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ford focus clutch very soft I

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FORD FOCUS Clutch is destroyed. Ford will not cover PLS HELP

So the other day my clutch would not disengage happened while i was shifting aggressively. Took it to the dealership they said there was a huge amount of wear on the clutch and the clutch material fell off. They are not covering it under warranty wtf Keep in mind this happened a couple weeks after doing the tsb

Originally Posted by casanova1012 i have 10000 km. Last time i checked clutch material does not fall off they burn off. What the hell is this clutch made in china. Conveniently 2 weeks after the tsb the moment i shift higher than 4500 rpm clutch wont disengage. I tried to tell the deal er that after my tsb was done my clutch pedal was literally 2 inches from the ground (lower the brake pedal) i show

FORD FOCUS TSB 13-6-10 Done Without the New Clutch Line Put In.

Yeah Sorry for another thread on this but Im a bit skeptical about what happened today. So I get the call that the parts are in for the TSB a couple days ago. Brought it in yesterday morning. Got a call yesterday afternoon that it wouldnt be done till today. Thats where it started to get funny. They blamed it on another dealership striking that caused the back up. Whatever. So today I get a call saying

FORD FOCUS Clutch stiffness

My clutch fluctuates how stiff it is when i push on it. As of right now i feel like im pushing on a pillow. Is this normal

I think the ST has a soft clutch. Not what I would consider a pillow but its light and it engages very smoothly. Ive never felt it fluctuate though.

FORD FOCUS Clutch engagement

Anyone else caught out by the quick engagement of the clutch On my test drive I dont think I moved a foot before stalling it. Anyone know why its so sensitive

It engages very easily. Just give it some gas and dont pop it so quick. I like how soft it is especially in stop and go traffic.

FORD FOCUS I Hi. Im new here and wanted opinionsinfo on the Focus ST

So after years of owning RWD V8 hotrods Im getting sick of the lousy gas mileage and with my current car horrible ride quality. With that said I still want something thats fun to drive and has an upgrade path if I decide to want a little more power. To be perfectly honest this car flew completely under my radar so I dont know much about them and figured a place like this would be the best to ask. I

keep it flat in the cornering. Its definitely comfortable even on bumpy roads. Originally Posted by dr.stevil Any common problems or issues Parts prone to failing Not common but there have been a few early turbo and clutch failures. I think in total 5 or 6 people here have had the issues out of many owners. Most other items are just fit and finish issues with panels and problems with the My ford

FORD FOCUS Impressions Focus ST vs. Golf R

Introduction . Hello to all. Ive been reading this forum for a while and this is my first post. I recently had a test drive in the ST and Id like to share that experience and get your feedback. To make things a bit more interesting I am comparing and contrasting the ford focus ST to the VW Golf R as I came close to buying a R early last year. By way of disclosure I have never owned a ford or VW vehicle

FORD FOCUS I Comparo Steeda Stage 1 vs COBB Stage 1 (Sorry no dyno)

Wanting to change things up a bit I put my Steeda tune up for sale to the local ST owners for kicks and grins. It sold the next day. Originally I was going to put the money towards a coil-over setup but I came across a COBB V2 Accessport for sale on eBay for pretty cheap. I low-balled the cheap price and to my surprise they accepted. Two days later I had a box from COBB on my doorstep. I upgraded flashed

FORD FOCUS TSB completed...super angry

So...bought my st3 back in July...found out about the tsb shortly after as I heard a loud bang when shifting fast into 2nd and thought something wasnt right...I researched it on this forum and learned of the tsb. I took the car to a local dealership and they ordered the tsb parts....back ordered until late October...I take my st3 in for the tsb in the beginning of November...2-3 days later I was called

FORD FOCUS Ford Thank you for the ST keep up the good work

After the auto company meltdown(oddly effected everyone more than ford) I didnt know if we would ever see enthusiast cars again or at least affordable ones. All anyone cared about was fuel economy and price and GM and ford were out of the pocket rocket market leaving it to the GTI and a few other models that were long in the tooth. The market for affordable enthusiast cars seemed to be in jeopardy

FORD FOCUS Track Key Calibration for the Focus ST

We need this. We really do. Except instead of having a separate key it should use the ESC button to alter the mode. When in Track mode or God mode the ESC should turn off all throttle assists. No TC no RPM holding throttle blade position should match the Pedal at all times&8230etc. Give us the raw driving experience. 2014 MUSTANG GT TRACK KEY Track Key is a 50 state emission legal aftermarket engine

FORD FOCUS I 2013 vs 2014 comparo - Ive now owned both

Owned my 2013 TB ST3 for 5 months and drove just over 3k miles. Today picked up a new 2014 TB ST3 and wanted to share noted differences. First functional. The 2014 came with better sun shades. Both driver and passenger have large mirrors and lights. Also they extend. My 2013 had none of this - The 2014 has an extra button up on the ambient lighting panel. The manual calls it Search Mode pressing it

FORD FOCUS III 2013 golf gti

So Ive been researching new cars for the past 2 months and for the past 2 months Ive been dead set on the FST. Today I looked in depth at the gti (had looked previously before) and I have to say even after 2 months of absolutely being sure of buying the ST it seems like Im going to switch. I like the look of the gti and its European styling. It has a huge aftermarket also this is going to be my dd

As everyones said it really comes down to preference. In most ways theyre really similar. My fiancee drives a 2012 GTI (autobahn package) and I just bought a TB ST3. For me the biggest differences that I notice are these 1. The GTIs gearbox is butter. My car experience is pretty limited but it has the smoothest gear shifts that Ive ever felt which is something that I really like. The STs is good but

FORD FOCUS Previous WRX owners now with an ST..

Im just wondering how you feel about the ST Compared to the WRX I personally was board of the Rex after two weeks and bought an AP then sways Then I needed more so full exhaust... Up to your basic stage 2 tune to feel like the car was how it should have been With the ST I am happy to say that I have yet to get that urge or feeling that I need more Except for driving in the rain Any others out there please share your feelings about the cars

I came from an 08 STI and I have to say I love the ST. My STI clearly had more power and an the ability to put it on the ground with its AWD but the car was lacking in almost every other area. It was very loud to drive on highway from combination of engine moan and wind noise. The clutch while effective was pretty hard. The hatch cover rattled so much I took it out. The whole car seemed to rattle.

FORD FOCUS Gas pedal frustrations

So far Im loving this car but Im having difficulties adjusting to the gas pedal. Im finding it can be very touchy. The idle RPMs are also seemingly inconsistent. For example Ill be sitting at a light neutral pop car in 1st gear. Idle RPMs are around 700-800. If I even rest my foot lightly on the gas the car will rev to about 1200 RPM. I find this allows for a good take off while letting the clutch

Hill Start Assist normally doesnt bother me but yesterday it pissed me off bad. It was very laggy in releasing the brakes. So laggy in fact that I had to slip the clutch alot before the PCM released the brakes. I smelled clutch afterwards. If I intended to use Hill Start alot Id take it to the dealer and complain of a software bug. The grade wasnt even what Id consider a hill. Never turning that back on again.

FORD FOCUS Scrmings JBR 80a motor mount reviewvideo

Installed a James Barone Racing rear motor mount in the ST. Made a little video You can see with the very soft stock mount the engine moves very easily also the engine seems to bounce. With the JBR 80a mount the motor still moves however it takes a LOT more effort (Is that clutch I smell LOL) Appears the the motor doesnt bounce as much like it does with the stock mount. The driving results... The 1-2

FORD FOCUS My Review On The Cobb Lower Motor Mount

Finally able to get to the track tonight and see what my 14 mile times are now that i installed the Cobb motor mount. Before the mount my fastest time was a 14.9 94mph With my mount installed tonight my fastest was a 14.69 96mph Keep in my that that altitude where Im at is 4000 Mods Cobb Lower Motor Mount And Cobb AP3 91 Oct 2800 Launch And it is true..wheel hop is reduced a lot Didnt sound like

Originally Posted by SickSpeedMonte How are the vibrations I put the softer Steeda in and its harsh when you start off if you dont rev it and slip the clutch a lot. The vibrations are very noticeable..on startupand between 1100-2000 and also on decel. Cobb and other users said after a month when the mount breaks in fully they calm down a little bit. For me its not an issue because the results you get

FORD FOCUS Gas Pedal Creak Among other ST issues...

So Ive been to the dealer for 3 separate issues with my ST all regarding minor quality control issues. The newest of these issues has been a gas pedal creak but a very particular one. It only occurs when the car is on and in gear (any gear 1st-6th) and occurs within the first 14th of the pedal being pushed in WITH the clutch fully engaged. It does NOT occur when the vehicle is off or out of gear. Sounds

BMW Z3 E36 (PICS) ESS supercharger test day at Cal Speedway

As many of you know Ive had ESSs CFR500 supercharger kit on my Z4 MC for about a year now. It runs flawlessly on the street but I noticed that on certain areas of certain tracks I would encounter a limp mode. AJ (ESSs programmer) and I tried several software changes over the past year with no effect. I was beginning to think that the issue may be related to the oiling or fuel systems but thankfully

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO Its all a bit much for me now

After 12700 miles since May 07 my GPS has been a good little workhorse for me ploughing up and down any roads I wish to take it on but its really starting to annoy me now. All the little things are adding up to a big problem a brief list of things getting on my nerves Creaking front doors Rattly tailgateback seats Windscreen wash hits wipers Noisy tappets Mismatched door trims outside Brakes moaning

Im going to be selling my GPS in the new year and I have a couple of questions about it. 1stly it says StarJet on the front and in the brochure it refers to an electronically controlled phase variator now what is that Renault replaced a cam variator on my mums old Megane and it was to do with the VVt i didnt know these cars had that feature. 2ndly I worked out my fuel economy brim to brim in mixed driving and driving like a Grandma (although not my own) it only did 36mpg over a tankful which quite frankly is pathetic and nowhere near Fiats figures is that normal because to be honest most of the car is worrying me about being broken. 3rd question my engine mounts seem very very soft indeed even dipping the clutch to change gear can make a horrible bang let alone letting the clutch out again going backwards is a horribly juddery affair and I think broke never experienced anything like it in any modern car. Somedays the car seems lively frugal and gutsy other days it feels limp and dead and you really need to work it whats going on Just turned 14k miles too. Ive been offered a cracking deal on a new facelift focus TDCi in the new year from someone I know at fords so looks like im selling out unfortunately


Since no one has yet to mention the show I will say my wife and I thought that Motorweek gave the 05 a pretty good report. Overall nothing bad and mostly positive words. Better than we expected though they did mention the 17 wheels being small. But the power really impressed them and the handling was good. It was encouraging to see a report that didnt put the car down.

Here is the transcipt from the show. Pretty decent review. 2005 Pontiac GTO Program 2423 American muscle cars are back in style but while the ford Mustang GT is hot Pontiacs reborn GTO has been a showroom dud mostly because of its slick but rather bland styling. But take the GTO to the racetrack and you quickly learn that you cant judge a book by its cover. The GTO is an awesome performer made even

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