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FIAT MULTIPLA electric driver seat adjustment

The electric adjustment on my 04 jtd is not working I can hear it trying but no movement...........any ideas

Hmmm... Common problem Id think. Worse still electric drivers seat adjustment is set to be an MOT test item very soon. Theyre not particularly heavy duty. I put it down to six foot tall fat blokes getting in to their petite wifes multipla and adjusting the seat whilst sitting on it The motor continues to work but the (nylon) cogs that transfer the drive to the elevation thread strips wears out. It doesnt look mendable to me. Mine broke. I have a new one in the boot awaiting fitting.

Testable only for forwards and rearwards movement. As the multiplas seat motor only controls height it is not part of the new test. widemouthfrog thanked for this post

Google da motors wickford he will post one cheap

i tried DA motors and they dont have part anybody have any other ideas on where to source the part

FIAT MULTIPLA Broken Electric Driver Sear Height Adjustment

Hi I have got a problem with the drivers front seat electronic height adjustment. The motor appears to turn but the seat doesnt move so Im literally stuck. The seat is set too high and the car is very uncomfortable to drive. Any top tips on how to do a quick fix can I bypass the motor How does the system work My multiplas a petrol 2000 100 ELX Thanks in advance

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FIAT MULTIPLA Erection problems

My drivers seat height adjustment mechanism has stopped working. I can hear the electric motor whirring away but I just cant get it up Any (decent) suggestions regards from Disgusted...

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