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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2003 Jeep Liberty 3.7 very high petrol consumption

Hi everybody I have a jeep liberty 3.7 2003 with very high petrol consumption. The car consumes between 10.5 - 14mpg but it doesnt matter if I go slow or fast in traffic or open road it stays the same no matter what. Some days it decides to consume around 10.5 mpg and others it can go as much as 14mpg but not much better than that. The engine light has been on for some time now. The auto technician

First off you have a jeep - bad fuel economy is part of the deal. Youll be lucky to get much better than about 17mpg. Sorry to be blunt but if you didnt want heavy fuel costs you shouldnt have bought an American vehicle. For various historical reasons mainly related to cheap gas prices in the USA American cars are notorious for higher fuel consumption than equivalent European or Japanese cars. Secondly

Last tune up Spark plug choice & interval changed are a big part on liberties...Id say on avg for a stock Libby you should be around 15-17 city depending on driving habits and conditions. Edit No chips period. And if youre not familiar with cars talk to a friend or family member and get a recommendation for a shop to take it to. For a technician to tell you it could be O2 sensors catalytic convertor


Hi All Im after some advice I want to convert my cherokee jeep 3.7 auto 2003 (uk Model I believe its called a liberty in the us) to diesel. I have done this sort of thing in the past so I have some experience. I have some questions.... Is it as simple as changing the engine and ecu unit Can I use the same fuel tank I assume I can Whats the best diesel engine to get Will the engine fit straight onto

Hi Thanks for your suggestion but why do I have to change the trans cvs etc. I would have thought the that the running gear is the same. I relies the engine ecu engine wiring filler neck will need to change. Im sure the clocks have the diesel lamps and the engine wiring will plug into the the existing loom once Ive unplugged the petrol wiring loom. So has anybody done this or works on them and would know..... Thanks again for you input........

Quote Originally Posted by dave421 Hi Thanks for your suggestion but why do I have to change the trans cvs etc. I would have thought the that the running gear is the same. I relies the engine ecu engine wiring filler neck will need to change. Im sure the clocks have the diesel lamps and the engine wiring will plug into the the existing loom once Ive unplugged the petrol wiring loom. So has anybody

I really hate it when I have to agree with you TJKJ... Unfortunately he is exactly correct. The transmission might be the same but the front suspension is different to accommodate the much heavier motor. The engine computer and transmission computer are different (separate) unlike in the petrol version. The Body computer is also programmed differently. The dash cluster is different as well having extra

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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Any Other US Vehicle Fitted With 3.7 Engine

We purchased a 2008 KK model liberty in Oct 2007 together with an RV in which to tour the USA & Canada well 2 years on and we are back in the UK together with our American RV and jeep liberty. My question is Is the 3.7ltr V6 petrol gas engine fitted to ANY other American vehicle Thank You. Mick

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Engine speed problem

Hi I have a 03 liberty Sport (2.4 petrol) UK spec. Recently it has had a new head gasket and the cylinder head skimmed due to it overheating and breaking down. After it has been repaired there seems to be a miss on the 2nd cylinder in idle and when decelerating the engine speed drops dramitically and almost causes the engine to stall. The mechanic has installed a complete new set of spark plugs but

Update on this.. It seems that the engine miss has returned. I had another look at the ignition coil yesterday and again the 2nd Cylinder terminal looked off colour when compared to the others. I gave it a clean but still no luck this time the miss is still there. It looks to be the 2nd cylinder that has the issue with the spark plug to this cylinder being black and dirty compared to the other 3. One thing I forgot to mention before is that the battery light came on due to having the hazard lights on for so long. Could my battery be the issue Would this not affect all spark plugs and not just the 2nd cylinder one So here is a list of work already done. Cylinder Head Gasket replacement and Cylinder head skimmed. Oil and Filter changed New set of spark plugs Compression test done on all cylinders and compression check is fine. Checked the HT leads and they seem fine. Not tried the swapping the injectors yet. Not sure how easy this would be. Again any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Nige jeep cherokee 2.4 Sport UK Spec petrol 50k mileage

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Inability to fill tank with petrol driving me round the bend

The nozzle cuts out every 10 seconds whilst attempting to fill up at the petrol station is there a problem with my car or is this a regular occurence with cherokees (I have only had the car for a couple of months) PS there is an audible sucking sound after the pump clicks off as if air is being released after which I can commence filling yet again takes 30 tries to fill her up like I said its driving me (and the missus) crazy Hello by the way a new forum member from London UK 1st post

Thanks merlin Iv googled your EVAP whatsit (never heard of it before) Quote The ORVR (On-Board Refueling Vapor Recovery) system consists of a unique fuel tank flow management valve fluid control valve one-way check valve and vapor canister. The ORVR (On-Board Refueling Vapor Recovery) system is used to remove excess fuel tank vapors. This is done while the vehicle is being refueled.. Fuel flowing into

I occasionally got that problem with filling up mostly in the first couple seconds. I thought it was a problem with their pump. There are some fuel lines under the drivers side in the US version that look like return lines. There was a small section of hose connecting the two sections right around the transmission area this was very cracked and almost falling off on my jeep. I replaced this line easy

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Engine light came on

My Wife has a 2005 JK. At over 120K it is in great cond. All new tranny fluids etc... and no leaks But one fri afternoon after she fueled up and the engine block appears The Book says it could be a bad cap or bad gas. Well unlike me she uses that Ethanol crap gas all the time. So I started fueling her jeep with real gas with the Lucas additive. I unpluged the battery terminal to reset the OBCcomputer. After 150 miles or more no more codes lights. Did the better gas with Lucas fix the prob

Hello 1) I was lead to a website which listed every 100% gas gas station in the USA. Every one visited was closed. South from NYC into So. Carolina and west from the same point to Nashville TN. Easily 20 of them all closed. Also EVERY fuel pump in Vermont has a black and white sticker on it saying there is no corn in the fuel (Im paraphrasing). The stickers look like the old CONTAINS LEAD stickers

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2006 2.4 petrol crank shaft end float Oil seals.

Hi Guys My garage has found oil leaking from crank shaft front and rear oil seals.. I guess its due to crank movement end float... Can over sized thrust bearings be installed to cure this It it an engine out jobs too... Thanks in advance Dave..

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Liberty 2005 in UK wiring in tow bar and trailer electrics help PLEASE

Dear All Im hoping you can help. I bought a jeep cherokee (liberty in the US) a few months ago and ive just fitted a tow bar and need to sort the electrics. I cant for the life of me find a wiring diagram anywhere Do any of you know what wires and color of the wires that I need to wire in. I have a 7 pin plug for my trailer electrics and know what wires from the plug I need to connect to but dont know

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Liberty start-up problems

Hi all After some help with the following... Our jeep cherokee (liberty) has been running fine but is currently refusing to start - it turns over fine but just wont fire-up Have had the RAC (breakdown service) to it today - and it started with no issues - and the diagnostic test revealed no faults However a few hours later - the jeep wouldnt start again... (Moving the fuses around has occasionally


Hi anyone knows what will changebe added in the liberty CRD 2006 model ESP Electronic Stability Program

This is definitely good news. Check out this press release from DC late yesterday... Strong Sales Mark Launch of jeep liberty CRD As DaimlerChrysler Tests U.S. Market for Diesel Vehicles LOS ANGELES June 7 PRNewswire-FirstCall -- Launch of the 2005 jeep(R) liberty CRD the first diesel-powered mid-sized SUV in the U.S. market has been met with strong customer response with vehicles moving quickly out

JEEP CHEROKEE Petrol to Diesel

Hi All Im after some advice I want to convert my cherokee jeep 3.7 auto 2003 (uk I believe its called a liberty in the us) to diesel. I have done this sort of thing in the past so I have some experience. I have some questions.... Is it as simple as changing the engine and ecu unit Can I use the same fuel tank Whats the best diesel to get Will the engine fit straight onto the gear box Can I buy a

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Why did you buy your Liberty

You could have chosen any jeep that has been created from Wranglers to the FC trucks. But you decided to buy a jeep liberty. My question is why did you select this vehicle and if you could do it all over again would you change a thing Ill be the first to answer the question. I totaled my first vehicle a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder around 2007 due to inexperience. I needed a new vehicle so I could attend

I bought my CRD liberty because roads are a mess here in my country (i live in Chile and specially after the earthquake) and gas (or petrol) is much more expensive than diesel. (gas is 2.1 USD per liter) I think you guys in USA dont have the diesel version because it has a problem with emission standards. A little bit noisy yes. But nothing serious. I installed an ipod integration kit I recommend it.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Whats the latest news on the diesel liberty

Whats the latest news on the diesel powered liberty Its getting hard to wait.

I have a 2.5 CRD and have driven the 2.8 CRD. Unless you have lived with the sound of a oil burner before you may be very disappointed its not as nearly refined as jeep would claim. The fuel consumption figures they quote are wishful thinking as well If you like covering the cars behind you in smoke as you pull away from the lights then the CRD is the one for you. If you want quite and refined cabin


Ive heard about this SUVTruck oil. Im not pulling a trailer around or anything like that. Is it worthwhile to pay the extra for it

Quote Originally Posted by EdgarNYU What do you say guys( and girls) who wants to duke it out backing up their favorite synthetic vs. dino reasons My question is ...would it be worth it to switch to synthetic and change every 3K anyway due to warranty issues or not I have read posts where Chrysler jeep Co. or stealerships have made it impossible to service under warranty for going so long between oil

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 3.7 v6 lpg seized solid

hi i bought this jeep a few months back as is it had stood for about 2 years all in ive just started to look into the problem and it seems to be seiezed water and oil fine spark plugs and air filter way over due a service so its been very poorly looked after how ever i love this jeep and cant wait to have it all going just looking about on info whats the best way farward i was wanting to mabe fine


Ive notice that the AC really affects the mileage. I recently filled up and got 23 mpg. Over the weekend driving deep into the desert using the AC only on down hillls and flats I got just under 20 mpg.

Pleas help - newbie here Im about to buy a cherokee (thats what we call the liberty in the UK) and was wondering about MPG. I the brochure it states an average figure of 26MPG. I reading here that some of you are getting 20MPG Is that with a 2.4 petrol or do you have a different engine in the US Cheers

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE whats wrong here....

my jeep seems to purrr like a kitten except for the 12-13 mpg on the highway bought it about 1k miles ago and when i bought it i changed the plugs (autolights copper) and oil (synthetic) then lifted and new shoes 24575. at 55 with cruise set (i only drive highway) i go about 220-230 miles before the gas light comes on ( i fill up and the light comes on about 16 gals to fill it up) what could be the

Quote Originally Posted by petrolclock my jeep seems to purrr like a kitten except for the 12-13 mpg on the highway bought it about 1k miles ago and when i bought it i changed the plugs (autolights copper) and oil (synthetic) then lifted and new shoes 24575. at 55 with cruise set (i only drive highway) i go about 220-230 miles before the gas light comes on ( i fill up and the light comes on about 16

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Haynes Workshop Manual

Being a fan of the Haynes Manuals I acquired the jeep liberty Manual (claimed All Models 02 - 04) Part Number 50035 ISBN 1 56392 546 X The package has finally arrived and it covers only the 3.7 V6 and 2.4 petrol (A far cry from All Models). So a word of warning do not bother aquiring the Haynes manual if you have 2.5 or 2.8CRD. (My model is a 2002 2.5CRD) There are very few sections that may be of

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Switching to Synthetic oil 1 question

I bought my 06 Lib Sport V6 used with 17k on it. I want to switch over to syn. Should I flush the whole system with syn and then fill it with syn before using it Thanks alot....

oil analysis is the ONLY way to extend beyond highest recommended OEM oil change intervals. It is true that quite a few SEMI owners have gone into the 300K range without changing the oil but that was with bypass filtration and oil analysis. Amsoil recommends changing at the HIGHEST OEM interval unless oil analysis says you can go longer. For the CRD that is 12500 miles. Ive got an 06 CRD liberty


i have a 05 liberty renegade and i would like to know if mobil 1 extended performance is good oil to put in my car its full sinthetic 5w 30 and also i have skid plates off road package do i have to take off any plates to change the oil filter

before using the full synthetic. . The Corvette and Viper both come off the assembly line with synthetic as do many European cars. The tolerance in modern engines is a great deal tighter and requires less break in. What you dont want to do is change a tired old engine over to synth after a hard life on petroleum based oil. Ill do the first oil change at 1500 miles and go to synthetic in the jeep.


Hello CRD owners My dealer (Owner friend of mine) received a new CRD Limited on Fri and gave me the keys to use over the weekend I was very impressed with the performance and quality. My other vehicles are Diesel (Jetta TDI and RAM) so I actually like the Diesel sound. This unit was just off the truck and had 10 miles on it I drive very conservatively and received 25mpg avg mostly highway I saw PMs

I have done two extended runs in my CRD in the last year. In the first I averaged 28mpg over 800 miles of mostly highway driving. Last week I drove 600 miles only stopping for fuel at speeds generally around 80-85mph and turned in 27mpg - This included driving through the Alps as well as highway. jeep was not fully loaded but had a fair bit in it. I am certinly pleased that something that heavy and

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Need Help Buying A Liberty .

I am planning to trade in my cougar for a liberty and here are my questions. Should I wait for the diesel or should I go with the 3.7 now Any specs on the diesel When is the diesel liberty coming to Canada

Quote Originally Posted by sexyliberty I didnt know that. What is so bad about hydrogen People hear Hydrogen and think of giant floating things that explode. The reality is it has to be at a certian parts per million before it will combust (Much like petrol in vapor form or methane) What I dont like about it is how tight the fuel system has to be to keep it from leaking out and venting into space.


115 Pricing becomes available 118 Ordering becomes available 1118 Production begins 4-6 weeks for delivery. Ill be placing my order on the 8th

[QUOTEDrBrian722]I dont know for the whole USA but in CT MI and DC (where I have been recently) diesel is MORE expensive than 87 petrol. And in CT it is more expensive than 89.[QUOTE] Im reading that in most areas diesel fuel is at least as expensive as gas and in several areas costs more than gasoline. Dont forget that at least six states forbid the sale of the liberty diesel CT VT NY MA and two more.

JEEP CHEROKEE Cherokee Enginestart-up problems

Hi all After some help with the following... Our jeep cherokee has been running fine but is currently refusing to start - it turns over fine but just wont fire-up Have had a the RAC (breakdown service) to it today - and it started with no issues - and the diagnostic test revealed no faults However a few hours later - the cherokee wouldnt start again... (Moving the fuses around has occasionally worked

Quote Originally Posted by lee4x4 3.7 petrol engine. Youre .3 liter short. We like 4.0s on this forum Yup wrong forum. liberty forum should be helpful for you.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Crank Position Sensor position 2005 model.

For future ref the position of the CKP sensor on a 2005 2.4 petrol KJ liberty can be found underneath the starter motor at the rear of the engine adjacent to the flywheel.Not as stated at the front of the engine on the right. as in earlier models.


LocoCRD has asked that a new thread be established to gauge interest in another SEGR kit order. If there are at least 30 people interested please post your interest in this thread and well see how it goes. Hey Loco please monitor this thread and add any info that would be helpful to us interested folks.

intercooler EGR and associated hosing as well as the intake manifold were seriously gunked up. They also told me that the only CRDs they have seen with such gunking had used some form of bio Diesel or straight vegetabel oil. Also told me that after they were cleaned up and no further use of bio stuff they had no further gunking nor EGR problems. We have never used any form of bio stuff in the liberty

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Using Biodiesel in 2006 Liberty CRD

Hello Everyone I have a question. We just got our 2006 liberty CRD from the dealer and I asked if it was ok to use biodiesel in it. They told me no because some other people had problems using biodiesel. They also mentioned that theres some computer chip that needed to be swapped out in order to use biodiesel. I was wondering if anyone had any insight to this. I specifically purchased this liberty to use biodiesel in it (or make my own) so it would kinda suck if I couldnt do that. Thanks Tim

Some interesting info on ASTM D 6751 Quote The Biodiesel Standard (ASTM D 6751) All engines are designed and manufactured for a fuel that has certain characteristics. In the US the industry organization that defines the consensus on fuels is the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). In the case of diesel fuel (and biodiesel) the responsibility for setting standards lies within ASTM Committee

Quote Originally Posted by sootyjeep The 2.8 is not a motor it is an engine The starter is a MOTOR English is an International language this is an International Forum. Some Countries in particular the USA have made changes to the language. Here in South Africa due to our more recent colonisation by the British we tend to use a form of the language that is closer to the native British so here we tend

we tend to refer to the mechanism that propels a petrol or diesel vehicle as either a motor or an engine....either term can be used. Here we have some weird new descriptions....that which in most Countries is referred to as a traffic light...we call them Robots...I have no idea where this came from....confuses the tourists no end. I hope this discussion helps the topic originator to repair his jeep...definitely


I just came back from test driving one of these things. Man that thing is a torque monster. Only hangup is it sounds like a tractor. Actually the salesman said that it is the same engine as some tractors. Its for my wife but I think I could pull a few stumps with it. 295 ftlbs.

The CRD might not be for everyone but after having one in the family for 6 weeks we are pleased with it. Its the family 4 door grocery getter and future baby buggy. Sounds like a tractor Well it is a diesel so youd expect engine clatter compared to a petrol engine but once warm and crusing at high speeds you cant even hear the engine which is better than I can say for some gas engines. Its got good

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE CRD with EGR oil leak Question

I have a 05 CRD that I bought a few weeks ago. I had it checked at the time and there were no noticeable problems. There is 40K on the odometer. I own quite a few other diesel VWs and loved the idea of this. I know from reading on here that there have been some problems with the EGR valve on this and all diesels I am aware of. My problem is this...I have a small oil leak somewhere around the EGR. I

Quote Originally Posted by andrewvanh Merlin I believe you have the answer I am looking for. I did some searching and how found where to install this little bugger in the engine compartment. I do have to say that your first post left me a little skeptical of your expertise. I see master technician in the US and realize he probably has no diesel understanding at all. Now looking at your signature a little closer and I see the all important K after the U. Now I realize that this is a guy who has actually scene a diesel engine before. Please except my sincere apology for the doubt and also the understanding that most diesel techs in the states have scene less engines than I have. I am going to checkrepair the seals on the EGR pipe and install the CCV filter to clear up this problem and other future problems. The car was bought with 40K on it. Has Chrysler been covering the cleaning under the warranty Otherwise I will wait to do these mods until it is warm out and I can take the intake apart and give it a good cleaning. Hi To be honest the same could be said about our UK techs on petrol models as 90 -95% of our jeeps are diesels. Thank you Regards Merlin

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Thinking of purchasing a 06 Liberty CRD

I am seriously considering purchasing a 2006 liberty CRD and have some questionsconcerns regarding the diesel engine. First I have been told by several dealer service techs that the CRDs operate best when used primarily for highway driving as diesel engines take awhile to properly heat up and running them at higher RPMs for long periods of time helps keep the throttle bodies and injectors clean. Most

The CRD engine is brilliant and cannot be linked or blamed for torque converterball joint brake pedalor transmission faults. This engine is also fitted with a viscos coolant heater and believe me they warm this engine fast. Also you will find they are fitted in the famous london taxis and the ldv maxus van range not with highway use only in mind.they use Bosch injection equipment any diesel tech will understand.NOT throttle bodies like petrol engines. buy one you will only need service items.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Is the CRD worth it in fuel savings

Has anyone done the calculations to see how long on average it would take to recoup the premium you pay for a diesel over gas

There have been pictures of a longwheel base Wrangler (longer than unlimited) which jeep are trying to sell to NATO which has a single fuel policy. If it aint diesel then NATO wont buy in to it so maybe you wont have to wait that long. Apparently the Hummer got a bit of a slagging from troops in afganistan as it was not able to handle the trails (too wide). In base terms the CRD is not worth the extra

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE turned key- everything went dead

put key in ignition- all lights came on- bells as normal. turned key to start and entire car went dead. clock on radio even reset. turned switch several times- moved shifter through prndl and waited 2-3 mins. key in ignition- all lights and bells- started right up. battery tests ok- alternator ok- battery pos and neg ok- drove 5 miles- problem repeated- no prior symptoms- no changes to electrical of late- any ideas

battery is less than a year old had no corrosion around the terminals (its only just been serviced and so the terminals have been cleaned and given a fresh coating of petroleum jelly) and was showing a green dot so I gave the connectors a jiggle and they were fractionally and I mean fractionally loose. I tightened the nuts - single quarter-turn each - and it started the moment I turned the key. jeeps

JEEP CHEROKEE Anyone thinking of putting a CRD liberty diesel in a cherokee one day

I was thinking that one day I would like to purchase another cherokee in the future around a 2000 year model and then hopefully find a CRD diesel and the tranny it needs and swap it in... would be quite a project but combined with the lift of my rig now and tires new rearend and mabe transfer case it would rock and since its smaller all around than the 4.0L it should work.. anyone ever look into this

Quote Originally Posted by Rand McNally With the cost of diesel as high as it is would it really be worth it In Minnesota premium 93 is 2.20 where diesel is 2.70. I guess I would rather have a stroker. Easier and cheaper yeah but a 4.0L 300-375Miles on a tank where the 2.5CRD 500-750 (dunno the exact number someone correct me if I am way off base here) Miles on a tank so dollar for dollar the .50

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE New spark plugs but still rough and stalling..

Hi Im totally new to this forum and from the UK so think my jeep is a liberty KJ Here its a jeep cherokee - 3.7V6 2002 Ltd Edition with an LPG conversion. (in case Im wrong) My Problems is. A few weeks ago it started bucking really badly I would pull over turn the engine off and on again and it would be fine eventually it got to the stage where turning the engine off and on again wouldnt work and would

idle when started. So he got down to the throttle valve and gave it a clean out that seemed to help a bit but still not great he then removed the idle control valve gave that a good clean up and put it all back together and it started first time and is running like a dream - I havent had a chance to give it a long run yet have only driven a few miles to work but its seems fine. Ive had the jeep


Just tried to remove the drain plug in my crd and it must be torqued to some gorilla torque level. Used an 8mm Allen wrench and it started bending didnt want to damage anything and yes I was turning it counter-clockwise. It does look like it could take a more special 12 pointed allen wrench. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

PL25230 or L25230. Local store had it for 5.99 and Mobil 1 0-40W was on sale for 3.99 ea. So 7 qts and filter cost about 34. . I get the genuine Mopar filter from the dealer and i pay exactly 10tax for it. I see it lists for about 12.50 from Mopar but obviously the dealer parts man i frequent gives me some off list. This can be really important especially when you are buying accessories for your jeep.


I went and test drove a CRD today. I was shocked that the power was lacking so much compared to my cherokee 4.0 or even the 3.7L for that matter. Ive heard so much about this truck. I can only imagine how much worse it gets when you fill it with vegetable oil. I hope DCX rethinks this strategy. Maybe the Escape Hybrid is the better choice if all were trying to do is save on gas...

Quote Originally Posted by Valkraider 2. Vegitible oil(I am assuming he is referring to BioDiesel) does not rob you of noticible amounts of power although it does have slightly less BTUs than regular diesel. Burining 100% Biodiesel in my TDI Volkswagen I cant tell the difference except my engine is slightly quieter. Fuel economy seems close although I have not done exact tests - as my driving patterns are not the same all the time. But we average about the same no matter which fuel we use.... Your driving style will impact the fuel consumption much more than the use of Biodiesel. Does biodiesel provide similar miles per gallon torque and horsepower as petroleum diesel I have to say with only B50 in my jeep there is a noticible differance in power like 10-20% and I get .5 MPG less also.




I just want to put this out there. For the longest time I had the annoying p0093 error code and the jeep would go in to limp mode often. I spent countless hours troubleshooting and online forum surfing. The symptoms were as follows. Runs fine cold. Once it warms up it gets bad gas mileage(21-22.5mpg) limp mode often(always at the worst times) sometimes ran hot smokes under hard acceleration sometimes

I just want to help anyone with startingrunning issues so they dont have to go through what I have.. I have read countless threads of people having similar issues with no fix. If you are having any drive-ability issues(cold start hot start limp random codes p0093) I would start with the injectors. Have them tested. Replace that filter with something better. Now I just have to replace a glow plug 2

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Diesel at 3.45 a Gallon Is Buying the CRD a Mistake

I think so folks. My 2004 Corvette is now CHEAPER to operate than the CRD is. Shell V Power here is selling for about 2.89 and regular 2.65 a gallon. My Corvette averages about 23 MPG in mixed driving. If Diesel prices dont decrease soon I will be DUMPING the CRD in a HURRY. I see NO advantage to buying the CRD as long as diesel prices hold the current pricing of being nearly 80 cents a gallon higher than 89 octane unleaded gas.

Quote Originally Posted by pierce1979 Oldnavy...Right but are you referring pouring straight vegetable oil into your CRD from the bottle and mixing it with just normal diesel with out any heating chemicals etc Yes I have friends running it 40% straight Veggie Oil with 60% regular petrolum diesel in IA winters and then run it straight in the summmer. 70 F is about the lowest air temp you can run the


Hello- I am new to the Forum and have a question regarding improving the MPG for my 2005 jeep liberty Sport 3.7L V6. I recently purchased a Green high performance drop in air filter as a start. I was going to purchase a K&N replacement filter but was convinced by a few friends that the Green filters were better. Are there any other modsengine improvements that I can do that will help me improve MPG

Quote Originally Posted by Bmach The old way of letting it idle until warm is long gone. I agree. When in doubt consult the manual. Nowhere does it recommend idling a cold engine not during the break in not during normal start not during cold weather start. 1. Idling a cold engine is a complete waste of gas. While its warming up you might as well be getting down the road -- saves time and gas and warms

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Oil change interval 3.7

I bought my new liberty Sport back in mid Dec. 05. It had 150 MI on the odometer. It now has 1775. My question is what do I do about oil changes. Book says 3 months or 3K. should I just leave it be till I run up 3K or change it now Also whats thew best oil for a 3.7 TIA

Quote Originally Posted by Flame Those that say you must change your oilfilter at 3 mos3000 miles are old school and very wasteful of our enviroment. And with the ever escalating cost of petroleum products they are also economically foolish Not here to start a oil war but our facts prove our case. We have been running synthetics for over 15 years and the numbers back up our facts. Im running full synthetic

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