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fiat multipla rear suspension spring I 186
fiat multipla rear suspension spring I 186

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FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla rear suspension bump stops

Anyone know where to get hold of these....our 1999 multipla needs new rear springs and bump stops but cannot find anyone to sell them to me Regards Trev

FIAT MULTIPLA Replacing rear springs

Im considering my second foray into the world of DIY mechanics having changed a track rod end without a front suspension collapse Im obviously F1 pit lane material................ Anyway is it as simple as it a) appears and b) everyone Ive spoken to tells me i.e. up on axle stands wheel off jack under trailing arm to stop it dropping undo bottom bolt on shock absorber lower trailing arm on jack until

Thought Id post an update........... Fitted new springs and shocks thought Id treat the old bucket as the springs were original with 152k on them and the shocks at least 3 years old and as the roads are so crap that the toll on my suspension is becoming horrific I reckoned in for a penny etc. Anyway its not quite as straight forward as the you tube videos I watched on other cars as the springs are

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FIAT MULTIPLA Rear Suspension problems

I seem to have creaking noises coming from the rear suspension. The noise itself is a creaking not all the time and on occasion as I come off a speed bump a clatter. I have checked the anti roll bar rear springs and sub frame mounts and cannot pinpoint it. It must be one of them any ideas welcome. P.S I have been towing in the last six months.

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear suspension - rubber stops holders

Hi - newbie here with a problem over Easter to sort. And plse excuse my inability to name the parts correctly but hopefully youll get what im on about. A Mk2 Mulitpla 54. When up on the ramp for tyres noticed the rear rubber stops (bungs) on both sides had fallen out & were sat in rear springs (at least i discovered the latest rattle). The cups (holders) at the top that hold them up have corroded away.

realstokebloke Hi DC yes i cant belive the part would be a part of the actual cross member itself either. As above i will try to find the ePER page as a url and post it to follow... Right. Think thats five posts so... This page shows the spring the rubber stop and the enigmatically titled Thrust ring. The rubber stops part 5 (both sides) have dropped down as whatever retained them is corroded. fiat

Originally Posted by martyc5674 Ok I have one down aswell. And I can pop it back up using my fingers thru the spring...did it just now when I saw your post. Anyway thers a circa 10mm hole that the stopper pushes into on mine... Has yours corroded beyond that Id say the stopper originally had a mushroom head to prevent it coming back down Im going to try some windscreen glue to hold mine up.. but Im

Heres an excerpt from the MoT testers manual Sec 2.4.a a. Inadequate clearance of the axle or suspension with the bump stop or chassis b. a suspension unit so weak that the body or other part of the vehicle fouls a road wheel or would do so if the vehicle was laden. Note a missing bump stop rubber is not a reason for rejection. It appears that a non-existent bump-stop would be ok - but one rattling

Hi JTDman Thanks - yes (unfortunately) it does seem to be the case that they are a part of the subframe - and therefore the most expensive bung retaining devices on the planet. (Who designs these things Ludicrous but there we have it.) So yes i need a top subframe & would be interested to know what you have & so if you get back to me thatd be great thanks. When having a poke we noticed also that the

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear Suspension Collapsing

Hi My nearside rear wheel has started to lean in at the top to the point where its now rubbing the inner arch on right-handers. Ive looked underneath and the main suspension pivot point seems to have a bit of grease around it as if its started to collapse and squeeze it out. I described this to a fiat dealer over the phone and they reckoned you have to replace the whole arm. Has anyone here experienced this and if so what did you do Thanks very much Nick PS Its a 2000 JTD 105 ELX with 97k

Not heard of a problem with the rear suspension most folks seem to have problems with the front springs....

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear suspension subframe

Hi Car due for MOT in early March about a week or ago so noticed car sitting lower on drivers side so thought Id better have a butchers.They say a picture is worth a thousand words so heres a few pics.(done in photoshop using panorama hence the middle looks a bit odd) NS coil spring failed mot 2 years ago due to NS rear coil spring incomplete) so that was changed by garage. As you can probably notice

It does look somewhat shorter but that is more than likely due to the photographs having been taken from a different perspective. Try measuring springs top to bottom on level ground that way you will know for sure if the off-side has weakened. I would think that a welding repair would be OK on the bump stop proving its neat and painted over Mr MoT man will be happy. Peat

looks like spring has snapped.check both endsthey should be like a bar cut with a hack saw bladeie flat if one end is pointedyou have lost abit.

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear Springs Replacement

Has anyone replaced the rear springs on the multi If so I get the impression by looking at them that they are easier to fit than the front ones. Am I right If so what is involved in replacing them

Very Easy remove wheel. undo the lower shock absorberr bolt. and the 3 that hold the anto roll bar on. push the plastic clip out of the bottom of the spring. get a helper to push the suspension arm down and the spring pops out. Really easy 30 min job S

I used a hydraulic jack to push the suspension arm just enough to fit the screw for the shock absorber. Found it easier than using spring compressor.

FIAT MULTIPLA rear trailing armsuspension guide

hello does anyone on here have a link to a guide to change the rear trailing arms on my multipla cheers to anyone in advance

hello cheers for the reply cant find a complete arm replacement just for the bushes itself to take the arm itself off do u have to take of the spring and shockstrut off never done anywork like this before but starting to get the hang of it now with all the probs ive had with my car

Ive not done it myself but thinking shocks springs abs stuff poss brake cables but will be worth it.

FIAT MULTIPLA Play in rear track control arm

I get a lot of clunking from my rear () suspension on bumpy surfaces so I took off the rear wheels today to try to find the problem. The suspension bushes look ok and I cant feel any significant movement in them or see any bump marks. But I can feel a slight movement when I pushpull the hub. The movement is at the bearing attaching the control arm. Is this movement (about 1mm at the hub) normal or

FIAT MULTIPLA Fiat Multipla anti-roll bushes & rear radius arms complete kit

I have taken my 2001 1.9 diesel multipla to the same garage since I purchased it in May 2011. Since the end of September 2012 we have noticebly heard (more than usual) a knocking sound - which we always declared sounded like it was coming from the back end. Definately more noticeable with weight in the boot. The garage have replaced the track rod end (so had to have the wheels tracked as well). The

being twisted. So the resistance of the bar - its an anti-roll bar - to this twisting tries to keep the car level as it corners so you dont end up falling out of your seat. When the rubber bushes wear out they can no longer hold on to the middle of the roll bar allowing it to waggle around a bit and eventually hit some other metal bits under the car so you get a clanking. Thats at the front. The multipla

FIAT MULTIPLA Steering and suspension

Ok so I might as well post another issue I have with my jtd ... I havent had the car long and it came with a snapped nsf spring which had to be done for the MOT along with that strut top mount and track rod end. I have the matching parts and plan to fit these next weekend. On the rear it has one brand new shock absorber and both springs are rusty so have matching shock and 2 springs ready for replacing

Originally Posted by hastingsmum Ok so I might as well post another issue I have with my jtd ... I havent had the car long and it came with a snapped nsf spring which had to be done for the MOT along with that strut top mount and track rod end. I have the matching parts and plan to fit these next weekend. On the rear it has one brand new shock absorber and both springs are rusty so have matching shock

the springs etc Or anything else that need looking at whilst Im there anyway Not sure if the Front springs are still covered by the Recall... Recall for Front springs breaking Id check the Trailing Arms for playlean. Looking from behind look for any leaning of the rear Wheels they lean in at the top if the Arms Bearings (wrongly called Bushes a lot) are on their way out quite a common fault on multiplas.

FIAT MULTIPLA Suspension issues

Recently theres been a loud knocking from my rear suspension. I took my back wheel off last night to have a quick look and it seems that the whole of the spring has detached from the car. Where the springs joins the car seems to have completely worn away compared to the other side. Has this happened to anyone else and is it an easy job to fix Ive had all the front done (springs track rod ends etc...) at a considerable cost but this looks more serious.

FIAT MULTIPLA I 186 Rear subframe (I think) - again

Had a loud thumping sound from offside rear when hitting potholes. Took to Kwikfix for diagnosis to be told Car unusually springy at back It could be shock absorbers It could be rear springs or even wheel bearings (even I knew it couldnt be this). So devised a cunning plan of putting blutack on the bottom bump stops both sides to see if suspension was bottoming out. It wasnt. Reverting to The Forum

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla Suspensionride quality.

Hi all After having read a few recent posts about shock absorber top kits I was thinking about the quality of ride with the multipla. The multiplas do seem to be a bit hardfirm. Assuming all suspension components aint knackered.......just well used Out of interest I wondered what single component you would replace to improve soften the ride quality. Replace all coil springs only or all shock absorbers

Both really the shocks control the rate that they rebound but if springs are poor the the return is going to be slower. Eibach allways been a favoured spring but unsure if they make them for the multi i think novitec do. The shock absorbers may not be listed either for the multi but other cars use the same like ive got a set of rears which i bought for my Alfa 155 q4 but just happen to fit the multi as well .

Originally Posted by JTDman Both really the shocks control the rate that they rebound but if springs are poor the the return is going to be slower. Eibach allways been a favoured spring but unsure if they make them for the multi i think novitec do. The shock absorbers may not be listed either for the multi but other cars use the same like ive got a set of rears which i bought for my Alfa 155 q4 but just happen to fit the multi as well . JTD what brand of shocks

FIAT MULTIPLA suspension mount confusion

Im about to buy some suspension mounts but Im confused as to what is called what and what is needed... Obviously there is the metal part with the mount in...then there is the rubber part thick ring part...then on the fiat eper and on Manodalys website there is a smaller rubber ring that doesnt seem to be listed on any uk websites.. The kit im going for is this

That looks very much like the rubber mountcollar that the top of the rear coil springs fits into. It has a recess with a stop moulded into it and the end of the top of the coil spring butts up against it the tag end on the underside of the item in your photo looks like this stop end. I also seem to remember the top of my mounts were moulded like the one in your picture. Hope that helps a bit. BTW does the Mandolys site have an English translator on it


Hello..just bought a has recently passed its MOT but I just checked the previous tests should I worry about the following reasons that it failed Reason(s) for refusal to issue Certificate Offside Stop lamp not working (1.2.1b) Offside rear Body or chassis has excessive corrosion seriously affecting its strength within 30cm of the body mountings (6.1.B.2) Offside Front Vehicle structure

FIAT MULTIPLA Attn MomoeWidemouthfrog or any spec minded users

Im talking to bagriders and theyve asked some questions i know. Ive had a search but have got confused... If you can help id appreciate it. Questions are as follows.... Hey JonI will need the diameter of your strut towers at the most restrictive point the overall length of the suspension currently on the car the overall diameter of the rear spring clearance around the rear springs (closest point to

the strut rod - thats about where the top of the spring is.The distance from the shoulder at the top of the strut plunger rod to the upper bolt hole in the bracket that fits to the wheel hub is around 470mm but this is not easy to measure. The strut installation is very snug and the space envelope (i.e. the void that the strut sits in) is quite complex. I would think that bagriders would need a multipla


I recently passed my driving test and now my husbands multipla (SX 2002) is now also mine...and I want to look after it properly For many years he told me that we just had bad luck with cars...turns out he just doesnt look after them runs them into the ground. e.g I checked the oil (thankfully learnt that on lessons) practically bone dry Ive just replaced the wipers and two tyres since I got my hands

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla Wish List

Just for fun I was wondering what people would like their multiplas to have in an idea world. Not boring stuff like wishing it had reliability ( ) but something fun or genuinely useful. 1. 4x4 and ruggedised off road styling and useability. Id love one with a bit of X-Cross styling. Maybe a big 2.5L diesel engine also. 2. It would be dead handy if there was an attachment so when you folded the rear middle seat down it turned into a baby changing station.

6 speed gearbox together with cruise control would improve economy and reduce noise levels at motorway speeds. Self-levelling rear suspension option would have been good as the rear has to cope with no weight right up to max AUW and is too hard when light. 2.4 JTD engine would be too heavy Multis break enough front springs as it is JTD 1.9 16v unit puts out 140bhp which is enough of an increase to

Originally Posted by T14086 want to talk about it...were here to help Ok therapy session imminent.......Bought a 2000 JTD 110 2years ago54know on 85kmost practical brilliant car Ive ever ownedbut also the most unreliable. The list of woes . Front suspension...drop linkslower armsnow ARBar bushes banging away. hand brake cable rear cylinders leaking front springs recalldealer says top mounts shot and

90000 on a W 2000 plate. Bought it 2 years ago with 58k on the clock and had done nothing to it (except service and timing belt when I got it to be safe) until this year and have had to change a front spring that just snapped 2 rear suspension arms and some bushes on the anti-roll bar. Everything else seems fine and has been 100% reliable engine wise. Although its not too great at pulling its own weight (1.9JTD 105).

FIAT MULTIPLA Lets get this party started.....

Just about gathered all the bits together for my rolling restoration. This is already on and so are these Now its time for this little lot Ive also got front drop links roll bar rubbers and Im trying to sort something out for the rear subframe bushes. Subframe and front struts should be coming off tomorrow or Thursday. Hoping to get it all done in time for our hols....... martyc5674 liked this post

I must confess Ive had to wimp out on the clutch and DMF fitting. Im so busy with work at the moment that Ive had to pay someone to do it. Of all the fitting jobs it was the one I was least looking forward to so I cant say Im too disappointed. Its a job thats a lot easier for two people to do (I havent got a second bod to hand) and on a ramp (I havent got one of those either). I am looking forward

FIAT MULTIPLA possible newbie

hi im tom from irelandjust saying helloill possibly be buying my first fiat i have always had the japenese carsand now its time for a changei like the multipla as its spacious inside and something different im really tempted to buy a multiplaits an 02 one with 62000 miles on ithad a look at it yesterday with my girlfriendand she likes it toothe problem is i have not a clue what to check on this carcould

Lots of things to check on Multis but well worth it very spacious car which handles reasonably well economical (Diesel) and fairly easy to service. Front suspension check for play on lower wishbones as this causes front tyres to wear out very quickly. Coil springs prone to breaking so check these. Drop links (connecting front suspension to roll-bar) wear out ball-joints check for play. Anti-roll bar

I bought mine a JTD 105-2000 with 130bhp tuning at 68000 miles110000km and ive had it for 35 years (atm 155000 miles250000km) now without any big problems. I drive app. 25000 miles a year. The following bigger items are replaced The clutch is changed twice at 75000 and 149000 miles. Both rear wheel bearings kits (left 75000 and right 100000) rear Swing arms are changed at 120000 and the front suspension and springs at 100000 generator at 149000 that was it good luck

FIAT MULTIPLA Front Caliper Type

Can some kind soul tell me which type of front brake caliper Ive got (Bosch or ATE)

It was all quite straightforward once I had the tools around me and the tightening torques. It took me just over an hour for each side. Jack up the car. Remove the wheel. Support the car on an axle stand. Slide the rubber retainer for the brake pipe out of the bracket on the suspension damper. Disconnect the brake pad wear cable (LH side only) - my cable is sliced off anyway Remove the spring

FIAT DOBLO Handling Packs for Doblos

Does anyone know of a handling pack for the Doblo at all I am impressed with the performance of the vehicle in every other area except the handling which would definitely benefit from better anti roll bars. I would even consider a complete suspension kit but I have been unable to find any done by the usual after market manufacturers. It has been suggested that I also change the wheel tyre combo from

The Doblos basic make-upfloor pan is unique as is the multiplas. I think that has been mentioned else where in the forum The rear suspension is a simple beam between the hubs and uses cart springs with rubber bump stops. Its simple and effective especially when heavily laden. If you buy a Doblo I think you may have gone the wrong route for a MAX Power feature spread 0) Remember if it looks like a van - itll probably handle like a van...

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