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JEEP CHEROKEE Park lock out cablesteering column gizmo

I had to deal with park lock out cable falling out of my ignition switch last night. So now I have a question. The cable that comes from the shift lever has a connection at about the 23rds point just before heading up the steering column housing. The last 13 goes from a junctionconnector of some kind the rest of the way to the ignition switch. That junctionconnector has a plug and connector to it 2

Anyone any ideas

BRAKE TRANSMISSION SHIFT INTERlock MECHANISM The Brake Transmission ShifterIgnition Interlock (BTSI) is a cable and solenoid operated system. It interconnects the automatic transmission floor mounted shifter to the steering column ignition switch. The system locks the shifter into the park position. The Interlock system is engaged whenever the ignition switch is in the lock or ACCESSORY position. An

The gizmo is the solenoid that keeps one from shifting out of park if key in OFF.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Changing parking brake cable

My parking brake cable broke over 3 months ago and I finally got around to changing it. One of the reasons it took me so long is Firestone told me its 110 to have them replace it. Plus being in the Army I work a lot and have little time off. I was at Auto Zone getting everything I need to do an oil change and turns out that the cable was only 18.99. I did a lot of searching and Google search and only

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE parking brake cable adjustment

Ok i figured out what your suppose to adjust in the rear tires that little gear thing.. I could only turn the passenger side one tho I turned it like 10 times and now the parking brake works and i dont have to pull it all the way up anymore... However i cant turn the other one.. Its just will not budge... its like rusted or something.. I tried PB blaster and it didnt help either and i put so much force

To adjust the brake With the tires off the ground. Pull the lever up three clicks. Use the adjuster at the wheel to spread the pads out so that you just get drag while turning the wheel. Thanks i figured ito ut and changed my post right as you posted that lol... However one side is completetly rusted.. It will not turn not even a Centimeter. Adjusting the other side tho like 10 turns stops the jeep

Its pulling one shoe into the rotor hat and locking the rotor. Either the shoes are too far out or one is grooved out and grabs. When you go to pulling stuff off take notice of the levers and see if they arent seized up. The backing plates could be crap at the shoe contact points. Just guesses I hope the rotor comes off easily for you.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Can I adjust the parking brake cable

I noticed lately that my PBE-brake lever has to be pulled higher and higher is there a adjustment somewhere that I can do to restore the lever back to where it grabs lower my book does not say anything about doing this which puzzles me. Mark 2005 jeep Liberty sport 4x4

Quote Originally Posted by Turbobearcat just found this on how to adjust the brake cable tension httpwww.lostjeeps.comforumphpBB...ngbrakecable That is not a adjustmentthat is actually the parking brake lockout when replacing the cables themselfs and does nothing.There is no adjustment for the disc brake parking brakes as they are self adjusting.You have a parking brake issuetime to tear the brakes apart and inspect.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 02 Liberty parking brake cable

Hello I need to replace the parking brake cable on my 2002 jeep Liberty. Where online can I order one. Thanks. chrisusvi

Yep all 02 KJs have rear drum brakes so the parking brake uses the actual rear service brake shoes. If the parking brake does not holdread in owners manual actually what the parking brake is designed to do as it may suprise youthen you should have really crappy brakes under normal drivingstopping. If you can not adjust the parking brake any further then you need new rear brakesshoes and drumsas the

JEEP CHEROKEE Stupid Mistake Hooked Jumper Cables Up um Backwards

Short story Supid mistake it was dark and raining and I was in a hurry. Tried to jump the car (01 cherokee Sport 4.0L) and stupidly hooked the cables up backwards (pos to neg net to pos). It was probably hooked up that way for 15-20 seconds I did try to start the thing once or twice (obviously it didnt turn over). Once the engine started smoking (actually it was the black box behind the battery that

try this I think i have the list for 97. at home ill check FUSES & CIRCUIT BREAKERS 1993 jeep cherokee Fuses & Circuit Breakers 1993-95 jeep jeep cherokee IDENTIFICATION FUSES & CIRCUIT BREAKERS The fuse block is to the left of the steering column under the instrument panel. Fig. 1 Fuse Panel Identification (1993-95) Courtesy of Chrysler Corp. FUSE & CIRCUIT BREAKER I.D. (PASSENGER COMPARTMENT) 1 -

JEEP CHEROKEE shifter cable problems aw4

a while ago i had a u joint fail i made a separate thread about it. a week ago or so i got a new shifter cable from the dealer installed it but now my gear ranges are messed up. i still have part and reverse but neutral is also reverse drive is neutral. im not sure about 3rd and 1-2 it seems that 3rd is drive and 1-2 is 3rd. im wondering if there was a certain gear that the trans should have been in

ADJUSTMENTS GEARSHIFT cable Check adjustment by starting the engine in park and Neutral. Adjustment is OK if the engine starts only in these positions. Adjustment is incorrect if the engine starts in one but not both positions. If the engine starts in any position other than park or Neutral or if the engine will not start at all the park neutral position switch (NSS) may be faulty. Gearshift Adjustment

JEEP CHEROKEE Parking Brake Equalizer Rod Assembly

1997 cherokee Sport Does anyone know of a company that makes the parking brake adjustment assembly I have been told by jeep that they do not make this part as a replacement part anymore. This assembly is composed of the bracket equalizer rod equalizer locknut and the equalizer (as described in the Haynes Repair Manual). My problem is that this whole assembly is totally rotted out with rust so adjustment

JEEP CHEROKEE automatic rollls in park

for the past week I have noticed i have move the shifter into park back and forth. It felt like i wasnt fully in park.Well yesterday nothing worked. i put it in park(felt like it engaged) got out and it started rolling. I have the e brake pulled now. Is there a linkage adjustment or something more serious

Quote Originally Posted by 7urtle ok. how exactly do i adjust it. if the internal linkage is damaged is that a replaceble part Gearshift Adjustment Procedure (1) Shift transmission into park. (2) Raise vehicle. (3) Release cable adjuster clamp (at transmission end of cable) to unlock cable. (4) Unsnap cable from cable mounting bracket on transmission. (5) Slide cable eyelet off transmission shift lever.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Transmission Shifter Cable Adjustment

Hey all What is it Im adjusting here Should I have all the clips and things on when I Im adjusting it so I can just pop it back in the mount Nothing seems to move when I spin it. This is what it looked like when I popped it off. I took off some clips and things and thought Id spin the bottom of the arm but it doesnt seem to be moving like i thought it would. Any advice Thanks

From FSM GEARSHIFT cable ADJUSTMENT Check adjustment by starting the engine in park and Neutral. Adjustment is OK if the engine starts only in these positions. Adjustment is incorrect if the engine starts in one but not both positions. If the engine starts in any position other than park or Neutral or if the engine will not start at all the parkneutral position switch may be faulty. Gearshift Adjustment

Leave in bracket Unlock the cable clamp Pop the end off the shift lever At the transmission Place lever fully in park Rotate adjustment collar at the bracket till you can pop the end back on the lever lock it down If no adjustment was needed you have other problems.

JEEP CHEROKEE I just found a locker in my differential...

It all started when my pinion bearing blew on my old Dana 35. Finally couldnt take the whining anymore so I went to the junk yard and pulled a Chrysler 8.25 27-Spline. Not the best fix but I needed my jeep runnin again and this was all I could find. It had the gear ratio (3.55) stamped on the side so I didnt have to count anything. I changed the fluid and everything felt smooth. Yet I noticed it was

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE How do you adjust KickdownTV Cable

When throttle is fully depressed at 20-25 mph my transmission wont downshift to first gear. I have been looking up old threads and it seems like it may be the kickdowntv cable but I cant find anyone explaining exactly how to adjust this cable. Even my Chiltons guide is not very detailed on how to do this. Anyone have any idea how to do this properly

This is from the 94 GC Shop Manual TRANSMISSION THROTTLE VALVE AND SHIFT cableS Transmission throttle cable adjustment is important to proper operation. This adjustment positions the valve body throttle valve which controls shift speed quality and part throttle downshift sensitivity. If cable setting is too short early shifts and slippage between shifts may occur. If the setting is too long shifts

JEEP CHEROKEE Rear brake pass side lock up after a while

So its been a few times the pass side rear brake has locked up. In order to fix I usually pull the drum and re adjust the self-adjusting screw inward. I looked at all the brake hardware and wheel cylinder. Everything looks good no leaks both pistons on wheel cylinder moving etc. Need some help on fixing this...This happens after you use the brakes for a while maybe 20 miles or so. Not sure if the ebrake

Had a similar problem on a Comanche a while ago...was the parking brake cable.

Quote Originally Posted by lyleorszulak807 Only on one side Do you remember what was wrong and the fix The park brake cable from the park brake pedal (bench seat no center console) went to an equalizer bar from which 2 other cables were attached each going to one of the two rear wheels. We replaced the froze up (rusted) bad cable going to the locked up rear wheel. However shortly thereafter we ended


Since I bought my ZJ 4.0 in 12010 the e-brake hasnt worked. I did brakes on the jeep in 62010 but opted to not to do the e-brake. if I wanted to fix it how would I go aobut fixing it and what do I need to fix it I doubt it (not sure) it needs to be adjsuted I think the shoes are jsut worn

Under the jeep above your rear driveshaft there is a cable with a Splitter that goes to each parking brake. It has the adjuster nut for the e-brake. Use a ratcheting closed-end wrench to save some elbow grease. Lots of adjustment in mine so I just soaked it with PB Blaster penetrator and turned it until my parking brake was firm and will lock up the rear tires at 10mph with all of my might. I have rear disc so the drum shoes for the parking brake are only used as a parking brake.

Quote Originally Posted by Josef86 Under the jeep above your rear driveshaft there is a cable with a Splitter that goes to each parking brake. It has the adjuster nut for the e-brake. Use a ratcheting closed-end wrench to save some elbow grease. Lots of adjustment in mine so I just soaked it with PB Blaster penetrator and turned it until my parking brake was firm and will lock up the rear tires at

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Anti-Theft Shift Lockout Removal

I just bought a 2004 Grand cherokee Laredo which will not allow the shift lever to move out of park without the security key in the ignition. I refuse to pay 69.00 for a key as a matter of principle - Im not worried about it being stolen as much as my being screwed by the Chrysler corporation Has anyone here removed the lockout It should not be that hard to do and one way or another I will do it but hope to get some advise from someone who has done it before I start.

reason I dont have a Kroger Card and operate in cash - its none of anyones business who I am or how I travel and conduct my business. My bad if I came across as a bit skeptical of your first post but I tend to have a skeptical view of online forum posts that inquire on ways to disable security features on vehicles. Hell Im even hard pressed to disclose the details of the security features on my jeep.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE ZJ E-brake Parking Brake Questions. Does yours stop your Jeep

A few weeks ago my wife brought our new 98 jeep (V8) to get the MA state inspection. It failed because the parking ebrake didnt work. It finally stopped raining this weekend so I broke out the tools and had a go. I had to figure out how it all works what moves and what was frozen. I found out that a lot in there was rusted solid. I even had a real tough time getting the rotors off (all pictures stolen

to say thanks for your pictures and insight into the handbrake lever actuator being two seperate parts. When I got my GC (Mar06) the handbrake didnt even work. Got under it noticed the cable was VERY slack pulled the cable by hand and could hear both rear brakes working. Decided to take the slack up in the cable this made the handbrake work and lock the wheels - great I thought... Test drove the jeep

JEEP CHEROKEE hard shifting from park

I have an 88 cherokee 4.0 liter with the 4 speed auto trans 180000 miles Is there some kind of switch on the brake pedal that when pressed I can push in the button on the shifter as of recent Im having difficulty pushing the button sometimes it works like normal other times I have to fight to get the button pushed in to select a gear....HELP...

Yea theres a safety feature that wont let you push the button in and shift gears without the ignition on and your foot on the brake... Its probably the park Interlock cable that needs adjusted check a Haynes or Chilton Manual for procedure.. Quote SHIFTERIGNITION INTERlock On models equipped with an automatic transmission a cable connects the ignition switch with the floor shift lever. The shifter

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Parking brake troubles

I need to know what the small lever that attaches to the parking brake cable and moves the shoes is called. I cannot seem to find a part number or any information on it. I have a 2003 grand cherokee. I have to replace both on the rear wheels. I also need to know how to get the parking brake cable out from the back of the wheel assembly. I cant figure it out and i dont want to break anything in the process. I attached pictures of what I am talking about

Quote Originally Posted by vandep32 well i had to replace the axle seals because it was throwing grease everywhere. Thats the reason i am replacing the parking brake hardware. I did the best i could to clean everything. I will use brake cleaner once everything is done. I am also having trouble getting my rotors back on after i installed the brake shoes. I have the adjuster set all the way down and

and sorry.. I guess I read over where you said you had already disconnected the cable under the rear seat... I had the same problem. Took me a good hour or two to get them on even with slack and whatnot. If they are rotors of any reputable brand they will fit. Its just tight. I feel like when our Wjs see 2 brand new parts come together at the same time that are a tight spec they freak out. I will point

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Ignition Key problemstranny in park

2007 jeep Liberty Limited 3.7L 4x4. I cannot turn the ignition key to lock unless I smack the shift lever hard with the heel of my hand (forward) after putting it in park. My jeep Technician says that the cable linkage is adjusted to specification. Anyone have a suggestion that might solve the problem or send him in the right direction Thanks..............eddielee

JEEP CHEROKEE Power locks randomly locking and unlocking

My 98 XJ has a problem that just started. As I drive along (or even after Ive parked) the door locks randomly lock and unlock. Id suspect that theres a cable that frayed and is shorting out somewhere but it seems odd that it both locks and unlocks the doors... that would seem to imply to me that at least two cables would be involved... and I cant imagine that they would both fray at the same time.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Adjusting gearshift cable

Goodmorning guys My 94 5.2L randomly wont start in park. It always starts in netural so I thought adjusting the gearshift cable would do the trick. I have my service manual but having never performed the task before I am strugging to understand how you release the cable adjuster clamp. I have unclipped the cable from the bracket but that is as far as I have got so far. Any help would be very much appriciated.

the cable stays in the bracket. unclip it from the shift lever at the trans. ensure the lever is fully in park pull the lock clip from the adjustment sleeve screw the adjustment sleeve in or out until you can clip the end of the cable back on the lever without moving the lever to meet it. put the lock clip back into place.

Quote Originally Posted by ratmonkey the cable stays in the bracket. unclip it from the shift lever at the trans. ensure the lever is fully in park pull the lock clip from the adjustment sleeve screw the adjustment sleeve in or out until you can clip the end of the cable back on the lever without moving the lever to meet it. put the lock clip back into place. Thanks Ratmonkey does the cable just snap off or is there a lock i need to release first. I dont want to break the cable end.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE II WJ 04 WJ Doesnt recognize that it is in park.

My 2004 WJ Overland thinks it is still in drive and therefor will not start. Memory seats are disabled because Vehicle is not in park. What on earth is causing this I am not getting any relevant OBD error codes. (Just a bunch of evap system stuff that I am aware of) Any help is much appreciated - Koviak (Also note that it only does this about 1 out of 10 starts when the engine is hot.)

shaft with the transmission throttle bracket which had to be removed to replace the shift bracket. Both brackets were severely rusted to their respective shafts. Maybe this is not the OPs problem but it is something that everyone should check. Shouldnt take but 5 minutes with a trouble light. Cheers Quote Originally Posted by duanewhatley Had this happen to me recently. Climb under the jeep

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 05 Liberty parking brake

Im having an issue with my parking brake where it doesnt work. A little history I bought the jeep used about a year ago and noticed within days that the parking brake didnt work well. I took it back to the dealership and they said the brake lever was broken ordered a new one replaced it and the parking brake was tight and held the jeep even on an incline. Then a few days later I heard a something snap

Quote Originally Posted by hckrach Is that piece I showed pictures of supposed to be movable Yesthat is the parking brake lock out when replacing the cables and working on the parking brake itself.It in no way has anything to do with adjusting the parking brake.

Quote Originally Posted by tjkj2002 Yesthat is the parking brake lock out when replacing the cables and working on the parking brake itself.It in no way has anything to do with adjusting the parking brake. So moving that piece forward tightens the cables which is normal so after replacing the shoes and springs I need to move that forward and I should be good to go Then it should stay in place at that

JEEP CHEROKEE Parking brake question

The parking brake on my truck is basically useless the guy before me repalced teh cable witha normal length of cable you get from any hardware store. And put a cable stop on it. Well I tried to get this thing to work but was unsuccessful. The thing is if I get it to the point where the brakes will actually hold the truck (not very well I might add) the rear brakes are dragging. I have new brakes on

JEEP CHEROKEE Dana 30 Locker

Ive been tossing around the idea of throwing a spartan locker in my D30. I read some good reviews and they arent too expensive. One thing I did find is that its not reccomended to run an auto locker like the spartan in a D30 since the xj does not have manual lock-out hubs. Is this a load of b.s. Ive read many reviews of people running a lockright in their dana 30 and they cant even tell its there when in 2 wheel drive.

Quote Originally Posted by B2CARPEN Lunchbox lockers just plain work and have no cables wires or air compressors to fail. The negatives are far out-weighed by the positives and makes a HUGE improvement off-road. I honestly would never wheel an open axle rig again since having my Richmond powertrax lock-right in my D30. It is night vs day difference. It honestly is a huge difference off road my XJ on

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE need part name...parking brake related

Hey guys so Im looking to verify the name of the part that is under the center of the jeep. It has the long bolt that goes through the parking brake adjustment bracket with a nut on the other side. The only term I believe it may be called is the parking brake equalizer. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks

the scissors is called a parking brake cam and lever. Two separate parts only found at the dealer and about 20 each. So best to try and break them apart and clean them up unless you want to pay 75-80 for 2 wheels. Forget about the e-brake equalizer and needs no adjustment from the factory setting. Believe it was ratmonkey who mentioned that and he was exactly right. The adjustment is all in your self-adjusters

Quote Originally Posted by Uniblurb the scissors is called a parking brake cam and lever. Two separate parts only found at the dealer and about 20 each. So best to try and break them apart and clean them up unless you want to pay 75-80 for 2 wheels. Forget about the e-brake equalizer and needs no adjustment from the factory setting. Believe it was ratmonkey who mentioned that and he was exactly right.

JEEP CHEROKEE wont go into park

ive been having nuetral safety switch issues lately. sometimes to start my 90 xj i have to wiggle the shifter. now all the sudden it is locked out of park and still wont start. any ideas

There is also a park lock out that opens with the brake pedal depressed. If that cable is out of adjustment the shifter wont be allowed to go into or out of park.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Proper way to calibrate Parking brake

I just replaced my parking brake shoes today since my parking brake didnt hold anything. One side works pretty well when you pull the cable i can see the shoes move outward. The other side though is locked up (the levers that push the shoes apart are stuck together) So Ill give them a good whack tomorrow. But now I can hear the shoes on the good side rubbing the inside of the rotor during normal driving.

JEEP CHEROKEE Lock rite locker on road performance

I got an offer to buy a dana 44 rear end from a 89 cherokee w 4.11 gears and a lock rite locker in it for 500. I was wondering what that axle would be like on the road I am driving my jeep daily so its important that it would still be street worthy. Any comments Does 500 sound like a good deal

i have an aussie front and rear and as long as you are aware that it will lock when you give it gas there is no reason not to street it. your tires will wear faster and chirp in parking lots and over paint lines when making right turns in intersections too. if everything is in good condition i would say so. if you will have to re-do brakes find ebrake cables etc. then i would try to talk him down.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Transmition park pin

Can the park assembly be replaced from underneath with pan off . I believe the pin is broken . 2004 liberty 3.7L no park. slight ratchet noise. Any answer helpfull Thank You

Hello As I posted There is no park. Yes the key comes out. I disconnected the cable from the side of trans to push further into pk but it will not lock in. Only a faint ratchet noise when rocking back and forth. Can the assembly be replaced from under the vehicle without pulling trans.Thanks again Cj

JEEP CHEROKEE Alternative ways to get posilocker Brakes

I have a 96 XL with limited slip worked pretty good but now with 160k miles it has lost torque. I have 2 images up one is in river where I got stuck for about 5 mins with tires throwing fountains. That is with 32 tires and 3 lift it was deep. I could simply replace the clutch pates in rear axle. But being an inventor is there a better way How about seprate left right emergency cables That would have

Found this online Cutting Brakes - 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine Finally we want to see some low-buck wheelers using emergency-brake handles as your cutting brakes. If you have drum brakes in the back of your 4x4 then there is probably a cable that engages your parking brake. Simply remove the factory e-brake pedal if it has one and replace it with two brake handles from a car. We found them in many

JEEP CHEROKEE TC solenoid lock up question

Since my jeep is stalling when put in D (it runs in park N and R) we think the TC is locking up and causing the jeep to stall when shifted into D (or any forward gear) Do any of you guys know how to test this solenoid If we unplug the solenoid would the jeep trans work minus the TC lock up feature for fuel economy

Car idles nicely in park and will actually drive in reverse. I just bought an 89 cherokee and am in the process of getting her road worthy. First it wouldnt start then after new battery cables plugs etc she started and ran really rough. Then with a changed crank pos sensor she started right up and idles pretty well but is stuttering a little (from pretty good exaust leak and a possible dirty IAC) She


Last night I was wearing sandals and attempted to release the parking brake in my 2014 GC. My foot slipped off the pedal after releasing the brake and it slammed back into positions. Now when I apply my parking Brake pedal it goes 3-4 clicks down and then seems to give in to another section of clicks. When you use your parking Break do you push the pedal all the way down to the floor (approx 10 clicks)...

Quote Originally Posted by Dabitz FYI you can indeed adjust the parking brake See attached PDF document. Yeah I read the service manual before I responded. The only adjustment you can make is to lock out the tensioner for cable or shoe replacement which resets the auto adjuster. Otherwise there is no adjustment.

JEEP CHEROKEE No Park Brake after lift

Hello All New to the forum. Ive been trolling for months. This is a great resource Ive searched and read but Im still looking for some help. After installing a 3 lift I had to have some brake work done. The mechanic told me that my park brake cable was too short because of the lift so he disconnected it at the drums. Now looking at the adjusting screw under the hump it appears that I should be able

Wow Thanks for the confermation Ill fix that for Christmas. I hate to flame my mechanic just jet the brakes work great. Equal lock up on ice. Right rear would always lock first b4 he worked on them. Could I have a bound or sticking cable since he was so kind as to remove it for me should I lube it up some how b4 re-attaching it He changed my shoes from Metalic to Organic pads. Could that have been the cure for my lock up problems Thanks again

JEEP CHEROKEE Parking (emergency) brake

The parking brake release button on my 1992 jeep cherokee XJ broke off. Ill probably have to install a new parking brake assembly but have no idea how to access and remove the old one. Has anybody out there made this repair before If so help

Quote Originally Posted by FullThrottle4x4 Sorry to hijack your thread but since its about e-brakes does anyone know how to tighten it up it wont lock the wheels. 1. first make sure each wheel has its shoes adjusted properly using the adjuster mechanism at the bottom of the brake shoes 2. once step one is certain there is a threaded rod and cross bar where the two e-brake cables terminate at their

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE New Parking brakes Still slipping

Hey hows everyone doing today So I took my jeep to the mechanic the other day to change out the front rotors and get some new pads on her. I mentioned to him that the parking brake does not seem to grab anymore. When parking on a hill the car would sink into the incline. So turns out my cable was loose and the original shoes from 98 we worn down to nothing with all 4 cracked to hell Here is my issuequestion.

Not sure if a 98 is the same as a 96 but if it is (pads for the brakes and shoes for the e-brake) most likely the cam and lever which pushes the shoes out at the top are rustedfroze together. Did your mechanic happen to check this If locked together only 1 shoe will make contact with the inside drum part of the rotor which is not enough to hold back a ZJ. One of the knowledgeable regulars here told

JEEP CHEROKEE Tranny wont go into park

Ive got a 97 XJ country with an I6 and auto transmission. I went to park my jeep last night and could push the shifter up to reverse but not into park. I ended up getting some speed by jamming it up into park from Low before it finally went in. It wasnt a one time thing either it still does it. I work at a quick lube and the tranny is perfect on fluid filter everthing. It doesnt slip or have any problems I can sense. Anyone have any suggestions

Pop the handle off and use your finger to engage the button. If it still wont budge pull teh selector cover off now and look twoords the front of the shifter assembly. There is a lock and cable for the Brake lock-out that may be kinked or damaged that is not allowing it to open.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 98 - Backup lights. Adjusting Gearshift Cable Question. How To do it

I have a 98 Grand cherokee 4.0. When in Reverse the Back-up lights dont come on. When I shift from Reverse to Neutral the lights will come on 12 way through the R-N transition. I figure that my gearshift cable has stretched and I need to adjust (tighten) the cable. The NSS works fine in that the motor will not crank in any position except park and Neutral. I understand that there is an adjustment screw

Plus 98s had a recall on the shifter detent. Mine has got where I have to give it one more nudge to get fully in park where the key will turn into lock. After all these years I got a letter telling me about the detent.

JEEP CHEROKEE help please disconnected cable

after finding my battery dead twice after it rained i went looking for shorts and found a couple and a badly installed remote start alarm system. I took off the dash skirt and found a cable dangling in midair. well its not really a cable. Its a metal rod with a square plastic connector that hooks onto the side of something round at one end(this is the part dangling under the dash) and the other end

yes the wiring was a little crazy. the park lock makes sense cuz i can put it in and out of gear with the key off too. at least its not necessary. i did find that when i held it while going a steady speed and let my foot off the pedal it would keep it going the same speed. unless it was just sticking the pedal. thanks oh yeah do you know where to connect it to

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