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FIAT MULTIPLA Rear Window Washer

Has anybody experienced the following and if so how did they cure it. My multipla rear wash is not working the front washers are fine but when the stalk is pushed for a rear wash I still get the front window washed and no effort on the rear.

I Think But not certain that it si the same pump which controls both.It has a internal vavle but in and the stalk just reverses current.I Suppect the washer pump motor faulty

just had to fix this myself. One front jet was blocked - easy to pop off and clean by blowing it out - soaking in white wine vinegar (smells better than malt). I could not face doing the rear one but it cleared when I blew down it (remember to take the lid off the filler). My neighbours must have wondered why I was kissing the back of the ugliest car in existance though..

According to someones post on a similar topic the pump runs both ways. One direction supplies the front screen the other supplies the rear. Theres a seperate pump for the lights. httpwww.fiatforum.commultipla21...mlpost2364887 I did a little mod to mine when I had a blockage... httpwww.fiatforum.commultipla21...mlpost2366984

rear washer stopped working. small tube had come off rear wiper assembly removed cover pushed pipe back on took twenty minutes.No problems since.

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear Window Fuse They arent working

I have searched the threads on this problem and found one where someone said they did find the fuse for the rear windows but they never said where it was Yesterday the rear windows just stopped working (both sides) and so I assumed it was something to do with the lock button however this seems to be making the relay click on and off so I am now thinking its the fuse... but there is no fuse in the main

My handbook (2004 roundnose) says the rear window riser fuse is on relayfuse holder bracket under the glovebox tray in front of the driver. I havent been out to have a look at this on my car so cant tell you if it makes any sense

does it say which fuse it is Thanks

Thats the full extent of whats written in my handbook. No illustration and its not given a fuse number. Because its not given a number I cant tell you what the fuse is shared with either if it did it would help to tell you if it is the fuse thats at fault. The only other info given is that its (or should be at least) 25A rated. At least it narrows it down to the area in front of the driver and also

Drivers side fuse array (under Glovebox) forward-most row third from left 20A. It was the second from last one I pulled out typical

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FIAT MULTIPLA Rear windows and fog lights stopped working

Hello All Posted a message a few days ago about my multipla JTD cutting out and you clever guys pointed me to change the crank sensors which has fixed the problems. Thought I would try my luck with another problem I have had for about a year now but have lived with so far. The read electric windows stopped operating and also the front top fog lights do not operate either. I obviously thought it must

If its the old shape Multi the top lights arent fogs but are the high beam lamps. The fogs (if fitted) are below the bumper.

FIAT MULTIPLA Both Rear Windows not working - is there a relay or common component to check

Neither of my rear windows work - they have both stopped at the same time we believe but cant be sure. I have checked the fuse - it is OK. I have checked the LOCK button on the dashboard and this seems to be working (light goes on and off plus I swapped it with the Fog Light switch and this still doesnt make them work). I have dismantled the window switches and both seem OK - but I dont really know

possible through lock of use (alfas bad for this) I normally check them by swopping connector position on switchbank (you need to remove a bit of the tag to get it to fit) however as you say it seems strange...sounds more like switch (have you checked supplies coming out of switch)

Thanks - do you mean swopping connector position on the window switches themselves or the Lock switch For checking supplies coming out of switch again do you mean Lock swithc or window switch Which pins should be hot for which switch in which position Thanks

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear electric windows

Hi all We have a 2000 19jtd which the wife loves but at the moment the rear electric windows are not working we used to have the lock on all the time as our grandchildren kept messing with the switches (bless em). Ive checked the fuse and thats ok (No 24 in blooklet 25 amp) Its got me stumped and with the better weather hopefully I would like to get it sorted without going to an auto electrician . All the best Kc

I had one not working and replaced the switch but I wouldnt think both would go together.Not much help I know

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear windows switch

i intend to install another switch for the rear windows at the driver side anyone have done it before. i have checked the pillars. it seems that i have to drill another hole to let the wire to pass thru there. is there i can connect to the existing wiring connector at the pillar. tia

Id have thought there has to be a wire running from the switch that is in the back door to the front of the car. Can you not lay another one alongside it to save drilling

any simple wiring diagram that i can use. the cd a bit more complicated to understand

Sorry no. Ive never looked but Id have hoped it was easy to trace the wire back

FIAT MULTIPLA Retro fitting electric rear windows

Anyone done it or had any experience of it To be honest it doesnt look like there is any extra wires inside the door cavity to fit em. One of my rear winders has a mashed up cable tied to repair it but no luck and just wondered if it was possible thanks in advance for any replies.

A lot of Multis have electric rear windows certainly the ELX and the Eleganza do. Shouldnt be too difficult to swap all the gear across from a scrap one I shouldnt have thought

Thats the point i was in the breakers and all were electric ones seems manual are rare .

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear window winder problems

Hi we have a multipla with a sticking back window i.e the winder no longer works and the window keeps dropping I have had a look for a guide on here with no Joy Im not very technical but would appreciate it if any one could point me in the right direction on here please.. Thanks

Hard to say without seeing it but it sounds like you need a new window regulator.

FIAT MULTIPLA rear passenger door electric windows

hi i have a 2002 1.9 jtd i have replaced the window switches which were broken when i bought it but both widows still not working and the fuse is ok . any ideas

Not unknown for the fuse holder to be faulty check I havent got a manual to hand but check if anything else is on this fuse and its getting power. Do you have an open door dash light for the rear doors and does it work also do you have central locking and does it work as it should

FIAT MULTIPLA Help electric window stuck down

My rear electric window has got stuck down. the one on the other side will not move up or down so I take it that the fuse has gone or something like that. Have checked the users manual which has been a great help. Any one know which fuse it might be. The book says it is a 25amp fuse but seems very vague as to which one as the diagram does not match what I am looking at. Also is there any way I can at least shut it for the time being ie manual wind system carl

Its possible that either the fuse or relay has failed. However I didnt think that fiat would fuse each window separately. Usually the fronts would share the same fuse and I wouldnt be surpised if the fronts shared the same fuse as the rears (althopugh possibly not if the lower range models have manual windows in the back) Anyroad enough of the waffling. It may also be that the window has come off its

Originally Posted by aeroadster Its possible that either the fuse or relay has failed. However I didnt think that fiat would fuse each window separately. Usually the fronts would share the same fuse and I wouldnt be surpised if the fronts shared the same fuse as the rears (althopugh possibly not if the lower range models have manual windows in the back) Both rear windows failing to move (one up one

tomorrow as Im intrigued to find out which relay does what. There are only two 25A fuses on the loose fuse holders so it may be worth checking if either of these has blown. Also if you press the rear window lock button can you hear a relay clicking in and out The following pictures off the CD may help you (more than they help me). At least the electrical circuit is clear. __________________ fiatForumer.

Just to let every one know the electric windows are now working it seems after much switching of fuses and pressing buttons that it may be a loose connection somewhere as after trying the window lock button on the dash at the same time as having the rear windscreen heater switched on it seemed to work still seems abit iffy as it seems to work when it wants to (kids are now banned from touching the

FIAT MULTIPLA rear electrics not working

Hi I have a 1.6 elx multipla and my elecs r playing up both front windows work and both sun roofs but I have no rear interior light and the rear window wont work does any one have any ideas to what this might be as I have drawn a blank When u press rear buttons for windows it just clicks hope this helps

FIAT MULTIPLA Electric Windows & Central Locking failed

Hi all searched around a bit and cant find anything relating to it. My 02 Plate multipla has lost all electric windows except the rear passenger side and all central locking has failed looking through the fuses under the dash and these items are covered by many different fuses then there are the fuses under the bonnet which are hard to remove and there is a warning in the manual about not touching them Any one had this problem before Thanks in advance Jake

FIAT MULTIPLA Radiio and Window Problems

I noticed the other day that the radio on my 53 JTD will only work from the set itself i.e. the steering wheel controls have stopped functioning. In addition to that the electric windows and sunroof(s) have also stopped. Is this likely to be a fuse If it is can anyone guide me in the general direction of them. I can only see a small boxful beneath the bonnet and I cant see any indication which one is which. Are there other fuses on this machine KRs & TIA Patrick

has it got rear elec windows and do they it the front windows that dont workif so check the following. Looking at the fuse box in front of the drivers side glove box with the connectors upper mostthere are 5 rows of 3 fuses.Attached to this are more fuses.there should be only one 30A fuse in a GREEN base.check this fuse it controls both front windows and sun roor.if fuse ok check there is 12v

Yes MP I found the green fuse you mentioned and its OK Yes it does have elec rear windows and they dont work either I think its going down to the fiat dealer this week Thanks anyway Patrick

FIAT MULTIPLA Windows wont go up

The Back windows wont go back up on my fiat multipla 1.9 JTD the kids put them down the other day as we driving because it was hot when i parked up before getting out they stopped working a couple of days before we had rainfall and some water came through the sunroof. Has anybody got any ideas how to get them working again as we are due rain here today dont fancy a wet car

Thanks for that but still no luck changed the fuse for rear windows aswell anybody got any idea because the sky is about to open my end

hi kazzer. you havnt by mistake pressed the main switch on the dash by the speedo have you this will stop both rear windows being operated. we have to isolate ours to stop the kids opening the windows. it may be that you pressed it once the windows were open and hadnt realised. its the one nearest the driver next to heated rear window

Hi guysmy mechanic is miffed as to where the fuse for the rear window issurely somebody has an idea this has been mentioned before in the threads in my handbook it is fuse 24 that needs changing but there is no fuse 24 location in other threads it mentions different fuse numbers that people cant find.Please please if someone know where these hidden fuses are can they let me know.Thanks in advance

FIAT MULTIPLA Passenger window

Hi all.small problem i need your help with.Just been out im my mothers multipla and the passenger window is stuck half way open. The drivers side works fine so i dont think it can be the fuse (as i understand they are on the same fuse I might b wrong) there seems to be a click as u try the passenger window with the passenger swich and the switch on the drivers door for the passenger window. Does this sound like the motor for the windowwould be very grateful for your advise

The only screwdriver slot i can feel is on the back of the motor (between the back of the motor and the outer door skin.would that be itthere not a lot of room there but might b able to get a small screwdriver in it. There power going to the switch as it lights up when plugged in but the motor i dont know. i had the suggestion made to me of taking the rear passenger motor off and putting it on the

FIAT MULTIPLA I 186 How to remove rearfront door panels JTD 2001 Model

The car had been stood for a couple of years and the exterior door handles will not go back down when opened unless you push them down I need to lubricate them from the inside but dont know how to remove the door panels without maybe damaging them Can anyone please help Cheers.

Okay pop off the speaker grill (carefully fiat plastic trim is fragile Seems to be a little bit more brittle than other makes). Undo the retaining screws remove the speaker and unclip the connector. Undo the bolts holding the door handle plastic module and remove the handle from the wire locking rod. disconnect the electric window switch and this should separate from the panel. Get a very thin screwdriver


Just a quick question when I turn on my rear wiper its continious not intermitent. Should it be intermitent or continious

Just bought a new wiper arm and it still misses the top of the rear window any ideas

Originally Posted by King Prawn Ring Just bought a new wiper arm and it still misses the top of the rear window any ideas Mine seems the same I wonder if the spring has enough tension to keep the blade firmly on the window.

FIAT MULTIPLA Electric windows and central locking not working

Hi All i am a newbie here so be gentle if this has already been covered then i am sorry i had a look but couldnt find anything on this subject. I have a JTD 115 its a great car but i have recently developed a problem with the front electric windows and the central locking. Basically the windows wont come down (the back ones work) I have checked the fuse under the oddments tray and theyre fine nothing

I have The same problem.....Central Locking and front windows not working. 1.6 ELX model. The rear windows and both sunroofs are working but my fuse layout is completly different to the manual. Any ideas anyone

I have exactly the same problem on my 52 plate JTD electric front windows and central locking US -fuse 24 and 26 (for rear windows but they do work) do not exist on page 157 of my owners book it shows fuses 212223then goes to fuses 25 and 27and whoever decided to put the fusebox and fuses there needs -well we wont go there Anyone

FIAT MULTIPLA Back Windows Locked

Hi I have just prurchased a V Reg multipla and I am guessing both back windows are locked as I cant move them. I have disabled the child locks on both doors as I thought that might be the answer. Does anyone Know if this is right and how do I unlock them Thanks Pauline

If you have electric rear windows they dont work if the switch on the dashboard marked lock (to the right of the hazard lights) is on (yellow light shows). This switch simply turns off the window controls but has no effect on the door locks despite being called lock P

FIAT 500 II Rear Window shattered

For no apparent reason as I opened the boot this morning the rear window crumbled into pieces...Ive had the car from new for 6 months and it has less than 7000 miles on the clock. From reading the posts other new 500 owners have had similar experiences. Im wondering just how common this is and whether there was any comeback from the dealer where you bought the car

this happened on our multipla when it was about 4 months old - fiat wouldnt do anything which I didnt really expect them too but thought Id ask got it done under windscreen cover. been fine for the last 9 12 years

Dear Gavlar Just seen your reply - thank you so much Garages here just dont want to get involved though Im sure. This is a never-ending nightmare We have absolutely no one to turn to and even paying for the repair isnt going to happen it seems - unless I give in and pay for either a complete secondhand subrame (dont know Ill be much better off - if at all) then pay for that to be fitted OR pay the

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