jeep liberty cherokee piston con rod piston ring

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jeep liberty cherokee piston con rod ring
jeep liberty cherokee piston con rod ring

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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Head removal conflicts

Been reading some posts on removing the pass cyl head I have been a tech for 40 years some posts say you can do it without pulling frt cover some say you cant I bought a liberty for the wife and have run into 2 exh valve problem 0 compression rocker fell off tried to reinstall with fingers crossed but no luck have to pull head can you wedge the chain looks like the tensioners have to be unbolted from

Well pulled motor and head 2 cyl definiatly lunched figured head was toast but my machinist saved it also had a piston for it so after complete valve job new piston and timing chain guides going back together hope to get it back in Fri also did a new w pump t stat tensioners drive belt injector o rings and 1 rod bearing oh and a few exh manifold bolts hope I hit the timing marks seemed easy enogh to

I had no issues removing the damper as I was a mopar tech for years and have the correct pullers 2 minutes done eng is out on a stand and 1&2 pistons came right out without pulling the crank.Machine shop installed oversize intake seat and saved the head replaced 2 piston and repaired 1 replace rings and rod bearings on said pistons and reinstalled .My issue is with head tourqe book says to torque head

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE reprogram computer on liberty for more power and which chip to drop in it.

So I am doing a lot of upgrades to my baby a 2003 jeep liberty sport 4x4 a lot so it is on par and above the renegade everything from sound to lights to lift 3 already put aluminum MB off road rims on when my steel ones rusted through. But anyway I will be adding a throttle body spacer K&N cold air intake and a JET chip mean green alternator tint the windows blue to the legal limit magnaflow exhaust.

how deep is your wallet because everything that you are talking about doing is going to cost a lot of . for ecu re-programing you will want to go the jet chip is a waste of cash does not do a thing the mean green alternator wont do you much because the alternator is PCM controlled its pretty much a waste of for the turbo or supercharger You would have to do major work to the motor for a turbo not to destroy the motor. pistons bearings connecting rods etc. itll blow the piston rings off stock pistons if you want some great info on the KJ hit up httpen.wikibooks.orgwikijeep_libertyPerformance and httpwww.lostjeeps.comforumphpBB3index.php

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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Question about 3.7L 2 cylinder engine issue.

Hello This is my first jeep and Post here.. I bought a 02 liberty that had a bad miss. After doing a compression test. The number two cylinder had no compression. So I removed the head on that side and found the valve seat gone. So I need a new head and piston. After looking thru here. It looks like this is not the first one... Does anyone know why the number two cylinder is the most common to fail

I pulled the pan with the engine still in. If you drop the subframe down some and lift the engine it comes out. You can buy one piston at the dealer. It was 75 with the connecting rod. The rings and bearings are extra. Total was around 100. Now Im looking for a right side head. Im going to replace the radiatorwaterpump and T-stat.. And flush the coolant.. If it is because of over heating maybe that will help..


TSB 09-007-06. Ok my liberty has finally had it. It gave me a trouble free 100000 miles. However right after that.. almost as if on command. little problems started to creep up. Swing gate lights radiator.. and worst of all 300 301 303 304 305 and 306 codes. My jeep was the dealer 3 times before they finally suggested.. a possible blown head gasket. These guys seemed clueless as they just kept making

Quote Originally Posted by polivo im not a mechanics so i hope im getting this right. He did say all the valves pistons and rings Aside from the connecting rod bearings and the main bearings (which they should replace while in there anyway) that is a full block rebuild. BTW the manual in my 04 calls for 87 octane gas. Using a higher octane is actually bad for the engine.

JEEP CHEROKEE Engine Overhaul

Hey guys im new to this forum but im sure you can help me out. I recently acquired a 1990 jeep cherokee Laredo 4.0L AT 4x4 and it leaks oil and has antifreeze in the oil. Ive narrowed it down to right between the engine oil pan and the transmission im pretty sure its a rear main seal going out. It does have 186000 miles on it. I was just wanting some input on what you guys would do would you pull

Quote Originally Posted by sidewinderkid33 What im saying is i know i can do whatever but all i want is to get it back and running nice just say a basic engine overhaul including Valve Job Hone Cylinders piston rings Main and connecting rod Bearings All New Seals also a new transmission filter and fluid change. I just want to stop the oil leak and feel what a new jeep feels like.......I Love this thing

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