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fiat punto engine warning light II 188 188AX
fiat punto engine warning light II 188 188AX

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FIAT PUNTO Fiat Punto Engine Warning Light

I have a fiat punto 1.2 Active Sport 2002 model. The engine warning light has come on but I cant see any other problems with the car. It happened after topping up the oil. Does anyone know what could be wrong

FIAT PUNTO EOBD - Engine Control System Failure warning light on

Hi all Can anyone shed some light on an engine warning light that comes up on my punto - its the 1.2 8v Active sport version 2004 model. Some background - I had the coils replaced 3 months and the car ran smoothly up until the last week or so. The warning light has come on and Ive done a bit of research but Im reluctant to take it to a fiat dealership if the problem can be diagnosed at home. Ive also

FIAT PUNTO Engine warning light

Hi guys I own an 04 plate 5dr punto 1.2 Active with 119k. I was driving my car today and my engine warning light came on. I immediately panicked and pulled into a layby. Popped the bonnet and couldnt figure out what the fault could be. It wasnt overheating no knocking or misfires. It starts runs and pulls well with no sign of anything that could be broken. All fluids are full up and all of the lights

FIAT PUNTO Punto ELX 16v Speedgear 51 amber warning engine light

punto ELX 16v Speedgear 51 Plate My wife has just got a warning light - Amber engine Symbol on dashboard. The car still runs. It says in the hand book ignition fault Also there is a whirring sound coming from under bonnet. If you accelerate the whirring goes up in pitch if you dont throtle no whirring noise. Almost like a fan belt noise. Are the two connected are we going to get screwed at the fiat

FIAT PUNTO Injection System Warning Light and Engine Check Message

Hi all Firstly I would like to wish everyone a New Year. This is my first post here so please forgive any indiscretions in technical jargon or idiocy I have an 09 Reg punto 1.4 which until now has worked seemlessly. However this afternoon it became an absolute pig to start in the cold and imeditately presented me with an Injection System warning light and a dashboard prompt to Check engine. Also it

Well the car is due in to the Stealership tomorrow morning so hopefully everything goes well and I dont get charged an astronomical bill for any work required. The latest issues are - 1 - Really hard to start from cold. Splutters and is reluctant to burst into life. But once it has been started it seems to start ok. 2 - There doesnt appear to be a lumpy idle and no obvious signs of lack of cylinders.


Hi Driving Home tonight my warning light came on and with a message to say check engine. the engine is running fine any ideas Please. fiat Grande punto 1.2 360 limited edition on a 57 plate

Just check engine.... No other warning lights

Only the warning light for check engine orange symbol no other warning lights.

Have not driven my car since Friday Night been to check on it this morning and everything is ok all warning lights go out everything back to normal. is it wise to take it to dealer or leave it . And thank you to all of you who have replied.

FIAT PUNTO Yellow Engine Dashboard Warning Light

The yellow engine dashboard warning light has come on a few days ago and it remains on during the complete ride. Otherwise nothing noticable as driving is concerned. Something to worry about fiat punto 75ELX 2002 Mk2

Its the engine management warning light thats on. It means the ECU has detected a fault somewhere but it could be any number of things. You need to get the code read which will tell you whats wrong. If its still driving ok it may only be a sensor playing up.

Originally Posted by TaranQ The yellow engine dashboard warning light has come on a few days ago and it remains on during the complete ride. Otherwise nothing noticable as driving is concerned. Something to worry about fiat punto 75ELX 2002 Mk2 Check the motor water level. It could be something wrong with head gasket. Its the worst scenario. Dont neglect checking the engine water. Good luck...

FIAT PUNTO Mk2b No acceleration Engine Warning light

Hi all for a few months now I have been having a problem with my MK2b (05) and wondered if you could shed some light on it for me. Just note cars wise im a novice so simple instructions would be best but im here to learn Basically when I start my punto in the morning often but not all the time its very sluggish. Basically putting my foot on the accelerator when driving does nothing then it bursts into

FIAT PUNTO Engine managment and triangle warning light

hey guys i Hve a fiat punto mk2b automatic(triptonic i think ) was driving my car this morning and when pulling off a roundabout the engine managment light came on and a warning trianglealso it says engine faliure Now car wont move what does this mean

FIAT PUNTO Engine warning light Good independant garage

Can anyone help please. My 17 year old son has just passed his driving and pass plus tests and has bought a 2002 punto 16v Dynamic. We bought it privately and it has had one ownerfull service history and has done about 44ooo miles. Today the engine warning light (the one shaped like an engine)came on permanentlyand the car has been jerking and shuddering when driven. I suppose it will mean a trip to

FIAT PUNTO Engine Warning Light

Hi just wondered if anyone can help. Ive already had a look at similar threads but nothing is quite the same. Ive just got a fiat punto Y reg. Its just passed its mot with a few advisories to do with the brake pipe and hose. Anyways it is running fine no knocks or anything. The first day I had it the battery died but I thought this was due to it sitting idle for a month. Since this the engine warning

FIAT PUNTO Engine Management LightTemp Warning Light Fault

Hello everyone I have been having a problem with my punto MK2 8v where I am getting erratic error warning lights coming up on my dashboard. Every time I use my car either the engine managment warning light or temprature warning light (sometimes both) come on. It happens completely randomly either when I start the car up or when I am driving. Itthey go off after a while but often come back on at regular

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX 2003 Fiat Punto - Engine Control System Failure warning Light

Hi About 2 weeks ago as I was driving I noticed the warning light for the engine Control System Failure appeared on the dashboard. I continued home as the manual said it was safe to drive but that I should bring it to a fiat garage to be looked at. However the light never came on again and the car appears to be driving normally. Question is do I need to bring this to a fiat Garage or could I ignore it seeing as the light never re appeared. Thanks

FIAT PUNTO Punto engine warning light

Hi I have a punto 2001 1.2 16V ELX (petrol). In the middle of Jan the amber engine warning light came on & I noticed a distinct lack of power. I tool it to my usual mechanicgarage they did an ECU scan & advised that it could be a couple of things (think he mentioned something to do with the cat)but they would start at the cheapest first so they changed the plugs & leads. Everything seemed fine them

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO Engine Warning Light & no Temp.

Hi guys new member here though I have referenced the forums a number of times in the past as my delightful 07 Grande punto 1.2 has had its fair share of issues in the past. The latest issue that is troubling me at the moment is the worrying amount of time it seems to spend with its engine Management light on. Sometimes it is only briefly and at other times it can stick around for a day or two before

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX Mk2 oil engine warning lights coming on

Hi guys hope you can lend a hand here. When I turn my engine off the oil and engine warning lights come on. As soon as the engine is turned back on they go off again. This has literally just happened of its own accord in the past few days. If any other LEDs (eg City petrol warning door open) are on they too stay on. Before this I had an issue where the handbrake light would stay on when the engine

OK its fixed itself sweet. Got up this morning went to go for a drive and the warning lights had gone off. Turned the car over and it took a while (figure the battery was almost flat). Odd thing was that although the clockmpg etc had reset on the dash the clock on my stereo didnt. Weird. Anyway cheers for that. Just need to figure out why the airbag light is on whenever my engine is on now Any suggestions let me know this has been going on longer than the last prob. Cheers again.

FIAT PUNTO Engine cuts out warning lights

My 2004 1.2 16V Active has started to cut out just after starting the engine before I get chance to move. If it doesnt cut out then often Im left with an array of different warning lights remaining on. None of these are constant sometimes it power steeringair bagsimmobiliser. I just turn the car off and back on until I get everything clear. Today the electrics cut out on me while I was driving the

FIAT PUNTO Engine warning light

I have just changed the cat and post cat lambda sensor on a y reg 1.2 16v sporting after two days of running the engine warning light has come on and stayed on although there has been no drop in power at all and the car seems to be running fine any ideas Regards Jay

Originally Posted by technic I have just changed the cat and post cat lambda sensor on a y reg 1.2 16v sporting after two days of running the engine warning light has come on and stayed on although there has been no drop in power at all and the car seems to be running fine any ideas Regards Jay You may need to go to fiat to get it checked out i m sure if they find nothing wrong theyll clear the errors on there computer

Hi Guys i only read the last post after i had connected the battery this morning so i didnt leave it to idle for 5 mins etc but the warning light was still on anyway i assume it should have gone out when i started it. Was thinking it may be the pre cat lambda as the garage said it may need one aswell as a new cat so i tried to check them doing the following. With the engine idling i measured the voltage

FIAT PUNTO Engine warning light....coil

Re my earlier message about the engine warning light and rough running on my sons punto he has called out the AA and they have wired it up and it shows the coil as being faulty. A new one is on order would anyone know if its difficult to do myself and useful tips Much appreciated.

FIAT PUNTO Engine Management Red Warning Light

Hi All I have had my punto 1.3 JTD for a couple of months now. JUst today the engine management light has come on and staying on. The cars seems ok. Can someone please help - could it be something serious and do I need to take it to fiat or should I just see how it behaves Thanks in advance.

then its impossible to say what it is. Theres over 1000 different things that could cause it to illuminate. I would definitely recommend that you do further investigation at least as without knowing what has caused it its impossible to say that severe engine damage wont result if its left. Most decent independant garages will be able to read the fault codes. However its worth noting that fiat

FIAT PUNTO punto hgt engine warning light on

hi all im new here and my partner has a 2004 1.8 hgt. We have had it for 2 years and it has done 46000 miles. We bourght it with the engine warning light on and last year it went thorugh it MOT with the light as an advisary but this year im lead to beleive an illuinated light is a fail when you start it up it says engine failure switch off engine. We had it put on a diagnostics machine and it said

ok well look into getting the front section of the exhaust changed. What will happen if the variator fails Is this warning light on an advisory or fail

This year a lot of stuff has been tightened up around the edges which is why I think maybe. After all its an ECU warning light and one of the main functions of the ECU is to control emissions. If in doubt ask your MOT man.

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO Engine Warning Light is ON Again

Well I hope you are sitting comortably as this is a bit of a long one I have owned my 06 plate GP sporting from new and apart from the usual issues its been super untill..... About 3 months ago I was travelling back from Bristol and at the bottom of telegraph hill (Exeter) gave it some gas but instead of flying up as usual the engine spluttered almost died the warning light came on and it went into

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO Engine management light Warning on startup

Hi I have a 1.4 16v GP 58 plate For a few weeks now every so often when I start the car from cold the engine light would come on and the car would seem really loudshaky. But turning the engine offon sorted it This morning I started the car (hasnt been driven in about 3 days) and the car is really shaky (is this misfiring) and loud and the engine light starts to flash and the check engine warning is

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO T-Jet loss of power and check engine warning light

I had mentioned in another thread how my car was not boosting correctly and didnt feel right. Anyway yesterday I was driving along and noticed a complete lack of power the car literally would not rev at all. I pulled up as soon as I could turned car off re-started it and was greeted with an engine management light and check engine warning displaying on the display. The car really struggled to start

FIAT PUNTO Engine Management warning light

-( Suddenly come on. AC has stopped working as well. I assume the ECU switches the AC off or something Doesnt seem to be any change in performance though Not that Ive driven it far or fast... I guess I should take it to fiat dealer asap

Originally Posted by Mdeko The Air Con most probabily needs regassing. There are lots that need doing around this time of year as people generally dont used it throughout the winter months the seals dry out and the gass leaks out. So when it gets a bit warmer people put thier air con on and it dosent work. You can get it re gassed from most garages (kwik fitnationalnationwide) and halfords do it too.

FIAT PUNTO Dashboard warning lights on after engine off

My punto Mk2 (03 plate) had sat on the drive for about 3 months (bought new car and hated it so sold again ) Worked fine for couple weeks but now whenever I turn the engine off and remove the key the engine management and the Oil light stay on even after the car has been locked. They stay on till the the car is started again Even after being parked for 20 hours. Neither light is on while driving and

FIAT PUNTO Engine Warning Light One off

I was driving round today doing a few bits the weather being totally horrible. Ended up driving through a large puddle about 100 yards after that the car felt like it was loosing power and my engine warning light came on. I eased off on approach to a junction but had no where to pull in. Once setting off it was jerky then at the next roundabout i over revved slightly and the light had gone off and

FIAT PUNTO engine warning light

Hi all I had a new manifold fitted a few weeks ago. No problems then the engine warning light came on later. I found a broken lambda sensor wireI bought a new one rather the repair it. Still the light is on. MY question is thisCan it be reset or programmed Also i think my fuel use seems to have gone up due to the lambda hoping the new one will sort the fuel use. If a garage can connect to the computer can they see where the problem might be thanks for now stu g

Your best bet would be to have it hooked up to a computer to get a proper diagnose what the actual issue rather than keep splashing money out on various parts. However if the issue was solved and the engine light is still on then you can have the light reset either by a garage or by buying fiatECUScan and the cables and do it yourself. Good luck bennyyboy

FIAT PUNTO engine warning light goes off only after few seconds

..while it suppose to go off after engine starting as i read from the manual(mk2 punto) does this means something wrong

if its red light then your car is non-eobd earlier ducatos (244) warning lights are red and go out after self test before engine is started. Hamada thanked for this post

Originally Posted by T14086 if its red light then your car is non-eobd earlier ducatos (244) warning lights are red and go out after self test before engine is started. so this is normal.. wow thats a relief .. thanx so much BTW whats non-eobd

FIAT PUNTO Engine Failure Warning Light

Hi Just got back from holiday turned the key and the engine started fine just like normal in fact but then the engine failure warning light remained on and it bleeped at me. Turned it on and off but nothing seemed to change this. Ive had it in my mind that it may need an intermediate service recently as the previous owner had the last one done at qwik fit. Its staying on solid not flashing. Anyone

FIAT PUNTO Engine Management Warning Light Madness Power Steering light Insanity

My punto is driving me mad... since buying it new in 2003 the power steering light has flashed on and off intermitently and the garage never founf the problem just kept deleting faults Now.. the latest problem last weekend the little yellow engine picture came on and I found it extremely difficult to start the car when hot... after three days of problems the light has gone off and is running normally. Any ideas

What is the RPM TDC sensor I have contacted fiat who say it is not their problem... Did you have the engine management light on too That what comes on when its having a not starting couple of days...

FIAT PUNTO engine warning light

Hi i have just just fitted a new head gasket and serviced the car at the same time whilst also changing the oil sump . I restarted the engine but now the engine warning light has come up can anyone tell me what could have caused this. Cheers

FIAT PUNTO engine management warning light

Hi All My 2001 punto s engine light (the one the shape of an engine ( is periodically coming on anf staying on for a couple of days. Any suggestions Thanks Bill confu sed

FIAT PUNTO Engine warning light

Hi all I have just brought a 02 punto sporting speedgear....every now and then the Amber engine light flashes on & off then stops for a while. There is no loss in power or anything else. What does this mean.... Thanx

Firstly can you describe the shape of this engine warning light And if it comes on and goes off according to my instruction manual means nothings wrong it if it begins to stay on constantly then you do have a problem although mines only 1.2 8v active sport so might be different.

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