wheel Bearings

Hello Im having problems with rear wheel bearings on 115 jtd 20023 One was replaced at 56000 and the same side at 75000 now it has gone again at 82000. The bearing appears to have overheated and the grease is like putty. My local independent garage has shown me that the caliperbearing mounting plate that sits against the stub axle hub has the pressed steel shroud between them thereby slightly tilting

FIAT MULTIPLA I 186 Think I boobed Rear wheel bearing

Hey guys I ordered a rear wheel bearing for my JTD ELX multi from the ebay link below. The ad clearly states ALL models with ABS. But my multi has drums on the back (with abs) but the part that has arrived looks like it has 4 threaded holes for wheel studs. Would anyone know if this is the right part for my car before I strip it all down and realise its not the right one

Yes it is the correct item. You will find that very few places offer the bearing alone. What you get is the complete hub which in fact is easier to fit. When removing the old hub just be careful you do not damage the ABS sensor thats the little black protusion from the back plate - toprear of the hub. Another item to take care with is the handbrake adjuster fairly fragile little spring clips and not an easy item to come by in my experience. Best of luck Peat

Originally Posted by multijtd thanks guys im assuming then that the rear shoe setup has to be totally dissembled to replace the bearing No. It should be possible to change the hub without disassembling the brakes but if you have to just be careful you dont damage any adjacent items. Before fitting the new hub make sure the stub axle it clean free from burrs and a thin smear of oil or grease will help it go on. It is very near an interference fit Peat

A huge thank you folks bearing done and I can no hear myself think again Old hub was a pig to get off until I applied a little lateral thinking and made a special tool of sorts to get it off. Damn thing was off in 2 seconds just wish I had thought of it during the hour i spent trying to prize the damn thing off ( see pic below) . On teh downside whilst the hub was off I noticed a knick in the handbrake cable outer sleeve and the shoes are about shot

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear wheel hub - weird centre

I took the rear offside wheel off my 54-plate new shape multipla tonight to see if a standard Alfa 146 wheel would fit. However when the rear wheel came off I noticed the centre of the hub had a brassgold coloured dome. I didnt get a chance to measure the diameter of the dome but it looked much bigger than 58.1mm. It also looked nothing like the hub design Ive seen on the front. Ive also not taken

Sounds just like the drum brake hub on my 02 multi (drum rears being different to the disc brake fronts). The dome is just a cap covering the hub nut presumably to stop crap getting into the bearing. Its just a push fit it just levers off.

Originally Posted by dado1975 Sounds just like the drum brake hub on my 02 multi (drum rears being different to the disc brake fronts). The dome is just a cap covering the hub nut presumably to stop crap getting into the bearing. Its just a push fit it just levers off. Ok Ive finally checked both sides and it is because the rears are drum etc as youve explained above. The Alfa wheels do fit however

It is very easy to change the rear bearings on the disc brake model. Buy the hub with the bearing already in its so much easier and availaible cheaper from your local motor factor. I did one of mine and it made the car so much quieter to be in.

The bearings come complete with hub which is a bit expensive but does save the trouble of getting them out of the hub. Changing the hub is just like you would expect it to be. Jack up safely Take wheel off lever hub nut cap off put wheel back on and jack it down put socket on hub nut and a LONG extension bar jump up and down or do some pull ups on the end of the extension bar when nut is loosened (not

Make sure you remove the abs protector ring off the hub before fitting though i left mine on

My neighbour - who is better at these things than me - replaced my rear bearing for me yesterday. I now have an ABS error - I am guessing from JTDmans post that the plastic bit on the back of the hub where the ABS magnets are is supposed to come off Is that about right

FIAT MULTIPLA ABS light after rear wheel bearings replaced

Ive had a search and cant quite find what Im looking for. My neighbour changed my rear wheel bearings - car is now much quieter. Unfortunately the ABS light is now on. After searching here we concluded that the plastic ring on the back of the hub (over the magnets) is perhaps supposed to come off so weve done that. And the light is still on. Is it possible the car has remembered the fault even though

FIAT MULTIPLA REAR wheel bearings...l

Have been looking at EBay for rear wheeel bearings. They seem to be listed as withwithout ABS. My 2001 JTDELX has ABS but is it on both the front & the back

Out of interest I changed my rear hubs and bearings 3 years ago I bought them from euro car parts they are noisy already. drop links from them only last a year alsoI now need a third set. so take care who you buy them from.Conan

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear Wheel noise not bearing.

Hi My 03 JTD has a throbbing noise from the rear drivers side wheel. I suspected a bearing replaced this ( hub nut done up tight using 2 bar on rachet for leverage). How tight do these things need to be cant find a torque setting The noise is exactly the same I did notice that the brakes slightly rub on one part of the disc. Could this be the cause of the noise I always thought that warped discs were a myth Help Thanks Simon

Was pretty sure that these bearings should not be tightened to within an inch of their lives When I have replaced these I have just nipped them until I can feel a slight resistance against rotation and staked the nut in place there. Never had any problems this way. Is the hub warm to touch after driving the car If you have loaded the bearing too much it will fail prematurely and you dont want that

Hi Your right with the tyres thanks . hub nut. I have fitted these to past cars (VW) and dented the nbut no problem. But the nut with this new bearing is different does not have the edge that you dent but the thread seems to taper towards the outer of the nut. just worried as I have never seen one like this. S

FIAT MULTIPLA Play in rear track control arm

I get a lot of clunking from my rear () suspension on bumpy surfaces so I took off the rear wheels today to try to find the problem. The suspension bushes look ok and I cant feel any significant movement in them or see any bump marks. But I can feel a slight movement when I pushpull the hub. The movement is at the bearing attaching the control arm. Is this movement (about 1mm at the hub) normal or

FIAT MULTIPLA HELP multi eating inner of rear tyres

My multi is basically eating the inner side of the rear tyres Tracking was done 2 months ago and tyre pressure is ok Since then had a noisy wheel bearing at back could that bearing is creating this wear on tyres Or is something else Thanks

Mine are knackered too(wheels leaning in slightly) and one wheel bearing is humming. I got the kits off ebay and intend doing them in situ next week. Ive noticed that the wheel with the humming bearing doesnt hum if i leanbank the car so the weight is on the other side of the car....anyon else experience this (a quick swerve and it momentarily disappears) Im wondering if the camber is loading the bearing

The coming and going of bearing noise as you load or unload the wheel when driving is typical of a failing bearing so its a sure sign that youre right in saying the bearing has had it. Probably not what you want to hear One thing I havent seen is any service info for limits of rear wheel camber. Its not unusual for cars to be designed to have a certain amount so that the wheel tends to the upright

Thank you james but if i buy a hub complete with the wheel bearing i wont have to hammer bearing in Would it not be just a bolt on job

Hi I was referring to the radius arm bearing not the hub. The hub literally slid onto the stub axle and compared to many jobs Ive done was a doddle. Full credit to Simon who wrote the detailed account on the in-situ replacement I didnt realise that someone has done it before. I would add that I didnt touch the shock or the anti roll bar. I used the shock as the pivot point when jacking under the spring

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla rear sub frame mot failure need replacement

Hi GuysGals Garage has just informed me that the rear subframe has failed the mot. Bit suprised as it has less than 80000 on the clock Been told that it will need replacing yet to get a cost. Any ideas on cost of replacement avaliability etc 2nd hand components would be a great help. Sorry ment to say its a 53 plate1.6.

There is no Haynes manual for the multipla best you can do is get a workshop CD off Evilbay. This shows how its connected although you have to work out in which order to do stuff yourself. Brake pipes will break but theyre cheap enough to replace ABS sensors can disconnected at connectors inside the car (I think theyre under the trim panels on the floor by the rear doors). Dont try to remove them from

FIAT MULTIPLA Wheel bearings

I think I am getting a hummingdroning from the rear of the car. I say I think because maybe I am just getting used to the car anyway it doesnt change or go away when I corner. Could it still be wheel bearings Are Multis generally quiet It does it in neutral engine on or off.

Hi does anyone have any experience replacing a front wheel bearing Is it the same as doing a rear one ( i have managed to do this myself with a new bearing and hub kit). Or is the replacement more difficult

FIAT MULTIPLA what a pain

replaced the rear wheel bearings on the multipla today everything came apart easily wheel off drum off the bearing hub pulled off THEN came the inner race i swear to god it was welded on i actually had a look on google to make sure i hadnt missed anything i managed to move it about 3mm then absolutley nothing it just stopped tried getting my hub pullers on it but i may as well have been peeing


Hello All Ive been reading various posts but as yet cant find anything that really helps me out completely so I am hoping that somebody out there can point me in the right direction. multipla 1.9JTD 2000. Abs light staying on. hubbie changed all sensors light went off for after initial start up drove for about a minute and light came back on and has stayed on. Local garage read codes yesterday which

FIAT MULTIPLA ABS magnetic or toothed

Hi I have just changed the rear OS wheel bearing on my multipla took it for a test drive grumbling noise has gone but ABS light remains on. The hub I took off had a magnetic type phonic gear where the replacement was a toothed gear. Should I remove the toothed gear and replace it with a magnetic type again and will this extinguish the ABS light (the ABS light stays on from ignition)

FIAT MULTIPLA Attn MomoeWidemouthfrog or any spec minded users

Im talking to bagriders and theyve asked some questions i know. Ive had a search but have got confused... If you can help id appreciate it. Questions are as follows.... Hey JonI will need the diameter of your strut towers at the most restrictive point the overall length of the suspension currently on the car the overall diameter of the rear spring clearance around the rear springs (closest point to

the strut rod - thats about where the top of the spring is.The distance from the shoulder at the top of the strut plunger rod to the upper bolt hole in the bracket that fits to the wheel hub is around 470mm but this is not easy to measure. The strut installation is very snug and the space envelope (i.e. the void that the strut sits in) is quite complex. I would think that bagriders would need a multipla


Hi Ladies and Gents can anyone help my abs comes into operation in under very light braking its a little scarry to say the least. I have had to remove the fuse to use it. I have had the abs code read and it tells me p0005 valve relay Any ideas pleeeeeeeze. Marc

Originally Posted by ukmarc Many thanks boss was the problem on the actual wheel ie it seams one of my front wheels is the problem Marc It does seem that it is the front that is locking but I think you will find it may be a false impression you are getting as the ABS unit in the engine bay is pumping the brakes. If you have drums on the rear remove them and you will see at the rear of the wheel hub


Sorry still banging on about my ABS problems. Can anyone tell me how to test the sensors please. Ive replaced the rear os sensor again ref garage diagnostic but light stays on. hubby wants to test the set up but doesnt know how. Also where can I get a rear wheel bearing with the toothed sensor ring on it as thats what is fitted to my car. Will the new sensors read the other bearing type without toothed


hello finally heres my MOT failuer sheet the ones with the stars in front and after are the ones ive managed to sort out myself so far Reason(s) for refusal to issue Certificate Offside rear rear fog lamp not in good working order (not working) (1.1.6b) Nearside Front Suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated resulting in excessive movement (2.4.G.3) Nearside Front Front constant velocity joint gaiter

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