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FIAT UNO II Uno 60s what braker calipers do I have

Weird one this having thought all the numbered (4545s5555s6060setc)unos shared the same brake components it seems I was wrong. I was about to order some new front discs and pads but have come to a grinding halt (geddit) With a difference on parts for pads. discs arent an issue they are all definitely the same. But the pads seem to differ. And it now seems (having looked further into this) that the

models (the early 70S probably the later 70SX though I dont know for sure and some Turbos with a check panel) that had a wear indicator wire fitted. Parts catalogue writers are often confused by such features and frequently list them as later part numbers. As for the groove thats appeared on different manufacturers parts through the years. The old half-moon shape as you aptly call it is what the fiat

models (the early 70S probably the later 70SX though I dont know for sure and some Turbos with a check panel) that had a wear indicator wire fitted. Parts catalogue writers are often confused by such features and frequently list them as later part numbers. As for the groove thats appeared on different manufacturers parts through the years. The old half-moon shape as you aptly call it is what the fiat

FIAT UNO II Uno Turbo 1.3 rear caliperspads

Such a long time since I was building uno based kit cars. Have just renewed rear calipers discs etc. My query is the operation of the self adjusting mechaniscm. Once the piston has engaged with the pin on the back of the pad how can the piston adjust for pad wear as it is locked to the pad and therefore cannot turn on the handbrake helical screw rod If the piston is screwed all the way in and the slack

Originally Posted by fiatdonor Such a long time since I was building uno based kit cars. Have just renewed rear calipers discs etc. My query is the operation of the self adjusting mechaniscm. Once the piston has engaged with the pin on the back of the pad how can the piston adjust for pad wear as it is locked to the pad and therefore cannot turn on the handbrake helical screw rod If the piston is screwed

FIAT UNO II what discs and pads for UT

my cinq is to have new brakes. UT front calipers (or has anyone got some rear ones for sale too). anyhoo i need some decent discs and pads to go with the calipers. currently using red dot 6 groove and fast road pads on my cinq.

FIAT UNO II tips for fitting new brake discs.

Just bought some new discs and pads for my 60s. Im looking for any tips beyond haynes for fitting them correctly. I read an earlier Alex G post mentioning to sand clean the the hubs prior to fitting. Also about turning the discs through 90 degrees if theres excessive run-out. The pictorial guide I got with the discs mentions a tolerance of 0 - 2mm run-out. The guide also shows a step where you spray

Guides are the metal wedgesslides that hold the calipers in place. The pistons are the cylinders that are housed in the caliper body that get pushed out by hydraulic pressure to push the pads against the discs. Pete

FIAT UNO II Uno Turbo Brakes

Hello peopz i just wanted to ask for advice on brake upgrades for the mark 2 uno turbo . Mine are standard at the mo and they dont feel as responsive as the standard brakes in my mark 4 1.4 golf One of the things i love about my golf is being able to brake later but cant risk doing this in the uno turbo lol So i wanted to ask anybody if they can recommend me some good brake upgrades for the uno turbo

as often its old and contaminated with moisture and affects the efficiency of the brakes. But unless its for track use only steer clear from race pads. They only work properly when they are warmed up and in normal driving that often doesnt happen. Until race pads have heated up the braking is WORSE than normal pads A good idea for a possible direct swap is to look at brakes fitted to larger fiats

alright frosty mate. im going for fiat coupe 20VT 4 pot brembo calipers with drilledgrooved discs and uprated pads. ill also be running goodridge braided brake hoses. as soon as ive got em on ill let you know how they perform but id imagine they are a little bit better than the standard UT brakes lol im currently running EBC drilled and grooved discs and EBC green stuff pads which improved the braking alot still using the satandard UT calipers. hope this helps dude Dunc

Yeah it comes down to how much money to spend doesnt it I reckon Chas is onto the right idea. The standard brakes on the uno Turbo seem A LOT better to me than the standard brakes on other uno models. But yours have probably suffered years of salt spray Its probably time to take the calipers off and clean up the pin sliders replace the discs and fit the EBC pads Dunc mentioned. Car Parts Direct (

I dont want to spend too much money just yet rather do the simple things first like chas has mentioned Will do little things like new brake fluid maybe EBC pads and Goodridge braided brake lines to begin with. And if that doesnt improve the braking than maybe get bigger calipers and cross drilled discs in the future. F R O T Y

FIAT UNO II Brake Disk Rust

Hey guys my brake discs are well rusty i realise this is because of my unos age (1994). Anyone know of anyway to clean the rust off our brake discs and caliper. Ive used a wire brush before but it is very hard work and takes quite a while. Anyone got any ideas Thanks

can do other than keep replacing them or spend a fortune having some carbon fibre discs made up Dont think they would be road legal though. Wire brushing your old ones is about all you can do. Hard work I know. As for the calipers on the mk 1 one unos they are actually made of aluminium so wont rust. Aluminium can oxidise though this can be seen in the form of white furry deposits. Not sure if fiat

FIAT UNO II Uno Brake advice

as some may know i am converting my uno into a turbo and i am not knowledged about the brakes. but i feel not too safe at the moment with standard brakes as they are hopeless and im looking to upgrade. preferrably ones that actually stop me. which brakes are best without putting a hole in my pocket and something that can stop it when the turbo engine is eventually fitted.

better when cold than standard-quality pads do. Theyre expensive - but you get what you pay for. - Dont over-brake the rear end. Ive had to turn down the rear brake compensator to avoid locking up the back wheels. Therefore I have to wonder whether disc brakes are really necessary on the back unless you have people sitting in the back or a big load in the boot etc. As for upgrades... If your uno

FIAT UNO II calipers

hello . I have a fiat uno 45 1990 999c. I had some problem with my brakes my frong right well was alwas making noises like to brake is pressed all the time so i replace the pades and the discs on both wells becuase the were overused but i cannot find how i can adjust the calipers the the new sizeof the pads becuse the old one were so slim the pump is almost at the ege and i cant find how i can

FIAT UNO II Uno Turbo Front Brakes

So been offered calipers for &16330 vat and was happy with that (these are for my cinq btw lol ) started to price up discs and pads... went to halfords... &16390 a disc thats each shop4parts can do discs and pads (standard ones but i guess uno weighs more and has more power than my turbo cinq so should be able to stop me fine ) for &16390 all in can anyone recommend anywhere cheaper or will this be

FIAT UNO II Huge discs

Think these discs and calipers will fit on my 1100 uno. the discs are 15 (39 across) from a Mercedes benz SL65where I changed discs and pads on this week they cost R 10000 a piece here in South Africa. The discs are bigger than my coleguethat is holding them see pic Attached Thumbnails           __________________ 1400 uno pacer sx 15 mags free flow induction kit ut front brakes50

FIAT UNO II Brake booster assembly - UNO45 FIRE97

Dear All brake booster assembly on my uno45 FIRE needs to be repalced as there was leak in the booster assembly. Booster assembly that was originally fitted on my vehicle is of Bosch make and presently these units are not availble at fiat dealer or in the local market as a spare part. As the Bosch units are not avialble (in India) at present i have to install TVS make brake booster assembly (with master

You know looking at this makes me wonder whether this problem is less servo related and more seized calipers related. On the uno 60s the pedal feel was quite hard with not much in the way of braking. During the replacement of the pads and discs I also checked the calipers both were partially seized due to the rubber ring being perished. I stripped down the Caliper thoroughly cleaned it all up and replaced

FIAT UNO II Another brake problem 1999 UNO...

Hi all I have a brake problem with my 1999 uno MK2 (Turkish made). I have read other brake problem threads some problems look like similar but they are not the same. When Im driving I hear brake pads noise ( It sings like a bird ) although I do not press the brake. After pressing the brake or after steering the noise disappears and restarts soon. Because of the firiction the brake pads burn out in

brake pad noise which will sound like squeeling or squeeking. Is usually caused by worn and seized brake calipers where the piston is retracting enough to allow room for the pads to pull back from the discs and allow free travel. But youve said the calipers and fine with new rubber seals. I would suggest getting some copper grease and new pad springs and lubricating the areas on the pad carrier and

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 uno turbo rear brakes..

It being really quiet at work at the moment the mind wanders on more usefull things like rear disk brakes . From searching the forum I gather that if you use the Hub or hubcarriers from a uno Turbo they are a direct bolt on. So I went to look on Eper but am stumped as to which part it is same goes for the mountingplates. and how about the calipers were they used on any other type of fiat (or even another make of car)

Had to dig this up again as I have aquired a set of uno turbo rears. calipers discs mountingbrackets hubs pads and he even threw in a master cylinder will the mounting brackets fit the Cinq rear arms Can I use the Cinq hubs or should I use the uno Hubs Anybody who did this conversion know what length of braided brake hose to use in this conversion Any tips

FIAT UNO II Punto GT Brakes on a 70 Mk2 i.e

Hi people I want a simple answer if possible What do i need to fit Punto GT Mk1 front brakes to an uno is it just calipers discs pads Job done Somebody please help

FIAT UNO II Brake Conversion

Hi Chaps Does anyone know whats involved in converting the brakes on a standard uno to those of a turbo . Do the calipers just bolt straight on or do they require special adapters like Duncs Brembos. Obviously need discs and pads. Are the brakelines the same Sorry for all the questions Thanks Trevor

FIAT UNO II Brake Shudder

Hi chaps. To cut a long story short since installing these new front brake discs and front wheel-hubs Ive got brake shudder. Its much more evident under heavier braking (which with me is pretty much allll the time) though it is very very mildly perceptible under normal braking. You cant feel it in a parking-lot. I installed new brake-pads at the same time. As per the instructions of the guys that installed

Id go with Petergs suggestion that the discs arent sitting squarely on the hubs. Did the garage clean the hub mating surfaces before installing the discs One little bit of rust on the mating surface can make the disc sit out of true and cause judder. Also worth checking that the calipers are sliding correctly and the little wedges arent damaged. You can check the pads themselves when you have a look.

FIAT UNO II Can anyone help me with my brakes

Hi there This is my first post on fiat Forum but Ive been looking at it for a while. About 3 weeks ago I bought a Red F-Reg fiat uno 45 (Fire engine 999cc) - my first car It needs work on it yet and Ive got to do a few more thigns to get it ready for its MOT. The brakes are a bit spongy and my dad reckons that the hydraulic system for the brakes has got some air in it - and the front pads where knackered

i dont have the number for them anymore but there was place in stockport called shaws where i ordered a shed load of mk1 uno brake parts for a 70sx i had they had the lot in stock discs calipers drum master and slave cylinders pads and shoes and very reasonable to ill have to dig out the invoice later today and get you the number well worth a try

FIAT UNO II Turbo Brakes Swap

Hi Guys Hoping someone may be able to shed some light on this one for me. Is it possible to swap uno Turbo calipers and discs onto a 94 uno Mk2 1.4ie It doesnt look like the hubs or drive flanges are the same but I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has managed it Cheers Dave J

As far as I know you would need the turbo hubs and mounting brackets along with the calipers discs pads etc..

Cool - was that the whole lot - calipers discs pads etc or just the calipers

Originally Posted by tonyfurnell Cool - was that the whole lot - calipers discs pads etc or just the calipers You will need to use Turbo discs and pads with the turbo calipers...

Originally Posted by Hellcat Are the parts available off any other cars that may be easier to find in a scrap yard For the discs and pads not much point as they are so cheap Like i got brand new front discs for 20quid a pair.. calipers not sure tbh although there are plenty being broken on Turbocollective HTH

FIAT UNO II MK1 Uno Turbo Brake upgrade

I want to upgrade the brakes on my uno Turbo to Punto GT brakes whats involved in doing this is it just the discs and calipers or anything else i need if it is just discs and calipers then seems a simple upgrade to me Thanks Mark

Dont forget brake pads he he the punto gt calipers are hard to find but i did a cross check ages ago and they are the same as brava bravo alfa etc barchetta 1.8 and over with 252 vented discs so get to the scrappy Ant and even bigger 20v marea and weekend and coupe but will need 16in wheels


Is it just me or are all UT crap U know wen u slam ur brakes on REALLY hard that you skid i.e. wen ur just about 2 hit something well mine dnt it seems that wen i apply quite abit of pressure i get terrible brake fade which isnt good wen ur doin a ton on the motorway & the traffic stops Any body like 2 shed sum light on this Lora x PS this is my beloved uno httpphotobucket.comalbumsa289...rrentfiat1.jpg

on a car as old as mine i found replacing the fluidpads discs calipers brake lines both fixed and flexible made a huge diff. which is while it will be done again next year along with the master cylinder.

on my first pad change (after 5 months of ownership) i put on ebc greenstuffs they last 2 years the no dust claim is total balls front alloys were always covered in crap. but they lasted well and did a fine job in conjunction with all the other changes. after that i changed to a black diamond discpad combo. this has been on for a bout 18 months and while good im not happy to the same degree as the

FIAT UNO II uno mk2 brakes

hi every1. im ready for new discs and pads all round. im just wondering if the larger punto turbo ones fit and wot u need to change i.e calipers or any other suggestions thanks Gary.

FIAT UNO II brake caliper noise

Hi guys one more noise problem. This time looks like the brakes When the car is moving theres a constant sound coming from somewhere under the bonnet (or so it sounds). If I keep the brake pedal pressed slightly the sound will go away. The sound also goes away after a fresh wash at the washing center ( only for about a couple of hours though) The sound is kind of a constant dull rattle. It is definately

I would suggest disassembly and cleaning of the calipers with a wire brush then lubricating them with a copper grease. Also I would check pads and discs for wear irregular wear etc. It may also be a caliper piston seizing in which case a complete disassembly would be recommended. Hm... I think it can wait until spring

FIAT UNO II 1990 Mk2 Uno turbo ie

So where to begin with yet another uno turbo under my wing ive had around 12 or so of these italian basket cases both Mk1 & Mk2s which i prefer tbh. I should really know better with these cars as they hide and indeed boast so many issues not least the main culprit being rust rust and more rust Anyway its too late ive bought this Red Mk2 so on we go I stumbled apon its existance on this forum where

FIAT UNO II rear passenger bake squeeking

right my passenger side rear brake is squeeking. the pads are only 12000 miles old and therefore wonchanging. is there anything i can greece the pistons any ideas as its annoying lol Dunc

plus vibration through the brake pedal) and wear out pads much quicker. To improve braking the solution is to fit more efficient brake calipers (bigger piston twin piston or more etc.) with a greater pad swept area. Another option is to fit larger diameter discs with matching calipers. With the exception of the turbo cars which under hard use might need a brake upgrade most people with standard unos

FIAT UNO II My Black MK1 UT thread

Some of you might or might not know but ive had a black mk1 UT for just over four years now in a lock-up Im finally going to start working on it and it should hopefully be on road sometime during 2008. Its not going to be 100percent original from factory but exactly how i want it to look and go IMO its the best one MK1(obvious lol) black tipo gearbox no sunroof and the late spec interior. the engine

went and picked these badboys up tonight red dot 20 grove front discs for a Punto GT gotta get the calipers sorted and the greenstuff pads then gonna bang them on the uno with some goodrige stainless braided hoses -) i used to have problems with brake fade with standard brakes but hopefully not anymore Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Uno Turbo Front Disc Conversion

I thought Id start a new thread specifically for the uno Turbo conversion (for those who dont have large wheels ) rather than infest the Punto GT thread any more. Basically weve established that what is needed is uno Turbo brake discs uno Turbo calipers uno Turbo brake pads 3mm spacer machined down to fit behind the disc What else is needed Specifically do the current hoses fit onto the new caliper

Hi guys never heard back to my above question on this thread - for interest Ive uploaded a pic of the Seicento (left pic) & UT (right pic) front brake assembly from the fiat ePER . My collection of bits Black Diamond Drilled & Grooved UT discs &163130 Black Diamond Predator UT pads &16345 UT calipers &16320 Remanufacture & bright red Polymer coat by &163160 Cinquecento Wheel spacers

Thanks guys just trying to avoid the scenario that GhostWKD hit in the following thread httpwww.fiatforum.comcinq-sei-te...ut-brakes.html of being left without brakes unless I re-fit originals especially as my Cento pads are getting really low. Rallycinq I had wondered if that is what it was Ill be junking that then if it doesnt fit or seem to be doing anything useful when I match up all the bits.

FIAT UNO II My Mk1 Uno Turbo - new to Uno forum

New to uno Forum so thought id say Hi and show ya my Mk1 uno T. Ive owned it just over a year and have just spent a small fortune getting it to run as it should. This included Cambelt Alternator Inlet manifold gasket 2x brake calipers discs and pads all round. And theres still more to do all worth it though Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF   

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 UT brakes fill me in guys

Hi guys Ive seen some mention of UT brakes as an upgrade besides the regular recommendation of punto GT brakes (which require bigger wheels). Now am i right in assuming UT brakes are uno turbo brakes From what i can find the uno turbo had 240mm vented discs making it an interesting option for cento owners. From what ive read the UT calipers are rare as roosterteeth but ive just found a webshop which

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 punto gt brake upgrade

iv had a search but cant seem to find what i want to know. basically i need to know whats needed to fit punto gt brakes to the front of a cinq obviously i need calipers discs and pads. do the calipers bolt onto the hubs or is there a hanger that i also need off the punto not had a look at any puntos so i dont know but iv done a few brake upgrades on vauxhalls which require the hanger aswell thanks scott

fit punto gt brakes to the front of a cinq obviously i need calipers discs and pads. do the calipers bolt onto the hubs or is there a hanger that i also need off the punto not had a look at any puntos so i dont know but iv done a few brake upgrades on vauxhalls which require the hanger aswell thanks scott you didnt look very hard then because there is a 9page thread in this very subject httpwww.fiatforum.comcinq-sei-te...e-upgrade.html

FIAT UNO II Rubbingsqualing Noise From Front End

Hi I bought a cheap little fiat uno a few weeks ago just as a little run around. When the car is in motion (normally more than 10 miles per hour) there is a rubbingsquealing noise coming from the front end that makes the noise whether in gear or just free wheeling. When you jack up the front end the wheels turn freely with no gratingrubbing noises. The noise is the same when the wheels are straight or turning. Shes a fiat uno 1.4 M reg Anyone have any ideas of what it could be

Originally Posted by fiatSJM Hi thanks for the reply. Theres a brand new set of brake pads on the front and the discs are fine too. Thanks again If the pads and discs are brand new then it a possibility that the calipers are sticking especially if they are trying to get used to the new thicker pad material and new discs etc. Again symptoms may appear worse when car weight is on ground.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 rear brakes on sei

i am having trouble with the rear brakes on my seicento. i have fitted the complete uno turbo gear (all new discs pads calipers) but i cannot get the pedal to go hard front all works fine as it has the punto GT discs and calipers but the rear for some reason will not go hard i have now removed the lengthened flexi and fitted a copper pipe but still to no avail i also cannot get the ratchet to work in the calipers is there any other ideas Rick

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Front Brake Upgrade

Hi all Im new here... I have a Seicento Sporting.. The car hasnt any mod and I want to start with the front brakes.. Ive heard many pleople and everyone says a different thing.. someone says to put the punto Gt brakes others the Panda 1.3 MJet... my mechanical sais to but performance brakes for my car (tarox) what should I do now I have the 13 wheels but I would like to put the 14 or even 15 thank you

Okay brakes if its not modded Id just go for fast road discs and pads. If you upgrade there is a lot covered in the forum and lots of different opinions... there are 3 routes to upgrade the brakes (2 of which are basically the same) 1) fit existing fiat calipers from cars like the Punto GT all barring uno Turbo callipers require you to step up to 14 or 15 wheels 2) use a pre-made upgrade kit like the

FIAT UNO II E-bay item i noticed.... Anyone had any experiance with them

be easier to look within the fiat rangeeg coupe calipers. no changing brake unions and far easier for sparespads. to give oyu an idea i was on VVOC forums yesterday and one guy was looking for new discs for his vectra ST200 which had AP brakes fitted as standard. &163550 per pair for discs and AP have stopped making them meaning he needs ot organise a group buy to get some

I also noticed this on ebay In norway there is noe a lot of fiat aftermarket spare parts from cars like coupe 20vt etc. And there is not easy to get engineered caliper mounting brackets and so And this kit is pretty bolt on with all that you need ( not included steel brake lines and pads ) so this will surely increase the price by maybe &16360-70 And with the shipping to norway this kit will cost

FIAT UNO II Mk1 Uno 1.4 T-Jet FIRE Turbo sleeper project

Back again with a new project similar to my trackday uno but with the intention of making an everyday car replacement for my Classic Panda 1.4 16v . I have had a few false starts with a new project as I couldnt decide which base car to start with. All ideas were involving the T-Jet engine which I love for its power-to-weight and its potential economy. I started last year with getting all the Abarth

thanks for the PM Shame about the brakes Was it service foot or hand brake If hand brake Id go for the leavers at the end of the cable every time.. can be cleane up once removed... some pics here httpwww.fiatforum.comgallerysho...y.phpcat1909 - you will probs have the ones with the big round auto adjusters but the leaver principle is the same -thread somewhere here. If front Id have a look at the retention

Hey 1986uno45S No dont know of the top of my head when it was first registered will check when i get home tonight. I wont to get the instrument panel for my fire but every time i go the scappy not one bloody uno Well not the one i wont neway. [(] Yours sounds in good nick mate the main problem with mine mine is the brakes are hammered. The left side just doesnt want to work and the right side works

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Finished rear Discs pics

Ok guys just finished off the rear discs on the cinq (well my mate jon did) Started with uno turbo hubs calipers caliper mounts discs and pads. Everything was a straight swap a diff brake line needed making up to connect to the caliper either side. Also the handbrake cable needed modifing as it wasnt long enough on one side. The handbrake cable doesnt appear to be long enough if fitted through the

FIAT UNO II Full Shell Restore & Rebuild Mk1 - Mk2

Hi all i know i am not particularly liked on here but i am currently restoring an uno Turbo check the link out and no nasty comments this time please. httpwww.turbocollective.netphpBB...hpf49&t2160

bit of colour lol Otherside Tada Fitted some olives to my fuel lines so the hoses wont come off My next trick is to port the inlet Rough Making a start My Tool Tada Now its smoooooth But whats the point when still using the 2p size butterfly Well... RS Turbo throttle body not to big but certainly bigger than standard Ported that to Cant wait to try it Next up i used a tipo 1.4 NA (Same engine as uno

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