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FIAT UNO II Brazil to kill off the Uno by 2014

Just read this This is a fiat Mille. It is very easy to find a Mille on brazilian streets. By the simple fact it sells a lot. Despite its project is quite the same since its debut in 1984. (The Mille of this photo was probably built after 2008) Back to 1984 this car was called fiat uno. Years later fiat launched a new version of the uno called uno Mille. In the 90s fiat started to call it just Mille.

FIAT UNO II Buying a Fiat uno turbo

Hey ppl Im lookin to buy a fiat uno turbo i was just wondering- 1. What is better the mk 1 or 2 (1300 or 1400) 2. Also where can i find a good one 3. What things should i be looking out for 4. How much would be a reasonable price for one Any assistance would be grateful Thank you.

Excellent summary there Chas I would like to also add a mention of the alternatives to the uno Turbo - other fiats to consider the Tipo Sedicivalvole the Punto GT. As the price of a good uno Turbo goes up and as most uno Turbos become more rusty it may be worth evaluating those two alternatives more modern the use of galvanised steel possibly more practical as everyday cars something more likely to

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FIAT UNO II The new Uno

Some pics Ive just seen they seem computer enhanced...Verdicts Attached Thumbnails         __________________ Currently got.. 89 Panda 750L 90 uno 60S 99 Sei Sporting 97 Punto 60S Jaguar XJR V8 Porsche Boxster Daimler 3.6 Jaguar X300 Manual 2012 electric motorbike.. The 1990 uno is the most fun   Quote   06-02-2010   2 Jai Banned   Join Date Aug 2004 Location Watford

the ribbed shelf behind would help prevent that claustrophobia-inducing bulk of most modern cars. Aluminium paddle switches on the instrument cluster (which could be made out of tactile modern materials) could leave a single stalk on the steering column which could have a nice robust feel to it. Single wiper of course. Slatted grille naturally. Five diagnonal chrome bars - why not - to hell with fiat

FIAT UNO II Uno Turbo economy wins again

This evening Ive just travelled from Hamilton to Rotorua and back. I was delivering a Power Macintosh system from 1995 including printer that I sold for 10. I quoted 30 for the delivery (10 pounds 84 pence at todays exchange rate). I thought about taking the Stilo (safer) but the uno now has a more kick-ass stereo (who needs six airbags anyway death by uno would be much more exciting) and the Stilo

another first by Alex Cruise control in a uno..... soon youll have 6 balloons stuck to the dashboard and side panels and call them airbags im still in the full throttle stage with the uno so not even going to guess what fuel i use in all i know is that when the needle gets to 14 it gets filled back up again

Originally Posted by fiatdownunder another first by Alex Cruise control in a uno..... soon youll have 6 balloons stuck to the dashboard and side panels and call them airbags im still in the full throttle stage with the uno so not even going to guess what fuel i use in all i know is that when the needle gets to 14 it gets filled back up again Hey - thats a good idea. Maybe if I get some sleeping bag

Tanks with airbag suspension (WHY is the back end always scraping the ground and yet the front pointing to the sky) or the Mondeos etc. with the wheels inside the wheelarch BTCC-style. My uno Turbo - about 50mm lower than standard - didnt even raise an eyebrow at the vehicle testing station. They could see it didnt have cut-springs or anything rubbing so it was fine... I think it looks right too fiat

FIAT STILO AirBag Warning

Just read a few bits of info as I have the lovely little fat man showing on my dash. Does anyone know if this is an MOT failure

OK we all run our fiatS to a budget BUT safety of our precious ones is NUMERO uno especially in view of the FordVWVauxallzewayhome etc etc dingoes out there and YOUR insurance will not unless you tell them AND get their agreement take kindly to bypassed airbags and the like.. not good news but in life take a short cut and itll undoubtedly cost you or more likely your loved ones

FIAT UNO II Fiat Uno Turbo Advice

Hi GuysGals. Basically im looking to get an uno turbo for my next car wont be until around octobernovember so ill be running around in the bravo for a little while longer anyway if its no like some advice from the fellow uno owners.. What should i look out for when buying an uno T How much would i expect to pay whats the best oil to use for itwhat bar oil pressure should it sit at best

Not for me they are not 2 - 1984 uno 70s (5 doors) one with 90000km on it. 1 - 1988 uno 60. Aah no turbo you see i have left that to my Stable of SAABs Not for weekend driving but I am tempted to get a Punto. One with dual airbags something very economical for a daily driver. A 1.2 8v according to the Punto guys.

FIAT UNO II Bad emissions

Hello people My stepson has a 1995 1.0 uno which is failing its MOT because of bad emissions have any of you people got any ideas of how to overcome this problem. Cheers Budda

I agree with 1986uno45S. Better the devil you know than the one you dont. Incidentally Puntos are rather more than 1K here... My uno Turbo needed most of today spent (by jjhepburn) welding significant areas of the floor generally much worse than the bit that could be seen from underneath that caused a failure of the WOF. The inner sill (inside the car) was completely detached from the floor over a

FIAT UNO II Uno turbo engine

Hi i am thinking of droping a uno 1.4 turbo engine into my punto but need a couple of questions answering. Dose the uno system with its 2 ecu s have a code system immobliser and how hard s it to get parts such as dizzy caps coils alternatorwarter pump belts cam belts ect ect Any infomation would be a great help and any exta info too

Thanks for the info if I put the gt engine in I need a lot more like full wireing loom with ecu code box all keys and locks speedo binical then the problem with airbag system and abs system So the uno engine seems to me to be the way to go just got to splice the loom into existing punto one for the speedo rev counter temp gauge and the ignition block

FIAT UNO II Uno Turbo mk2 Racing edition

do you have a pitcure of that uno if you have please put it here this turbo have ABSairbag aircondition...

Id like to see RACING EDITION written on a log book sounds like one of the last unos made the south africans have very late UTs and brazilians and polish where the kept making them upto 99-2000 airbag aircon maybe antiskid non on here mate

ive seen a M reg mk2 Racing edition in the UK had ABS and airbag.

My 1992 UT has Racing badges on it. No airbags aircon or ABS though.

FIAT UNO II sacrilige

hi folks.. i have a 93 uno two door.. much loved but now a little the worse for wear. i also have twin daughters and a wife who finds pushing my old uno around to be hard on her back and arms.. we now have a 97 mitsubishi lancer due mainly to the power-steering the airbag the four doors and the safer option of carrying our daughters around. but what im wondering is.. are there any car kits that use

FIAT STILO Airbag emulator questions

Hi all. I can take the 3 beeps no more Had a play with the underseat connections etc theres no lumps in the seat sometimes the light will come on or go off whether unoccupied or not. So Im thinking about an emulator however most carry warnings about no baby seats etc in the front. When I have my kids at weekends my 5 year old insists on sitting in the front. Basically is it safe to have him in the


i know i know im sorry but the uno is now being broken due to me not getting my shell as i was only getting it cos my mates mum was selling the house and now shes not so no shell for Dunc gonna get a cossie heheh so not alls bad 400bhp rwd baby yeah

when did u follow me to santa pod cos i cant remember lol sumplug yeah i know. 2wds have the 205 block and the 4wd have the 200 block but youll find most cossies have had a rebuild and most have been rebuild using the 200 block so all is ok i know my cossies wouldnt get a punto gt unless it was a run around as they aint that quick. too muh weight and gayness like airbags and side inpact bars. unos

FIAT UNO II Steering rack problem

Hi to all I have a problem which has emerged after new front wishbone arms were fitted on my car which is an uno 60 1992 with 1108cc engine. New wishbone arms (supplied by me) were fitted to each side. No issues or concerns were mentioned by the garage when I collected the car. Due to a different unrelated fault the car was examined on a ramp at a second garage the next day and I witnessed the issue

spaced so unable to alter satisfactorily. Im not sure if the garage is trying to generate unnecessary work or if the steering rack is the root cause of the problem (quite a few years ago I did have to replace the engine). OK - the giveaway there is when you say although the track rod end thread is not equal on both sides. It should be To centralise the rack is really not a difficult job on the uno

FIAT BRAVA 182 Airbag light and MOT

Hi guys If the airbag warning light on my fiat Brava is on will it fail its MOT

Only fiat garages or specialists will have the correct equipment to tell you what the problem is. A trip to a dealer for a diagnostic check is what you need. fiat Brava 1.6 HSX fiat uno 1.1 ieS.

ECU What reason did they give you fiat Brava 1.6 HSX fiat uno 1.1 ieS.

FIAT BARCHETTA Replace airbag

My B was 10 year old last year and a sticker on the sun visor states that the airbag (only 1 on my car on drivers side) was due for renewal in 2007. I mentioned this to the independent mechanic who services the car and he said I should not bother replacing the airbag and to leave well alone working on the basis if it aint broke dont fix it. Is it OK to not bother replacing or is there the possibility

unofficial advice from my local fiat garage for my 11 year old Barchetta was dont bother as its too expensive. I believe that the only risk is that it wont go off or wont inflate properly.

FIAT UNO II Nicer steering wheel

Wd a X1-9 steering wheel like 4.m1423.l2649 fit my mk1 uno 70SX Or other nice wheel What recommendation If so anyone got one pref nr Exeter (also posted in Classifieds)

That looks ... not bad. Esp the thickened bit where your hands rest on the wheel. I was thinking of a standard fiat wheel from another model. What about the X1-9 - will that fit operate the flasher cancel etc No horn push reqd no airbag.

FIAT UNO II 1368cc 16V FIRE Turbo (T-Jet) Uno conversion

After the disappointing early demise of the engine in my recently purchased uno Turbo track car I have been looking into getting it back on the track before next spring. I have had the idea of doing this conversion for a while after the success of my 1368cc 16v Panda that give me thrills daily and hasnt broken a part since the conversion 15k ago. The Panda is fun but will never handle like a racing

Originally Posted by alexGS This is a total stab in the dark but on most of the cars of that era there is a switch under the passengers seat to reset the fuel cutoff. Could it be that you need to connect some pins to make the ECU think that the switch has been pressed -Alex Yeah they changed that recently to be completely electronic based on ECU conversations. When an airbag goes off or the accelerometer

Originally Posted by lewey Yeah they changed that recently to be completely electronic based on ECU conversations. When an airbag goes off or the accelerometer under the gear stick goes wild enough a signal is sent to the body computer to trigger the fuel cut-off as it is called. The indicators method to remove it that I described above is in the handbook and is the only mention of it I have found. so does this mean youll have to get into the ecu to reset it or will you need a new ecu Dan

FIAT UNO II Uno 70sxie diagnostic sockets query

Hi I have a uno 70sxie with two diagnostic sockets 1 for electrics and 1 for fuel system (i presume). Does anybody know what format the output from the sockets is ie RS232 etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.

One is for ECU other one could be for ABSairbag etc.

FIAT UNO II Adding new or upgrading current alternator.

Hi I have a 1988 fiat uno with the 999cc Fire engine. It currently has a 45amp alternator ( i think ). I would like to either uprate the current one or add an additional one. Questions are Any advice on doing this Are there any quick upgrades for the alternator I have Is the bottom pulley replacable with a wide belt one If I do the additional alternator it will be charging a separate battery system. Thanks in advance Mark

am i right in thinking the alternator from a diesel has a significantly higher output maybe that would be an inexpensive way of solving your problem Originally Posted by Peterg Please tell us what the batteries are used for you have me entrigued airbag suspension

FIAT 500 II Is it just me...

...or do others find the steering wheel too far away and the pedals too close on the 500 I am 6 tall my wife is 56 and we both have a problem with it although in all fairness its her car and she loves it so much shes prepared to ignore the fact. Seems like fiats still build cars for people with long arms and short legs BK

Originally Posted by BigKev ...or do others find the steering wheel too far away and the pedals too close on the 500 I am 6 tall my wife is 56 and we both have a problem with it although in all fairness its her car and she loves it so much shes prepared to ignore the fact. Seems like fiats still build cars for people with long arms and short legs I dont think its just you I also find my 500 a bit odd

Originally Posted by alexGS I dont think its just you I also find my 500 a bit odd especially when I get into my Spider or my 166 after a while and everything falls nicely to hand (and foot). I think in fiats defence I should point out that safety dictates positioning of the occupants and steering wheel. I expect more thought goes into getting the right angles for the airbag deployment (even the positioning

FIAT STILO Missing OCS sensor.

Hi there I have a Stilo 115JTD 5 door with afull compliment fo airbags... and it has just come up with a airbag fault. So following the advice here I looked under the seat to attempt a wiggle fo the plugs and well I cant find the OCS wire from the seat. I see the grey plug that it should connect to under the seat but nothing is connected to it. Now I know that some people just pull out the seat pad

and airbags have been known to fire after more than 20 years... Id be happy to replace gas generators if they were actually available as service parts... as far as I know the only way you can get them is part of whole airbag assemblies Google search for airbag gas generator replacement I like the way the results mention Alfa Romeo Ferrari and... fiat

FIAT PANDA Random Panda Insurance Question.

Is your Panda insured Third Party Third Party Fire and Theift or Fully Comp Just wondered. All of ours (even my Selecta with me being 19) are insured fully comp. Jon.

Originally Posted by e505jpy This is the Seicento... YouTube - Crash Test - fiat Seicento Use your imagination But I think it does make me a better driver knowing that Id not survive an accident so its better to be more attentive and try and not have a smash in the first place rather than relying on 27 airbags to bail you out.... Jim Lol. But that Seicento is designed to crumple and have safety features

FIAT BARCHETTA Does anyone have a basic B

I remember looking at one some years back a red one with windy windows no abs cloth seats no leccy mirrors etc. Does anyone have the purest B sports car

COPY AND PASTE- Barchetta History The Barchetta has been with us for over 14 years now. It made its debut at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show. Several manufactures had noticed the growing sales of the Mazda MX5 and rightly concluded the market for soft tops was back in &8211 including fiat . Speculation had been rife about the basis for the fiat soft top car after production of the X19 ceased. A cut down

is quite a cocoon quiet refined and with smooth light steering just what I want for the commute. And with great pace when I want it. But it makes me think that the MR2 sitting low roof down and sharp articulate steering is going to be a fantastic contrast and even quicker Both great in their own way for the right circumstance and different enough to justify running 2 cars. Originally Posted by uno

Originally Posted by uno italia Nothing wrong with a High miles Bravo My 57 plate 1.4 16v is well over 164000 and still running strong Oh and I also have a steering wheel thats shedding its coat theres an 2009 Bravo steering wheel in good nick on ebay but wont fit an 07 because the airbags seem to have a different release mechanism. Unless i splash out on an 09 airbag to match i think ill just have

FIAT 500 II The mission make my 500 more refined

I was at a loose end on Saturday after breakfast (about 2pm) so I started on this After two hours I had a garage full of seats and panels and a 500 that looked like this... (see pics below) Its clear that the team charged with soundproofing for the 500 Sport were operating on a tight budget. After all when you have to fit two pretensioners to the seatbelts (one on the reel one on the lower mounting)


My horn doesnt work no more however i dont think the fault lies with the horn itself but more then thing you bang hard when you want the horn to work. Any ideas how to take this apart to have a look i know it has the airbag in Punto mk2 Might be the horn though as it made wierd noises when i pushed it think it might have got wet or sumthing. but then i was fighting with my gf in the car and smacked the horn really hard and it hasnt worked since. o well

the horn contacts are probly bent happens alot. pop the airbag off and mess about with it if your feeling brave. D -[uno 1.0ie RAAAWW]- -[trained fiat tech for what its worth.]-

fiat say too disconect the battery i just leave the ignition switched off then 3 5mm allen head bolts on the back of the wheel. ive seen an airbag detonated face down before it flew for a long time D they are pretty dangerous i dont recomend anyone who isnt 100% sure of what there are doing too touch one. -[uno 1.0ie RAAAWW]- -[trained fiat tech for what its worth.]-

FIAT PANDA Collating Panda Faults

Well we have about 3 years experience of the new Panda available on this site. He have Panda faults spread out over numerous threads. How about collating them here. I will start with the faults I have experienced on my 4x4 which I purchased new in July 2005 and which has now done over 18000 miles. 1. Rubbing strip on front nearside door came away replaced under warranty. 2. Failure of electrical boot

were bent full unit replaced under warranty 9. passenger airbag came loose inside the dash at end of year one replaced under warranty 10. coolant pump failed just before year three service full replacement inc cambelt under warranty. it would appear both our cars are roughly the same age (mine reg mar2004) as early models appear to share similar issues. i know with the uno turbo during its life fiat


1.2 16v 3dr Bravo W reg 86K Got through the MOT with only a worn tyre replacement. Anyone got advice on fixing a permanently on air bag light Is it the contacts under the seat like the Multi

just adds more detergents to the fuel cleaning carbon off the engine pistons valves and so on but fuel already has adatives to do this more of them will clean oil from the bores and wear the engine quicker so no never use it all your engine needs to be clean is good quality oil new plugs and a right good kicking high combustion tempratures and standard fuel is all it needs we use to run a fiat

FIAT 500 II 1971 Fiat 500l Project

Just thought id share a few pics of my newly acquired 1971 500l Freshly imported from italy. Bought it as a project to get stuck into over the next couple of months The condition speaks for itself really Mostly original and looks to have never been restored. But its all there so should make a great base. Its going to need welding to various areas of the shell interior needs mostly re-trimming. Many

Originally Posted by uno italia Well its been a long evening but the 500 is yet another step closer Dropped the engine and gearbox out and split them once out stripped a few remaining bits of interior left and began separating the wiring loom from the shell Didnt manage to make a start on prepping the shell for welding but cant have it all i suppose Originally Posted by jrkitching ...You need to be

FIAT 500 II Happy surprise under the passenger seat

I thought Id read somewhere that the Sport didnt come with the secret surprise storage compartment under the passengers seat which I have seen on a Pop. Id just accepted that because the Sport seats were obviously a different shape I had read the handbook and it just said on some versions. Well imagine my joy today when I was removing the seat from the car (as part of a full-on sound deadening mission

FIAT PUNTO just a quick question

what age Puntos have a drivers air bagim trying to work it out on auto trader but i cant Any help would be gd unoMan

Hello unoman right looking here httptinyurl.comjroq2 it was an option to have an airbag fitted from 1996.

FIAT PUNTO Which Punto is the most economical

I am wondering about buying a Punto. I need one that is basic not too hard to service. I understand the doing cambelts on some models are tricky and expensive like the Sporting model. I do not need the latest model buyt maybe somewhere around 2000 year model. Any comments welcome.

Very many thanks for all the replies. Most of you say exactly the same thing. 1.2 8v with Active Sport I will definitely look for that. I want 2 airbags and economy. It will be a daily driver replacing one of my unos.

FIAT PUNTO Like 3 buses coming at once but more annoying....

The other halfs 03 Punto has started playing silly buggers all of a sudden 1. The electric fan was making some weird squeaky noises now has stopped working entirely (thank god its cold out at the minute). Ive checked fuses and they seem fine - Im guessing dead motor Easiest way to check just to test current across it Any particular way 2. airbag light is on. Again fuses all appear fine unless there

what other issue is from - and agreed with me tearing it apart would be an uneconomical plan. Steering has since been totally fine... As Im fairly sure that the water pump is shot I am going to grab a new one of those and replace it - tough job Never seem to have 2 bloody minutes to do anything at the moment so if anyone does reply in here Im sorry if I dont get back to you I can just be a bit unorganisedforgetful

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L MOT Fail... I feel embarressed (

My black Mk2 daily driver failed its MOT becuase i didnt have time to check it over before the test. Spent all these weeks working on the 2 repair projects that i guess i neglected my main car - Rear shock bushes - Tracking was out and new trackrod ends needed ideally (knew that one already though) - Siezed handbrake cable - Rear shoes and drums want replacing - 2 New tyres needed (knew that aswell.)

then i turn up with that I know what you mean Be thankful your MOT is only once a year - its every six months for most of us in NZ. Ive actually had the reverse situation - where both my fix-up projects actually got a WOF first time no problems... Thats one of the reasons why I love my 164. Its just sailed through its second WOF (in my ownership) last Thursday without a care in the world - my uno

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L MK1 PUNTO CODE LIGHT & ECU Check this out

We have been investigating to find out why the CODE LIGHT came on the MK1 Punto cabrio 1.6. The car will not start anymore We have check every possible cornector and fuses.HOWEVER WE HAVE FOUND THIS We had notice the heater matrix has been leaking Found the ECU covered in coolant stains and water which sits under the heater matrix. We took the ECU out from the car and found it was soaked inside and

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L Mk1 Sporting steering wheel onto a 55SX

Ive been offered an airbagged steering wheel from a Sporting which looks much nicer than the cheap nasty standard one in my SX. Is it a straight swap And does anyone know how to remove and get shot of the airbag without it exploding

Originally Posted by uno_94 well in my haynes max power modding book it shows how to take the airbag out. thats coz they trying to blow chavs up

FIAT PUNTO Horn isnt working

My horn has stopped working on my 03 punto will this be a case of just changing a fuse etc if so whats the best way to go about

Good job you said that about the airbag Alan I completely forgot about that since neither my uno or Punto ever had one.

FIAT STILO Seat occupancy sensor emulator stopped working...

I had the infamous seat occupancy fault about a year and a half ago discovered the ridiculous price for replacement so bought an emulator off ebay. It worked great and has done until last week when the dreaded bleeping started again. Without really thinking about it I went straight back to the same ebay seller and bought a new emulator. Fitted it and still the airbag warning beeps. Has anyone experienced

Originally Posted by Most Easterly Pandas Interesting about the emulator inners. From memory there were a 5-8 resistors a diode or two and an IC. Originally Posted by Most Easterly Pandas Garage shouldnt be interfering with the emulator if its not causing the fault tbh. Couldnt they turn their nose up at touching the airbag system with an unofficial mod applied to it (I genuinely dont know what the

Example offers of car parts fiat uno airbag

  • 0121B Set Coprisedili Fodere Carbon ALYSSA AIRBAG Fiat Uno Palio Tipo Punto Idea - Poggiardo,Italia (43.95 EUR)
  • 0121 Set Coprisedili Fodere Grigio ALYSSA AIRBAG Fiat Uno Regata Panda Punto - Poggiardo,Italia (43.95 EUR)
  • 0121/0 Set Coprisedili Fodere Blu GLAMUR AIRBAG Fiat Uno Tipo Regata Tempra - Poggiardo,Italia (39.95 EUR)
  • 54935 Set Coprisedili Fodere Beige GLAMUR AIRBAG Citroen AX Citroen C2 Fiat Uno - Poggiardo,Italia (43.50 EUR)
  • Fiat UNO 146A Lenkrad original ohne Airbag - Eberswalde,Deutschland (28.00 EUR)
  • Mozzo collassabile per volante Fiat Uno dal 1983 al 08/1989 senza airbag - Italia (48.79 EUR)
  • 54934 Set Coprisedili Fodere Rosso ALYSSA AIRBAG Fiat Uno Fiat Cinquecento - Poggiardo,Italia (47.70 EUR)

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