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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE pulsating brake pedal & vibration in steering wheel 2005 liberty

When my daughters 2005 jeep liberty sport is going down a steep hill or stoping for a stop sign she gets a pulsating in her brake pedal and a vibration in her steering wheel. She had all new brakes and rotors put on about 1000 miles ago. What could be the cause

Does your 05 liberty have ABS

yes it has ABS

i had a 2000 grand cherokee and had the same problem. my brake rotors were warped. im not sayin thats 100% your problem because its different vehicles but thats what it sounds like to me

Quote Originally Posted by ashley05 When my daughters 2005 jeep liberty sport is going down a steep hill or stoping for a stop sign she gets a pulsating in her brake pedal and a vibration in her steering wheel. She had all new brakes and rotors put on about 1000 miles ago. What could be the cause Failure to properly seat the pads to the rotors and now you have warped rotors.Happens all the time as

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Squeaky brake pedal

I have a 2002 jeep liberty sport with 121000 miles. Every time I apply the brake the pedal mechanism itself squeaks. Is their a spring or something of the nature that I could put WD-40 or a type of grease on it to make the squeak go away Thanks for any help

Help Anyone

Any help at all


JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Speedometer & gas pedal problems HELP

Hey guys I have a 2002 jeep liberty Limited Last night I was driving and noticed my speedometer started to go up and down. I would be going 60-80 and it would drop down to 0. I would put on the gas and it would give a little kick of power. Then I put on the gas and had NO power. I had the pedal to the floor and nothing happened. All I could do was coast over to the side of the road. I had to get a

Sounds to me like something happened in your engine computer. Then it went into limp mode thats why you didnt have any power.

Sometimes a wire a-top the rear differential will get shorted out and cause alot of crazy things. The sensor on the diff tells the computer your speed and how far you have went. Might look into that.

fuel filter goin out ....

It definatley sounds like computer or wire issues. Clogged fuel filter will still let you get some sort of fuel but not much.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE ABSbrake lights funny sensation in brake pedal and sound as well

I have a 2005 jeep liberty CRD. just had all the brakes done (incl rotors). but i have a couple of annoying persistent problems the BAS and brake light go on when hitting a bump at certain angle which is every time i take the car out and sometimes when i hit the brakes (soft or hard possibly also at an angle i feel a sort of pointy thing against my foot on the brake pedal accompanied by a sort of grinding.

sounds like it could be a wheel speed sensor I had a similar issue that you are describing and I took it to the jeep dealership. Dealership service diagnosed the issue for 50 ordered the part 18 and tried to get me for 100 to replace it. I just got the part and put it on myself -- 10 minutes of work. Just required a 10mm socket and a floor jack.

ok so i did go to the dealership and after 100 of diagnostics fees the report is the following replace rear wheel speed sensor as well as front wheel speed sensor because the wiring on the front on has been rubbed through (hence the grinding noise when i hit the brakes). so cctrudel yes it was wheel speed sensor related. now what do i do im no mechanic and dont want to spend 3-400 on labor which is

parts ordered- thru moparwholesale. 63 incl. shipping

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Where Can I Find Pedal Covers

Hi there Anyone know where I can order aluminum or carbon fiber pedal covers for the liberty So far I havent found anything that specifically states it will fit the liberty. Thanks

I thought this was a jeep liberty Forum.

Quote Originally Posted by Steven73 I thought this was a jeep liberty Forum. True enough but I have a liberty and a Civic the Civic is mine the liberty is the wifes [clears]

Because I didnt want a car based SUV she actually wanted an Element but they are dog ugly. And quite frankly I find myself wanting a Wrangler. Tired of stupid highschool kids revving their engine at me at stoplights. when those stupid high school kids run off the road you can charge them up the a to tow them out. I noticed that too being a high school teacher....teenagers dont think much of libertys...wonder

Way to hi-jack a thread guys Ha ha ha I enjoyed reading it I have Audi TT pedals in my other car they are brushed aluminum with rubber so your feet never touch the metal just the rubber which has a great grip or they wouldnt make any sense in a sports car. I was hoping for something similar for the liberty - I didnt have anything like that in the Wrangler but I think I did find something that will work and will not look ricey. I used own a Civic too dang good car never had a worry with it.


Hey we bought an 08 liberty for my wife last winter. She seems to love it except for one problem. Now that it is summer she is wearing flip flops. When we test drove it it was cold and she had on boots or something else. Point is that she cant reach the pedals very well and if she moves the seat up she feels like she is making love to the steering wheel. So have any of you replaced your pedals and if so did they seem to be closer to the drivers foot Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Well the stering wheel can be moved up and down. Depending on the seats that can be moved up. down and titled. If she feels she can not reach the pdeals it is time for pedal extenions. Yes I what I just posted might be a bit extream For less extream maybe pedal pads would be better Please do not take offence to what I posted it is 2 ways to help..

ROFL well she isnt THAT short Yah weve tried the steering wheel tilt as well as the power seats I found some pedal pads that are made for a liberty. Was just wondering if anyone had put them on and if they really made a difference or not before buying them. No offense at all I am sure it seemed like a dumb question but in the midst of her wanting to trade it in for that reason alone I was willing to throw it out there Thanks

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE adjusting brake pedal height

Is this possible I feel the brake is much higher than the gas pedal in my jeep. Can I adjust the height or have it adjusted at the dealership

I am not an expert but I doubt there is an easy was to adjust the brake pedal height. You can try looking in the Factory Service Manual available online somewhere for the 2003 (it should be similar. Probably the only way to change the height is to cut it and reweld it. You would likely have a hard time finding someone to do it due to liability issues. Sorry to be so negative but I think you may be stuck with it. Hopefully someone here will prove me wrong. Bruce

Quote Originally Posted by rxmxsh Anyone I would think its possible no How much too far up are you talking If it is not a crazy amount - you could remove the pedal and have it bent down some at a welding or steel shop. Just a thought

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Brake pedal hissing when pressed

Im getting a hissing sound when I press the brake pedal. Just in the last week weve noticed that we need to put more pressure on the pedal about halfway through a stop. I guess this probably points to the brake booster Ive tried the FSM test for the booster - engine off pump the pedal until its hard hold pedal down start the engine check to see that the pedal drops down. It passes this test but theres

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Brake Pedal Squeals when being pressed

The brake pedal began squealing coincidentally since we changed the struts... The pedal squeals at a specific point when you press down on it and at the same point when releasing. Is there a specific spot where I can spray some lube or is this an indication of something that needs to be looked at Brakes had never ever squealed....rotors are high end and pads still have over 50% life in them....its the pedal sqealing

Looks like I got my own answer....need to get the brakes checked to make sure everything is ok and the that pads are not damaging the rotors.

Just found a free coupon from Pep Boys to have the brakes inspected for Freeeeeeee.....thats what I will do

we had that once. the anti-vibration pad on the back of one of the brake pads moved and would touch the rotor. upgraded to ceramic and was amazed at the difference

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Gas pedal adjustment

Hey there My gas pedal has never been smooth and easy to use like most vehicles. With most of them you press the pedal and its pretty smooth. With mine whenever you press the pedal the first 14 - 12 of pressing is hard so you dont ever have that smooth start. I would like to take off with less throttle. Once Im past that it presses smoothly and accelerates great. Are there any areas to adjust or lubricate


Anyone else have a squeaky clutch pedal Ours isnt always squeaking but does often. We have the 2002 with the 5-spd tranny. If yours squeaked what did you do to remedy (I havent tried ANYTHING yet as its my wifes daily driver and I only remember about the squeaking when were driving together. Then I go into my TJ and forget all about it...)

I have a 2002 5 speed manual 2.5 L CRD as sold here at the time in South Africa. I also had the squeaky clutch pedal from new which the agents could not fix untill they replaced the complete hydrolic (sp) assembly which cured the problem. The Master and Slave assembly come joined together with a length of tubing and the fluid is sealed inside under pressure if you open the re-fill cap ignoring the

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 03 KJ wobbles when gas pedal activateddeactived

Ive had this issue going on now for maybe 2 years. The vehicle about to turn 100000 miles within the next week or two. Had a wheel bearing up front replaced in addition to the common control arm & ball joint rather recently too. Last week I had some tires put on and the tech called me over to show me some movement in the passenger rear wheel. This issue with the gas pedal though is like 2 years deep

Rear lower control arms shot

You can buy new bushings for the lower control arms (get quality ones though - lots of cheap crap out there) and have a local tire shop press them in. Taking the arms off is very straightforward - remember to torque the bolts to 120 ftlbs when the jeep is ON THE GROUND. Youll pay about 80 for all 4 bushings and maybe 50 to have the bushings pressed into the control arms. Unfortunately for you and me (I have an 03 also) we dont qualify for the rear LCA recall. The recall starts with the 04s Bob

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