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FORD F150 DirtySCREWs 2010 F150 XLT SCREW 4x4 ReViEw

Hello all. I had a 2010 f150 XLT SCREW 4x4 as a rental vehicle as my truck was having repairs done. This is just MY opinion on just a few hours spread over a few days of driving her. Obviously Ill be comparing the 10 to my 03 some as well as just my general consensus of the truck itself. Size---This thing was HUGE It seemed like it had an extra 2 feet of cabin room for the rear passengers The rear

FORD F150 What did they do to the brakes

Sorry if this has been asked before but what the hell did ford do to the brakes in these trucks for 2010 Ive driven an f150 of every model year from 2000 and on and the 2010s have the stiffest brakes Ive ever had in an f150. It reminds me of both a car and silverados. Being used to a softer brake in f150s when Im driving a 2010 at work ill hit the brake lightly and it practically throws me forward. Anyone else notice this

FORD F150 Largest Tire Size on 2010 F150 4x4

Friend just purchased a 2010 f150 4x4 .. he is trying to determine the largest tire size he can put on his new baby wo a lift kit... any experience Thanks in advance.. Wayne

Quote Originally Posted by wtruitt Friend just purchased a 2010 f150 4x4 .. he is trying to determine the largest tire size he can put on his new baby wo a lift kit... any experience Thanks in advance.. Wayne I dont know what is the absolute largest tire that will fit without rubbing nor do I know what you mean by largest (diameter width or air volume). I also dont understand why that would be the

FORD F150 2009 vs 2010 - Major differences

What are the differences between 2009 and 2010 models I heard the head rests were modified a little. Also the brakes were improved a little. Some of the color options changed ... Anything else

The brochure said the front brakes are 6% larger with better calipers. The E fans are nice and quiet. E fans are normally good for 10-15hp and 1-2 mpg on most v8s. I wonder why ford has not adopted a 4cyl mode Heck even 6cyl mode would be a gas saver... The softer more laid back head rest is so much improved. That was on my list of why I didnt buy in 09. The tranny seems strong I havent seen one apart

FORD F150 2010 w brake squeal

The brakes on my 2010 squeal first thing if the trucks been sitting overnight. Basically I have my foot on the brakes when Im pulling out of my driveway and I can clearly hear it. It goes away by the time Ive gotten out of my neighborhood. I took it to my dealer and he says its the brake pads taking a layer of rust off that formed overnight. Ive never had another vehicle that did that and its a little

I have the same thing happening on my 2008 Fusion. It was happening on my F-150 until I changed to NAPA Adaptive One pads on the front. The only reason I changed the pads was because of the shocking amount of brake dust from the OE pads. If it only happens on cold mornings for the first few times you apply the brakes its considered an acceptable condition. If it squeals all of the time thats different.

FORD F150 Polished wheels in winter.. what do you think..

Heres my dilemma. I have eagle alloys polished wheels with newer pro comp xterrains. Should I run these in winter. Or should I spend the money and get wheels and tires to use in the winter.. What do you think worth the shot or am I just being stupid..

for 150.00 lucky I was the only bidder with no reserve lol I am going to torder 295 70 17s next week for the wheels. Quote Originally Posted by Fogducker I bought some FX4 rims off a 05 f150 (17) to run on my 09 f150 XLT for winter rims turns out that they rub on the caliper just slightly wondering if I should just let them wear (alloy softer than the cast so the rim will wear) Most of the 09-2010s

FORD F150 Cooper zeon ltz help

I have been looking at these tires for about a month now. My only problem is that i dont know anyone with these tires. I have heard great thing about them and they are a great price. i just need a good all terrain tire that will last and do well on the street about three feet of snow and some mud i also pull about 5K pounds every other month camping. Any help would be awesome and pics would be sweet

Quote Originally Posted by Gtullous 3055520s on factory wheels lift or leveling rubbing in gallery.. Gtullous I have a Sterling Grey 2010 f150 XLT Regular Cab 4x4 on order. Im putting on Platinum Edition 20 wheels with 3055020 Nitto Terra Grapplers. Based on your experience with the larger 3055520 Coopers and blessings by Wandell and PawPaw I expect to replicate your

FORD F150 Winter Tires.....ASAP

Looking for very aggresive winter tires Wondering what good and whats not for winter tires Current tires being used are All Season Hankooks with Snowflake which totally dont cut it

Blizzaks are pretty much available for any vehicle nowadays - I ordered a set for a 2010 Mercedes Sprinter van at work (LT245 Load E) Based on the research Ive done the tire is comprised of two rubber densities - the outer surface is softest and should last roughly 20000 KMs (roughly 10000 miles) and once you reach the first level of wear bars the remaining compound will function more like a conventional

FORD F150 Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor - P or LT

I think Im narrowing down my tire search to the Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor P26570 17. However Im struggling to figure out if I should get the LT or P versions The GVWR for my truck (01 screw 4x4) is 6750 lbs (3660 in the front 3800 in the back). The ratings on the P 113T versions from Goodyear is 2535 lbs the ratings on the LT 112R is 2470 lbs and the LT 121R is 3195 lbs. So my questions are Based

to 2307 lbs. when derated for truck applications) and max pressure of 44 psi and 4 ply sidewalls. You did not mention what your gear ratio is but the last two options will provide slightly higher effective gearing. This option will cost the least upfront and return the highest MPG in terms of rolling resistance. It should also be good in the snow and off-road due to its tall narrow design. My 2010

JEEP CHEROKEE KK Congrats to our January 2010 COTM - Bowhunter46563

Here are the 5 entries for the January 2010 COTM. Best of luck guys RICHARD CRANIUM 1989 Cherokee Laredo 4.0 5 speed (upgraded to AX-15) Rock Krawler 3 link up front with Rubicon Express 5.5 coils keeping a 1978 high pinion Dana 44 with 5.38s and an ARB in place. Chevy 34 ton outers and brakes with Warn hubs. The transfer case is a 231 with a PORC slip yoke eliminator. Out back is a 1978 full float

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