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FIAT UNO II back seats out

took the back seats out yesterday so that i can install the system only one 15 and 2 amps 6x9s and components up front. stick the roll cage in soon also so it should be quite smart. After taking the carpet up i think that im gona keep the bak covered for the paint work under it is crap. I think ill relay some new carpet once ive done the system. So what u guys think has anyone else done simpler things cheers[8D]

erm ive seen an uno with the role cage in it wit no seats but not with a system in it eh dunc P dunc has done this got a role cage and its jst looks bigger with a rather large metal bar in the back that about it m8 but helps wen ur doing over a ton in a uno i suppose gotta love the unos

yeah mate i got a roll cage in mine and stripped the rear out. handles better now much sturdier round corners etc. plus looks the nuts and well ard [P] hehe cheers for the comments spam0r it does give u a little confidence when reaching high speeds especially at 140mph D (not that i condend this) just out of interest mate what roll cage u got and where u sticking ur 6x9s cos im thinking of 6x9s but

FIAT UNO II Uno punto seat issue

Can i use other seats to fit my uno 3 door like from a Punto etc help im desperate or its gonna be seat covers

Originally Posted by bluesplayer Thanks will they simply just go in without any mods and what about the rear seat bearing in mind my uno is a 3 door Yes any three door uno seats will go into any other uno. Rear seat is the same regardless of model (five door models included) all have the same fixings. Turbo seats will fit into non-turbo models and vice versa. The only seats that will give you problems are the front seats from 5 door models as they dont have the tilt forward mechanism. They will however still fit a 3 door but youll have to climb in through the boot to get to the back seats Mk2 turbo seat are grey in colour with side bolsters. Mk1 turbo seats are similar in design but are in black charcoal and have slightly different design cloth inserts depending on the year. seats from other fiat models can be made to fit but youll probably have to get seat subframes made up. Good luck

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FIAT UNO II Some questions about Uno FIRE 86 seats

Hi guys This is my first post here so go easy on me. The seats in my uno 45 FIRE 1986 do not have headrests as standard no optional holes for headrests either. This worries me as I know that if someone crashes into my rear I will suffer some serious whip lash or worse. I would like to know what other model of uno seats andor years exist that would be a simple unbolt and bolt in. Thanks in advance for any advice Mark

Yeah another Kiwi on the site Welcome Mark... There are not many MkII (Series II) uno models in NZ. The most likely you will find in Wellington is a 70SXie. Basically the MkII models began in 1989 (1990 for our shores) and are identifiable by the slimmed-down front (headlights more like a Tipo radiator grille with only two slots instead of the five or so of the older models bonnet rounded over) and

Yay a kiwi Yes it is a three door. Yes it has those kind of yellowish and brown seats. I am not worried really about the rear seats but once I get back to Wellington (on holiday atm) I will call up the wrecker where my work gets euro parts from and see if he has any turbo seats. I think he might as I got some Abarth Turbo wheels off him (50 each a steal apparently) so I might get lucky and find a full set of rears as well. Fabric does not worrie me too much if its worn my current drivers seat is also a little buggerd. How do I tell what is a Mk1 or Mk2 etc Im only just getting up to the play with fiats . Cheers Mark

FIAT UNO II Changing Seats

Hey guys was thinking of changing both the passangers as well as the drivers seat sicne the latter is quite damaged as a result of an MVA I had a few months ago. Anyhow do you know of any other models whose seats will fit in a fiat uno Mk II Cheers Rod

Thought so. So first on the list is a trip to the scrappy to see if I can find another uno with seats in good condition. I might also try and get some new ones if theyre not too expensive. If that proves to be impossible I might have to fit in some new seat runners and a pair of new seats from another car. Problem is that Im not sure how the fiat would look with the original back seats and a pair of

Originally Posted by 1986uno45S The going rate for a uno (non turbo ) in the UK is about &163200 - &163250 uno 1.0 &163500-1.000 here in Denmark. 1.41.5 up to &1632.200 uno Turbo Ive seen them go a bit beyond &1633.000 My Sei (Sporting 1998) cost me &1633.500 one year back with 70.000 miles on the clock. I dont know about Malta but prices here are mad as there is 180&37 tax added to the price paid to the factory advance for the dealer an additional V.A.T. of 25%. Sorry for OT by the way.

FIAT UNO II Material for recovering seat

I guess this is real dumb but I guess there is nowhere to buy the material fiat used on the unos when they were made. The drivers seat foam has collapsed a bit and the cover is nearly worn through. I wanted to get the seat back to good condition. The car only cost NZ200.00 and it is going to cost 650 for an upholsterer to recover and rebuild the seats with new and different material on the front of the seats Ouch. I wonder if I can do them myself. Piping is worn through too. R

FIAT UNO II Removing Uno Seats

Does anyone know how to remove the front seats on a 3 door uno The tilt mechanism has me beat and I cant figure out how to disassemble it. Thanks in advance. - the onlin...or fiat owners h6 Click here for pictures of my uno Click here for pictures of my Brava h6

OK thanks for that. This had be completely beat last night although it was dark. I Are they easy enough to get back in place - the onlin...or fiat owners h6 Click here for pictures of my uno Click here for pictures of my Brava h6

yeah .. just as easy as taking out. just make sure you slide it onto the runners before you bolt it back in uno Fire 999cc Lowered 40mm Uprated Gmax shock & Spring system Fox Evo3 15 Alloy Wheels 3 Rage backbox E-Tech hatch Spoiler 2x 450W 12 Custom Built Bass Box 2x Pro Audio 6x9s Sony SPL-X 500W Amp You Like

STEVE BE CAREFUL At the back of each seat runner on the inside you will see a tab bent outwards from the runner. This is to limit the rearward travel of the seat and stop it coming out of the runners. You will need to tap this tab down until it is almost flush with the runner before the seat will pass . Remember that you will need to bend the tap outwards again when you re-fit the seat so do not bash

when i changed to seats in my uno it took 2 people to do it. this is the way i did it push seat back far as possible undo bolts that make the seats tilt then push it all the way forward so it sits virtually on the floor. Then Get big hammerD whilst holding bar to make seat go backwards an forwards get someone to hit runners hopefully seat should move forward a bit at a time. There much easier to get

FIAT UNO II How to put off my seats

Hello I have a problem little one I was tryin for a 2 hours I think and nothing. Litle one for you maybe buth hard for me. So please help me If you knew. I need to put out front seats from my fiat uno. On the rear side there are two screws buth on the back i cant find anything. Please help. P.S. I will uplad few pictures as soon I borow camera from a friend(alredy going to him)

FIAT UNO II New Seats Now In -)

today ive been very busy fitting my cobra monaco seats and omp harneses. ive been waiting about 5 weeks for my subrames from cobra and when they eventually came today they didnt fit right so after a few phone calls to cobra i eventually got em fitted but ive been very disappointed at there fitment still i think they look cool so it was worth it in the end before and now after so what you all think and charlie the seats are ready for your collection matey Dunc

Good move Those Mk2 uno Turbo seats look the same as the seats in a 1988 Mk1 uno 70 that a friend has. Im a bit shall we say surprised at the tweedy-colour considering that its a Turbo -) The seats in a Mk1 uno Turbo (like mine) now surely they look the part OK so they fall apart like spaghetti (and I ended up with black mesh seat covers with the fake leather sides) but man I dont think I could stand

cheers for your coments guys yeah the seats slide forwards and back but dont tilt so even if i had back seats in you wouldnt be able to get to em hehe its a little more awkward to get in and out but its worth it in my opinion hehe just wait till i get my roll cage door bars in now and then itll be even more difficult to get in and out lol glad you all like em Dunc

FIAT UNO II Replacing front seats.

Yeah. This is a great idea. As my front seats back went straight to the floor on every speedbump it was a necessecity to get it replaced. So I got a pair of uno Turbo MkI seats - the fabrics were pretty worn but else in good condition. Refurnished with dalmatian cloth again ofcourse. The seats fittet straight in. The only difference were the mounting clamps at the front due to 3-door model chairs that

FIAT UNO II Seat swap

My dog has destroyed the seats in my Mk2 uno. Ive got my eye on the seats from a Mk1 turbo but does anyone know if they will be swappable Im also thinking about changing the wheels for the alloys from the turbo do you know if the width will be a problem turbos dont have wider arches AFAIK. Cheers for the help.

If you want you can have my old uno seats. They are MK2 seats. I swapped mine for Corbeau Clubmans and so mine are just sat in the clubmans box. The drivers side seat is clean but has a tear in the right hand side of it. The passenders seat has no tears but is vewry dirty. This is because of previous owners as I have had seat covers since Ive had the car. I also have a set of back seats if you would

i recon there the same. the corbeau subframe for the uno is the same for all cars so i atleast the bolts are in the same place uno Fire 999cc Lowered 40mm Uprated Gmax shock & Spring system Fox Evo3 15 Alloy Wheels 3 Rage backbox Corbeau Clubmans E-Tech hatch Spoiler 2x 450W 12 Custom Built Bass Box 800W 6x9s 300W & 500W Amps Click here for photos

FIAT UNO II Turbo Seats

WIll uno turbo seats fit striaght in to a uno 45

Just want to tell If your car has 5 doors the front seats wont tilt forward. (Obviously due to an extra pair of doors...) The turbo d uno only came in 3 doors hence tilting seats. If fitting turbo seats to a 5 door uno you MUST get the clamps securing the front of the seats as well - else you cant attach them. Youll understand when you see them. Else it is bolt straight in. Depress the seat stoppers

FIAT UNO II MkI turbo seats in MkII non-turbo.

Will they fit Ive come across a pair of uno turbo front seats for almost no cost here in Norway. This gives me the opportunity to get rid of the soft-sponge-backwrecker-seats that are installed in my 1993-model uno 1.1ieS. But are the rails and the rails width the same I have no experience with the MkI uno non-turbo or turbo . Has anyone else done this Morten. abarth 14 wheels on good-year eagle ventura.

FIAT UNO II seats out with the old... in with the new

got some UT seats thing is how do i get the already existing seats off the runner rails

Yer They aint too hard to slot on - look how it should be before removing and (Mental) note the way the U bracket and its plastic clip sit around the raised bump. I started by removing rear seats first and refitting last. Make sure you slide onto the rails square -When you have on runners - dont forget to lift the adjuster bar (thingy you lift normally to slide seat back and forth). It hits the raised bit in the foot well. I used my foot but is easier wi a helper IMO. I struggled to remount the U brackets (last Sunday) but if you can see 3 notches in the runners (from behind) on both sides its just a matter of lining em up and getting 13mm botl back in a few turns each side first. Rear seats re only 2 bolts &8211 one on each &8211 as with the base - 1 piece seat. Good Luck Charly Boy and If your replacing base seats &8211 get ready for whole new uno ride What do you do with old seats Someone wi a loved Mk1 might have them. Regards Louie Bee.

no they still tilt could come in handy.... lol plus i think i own one of the only 5drs with tilting seats hehe i havnt had chance to have a drive with the new seats today as have been doing coursework. the 6040 is fine the seats are a little higher up on the back (not level witht he top of the parcel shelf) but before never had a 6040 so its turned out to be an upgrade within an

FIAT UNO II removing seats

Ive just ordered a pair of Corbeau seats and obviously i will need to take the old ones out. Ive had a look at the car and cant see any obvious bolts that will remove the seats and its sub frame. Ive also had a look in the bible that is haynes and they dont have anything in there about the interior (which is strange) and so im stuck... anyone any ideas also any ideas on where the new subframe will

erm dunno owt bout the sub frme mate but i know how to take the seats out. all u do is unscrew 2 bolts that are behind your legs wen u site down they are just normally bolts that are 13mill i think just unbolt them lean the backs of the seat forwards and then bome out easy there ya go hope u know where i mean the bolts are behind each frunt seat where ur legs rests wen sitting in the back well they are in mine ne ways. D gotta love the unos

well i have ordered sub frames specificly for the fiat uno. dunno w3hat this means but i just asumed that it ment it would fit in the original bolting holes where the runners are... i dont know tho. infact i havent got a clue... uno Fire 999cc Lowered 60mm Uprated Gmax shock & Spring system Fox Evo3 15 Alloy Wheels 3 Rage backbox E-Tech hatch Spoiler 2x 450W 12 Custom Built Bass Box 2x Pro Audio 6x9s Sony SPL-X 500W Amp You Like

bucket seats from i hope they just slide on the runners... save loads of pulling things out ets... ill have to take the whole carpet to get at the runners properly... and i dont particularily like the idea of bolting them to the floor and not being able to move them as people wont be able to get in the back etc. uno Fire 999cc Lowered 60mm Uprated Gmax shock & Spring system Fox Evo3

nope i definatly said front seats but back seats are simple to remove anyway... ive done it many times since i got the car... was even gonna keep themn out at one point but decided not to. car parts warehouse think u mean uno Fire 999cc Lowered 60mm Uprated Gmax shock & Spring system Fox Evo3 15 Alloy Wheels 3 Rage backbox E-Tech hatch Spoiler 2x 450W 12 Custom Built Bass Box 2x Pro Audio 6x9s Sony SPL-X 500W Amp You Like

and then weld a piece between both sides its fowling on the bottom of the seat as the angle is quite steep on it. As for the front mounts - my mate is currently milling drilling out the sliders which will probably get weldedbolted to the front - then they will be perfict.. (its not the most straight forward vehicle to fit new seats to) Attached Thumbnails       __________________ fiat

FIAT UNO II Fitting Cobra Buckets Seats

Hi I have just bought some cobra clubman bucket seats with subframes which apparently came out of a Mk1 uno Turbo . I have a Mk2 Turbo . I know they will fit as the front bolts match up perfectly. Has anyone fitted these before Any tips for bolting them down at the back Also will I really need 4 point harness or will the seat belt be ok Thanks in advance

back bit - as in where do I bolt the subframe down at the back I see how they attach to the standard seat bolts at the front but the seats are on their own runners so the rear part of the subfrrame will need bolting to something

FIAT UNO II seat swap uno cinq

does anyone know if uno seats will fit straight into a cinquocento (front seats) thanks

cinq and sei seats are perfect swaps.. only differences are the back seats like you said but the difference is that the locking brackets (so u can lower the seats) are different and need to be swapped for the sei ones. ive done cinq to sei seats swap before... took me 2 hours to do on my own and also gave the car a good clean.. its also fun being able to walk thrhough the centre of your car

FIAT PANDA Reclining back seats

Just wondering what trim the recliningslidey back seats come in Is it native to all Eleganza trims Or available as an option on all trims

Originally Posted by uno 60 Just wondering what trim the recliningslidey back seats come in Is it native to all Eleganza trims Or available as an option on all trims It was an option probably expensive. They move backforward a tad rather than recline. Handy for back seat passengers. Very rare you see it.......... homeward liked this post

FIAT UNO II check this people - Uno Turbo and Corbeau seats

Originally Posted by F R O S T Y I met drue at weston wheels and hes a proper sound geeza and not da type to chat sht. The car speaks for itself i thought my uno was fast until i saw drues one rolling honestly it is seriously one fast motor and in tip top shape. Whoever snaps it up will be chuffed to bits. I know i would anyway my uno is running about 170 to 180 bhp and drues uno was up my arse all

FIAT UNO II Seats gone...

Hi guys my drivers seat broke today When I lean on the backrest at all it starts clicking and lays back. Its impossible to sit in the seat comfortably now. Is there a quick fix Does anyone know a breakers near the new forest

Originally Posted by edessex Hi guys my drivers seat broke today When I lean on the backrest at all it starts clicking and lays back. Its impossible to sit in the seat comfortably now. Is there a quick fix Does anyone know a breakers near the new forest Ive got a pair of 5-door seat frames in the loft they dont have the tilt mechinism built in but they have the cut outs to fit the tilt mechinism. But

FIAT UNO II remove front seats

Hi my car has just sufferered a torrential flood and now I am in the process of cleaning it out. I want to remove the carpet from the car...however I did not manage as I need to remove the front seats. I couldnt get them off. I undid the 2 bolts at the front part of the seat but couldnt get the back part offDo you slide it backwards to take it offI tried that and wuoldnt come as there is some sort of stopper on the runners of the seat. Please help as at the moment my car stinks like a dump Ad

Exactly theres a little metal tab in each track towards the back. Just use a slot head screw driver and a hammer to push them in (they are pretty strong so you need to hit them pretty hard). Then the seat slides back. Other things to watch for The seat fights back just persist Sometimes the runner gets caught on the carpet so try and keep an eye out for that. Dont worry about pulling the tabs back out again (make the next persons job easier )

FIAT UNO II Seat belt -winding springs -

Hmm Some serious help needd friends.. Today poped open my seatbelt for front passenger side and a circular winding spring poped out..just not been able to put it back as Im not sure how to wind it Its an auto flug one on an mk2. Pls note pix below. any help is worth a ton Attached Thumbnails           __________________ Fully Restored   Quote   02-11-2006   2 T14086

alex Curiosity killed the cat.. Well i just wanted to see whats inside It was in perfect working condition though. Any chance of getting it back together I may get a new one also as i can get one from my local dealer..BUT the fact is I rarely cross 110KMPH and wearing seatbelts still is not a common practice in our country I am perfectly aware of the fact that a seat belt is the narrow line between

FIAT UNO II Seat Heater

Hi All I remember there are a few members in Scandinavia that may be able to help with this problem. I have noticed some time ago that there is a wiring connector coming from the drivers seat and going under the carpet and somewhere into the dash. When I was fitting some seat covers a few weeks ago I discovered it is for a seat heater. This looks like a factoryoriginal part as it is properly set into

FIAT UNO II Better Seats

Hi all now that my drivers seat has given up the ghost and the only thing preventing the seat folding back and me sliding into the boot when I pull away is the folded rear seat and the pile of junk So is there a more comfortable seat I can fit in Either aftermarket but not bucket or from another model I have a 3 door so they have to fold any ideas

Hmm does anyone know if I can fix my current seat It clicks as I lean back on it as if the lever for adjusting the backrest is partly pulled.

The backrest is fiddly theres a series of strings & rods that tension the cover to keep its shape you have to make a note of which ones go where & what position they are in as you remove it. If your reasonably patient you should be ok. Itd take most technically minded people an hour or so to do. You can have it for a tenner but youll have to transfer your tilt handle & cable & the sprung wire centre

FIAT PANDA back seats in Pandas

Hi As a new member and shortly to be owner of a 1.3 Multijet Panda diesel I wondered if anyone has converted the car to a van by taking out the back seats and made it into an occasional camper or sleep in vehicle. Also I have ordered split rear seats but I believe they just fold down rather than fold out of theway althogether to give a flat bottomed platform in the back. I need this to carry a PA System sometimes.. So any clues answers Cheers.

Originally Posted by uno 60 Have any of you actually done this what does it look like is it a comfortable functional place to sleep I would like to do it too. I dont see the point in buying a camper if Im travelling solo. The person who did it for beehives says you get just under 4ft 10in (116cm) from front to back. So no unless youre incredibly short itd be horribly uncomfortable for sleeping. uno 60 liked this post


will mk2 seats fit int the mk1

Yup seats are a straight swap. Door panels are a different matter though. Early mk1s will only take the mk1 panels unless you modify mk2 panels to fit. Later mk1s have provisions for both mk1 and mk2 panels. Im going to be fitting a mk2 turbo interior (seats and door panels) to my mk1 when I get back in October

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