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fiat uno brake hose pipe cable II

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FIAT UNO II A couple of questions about brakes and strange noises

me yet again Just wondering when you rev your car and you can here a sound like water running though a pipe (like air and water) coming through from the dashboard is that normal. Also since my stiff brakes were fixed (a block non-return valve) the brakes hiss it stops when I press them and gets louder when you release the brakes and then goes back to a background hiss... Again is this normal why is it hissing

chrissmith The water-rushing noise is caused by air in the heater as others said but it may be accentuated by the heater valve not opening or closing fully. The heater valve is located on the right-end of the heater radiator under the dash. It is made of black- or white-coloured plastic with a rubber hose running to it. There is a lever operated by a cable from the heater controls. First check that

FIAT UNO II Uno 45s firebox owner on steep learning curve.

uno put in for MOT last week failed on emissions & rear brakes. Garage sorted & gave all clear now less than a week later 1.the engine cuts out when slowing for lightsslow rush hr traffic 2.electrics (indicators) fail go off & come back on again of own accord 3.fuel gauge has works intermittantly 4. fuel thirst-nearly 34 tank in less than 200 miles 5.windscreen wash doesnt whhrr at all and can cause

electrics its far better to investigate the electrical earth fault first rather than diagnosing individual gauges. Youll probably find there is nothing wrong with the gauges or the rest of the electrics once you get the earth problem sorted Best of luck with your uno and let the board know how you get on. If you need more help advice please ask Chas Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat

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FIAT UNO II Really dangerous Uno 45 - bought

Hello all My driveway once again shelters under the outline of a white five-door uno converting rainwater to rust... this time a 1990 45 (but in New Zealand that means 1988 or 89 so its a Mk1) Actually my friend James owns it. Ive bought an uno 60S which Ill collect this week - and thats a Mk2 () - but thats a separate thread Anyway the 45 was on our auction site Trademe (

FIAT UNO II Mk1 Uno 1.4 T-Jet FIRE Turbo sleeper project

Back again with a new project similar to my trackday uno but with the intention of making an everyday car replacement for my Classic Panda 1.4 16v . I have had a few false starts with a new project as I couldnt decide which base car to start with. All ideas were involving the T-Jet engine which I love for its power-to-weight and its potential economy. I started last year with getting all the Abarth

Originally Posted by farmer.palmer Lewey If you are planning on doing an engine and gearbox swop to this uno would you be willing to part with the originals in exchange for some beer tokens Cheers Yes. Ill message you. Took the car for MOT retest on Friday evening. Still a failure but now just the left rear service brake only. It had only been on the rollers for seconds so the guys there didnt charge

FIAT UNO II Heater not Working

Hi I have a fiat uno fire mk2 1992 and the heater is not working. I followed alot of useful information in this forum but it looks like im failing to fix it. Anyone can guide me what I have to do pls. I checked the 2 pipes that are at the drivers footwell and they are both cold Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise   

Originally Posted by Pullu Thanks for the help the heater is now working maybe not perfectly but very decent . I manually moved the valve and flushed the pipes entering the firewall that are in the engine bay with a hose and all sorts of crap came out . Good stuff. Free repairs are great arent they Quote Dont know if to open another topic but have another 2 problems . The gear stick is very floppy

FIAT UNO II Fuel consumption problem

Hi I have a 1994 999cc uno ie start which seems to have a problem somewhere with the fuel system since I replaced the fuel tank. Driving round town I am lucky if I get 25 mpg out of it but driving at 60 mph in 5th gear I am getting close to 60 mpg. I have checked over the fuel system and there isnt any signs of leaking also I have had the lambda sensor off and blew out the soot that had built up on

Good news the fuel problem appears to be fixed. I did an ecu reset but at first this seemed to create a whole new problem on tick over the revs would go from struggling to keep the engine turning over to revving really fast then back to struggling & nearly every time I braked it would stall. Nosing around under the bonnet I noticed that the hose on the vacuum advance unit had a split in it. After chopping

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 GhostWKDs Turbo Cinq 56k warning

July 2005 &8211 The beginning The date was the 19th July 2005 I&8217d had a argument with parents about engine swap in my Seicento which my step-Nan had funded so decided I wasn&8217t going to let anything get in my way when I found a turbo cinq for sale on auto trader so at a monumentous cost of &1631700 I owned a shed of a turbo cinq&8230 (spot the seicento in drag strip mode lol borrowed tyres and

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