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fiat uno air filter II

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FIAT UNO II Green air filter oppinions

Hi all i just came here after searching a lot about uno tuning and air filters. I have a 1.1 ie Formula and after searching for air filters i found a Green (model P263) which is an induction kit for uno 50 1.1ie 92-93. I ordered it and i am waiting. I wonder if anyone tried and if it has problems with the air feeding since it is on the top of engine. Thanks

Hi Geom Welcome to The Forum Any pictures of your uno in Athens I&8217ve done a quick search for you and found one or two. httpwww.fiatforum.comsearch.phpsearchid313211 are the results for searching Greenfilter. Morty Mort has a good post in httpwww.fiatforum.comshowthread....ghlightfilter thread regarding the Oil Breather filter. Please return and let us all know how the Green filter performs and tell us a bit more in the mean time enjoy fiat Forum and spread the word. Kind Regards

Nice set up Morten The cam breather filter is all to often forgotten. LOL how many zebra did you skin to re-trim the uno Morten Looks good Originally Posted by uno_94 you know were the filter is bolted on how big is that hole cheers. The easiest way to find out is to remove the front part of air filter (1 clip each side and one underneath) then the back part &8211 (1 X 10MM bolt on top) and measure

Originally Posted by geom Finally the Green filter came and installed. Take a look at httpwww.fiatforum.comgallerysho...00&ppuser9533 . The noise is nice and not too loud at about 2500-3500 RPMs. Also i think that it had a little change in torque. Get yourself a cold air feed sorted and you will get a little more power At the moment youre pulling in warm air from the top of the engine bay - get some

it off before dragracing -) Note that cool air comes directly on filter - no hot air from your radiator It shows sligth performance up - and you should always put another small filter to carter ventilation system 1. SCT air filter 2. 100mm Large tube 3. Teperature off isolation 4. Smal SCJ filter on carter ventilation Attached Thumbnails             __________________ fiat

FIAT UNO II Fiat Uno Diesel 1.7 K&N replacement air filter

Any idea what is the part No. of K&N replacement air filter for fiat uno 1.7 Diesel 1999 make The original part no. of fiat uno diesel seems to be 71736145 but this has no match on the K&N website. thanks & regards

K & N for Diesel Well bro it seems K&N doesnt make one for uno. I have managed to install a cone shaped high flowing one thru minor alterations but since the engine bay is compact it breathes in hot air all the time. Well u wouldnt gain many horses thru an air filter. Perhaps u r looking for a washable alternative that lasts longer than the stock paper element. Id recommend the stock paper element

Omer Thanks. K&N makes airfilter for uno. my problem is that i am not able to find something which suits uno Diesel 1.7. Whatever K&N makes for uno does noit suit my filter size. I think I need to change the filter more often. I deont think that I would want to fix a cone filter in my uno with the kind of problems which you are facing. thanks anyway. bangalore_uno

Yo Welcome Mate I meant I couldnt find K&N for Diesel uno. Rgds. Omer

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FIAT UNO II whats the best place for me to put air filter

i bought Simota Racing air filter it was installed on my old car (golf CL) it was easy thing to install becuse in the golf there was space in my uno 1.4 70s i cant find a place to place my filter maby you can give me pictures of your engines if u have one installed i have fiat uno 1993 1.4 70S thx for your help if u can

Best place to put the air filter is... the air filter housing Seriously have you any pictures of the air filter you want to fit Would give the forum a better idea of where it might be able to go.

You should be able to do something very similar to Mnitcores installation though his was on a FIRE engine. Check this link out for an idea of what can be achieved httpwww.fiatforum.comuno-technic...htm%40nticore

FIAT UNO II 1.0 i.e. start (AIR FILTER)

i want to put an air filter on my 1.0 i.e. start. but dnt have a clue where it goes. do i take off the hole air box that covers the carburettor then fit an air filter over it. anone know wot to do. and any sergestons on wot air filter i should get.

hi prob K & N air filters are the best. Find them at this site Look for replacemnt air filters. Its quite difficult to find parts for fiat uno 1.0 i.e start as i cant find many things myself Anyway good luck [8D]

Try Need For Speed they have a good selection of uno parts quite expensive though. You could get a cone filter youd take the airbox off measure the flange of the throttle body and get a cone that size.

Thats right you shouldnt have to worry about any oil pipes or anything. But if i were you id just get a replacement k&n cotton element there much cheaper and work just as well. If you get a cone filter you have to start getting cold air ducting to the filter and this means more money and hassle.

Hey Niode Thats a picture of MY engine Except mine has the standard airbox on it. Tempted to put a sport filter on but have other things more pressing at the moment Still interesting to see what it would look like with a cone filter on it. Chas

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 cinquecento air filter on an uno 45

im curious. I want a good air filter for my uno 45 Ie Start (fire engine) and the GSR Induction kit does wonders for a cinquecento sporting. the engines are very similar and so im just wondering if it would fit as there isnt alot around for an uno 45. and i know there definatly isnt a kit that will put the filter away from the engine like the GSR does.

have you got one to try i had a green cone that was fitted to my uno and that fitted to my sei my uno was a 999 i.e hobby - so a start with a few extras

FIAT UNO II air filter

where can i get hold of a filter 4 my uno all the modding shops in my area give me crap saying its not possible to fit one to an uno i know there lying but i dnt knw where i can pick one up fromcan u help

If youve got a monojetronic uno u can just take the air filter housing off buy an adapter to fit on top (like a piece of metal which bolts to the carb) and then put a cone filter on font colorblackPics of my uno are on my homepage see User Profile.font idblack

Quote Originally posted by moshpit666 monojetronic uno its a 1.0 ie fire engine thanx 4 all ur help The SPi (Single Point injection) is referred to as MonoJetronic made by Bosch its a part of the throttle body on the inlet manifold . Looks and works similiar as a carburettor except the fuel is injected. Its a hybrid sort of thing. Morten. abarth 14 wheels on good-year eagle ventura. abarth steering.

FIAT UNO II air filter

fiatdownunder i have no pic of my car with standard air filter as when i bought it half the engine was in cardboard boxes so i went for the fiter you see on my car originaly made for cosworth Mahhhoooosive took a while to fit by moving the rad 3 inches left chopping the afm bracket to bits and redesighning it rewelded to lower the afm a good 6 inches as was going through the bonnet now has cold air

And now Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   12-03-2007   3 fiatdownunder Get Your Own Title   Join Date Feb 2006 Location Auckland Posts 949 Thanks 9 Trader Rating 0   Re air filter cheers for that buddy

FIAT UNO II Air Filter Adaptor

Ive heard that you can buy an adaptor which whenn you take the air filter housing off fits on to the top then you can put cone filter on. does any one no if you can actually get these if so where can i get one from

Ive been in touch with Pipercross and they say the adaptor wont fit the SPi on the unos. So aftermarket filters must be bought after measuring the flange on the throttle body. Morten. abarth 14 wheels on good-year eagle ventura. abarth steering. inter-alloy 40 mm lowering. monroe sens-a-track shocks. phoenix gold audio. dalmatian refurnish. projects air intake. front seats. exhaust. rear tint.

The throttle body is underneath the air filter box. First detatch the air filter housing and remove the filter. Pull off the oil breather hose and vacuum hose from the air filter box. Unscrew the nut on top of the filter box and withdraw it. Be careful so you dont damage the seal. Now your throtle body is revealed. You might refer to the throttle body as an injection unit. Example of a flange Your

Well i didnt know the adapter wouldnt fit thanx Morten Norway for checking it out i was going to buy one soon so now i know If the filter just goes over the throttle body would that mean you could fit a filter like this httpknfilters.comRacing14inch.htm font colorblackPics of my uno are on my homepage see User Profile.font idblack

Hei Chris. I think this filter is for a carburettor. It might be too little space (near bulkhead - called torpedo-wall in Norway) for the filter above. Ive been in touch with the Norwegian K&N importer but we havent made any deal yet and therefore not chosen the appropriate filter. Im waiting a month until the MOT is passed before doing any investments. Itll be alright with a conic air filter like

FIAT UNO II Hot air intake to air filter

Just a thought with summer on the way (sorry winter for most of you lot) Check the air filter housing flap (1116cc1301cc models) that selects hot air from around the exhaust manifold or cold air from the front. The flap is supposed to start off with the cold air sealed off. A wax capsule expands and pushes the flap open when the temperature increases. My tests show that the wax capsules (tested two

Yep It does indeed....It is a feature found on most cars....and removing it completely isnt the best answer for most SPI or carbed engines especially in winter as they do rely on some warm air to run best even when the weather is hot. If the weather is hot you can get away with removing the pipe and the warm air is provided by the engine heating up the engine bay....but the best bet is to leave the

FIAT UNO II Air filter recommendations

So whats the best filter to get 4 the uno 999 ie Fire bin lookingh on I am lookin at the ITG magaflow flat or domed or shud i get the K&N bolt on carb which would make the car sound better guessing the K&N I find it kinda funnyi find i kinda sad the dreams in which im drivin my uno are the best i eva had

the K&N is a bolt on carb tho isnt that better 4 performance than the filter alone I find it kinda funnyi find i kinda sad the dreams in which im drivin my uno are the best i eva had

but is the green filter a replacement 4 the standard air filterif it is i wud prefer a proper K&N so it looks the part

mine wasnt but i dont know if mine was a universal green filter or an uno fit one I Have A Cinq Sporting... ...Click Here To Look At It

i have a 306 green filter on my uno 45.....removed the origion filter from the filter box and the inlet pipe and bolted it straight on the end does do much for sound but it looks the mutts nuts.

FIAT UNO II Air Filters

Hi all Just wondering what air filtersinduction kits you are using I am not after noise really just qualitypowerfiltration abilitys. Tell us your stories

FIAT UNO II What air filter is this and where do I get one

What air filter is that where can I get one and how does it compare to a standard one Is it beneficial or does it have a negative impact or does it not make a difference I like the clean look of the plain engine cover

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