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fiat uno brake shoes cylinders drums II

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FIAT UNO II Rear Disk Brake Conversion

I have purchased new callipers and disks for the front of my MK1 uno and I am now wondering whether I replace the rear drums with my old front disks and callipers. Does anyone know if this is possible and what is required

Front discs calipers would be too powerful for the rear of a uno. Theres a bias proportioning valve but they always seize up so the last thing you want is more poweful rears. As Ant says youll stamp on the brakes and the rear of the car will overtake the front The biggest advantage of rear discs is a reduced risk of brake fade. However do you really drive your car that hard to promote brake fade in

FIAT UNO II A handbrake which works (Guide)

Okay I had a small handbrake problem on my 91 plate uno 60s where the passenger side rear wheel would almost hold but the drivers side was only slightly holding. (Even on the the tightest setting for the cable and highest I could pull the handbrake up). I would advise anyone with the rear shoes & drum set up to not bother playing around with the pulley wheel on the cross member or any other parts and

FIAT UNO II Uno Handbrake not working

Hi My handbrake on my uno cento has come loose the handbrake lifts up and tightens it a little bit but my car still rolls how can i tighten it i keep having to put bricks down lol so i think i kinda need to fix it does it tighten on the back drum brakes how can i do it Thanks JW

Great common uno question that one Have you tried a few Advanced Searches in the uno section I think the most common explanations are worn rear brake shoes shoes with faulty self-adjusters seized curved levers (the parts that go through the brake backplate) seized equaliser (the pulley bracket that swings near the exhaust pipe) seized cable. --- First off make sure the lever is solidly-mounted. It

FIAT UNO II No heat inside uno

Hi there I hope somebody can help me. If have a 95 uno Fire 1100. I cannot seem to get any heat inside the car (has never worked before). I recently fitted a new radiator old one had a crack in but now my radiator cap keeps on dripping coolant out and I cannot seem to stop this. I dont know much about cars but is it very important to bleed the coolant Any ideas on how to stop the leak at the cap and get hot air inside the car coz it is winter here now and I need the heat. Thanks

Originally Posted by JRB21 Now I have yet another problem. Had this posted before but it is happening again... My rear brakes are stuck again. The rear wheel cylinders work perfectly. I overhauled them a few months ago. It is fine if I drive it everyday but if I let my uno stand for a week or so the rear brakes do not release at all. Any ideas This is often quite normal as unos (and other fiats

FIAT UNO II 1994 Mk Uno 1.7D (Chalkboard Car MkII)

As Ive got something a little different from the average fiat I thought Id post up some photos As suggested in the title its painted in chalkboard paint good fun until it rains anyway Currently lowered but Im planning to put it back on standard springs. No longer has white painted tyres... had to replace them and didnt get round to repainting

Rat cars are great fun and so many people love my car but it has its downsides... -There are always haters often gobby chavy ones -rat cars are a target for police... They look like they are not well maintained. -MoT stations are stricter for previous reason Everyone assumes mine isnt looked after actually it has had a lot spent -3 new tyres -rear brake drums -rear brake cylinders -rear brake shoes

Originally Posted by fiatAndy Yeah id love a rat look car and just paint it like this and take it to shows and meets just so people can draw all over it haha. Where abouts are you Anywhere near yorkshire Im not really that close to yorkshire but id come for a drive down if there was a big meet on i live just outside blackpool so its a good trek to pretty much anywhere . Originally Posted by edessex

FIAT PANDA Brake Repairs

Hi All Need to replace the pads and shoes on the Panda sometime soon. Im capable of doing them(with a little help from a knowledgeable grandfather) but is there anythign to look out for Do any of the seals pistons or hoses ever corrode and will be liable to break or split Is it worth me getting any spares before i start and im left without any transport I await all your expert advice Craig.

fitted ok self adjusting type or a better type self adjusting type. The most common fitted is the heavy spring and washer type so it would pay you to look at the type fitted to your car. If you get the rear drums off you can also check the condition of the wheel cylinders for any sign of weeping of brake fluid. If your panda is an auto it will have different pads fitted as I found out turbo uno

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