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FIAT UNO II cam belt pulley

Hi all does anyone know the bearing number for the cambelt tensiner pulley uno1litre ie start or how much is a new pulley from fiat it makes a load shreiking noise for a few minutes then alls fine dosent do it all the time though. We are quite pleased with our ono bought for daughter just past her test only paid few hundred for it m regjust flew through the motand the economy is great just right for

old one. Sometimes the rubber goes hard so even though the tension is right it can slip and make a shrieking noise. However if the engine is allowed to warm up then so does the belt making it more pliable (softer) and therefore doesnt slip so much. That might explain why it doesnt make a noise if the car is used regularly or it only occurs on start up. Funnily enough I had the same problem on my uno

AX GT after changing the cambelt. After changing the belt I had this horrible squealing noise though it was fine before I changed it. I used the bend 90 degrees rule for adjusting the cambelt tension as I didnt have the contraption used by the dealers. I fiddled around with the tensioner until it ran quiet I was selling the damn thing anyway so wasnt too concerned at finding the problem. My uno

Trublue The alternator belt runs from the crank pulley to the alternator which is at the back of the engine on the FIRE engines. I think it is pretty much the same for the other uno engines too. Youd have to take the alternator belt off to change the cambelt so if youre going to do this you might as well change the alternator belt while youre at it. Its fairly easy to do. You need to loosen two bolts

friction which means that once the belt starts slipping it will continue to slip for quite a while even if the load is reducing. Also the alternator belt is cheap to replace and may well save you the cost of a new battery (or the embarrassment of a flat battery) in the future. The cambelt tensioner is fairly easy to replace but can be a little tricky to find in the shops. I would expect that a fiat


I need some help badly guys how the am I supposed to get this thing on There is pretty much no room to get at it (and I do have fairly skinny forearms) and it just seems like its too small to fit over the pulleys. Its the same size as the old one (which I had to use a spanner to lever off) and the alternator is fully loosened.

Sorry my dad keeps calling it the fan belt so its became a habit. Ive already loosened the alternator slipped it over the engine pulley and then over the other one but I just couldnt get it on the alternator. I even tried using a foot long screw driver and trying to put it on a different pulley last.

Originally Posted by Ucof It definitely sounds like you have the wrong belt then if it is that tight. Nip in to Halfords tomorrow and pick one up. Its under a fiver. Ask for one specifically for the fiat uno. Has the old one snapped or it is just starting to squeal Dont worry about the misnaming - I still have to correct myself from calling my current girlfriend by my exs name At least a car cant slap

pulley without being too thick and making the belt even tighter. The funny thing is when the old belt was on the alternator was about half way in its slot yet it didnt feel really tight. - so if it was halfway how slack was it when the alternator was at the front Did the old one come off easily then Im certain its the right one as its what came up on there computer system plus the old one was a fiat

Just done both the alternator belt and cam belt on my 70SX. The alternator belt was VERY hard to get on even with the alternator pivoted as far in as it could go after loosening. I got mine on by threading it over the alternator and water pump pulleys and then partially getting it over about a third of the crank pulley. Holding it in place I then turned the crank over which pulled the belt onto the

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FIAT UNO II Uno Diesel 1.7 - Timing Belt Broke - replaced - Engine Wont Start

My fiat uno 1.7 Diesel broke its timing belt during idling (at 45000 Kms). I was in 1st Gear trying to park the vehicle when this happened. The engine stalled and would not start when cranked for 2 secs. Immediately i realized that its a timing belt failture. After installing new belt I cranked the engine but it wont start. Is it a free wheeling engine or have i snapped twisted a valve or two. I opened

I have to cross another hurdle . The timing marks . I have gone thru the porters manual (courtesy Louie Bee) n decided to install the timing belt with loose head bolts so in case the timing is wrong n valves come in contact with pistons the head would rise. Im doing everything right as per porters but still the head rises. I have done head job on honda D16 vtec engines n its a piece of cake but fiat

all parts and nuts bolts washers in em seperately. Also labeled each bag using a permanent marker. So putting everything back was very easy. Now he has promised me that he will visit me tomorrow evening to do the timing himself which I will post for others (with pictures if someone can tell me how to insert em) who may wanna give it a shot. Outaa curiosity what is the approx cost of a complete fiat

of em all). Removed Intake n exhaust manifold and noticed that the gasket was kinda pressed so applied heat resistant silicone gasket maker to cut out the possibility of any air leaking from exhausts or intake. Assembled everything back and noticed the engine became much quiter and smoother too - no more shakes perhaps exhaust gasses was being re-circulated back into the intake since diesel uno

Hello everybody Seems like ppl have lost interest in this post but hey its a success story and valuable for the Diesel lovers Check out the last para of my last reply Yeh tht was the culprit. Alex u were right should have given more attention to timing. Discussed cam belt vibration issue with my friend and we both sat down and read thru the porter pages that Louie had provided. Well we both came to the conclusion that there is no harm in checking it again so we opened up the top cam belt cover and fired the engine. Indeed the belt was vibrating. According to Porters belt tension should be so tight that between the longest areas u should be able to twist it to a quarter turn using ur finger n thumb..thts abt 90 degrees. mine was going 90 quite easily so we put our heads together. Yes timing is critical for a diesel engine. perhaps it was loose enuff to put the cam off by half a tooth. errrrrr. So we turned the crank clockwise in order to acheive tension on the front side of the belt (the area towards the left head lamp and yes the injection pump) n checked tension in the rear area i-e tension pulley area. It was loose. Adjusted tension pulley to achieve even tension in the front and rear sides. Cranked the engine and to my surprise the chugging disappeared The engine is as smooth as it was ever. Im letting it run on closer valve clearances than recommended Thankyou guys and thankyou FF. I hope time spent writing this post and your valuable input will be of use to anyone who wants to attempt a uno Diesel Head Job Regards All Omer

FIAT UNO II Uno Turbo timing belt replacement

How do I replace the timing belt Are the timing marks clear etc. Is it wise to advance the timing by say 1 tooth My car is a Mark 2 uno turbo .

of the distributor and marking the distributor body where the rotor arm points with the engine at the previously-described marks. It is very difficult to prevent the auxiliary shaft moving as you fit the new belt So afterwards remove the distributor (one 13mm nut) and turn if necessary to get your marks to line up again. I dont think it is wise to advance the cam timing. I very much doubt that fiat

FIAT UNO II cam belt timing marks

1994 fiat uno 1.0 Start Replaced head gasket and had head skimmed the car started but was one tooth out on the timing. After re-setting the timing the engine refuses to start and sound as if there is no compression when turning over any ideas also can anyone tell me the exact location of the mark on the oil pump casing for the crankshaft pulley to line up with i do not seem to be able to find one. (maybe i need stronger glasses)

I replaced my uno head gasket quite recently (TWICE - long story). The car will definitely be hard to start initially you need to keep turning and turning it over and then rev the crp out of it. I also found that when using the timing marks from the crank pulley the timing just wasnt right. The car was really dead of itself. I then set the timing using the flywheel timing mark by setting it to zero

hi there i have a 1989 uno built in brazil and am currently stranded in peru with timing problems alot of people seem to have trouble with the timing marks on unos so anyone who can clearly identify all the marks for the pulleys and the mark inside the distributer cap please do i have found a hole on the cam pulley and also a square and a red and green dot i am fairly mechanically minded but very confused by what should be clear please advise cleraly paul

OK well the pictures posted above were for a 1372cc 1498cc or 1580cc SOHC engine as found in some unos the Tipo and the X19. The side-view line drawing actually depicts an early 128 saloon engine which is slightly different again (Sorry Dave). I thought since its a lovely sunny day that Id wander outside with my digital camera remove 3x 10mm bolts and attempt to clear this up once and for all Timing

Brymak Good idea to replace the cambelt I bought a dead uno with a broken one... it DOES happen... Auto trans - well I have never seen an uno Selecta in NZ And maybe it is different... but just get a Gates belt from your local Repco etc. for the uno 1116cc or 1301cc. Timing marks are NOT as shown above (thats for a FIRE) - but the flywheel mark is similar. The crankshaft pulley notch lines up with

FIAT UNO II 1.1 i.e. timing beltcambelt and poor mixture (idle fault)

Hello It s not the first time that I write on this forum for a problem on my uno this is a problem of a bad idling of engine (is a 1.1 with lambda and mono jetronic fuel injection). I did never solved the problem and some months ago i stopped to write on forum because my grandfather crashed the car (Not a big crash fortunately). But car was repaired for crash problems (anterior light and other stuff)

Hello And thanks a lot for your attenction to my post Ill try to reply both to Louie Bee (happy to read from you another time) and to Alex1985. In particular after moving cambelt respect to timing belt I also moved distributor in order to maintain the correct spark advance (I did not performed this operation with strobo I only did it by retarding it a little in order to avoid engine head bumps). However

FIAT UNO II Fiat Uno 1988 (italian) Timing marks and timing belt positions

Hi guys Im new to the forumcommunity so I present myself as a enthusiast of the fiat uno cars as I own one of the 1988 italian made unos since a few years ago. As time went by I lost the timing belt cover (plastic) that has the marks and a schematic of the timing belt points (i guess)... This days I got my uno into an overhaul process and everything is going fine for now. We have a problem I dont know

The turbo uses a similar procedure to the na 1116 1301 engines when refitting the timing belt. You dont need the timing belt cover but you do need the timing belt backing plate as it is this that has the camshaft pulley alignment mark on it. Rotate the crankshaft to TDC using the flywheel timing marks. These are visible under the plastic bung on top of the gearbox bellhousing - some models also have

FIAT UNO II cam belt snappage

the cam belts just snapped in babz 70sx. luckily i was only going about 5-10mph at the time and there were no horrible grinding metal noises etc. is it likely that just swapping for a new belt will be ok or is there any way i can check for extra damage without taking the engine apart what new bits do i need if im to replace the belt thanks

engine outdown a bit. Im beginning to think its not worth it specialy considering if i take it out change the belt put it back in and thn it doesnt start its a lot of time and effort wasted. plus whilst its out I could fit a 1.6 tipo engine anyway. atleast ide have no doubts of it not working properly. nightmare babz is looking at getting financeloan for a sei sporting. if she gets it then the uno

FIAT UNO II broken timing belt HELP

ihave a fiat uno fire 998cc can any one tell if there can be damage to the valves or piston And if theres no damage can anyone tell me how can i find the timing marks on pulleys cause i have a damaged water pump too

if those marks are lined up and the cam sprocket is - then the timing is correct. the aux pulley has a dimple on the back of it - it alligns with a wee nubbin on the crank sprocket. you can just see it at the bottom of the crank sprocket. i am assuming you are working on an uno with fuel injection if so then the aux sprocket does have to be correctly allignged as a sensor watches the teeth on it. If

Ahhh no sorry if you look at the haynes manual the aux pulleysprocket is the small sprocket in between the cam sprocket and crank sprocket almost opposite the tensioner. Ill call the crank sprocket the toothed sprocket on the crank that the timing belt goes around and the alternator pulley that attaches to the crank sprocket. So i align the crank sprocket up correctly with the engine mark then the

Originally Posted by kevian Ahhh no sorry if you look at the haynes manual the aux pulleysprocket is the small sprocket in between the cam sprocket and crank sprocket almost opposite the tensioner. Ill call the crank sprocket the toothed sprocket on the crank that the timing belt goes around.The alternator pulley that attaches to the crank sprocket. So i align the crank sprocket up correctly with the

No it doesnt matter - as long as the marks are lined up then the timing will be right. The belt itself has marks on it they should line up with the marks on the crank and cam pulleys. The indentation on the alternator pulley sits on the tiny raised part of the crank sprocket. Ive circled it in green on the attached photo. If the timing is totally wrong then its possible theres no compression at all

FIAT UNO II Timing belt Change

Dear All I have a uno 999 Fire. What is the frequency to change timing belt. Also what will happen if the timing belt snaps during running Regards

Originally Posted by 1986uno45S Every 36000 miles or every three years. Whichever is the soonest. Five years I would say based on general advice. Page 64 of my Mk1 uno handbook says Every 100000km (60000 miles) Toothed timing belt Manual transmission oil I also want to point out that its a VERY easy change on the FIRE engine they just dont come any easier. Lots of access only one tensioner to slackenremove

Originally Posted by alexGS Five years I would say based on general advice. Page 64 of my Mk1 uno handbook says Every 100000km (60000 miles) Toothed timing belt Manual transmission oil Page 239 in the Haynes Book of Lies states Every 36 000 miles (60 000 km) of three years whichever comes first - Renew the timing belt - 999cc engine and Turbo i.e. models Originally Posted by alexGS I also want to point

FIAT UNO II cam belt slipping

hi . i have a prob with my 1299 uno . from time to time the cam timing jumps 12 some times 3 teeth this is on my autograss car and yes it does be reving at 7000 rpm (and she loves it )but for no reason it slips .belt is tensioned well pully bearing is good some have said that there is different types of belts and cam pullys ie .some have rounded teeth some more square and ideas guys

Have you got a cambelt cover on it I had a problem with my Mitsubishi 4x4 diesel where the cambelt jumped a couple of teeth because bits of crap got under the cambelt and between the belt and crank pulley and helped it JUMP Also has the cylinder head been skimmed Therfore making the centre to centre distance of the crank to cam pulleys slightly less . . . . and therefore a standard cambelt is slacker

FIAT UNO II Waterpump Timing belt Tensioner Noise

Hi Guys Been a while since my uno gave me hassles. Been visiting the forum to keep educated. My car yr 2000 uno Mia (3 door) 1.1. My broblem I hear a high pitch noisesoundwhistle coming from the timingbeltdrivebelt area. Could this be my waterpump packing up the sound is getting louder and lasting longer. this also happens when the car is cold and when I increase the revs slowly and gently. it normally

Hi there Well this is a simple problem nothing to worry much about. All you have to do is change your drive belt to the alternator Airconditioner (if fitted).This belts slips occationaly and causes this whistling noise. This happens all the time with all my cars.. And as the timing belt and pulleys are slotted theyll not slip until they break off..So changing the timing belt is not required unless its real old.. Hope this helps.. Rajeev

FIAT UNO II cam belt broken

Hello. Im new here. . . My boyfriend has a uno pacer 1400. Not sure sure of the year but from the late 90s. Anyway the cam belt broke two nights ago. We bought a new one and been trying all day today to get it on right. Hes got it on but he needs to set the timing and we dont have a manual or any specs for it so theres no point in putting it on and taking it off everytime if the timing isnt set right. Can u help please Marie

Originally Posted by ELTSBABY If the cam belt has broken (snapped) your engine may be damaged correct me if iam wrong The older (Lampredi) ohc engines are NOT safe engines if the cambelt snaps. You might be lucky but chances are youve got some bent valves at least. As for cambelt timing you align the pulleys before putting the belt back on. Thats all you need to do. Ignition time is set with a strobe

FIAT UNO II Marks On Timing Belt 1990 1.0 FIRE (Was Shimming Fuel Pump)

All went well after I installed the new belt. Car started fine idled fine drove around parking lot... fine. (BTW thanks to all that assisted me this far) Took er out on the road and no power real bad pickup. No back fire no stall - just no power. So I start thinking what did I leave out Spoke to a friend and first thing he asked did you align the mark on the belt itself with the mark on the cam I

I think youre right about the belt - I never try to align the marks on the belt itself. The important thing is that the fine line in the cam pulley must be lined up with a notch near the join between cylinder head and cam cover. Right now I cant remember if the notch is just below or just above the join - I think its just below. This of course is when the flywheel is at the 0-degree (forward-most)

Hi Ya Alex Im outside at the car right now just got all aligned and tightened gonna turn the engine 2 rotations and check again. What been happening is Im looping the belt around the pulleys unevenly and not tightening the belt uniformly and the belt has jumped like 20 teeth during the course of turning the engine 10 rotations by hand. Ill be right back in 10 min...fizzy The mark is below the join.

FIAT UNO II pulley talk fuel rail

I plan to have the ring gear machined off a gt pulley i have with the intention of it being heat skrinked onto my uno pulley. Ive offered the two up and there is plenty of metal to play with so who ever does it just has to measure twice and cut once. As far as i know the friction and fit will be sufficient to keep the ring gear in place as its not load bearing. Comments I also need to get a fuel rail

Its been a good while Steve but if you can remember im converting my mk1 to use all gt management. I need the mk1 manifold modded a bit to take the push in style bosch injectors the mk2 and gt uses. Ive had a look and its pretty simple stuff its just the rail that will take some time making. I wont a nice solid ally rail to be honest though if it was way cheaper and esier id settle for hoses. Im need

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