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fiat multipla rear knocking I 186
fiat multipla rear knocking I 186

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FIAT MULTIPLA Knocking maybe from rear

Hi all. Myrtle has immediately started to misbehave now that her Warranty has expired. She is knocking at low speeds. It sounds like it is coming from the rear but I am not sure. Could it be wear in the anti-roll bar bushes with the noise travelling through the car I have jacked up the rear and levered the wheels up and down but I cant recreate the noise. Odd. While buggering about I noticed that the

Hey folks. Got the same mystery knocking on mine ..... just been pretending its not there Then turned out my sort of cousin-type-thing had the same on his.... turned out to be sub chassis rubbers bushes... Dealer said cant replace just the bushes need whole sub chassis at a cost of ...... You gotta be %in Kidding So he found a friendly garage who fixed it with some cut up truck inner tube for a few beer tokens ...... still yet to do mine tho. Hope this of some help

Hello chaps. Cheers for the replies so far. So far I have renewed the ARB drop links. What a job Looks simple but you just cant get the nuts off. And the allen key recess in the end of the thread stem is next to useless as with just a little bit of pressure the allen key just slips round in the hole. After half an hour of struggling I chopped the bloody things off with an angle grinder. Five minutes

rear subframe bushes did you check the front ARB bushes with the car jacked up if so most of the play will be taken out by the way the suspension hangs. ideally you need it on a 4 poster ramp or over a pit then grab hold of the ARB both sides and give it a bloody good rocking other multipla favourites are the radius arms but these make more of a crack than a knock.

Ha ha Just come back from having the rear shockers replaced and the vast array of rattling and knocking noises I was getting have completely gone Also she feels tighter at the rear and now essentially feels like a new car again. Really pleased. So to recap before blaming ARB bushes drop links or subframe mounts just wiggle your rear shocks and see if they clunk. Could be them instead. Thanks to all who replied. All useful stuff.

FIAT MULTIPLA Odd knocking from rear

Hi Guys Got an odd knocking from the rear offside of my Multi.. Im thinking bushessubframe mounts. Ive heardread that the Multi sits on the Bravoa (I forget which) chassis and they used rubber originals (instead of nylon to account for the extra weight ). Are they easily accessable as in to purchase and fit (for a novice home Mechanic) My MOT did have an advisory for the shock (light misting of Oil) so could it be that Any advice would be appreciated from those that know you know

Well Admin may aswel close this thread. Got all sorts of answers from a previous thread. its good that search function isnt it lol

Yep Its all there for the finding... Good luck

check inside the spring first where the bump stop is . i had a knocking from the back end . but found the bum stop had rusted through the metal.

Originally Posted by simo817 check inside the spring first where the bump stop is . i had a knocking from the back end . but found the bum stop had rusted through the metal. Thank you please.

FIAT MULTIPLA Fiat Multipla anti-roll bushes & rear radius arms complete kit

I have taken my 2001 1.9 diesel multipla to the same garage since I purchased it in May 2011. Since the end of September 2012 we have noticebly heard (more than usual) a knocking sound - which we always declared sounded like it was coming from the back end. Definately more noticeable with weight in the boot. The garage have replaced the track rod end (so had to have the wheels tracked as well). The

In response to the knocking sound my partner said has corrected me & said NO...Its more like a creaking when you go around a youd get on an old boat (where he got that comparison I dont know). My description would be that the sound is like the tyres (or something near the tyres) is catching on something. The noise is worse when turning shaarp left or right. Neither my partner or myself

FIAT MULTIPLA Knocking (again)

I bought my multipla about 3 weeks ago - 53 plate 73000 miles FSH so Im more than happy with that. (My last 2litlre diesel did 180000 miles so 73 serviced miles should be no probs). Car drives very nicely - except for this frustrating knocking. I have searched this and other sources for information and decided that it would be the drop links from the anti roll bar. These were chaged with a struggle

my jtd is a 51 plate and has done 112000 serviced and relativley fault free apart from the knocking issues rear wheel bearings maf sensornew rear drums handbrake cables replaced As for knocking issues we now effectivley have a new front end on the car fiat replaced front springs in the recent recall (altough they never did contact me) in doing so they damaged osf shock mounting so ended up replacing

It will be the ar bar bushes. i changed mine without undoing either ball joints . just removing drop links then pull ar bar through . i also changed the wishbones(and associated bushes). The front end silence that ensued revealed a rear wheel bearing rumble (os)-now its changed were back to total silence Only got to fix the inside rear lights both sunroofs the heater control illumination and the front

FIAT MULTIPLA rear subframe bushes

Hi all wondered if anyone can help. Have an 04 plate 115 jtd that has a knocking noise from the rear thats steadily getting worse. Have checked the anti roll bar bushes and trailing arm bushes but its kinda a different noise more of a dull thud than a cracking noise. i worked on fiat for 10 years and never saw a set go but i could swear theres too much movement in the rear subframe frontmost bushes.

FIAT MULTIPLA New Knocking Noise

Incase its of use to anyone else had a puncture repaired recently rear offside. When the wheel was refitted and passengers carried in the back seats there was a knocking noise from the rear offside corner varying with engine speed. Inspection revelaed it to be the newly fitted balance weight (old fashioned rim type) on the inside of the wheel knocking against the handbrake cable Surely there should be more clearance than that Weight has eaten a healthy chunk from the outer cable.

FIAT MULTIPLA I 186 Rear subframe (I think) - again

Had a loud thumping sound from offside rear when hitting potholes. Took to Kwikfix for diagnosis to be told Car unusually springy at back It could be shock absorbers It could be rear springs or even wheel bearings (even I knew it couldnt be this). So devised a cunning plan of putting blutack on the bottom bump stops both sides to see if suspension was bottoming out. It wasnt. Reverting to The Forum

Hi To help to answer your question I have replaced the front sub frame bushes with the ones for the Bravo FirstLine part FSM2026 IIRC which stopped the knocking from pot holes etc. I replaced these on both sides of the car which made a massive difference to the ride however I had to fit these with washers between the bushing and the bolt head as they are thinner than the originals but were available

If you jack the car up at the rear jacking on the chassis not on the subframe or trailing arms then look at the four bushes. Youll see a gap between the subframe and the upper flange of any bush that is loose in the subframe. Lever lightly with a large screwdriver (between the top of the subframe and underside of each bushs upper flange) to make sure theyre all tight in their bores. Edit The rubber

FIAT MULTIPLA knocking sound still coming from front off car

car went for MOT on wed one failure was the nearside wishbone bushes were needing replaced was hoping this would experiance the knocking from passengers side so went and fitted a new wishbone today. result is the same knocking sounds still there checked the ARB bushes and they look perfect is there anything else i could checkreplace cheers

had my front suspension apart yesteday. General check and to replace the droplinks as one was worn. my car was motd 4 months ago and the knocking noise which is a worn ARB rubber was just an advisory. After checking yesterday it appears my rear bush on the passengers side front wishbone is badly worn too but was very difficult to find with the old big metal bar and lever routine. instead i had to put

Originally Posted by kev78 had my front suspension apart yesteday. General check and to replace the droplinks as one was worn. my car was motd 4 months ago and the knocking noise which is a worn ARB rubber was just an advisory. After checking yesterday it appears my rear bush on the passengers side front wishbone is badly worn too but was very difficult to find with the old big metal bar and lever

FIAT MULTIPLA Knocking ova holes and bumps

Hi Im a newbie Ive just got my multi and every time I go ova a speed hump its banging knocking and when I turn a corner also.any advice or help would be great thanks

Good piece of advice. I have a knocking from the rear too so I will be looking at my subframe ...

Hi again guys ive checked my front end and all seems ok Its coming from the back any help with the rear sub frame bushes please

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear Subframe - Front and rear bushes

Hi - had my multi for 7 weeks and have just had the clutch done (big bucks) front spring broke after 2 weeks now my mechanic says that the knocking noises I hear from the back are due to the bushes on the rear subframe needing done. I have looked around on the forum and there is lots to see regarding this but does anyone have the definitive answer for the source of these. My mechanic says if they can

FIAT MULTIPLA rear subframe front bushes needed

has any one been able to get the front bushes for the rear sub frameor any that will fit the fiat multiplaas fiat dont sell them seperate.have tried various shops on ebay that sell punto onesbut as yet no luck.its a 03 reg jtd .

I know this was posted a good while ago but Ive just had a very nasty shock from my fiat dealer when I enquired about getting a replacement set of these bushes as it seems the rubber bit between the chassis and the subframe has all but vanished causing a loud knocking noise every time I go over a bump. Apparently the bushes are not available as a replacement part needing to buy the complete beam instead

FIAT MULTIPLA help torsion bar rear suspention

the torsion bar on the rear suspention is knocking when going over bumps . Is it a Mot fail

Torsion bar Do you mean the radius arms or the shock absorber assembly Sure its not the subframe knocking this is a well known source of knocking Subframe knock is usually down to bushes failing plenty about this on this forum.

The roll bar at the front has rubber bushes...which are a common source of knocking and a cheap easy fix

FIAT MULTIPLA bout that damn rear trailing arm

finally finished fitting new bearings on the passenger side trailing arm everything appears fine no knocking rubbing wheels etc however when u stand back from the car the rear wheels still seem to sit at a slight angle ( top in ). anyone anyideas what else could be causing this or is this normal thinking maybe a spring on its way out

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear sub frame mounts

Hi peeps iam after a bit of help. We brought kermit about 3 months ago and i must say what a super car he is . There was a few little issues but nothing i cant sort my self . like the front strut mount is knocking needs new handbrake lever and bit of tlc on the body work. And also need new rear subframe mounts do i need to drop the frame to change these can any one help . Kermit is a 2000 105 jtd in the mushy pea green .Wife want me to respray him purple hmm not sure my self. Thanks peeps

Post Nr.13 and onwards for the relevant bits... Edit Also bear in mind some of my subsequent findings and comments. One of my replaced Mounts started knocking a few thousand miles later due to it coming loose from the subframe and I realised when looking at the layout of the suspension that the front mounts will have a fair amount of downwards loading on them a lot of the time when driving (braking

Originally Posted by widemouthfrog ...TBH I dont think theres much difference between the work involved in changing the the entire swingarm and just the bearings... That depends entirely on the state of the bearings and pivot bolts. If theyre as bad as mine were then its almost certainly a subframe-out job. If the bolts can be knocked through fairly easily then itd be much cheaper to replace just the

FIAT MULTIPLA Knocking and wobble

Hi everyone this is my first post so Im hoping it works lol. Ive recently become the proud owner of a multipla JTD but have noticed this strange knocking noise which after looking on here seems to point to it being the ARB bushes but I havent had chance to look yet. However I also get a funny speed wobble on the wheels at the 56-60mph range but I know its not the wheels themselves as it did it before

I changed the drop links this afternoon and its certainly got rid of a few rattles. Now I can hear my grumbling os rear wheel bearing really clearly now

17 mm spanner for the flats at rear of droplink. At least it was on mine.... A very easy job to do once you work out there are flats

FIAT MULTIPLA HELP multi eating inner of rear tyres

My multi is basically eating the inner side of the rear tyres Tracking was done 2 months ago and tyre pressure is ok Since then had a noisy wheel bearing at back could that bearing is creating this wear on tyres Or is something else Thanks

Thanks to all for the answers I dont know wethever im gonna fix car as now there is a bad knocking coming from front suspension aswell...i look at tyre and inner is heavily worn on front too I think i spent enough money on it...anyone wants it

FIAT MULTIPLA rear drum removal

started to relace the rear arm just now already ran into my first problem my multi has the drum discs at the rear how do u remove the drums from the hub i noticed 2 prongs sticking out with what looks like 12mm heads at the bottom do these hold the 2 parts together or os there something ive over looked

Sorry ive just re read your original post and realised they are what you where refaring to yep remove them. I removed mine to fit spacers for my old wheels and one rounded off so if it happens its not the end of the world just take a hammer to them knocking them up then down they should free off but dont hit too hard as they can snap off. As long as you have at least one to put back on you should be ok they are only to centralise the drum on the hub.

FIAT MULTIPLA Changed the rear swing arm bearing

Took me about 6 hours Now my back aces but the multi is doing fine. This guide helped a lot (Punto Mk1) httpwww.fiatforum.compunto-guide...epair-kit.html I didnt take the arm off like the guide does I had trouble removing the ABS sensor. I would recommend to take the arm completely off is much easier to get the bearings in place. The things I removed to get the swing arm loose Removed the shock absorber

how do you check if your going or gone is there a knocking noise when going around corners or hitting bumps. and how much will it cost two replace

FIAT MULTIPLA rear suspension arm fix

merry christmas all a quick question about rear suspension arms does anyone know if its best to change the whole rear suspension arm or is it a good fix just to change the bearings I dont care about the money side to much I just want the easy way out as Im getting fat and old.

I changed just the bearings Got the kit from shop4parts cheap as chips. Changing the complete arm or just the bearings still require you to remove the complete arm. The only tricky bit if you get a kit is removing and replacing the bearings. knocking the old ones out is straight forward but if you are doing it yourself like i did you will need to compress the new ones in. conanhoward thanked for this post

FIAT MULTIPLA Buying a used multiplas - what to look out for

I am considering buying a used early type diesel multipla in the next few days. Could you please suggest things that I should look out for - common faults etc. Also how easy is the multipla to work on for a fairly competent home mechanic Do any jobs require expensive special tools etc. What are parts prices like Any suggestions would be most welcome or if this has been covered in previous threads a link would be really helpful Thanks A prospective fiat owner. (Steve)

in the next few days. Could you please suggest things that I should look out for - common faults etc. Also how easy is the multipla to work on for a fairly competent home mechanic Do any jobs require expensive special tools etc. What are parts prices like Any suggestions would be most welcome or if this has been covered in previous threads a link would be really helpful Thanks A prospective fiat

FIAT MULTIPLA be brutally honest should i....

hi all Right we have 3 children under 5 and currently run a rover 75 doesle(bmw engine) this car is reliable but putting 3 car seats in the back is a squeeze. I ahve looked at a 2002 multipla diesel. 120000 miles with new alternator and cam belt done 2 years ago rear sunroof not working. I am anxious about fiats reputation for reliablilty as this will be our main car and used for holidays etc. so 1.

I bought a multipla 110 jtd in may Is a 2001 model elx so is a good spec first diesel fiat engines are really good and troublefree if well looked after but multipla have problems like every other car... I had to replace many parts like brakes cambelt water pump filters and even fuel pumps...i have covered 6000 miles in it since may and car has never broke down on me and is a really confy car and the


Hi I have a knocking noise from the rear of my multipla and have worked out it is the rear subframe front bushes have gone and have found out that the bushes can not be bought on there own from fiat . I was wondering if any one knows of any after market bushes i can buy I have also found out from a thread on here that brava bushes fit but need milling down about 2mm this is not some thing I can do

FIAT MULTIPLA Problems Problems and more Problems

Had my multi 1.9 eleganza since November 06 from new. Trouble is i cant remember a month gone by without some niggle or another. Car went in garage today for faulty painwork on top of doorwhich has taken ages to resolve. Also handbrake has been seizing on partly during this cold spell so they said that would also be sorted.Suspension making a squelching noise when car goes over sleeping police bumps.

under warranty or so i thought.the warranty was not worth the paper it was written onafter many phone calls and email to and i wont hesitate saying there namenorris brothers tamworthi have found myself out of pocket by about 600 quid thanks to there mistake in the warranty documentation.they told me they would sort the problem out but never havethanks to these cowboys i will never buy another fiat

FIAT MULTIPLA Subframe bush replacement

Hi all Just a quick update for you all regarding the fitting of the front bush which I bought for a fiat bravo which I think is an fsm2026 part. I fitted these bushes around a year ago and would like to add to the wealth of information on this site about fitting these bushes. I followed the instructions to the letter about reaming the outer surface of the Bush to fit the mainframe better. I used some

FIAT MULTIPLA car seat help

we are thinking of buying a multipla and wanted to know if there is still plenty of room in the back for two car seats and a 10 year old to sit comfortably in the middle of them

For economy choose the diesel derivatives as they are so much more economical 42 knocking about is not uncommon and if possible for piece of mind buy one with a warranty. If necessary a third party warranty as they do have foibles like any other motor and it does help. Furthermore if funds allow get one with aircon as there is a lot of glass and they do get hot inside...however sunblinds from fiat


Hi all Had a X-reg 105JTD SX with 197000 on the clock and it ran fine but always had the niggle of how far is left in the enginegearbox and about a year ago decided (relucantly) to sell it. Someone local bought it and I still see it running around quite merrily. Missed the old bus so after selling my Citroen Picasso 2.0HDI because wife hated driving it I started looking for a multipla again. Did consider

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